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  • Accountant Athens Attica - Accounting Office Athens Attica - KONSTANTOPOULOS PANAGIOTIS & SIA EE - Tax Technician - Bookkeeping - Declarations E1 E9 - Business Computerization - Starting and Termination of Business - Changes - VAT Declarations - IKA Attica

    The accounting office PANAGIOTIS KONSTANTOPOULOS KE SIA EE, is located in Agios Dimitrios, at 30-32 Argostoliou Street. We undertake: Bookkeeping Statements E1, E9 Business computerization Start-ups - end of businesses Changes VAT declarations, IKA Labor Accounting monitoring of companies Our goal is immediate, valid and confidential service.

    Category: ACCOUNTANTS

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    Argostoli 30-32 - Agios Dimitrios

    Applying insect and vermin control we aim to combat, prevent and guard against all kinds of animal parasites, consolidation of accommodation, car handling, storage, food preparation, transport etc. In this way we exclude outbreaks and protect sensitive areas. We follow scientific methods of work and preparations health importance, approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food achieving maximum efficiency and lack of contamination risks. We cover the needs of businesses that have high quality standards (ISO - HACCP), providing a file containing all legally required licenses insecticide - rat extermination, and tell us at each visit. We are 24 hours ready to meet any unexpected health event, without further charge.


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    81 KARABABA - Agios Dimitrios
    6937080093, 6937625479
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    Stratarchou Al. Papagou 68 - Agios Dimitrios

    Manufacturing of sacred articles in Agios Dimitrios. This activity has the dual purpose of serving and preserving the Byzantine Venetian style with respect to the Orthodox tradition as well as carrying out your special orders for your underwear and heirlooms. For this purpose, we work at our design department in the field of our piston machines, in the section of our jargon, but also in the "handmade" sector that decorates and works our works. We are waiting for you at the place where our craft exhibition is working to present the poetic impressions of our hands and to get to know each other. Manufacturing of sanctuary in Agios Dimitrios. Buildable rural development in Agios Dimitrios.


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    Aidiniou 11 - Agios Dimitrios
  • Bollywood Academy.gr - Dance School Agios Dimitrios - Daphne

    The Artistic Studio ORIENTAL EXPRESSION, using recognized techniques from both Eastern and Western culture concerning dance and theater, enables students through a cycle of different subjects, to discover the expressive richness, similarities and differences in peoples’ kinesiology. All courses are designed in such a way that they are addressed not only to professional actors and dancers, but also to people who just want to improve their body awareness and develop their expressive means. The Studio this year, has organized seminars with notable and distinguished teachers from Greece and many Countries from all over the world as well. In addition, there are lessons for modern dance, music and drama courses for children.

    Category: DANCING

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    31, Antiopis Str (Dafni Metro Station) - Agios Dimitrios
    6997116407, 6992553320

    Automotive parts, accessories, engines, suspensions, improvements in Agios Dimitrios.


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    6 AKTEON STR - Agios Dimitrios
  • Car Service Agios Dimitrios Attica - Car Repair - Car Sale - Body Shop - Exhaust Gas Analysis - Exhaust Card - Lubricants - Car Diagnosis Toyota Agios Dimitrios Attica

    A prerequisite for a holistic service and a satisfied customer is the long experience , right equipment , genuine parts and exemplary service.   The equipment of the workshop is of the latest technology and includes appliances such as exhaust gas analyzer , tester, unit a / c, unit cleaning injectors , exhaust and forklifts .   Our company all these years has the privilege to work exclusively in oils with FUCHS Attica, one of the first lubricant companies in the world. Genuine Parts TOYOTA and SUZUKI leave no room for disputes and friction with customers.   It should also be pointed out that the price list of the company is quite competitive compared to other dealerships and garages, while the quality of service or repair remains high.

    Category: CAR SERVICE

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    Argostoli 10 - Agios Dimitrios
  • Car Upholstery Agios Dimitrios Attiki - Pardakis Dimitrios - Boat Upholstery - Motorcycle Saddles - Leather Seats - Vehicle Hoods - Covers

    Our company is based in Agios Dimitrios, Attica, designing, manufacturing and installing car and boat upholstery, motorcycle saddles, leather seats, covers and hoods for every vehicle. The head of the company, Pardakis Dimitrios has over 40 years of experience in the field of wallpaper, serving the whole of Attica directly and responsibly. We guarantee the quality of construction, the perfect fit and the durability in time and use. At the same time, we provide information and maintenance tips for upholstery and leather applications for a longer period of time.

    Category: WALLPAPERS

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    Anafis 12 - Agios Dimitrios
  • Cas Doors - Gousiaris I. - Kafouros I. - Podaras D. GP - Garage Doors, Automations Agios Dimitrios Athens

    Cas Doors is a company that deals with automatic doors, of all types and applications. It has all the reliable agencies providing its customers with spare parts and organized service. Cas Doors was found in Athens in 2005 after the amalgamation of two companies Automatic Doors and Multigarage Doors, both of which had a 25-year-experience in the area of automatic doors. Today, Cas Doors is located in Agios Dimitrios in Athens, in a 400 meter exposition room where the office and service is also located. In our exposition room the visitor can see all our products and doors in operation. In the same area there is a 600 meter storage room that serves the company’s needs. Our employees are the best guarantee and the most reliable choice there is so as to deal with garage door systems, rolling shutters and automations with great knowledge and experience. They will offer you the best possible solution.   We deal with: Sectional residential overhead doors with insulation. It has a handle release or can be used automatically. Can be found in RAL colors in the dimensions you need. Sectional industrial doors Rolling shutters (aluminium –iron) with or without insulation. Rolling shutters for stores Industrial rolling shutters Professional automations for “heavy” use Fencing devices of sliding doors Fencing devices of opening doors Barriers High speed sliding doors Automatic systems for parking areas Dock shelters and dock levels   Service: We keep electronic record of products and spare parts, for every installation we do, so as to serve our customer’s needs the best way possible. For any further information or clarification you need please contact with us

    Category: GARAGE DOORS

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    Agiou Vassileiou 38, Agios Dimitrios, Athens - Agios Dimitrios

    Here you will find: - Sanitary - tiles - batteries - Cabins with special dimensions - sinks - Solar water heaters - kitchens CISAL, SANINDUSA, HUPPE, AZTECA, PYRAMIS, TEKA, CARRON, APPEL. Check our offers to find the best prices on stainless sinks pyramis, cast iron bathtubs in cost prices and weekly offers from the entire range of our products! - In CisalStoreAthens we love to innovate!

    Category: SANITARY WARE

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    300, VOULIAGMENIS AVE - Agios Dimitrios
  • DIKOMAC | Cutting Tools - Carpentry Machinery Repairs & Trade Agios Dimitrios Athens

      In the company DIKOMAC based in Agios Dimitrios, Attica you will find a variety of new carpentry machines but also used in very good condition. We are years in the field of construction and with the experience we have we can undertake the repair of carpentry machinery.   There is also a container for cutting tools in our area!   Contact us for any information you want.    


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    Pantelidou 10 - Agios Dimitrios
  • Eco Moto Scrap - Hazardous Waste Management Attica - Hazardous Waste Recycling - Garage Waste Athens - Laundry Waste - Waste Collection Athens Attica

    Eco Moto Scrap Recycling was founded in 2011 with the aim of providing services in the collection and transportation of hazardous solid and liquid waste specializing in OTCZ garages and businesses throughout the country. ECO MOTO SCRAP RECYCLING is able to provide solutions, offering a comprehensive package of services for the collection and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in order to meet the needs and obligations of the professional in accordance with the law governing his / her obligation to the environment. Our employees with respect for the environment and society can always help you. Our Company is active in the collection and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous solid and liquid waste resulting from the operation of car repair and maintenance departments of various specialties and dry cleaning businesses operating throughout the country. He holds special licenses from the Directorate General for Spatial and Environmental Policy. The Company undertakes the collection of the individual cargo, its legal and secure transportation by its own means (proprietary truck) and its delivery to the specially licensed polyeco company for waste management and destruction. For the type and form of our services, as well as the details of cooperation between us, you can contact our company managers.


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    23, Souliou Str. - Agios Dimitrios
  • Ekleidi | Locksmith Agios Dimitrios Attica - Security Keys Southern Suburbs

    The locksmith Mathioudakis Marios, founder of Ekleidi, which is located in Attica and more specifically in Agios Dimitrios, has been active in the field for many years providing 24-hour guaranteed services. Our experienced locksmiths are always close to you wherever you are in the Southern Suburbs. Whether you are locked out of your car or in your car, or you want quality solutions for the safety of your space, our specialized locksmiths are always at your disposal. The service areas are as follows: Agios Dimitrios, Dafni, Ilioupoli, Nea Smyrni, Neos Kosmos, Ymittos, Vyronas

    Category: KEYMEN

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    SAINT DIMITRIOS 126 - Agios Dimitrios

    Electrical works, installations, maintenance, Agios Dimitrios. Studies of weak and strong currents, facilities houses, shops, industry, special construction, lighting, LED, optical fiber installations - program smart spaces, technology KONNEX INSTABUS,


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    10 Murganas str, Agios Dhimitrios - Agios Dimitrios

    Garage Agios Dimitrios , Athens car parts , repairs , improvements , alterations cars Agios Dimitrios , electric service , brakes , shock absorbers , suspension Agios Dimitrios Athens , zamfor , tholompares bridge system front and back , and walk . Agios Dimitrios Athens . In the early 60s , the Tzivelopoulos Spyros pioneer era , created in Paleo Faliro , one of the first garages in Greece . Today , the namesake grandson , as the third born, bring experience , tradition and knowledge of more than 50 years of continuous and uninterrupted presence in difficult , highly demanding and constantly evolving area of the car. The work the company's headquarters moved to St. Demetrios , which operates one of the best , well organized and fully equipped with the latest machinery and technology tools , generally garages . The 'TZIVELOPOULOS SERVICE' assumes responsibly and professionally repairs , improvements and modifications for vehicles of all types, brand and displacement , directly providing quality services . The company operates in the dynamic field of marketing and sales , parts and items to improve vehicles , fully covering every customer need . 'TZIVELOPOULOS SERVICE'. Prompt service , guaranteed work , extremely affordable prices . PLACEMENT YDROGONOKINISIS VERY LOW PRICES, and certainly SOLUTION IN ECONOMY OF YOUR CAR ! ! SPECIAL KIT AMERICA, WHO PLACED IN THE AREA OF THE CAR AND ENGINE PRODUCES HHO GAS WHICH PROMOTED THE FOLLOWING INTRODUCTION OF AIR AND BURNED AREA WITHIN THE COMBUSTION TAFTOCHRONOS WITH THE MAIN KAFSIMO.AFTO result INCREASE TORQUE , THE HORSEPOWER , FALL TEMPERATURE eXHAUST , IMPORTANT FUEL ECONOMY , charring COMBUSTION OF SPACE , HUGE REDUCTION POLLUTANTS ! !

    Category: CAR SERVICE

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    Socratous & Chalkidos 43 - Agios Dimitrios
  • Hearing Aids Agios Dimitrios Attica - Ear Prothesis - Agios Dimitrios Attica Ecological Center - Hearing Restoration - Hearing Protection Agios Dimitrios Attica

    Ear Prothesis - ACOUSTIC WEIGHT, deals with the protection and restoration of hearing. With the use of state-of-the-art machinery and hearing aids from the most well-known companies such as OTICON, Phonak, etc. We guarantee the restoration of all the manageable hearing problems with our primary and only concern, the complete satisfaction of the person who trusts us with his hearing. One of his main senses. Call immediately, at 2114066562, to make an appointment for a FREE full hearing test either at our hearing center or at your place. THE MOST CONTEMPORARY EVALUATION REPORT At our ecological center we examine your hearing condition with the most modern methods and the most modern products provided by the hearing aid technology in order to find the best technological solution personally for you. Live each moment better. Make a gift to yourself. Listen to others. HIGH SUPPORT LEVEL EAR PROTHESIS is staffed by hearing specialists with a high level of training and all staff are informed and trained at regular intervals in the field of hearing rehabilitation. FREE PURPOSE EXECUTIVE At EAR PROTHESIS, as part of the ongoing awareness of the world about hearing loss, a hearing test is COMPLETELY FREE, as long as you make an appointment either at our hearing center or at home. Call 211 4066562 and make an appointment for a FULL EXECUTIVE. CONSULTING EVALUATION At EAR PROTHESIS, after a thorough examination of your hearing, the consultation is provided FREE OF CHARGE. Solve any questions you may have about your sense of hearing and especially about your hearing with our experts. REGULAR CHECK Choosing and applying a hearing aid is a job that must always be done by specialists. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. We at EAR PROTHESIS are always close to you, watching you at regular intervals to ensure that your hearing is always at the highest levels! FREE TEST It is necessary to check the condition of your hearing if you think you may have a problem or it is indicated by your friendly or family environment. But what happens after the test? At EAR PROTHESIS after checking and evaluating your hearing, we will configure for your case state-of-the-art headphones which you will TRY for FREE to feel, hear the difference, without any obligation or commitment on your part! ECONOMIC EVELIXIA Proper hearing recovery requires a company that can responsibly, professionally and qualitatively support and provide it. EAR PROTHESIS, in addition to the responsibility, the specialization and the quality that distinguishes it, with its main concern man, is with you, supporting each case separately with UNIQUE PRICES and unique ECONOMIC EVELIXIA. Do not hesitate to ask about our available FINANCIAL PROGRAMS and our available OFFERS which are constantly updated! EVERYTHING INSURANCE FUNDS EAR PROTHESIS is contracted with EOPPY and receives opinions from all insurance funds. All you have to do is bring your booklet with you and whatever documents your doctor has given you. We can take care of everything else. EVENTS OF EVERYWHERE WORKERS A hearing aid requires proper care and maintenance. EAR PROTHESIS is also a pioneer in this field, providing you with REPAIRS for hearing aids for all WORKERS. Do not let your handset break. Call us and find out, correctly, about regular care and regular repairs and trust our specialized technical department to repair your handset, at the SMALLEST POSSIBLE TIME, for the best possible RESULT, at the FINAL PRICE.                                              HOME TRADITIONS Do you want consumables for your hearing aid? It needs repairing; Take advantage of the HOME SERVICE offered by EAR PROTHESIS. All the consumables for the headphones you have come to your place, if your handset needs repair, we come, we receive it and we return it to you when it is repaired. WITHOUT ANY FURNITURE USE from the cost of consumables or repair services. Call us at 211 4066562 to find out more. ALL NEW SERIES OF HEARING AID One of the main concerns of EAR PROTHESIS is its stay at the forefront of developments, whether in terms of technology or education. For this reason, in our company, you can be sure that we have all the series of the most modern headphones made with nanotechnology with the most modern audio processing protocols. Call us or visit us and make an appointment for a complete presentation of all the new technologies we provide! Agitika Varikoias Agios Dimitrios Attikis, Batteries Agios Dimitrios Attikis, Analosimas Agios Dimitrios Attikis, Accessories Agios Dimitrios Attikis, Akustikon Service Agios Dimitrios Attikis, Dorean Atikiotikios Atrikios Aigiosios Akoisios Akois Dokis Agios Dimitrios Attikis Dimitrios Attikis,

    Category: EARPLUGS

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    2, Bouboulinas Str. - Agios Dimitrios
  • In Lift | Lift Installation, Repair & Maintenance Agios Dimitrios Attikis

    IN LIFT  Lift Installation, Repair & Maintenance Agios Dimitrios Attikis In-Lift company, based in Attica, and more specifically in Agios Dimitrios, has been active since 1965 in the field of design, installation, refurbishment, repair and maintenance of lifts offering the best possible service and support. Having installed and maintained a large number of lifts in Agios Dimitrios and throughout Attica, we can provide you with complete services in lifts of homes and professional spaces.   We can assume from design and initial design to the installation, maintenance and repair of people-cargo lifts, cargo and car lifts, lift trucks, escalators and corridors. Thanks to our long-term course in the lifts, the well-qualified staff, the modern equipment we have, the consistency and the professionalism we have managed to be at the top of our customers' preference. Our cooperation with some of the largest manufacturers ensures the top quality and safety of the products we offer, which fully meet the current legislation.   The aim of our company is the safety of our customers, the excellent functionality of our lifts, the perfect aesthetics and the best overall result.   Contact with us to discuss your needs, to look at your space and to suggest the best solution. We serve directly Agios Dimitrios and all Attica.


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    Ammochostou 3 - Agios Dimitrios
  • Insurance Agios Dimitrios Attiki - Tsorbatzoudi Filio - General Insurance Agios Dimitrios Attiki - Vehicle, Health & Home Insurance Agios Dimitrios Attica

    The insurance agency "Chorbatzoudi Filio" located in Attica and more specifically in Agios Dimitrios, is consistently and professionally active in the field of private insurance and in cooperation with the largest insurance companies in Greece, is able to offer you the best and most affordable insurance for you or your family. Sharing the financial problems facing today's society, our insurance agency provides you with the best and most comprehensive insurance proposals, with the most reliable insurance companies, creating mutual trust between us and our clients for years. The philosophy of our insurance agency is to always be with you with responsibility, reliability and solvency.


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    241 Agios Dimitriou Avenue (next to gas station) - Agios Dimitrios
  • Painting Agios Dimitrios Athens - Grivas Timotheos - Building Paintings Athens - General Construction Works - Renovations - Insulations

    Timothy Grivas, based in Agios Dimitrios, Attica, has a lot of experience in the field, since 1978 he has been working in Greece. He as well as his skilled craftsmen are distinguished for their diligent work, know-how, direct service, proper organization, high quality of service and competitive prices. Our philosophy: To provide high-quality services without defects in the most competitive prices, to be consistent at the delivery time of each project, to use quality materials and to deliver the space in excellent condition Our Services: painting technical skills renovations general mimetics paintings repairs insulation

    Category: PAINTING

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    76, Griva Digeni Str. - Agios Dimitrios
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