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  • Gousios S. - Gousios A. OE - Truck Repair Ionia Thessaloniki - Volvo Renault Truck Service

    The specialized volvo, renault workshop undertakes the service and repair of your professional truck or other heavy vehicles. With great experience, in the field of trucks, we undertake with safety and genuine spare parts all the necessary works. We try to be the best and fastest in our work as we know how necessary his vehicle is for the professional. We are waiting for you at our place in Thessaloniki to become our customers and to serve you.

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    Neochorouda Craft Park - Thessaloniki
  • Kaselouris Dimitrios - Truck Service Arta - Placement ABS Arta Grevena Preveza Epirus Ioannina Filippiada

      Trucks and Car Service Kaselouris Dimitrios Arta Arta has its headquarters a comprehensive, well-organized and fully equipped with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, heavy-duty repair company.   The 25-year experience of the garage manager, Mr. Kasselouri Dimitris, is a guarantee for the right service and immediate repair of any damage to commercial vehicles. SERVICE KASELOURIS caters professionally and responsibly for the needs of the entire prefecture of Arta, providing excellent truck repair services, specializing in timeless Mercedes and Man. In the area you will find a wide range of used spare parts for trucks of any brand. 'SERVICE KASELOURIS'.   Direct service, guaranteed work, unbeatable prices.  Service   Spare Parts   Truck Brakes  ABS  Truck Service (All brands) Ano Agioi Anargyroi, Arta 47100 / Phone: 2681073285 Cell: 6977475637  

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    Ano Agioi Anrgiri - Arta
  • Katsipodas F. and Co. OE - Mechanical Engineering - Heavy Vehicle - Trucks - Buses - Machinery - Spare Parts - Agios Ioannis Rentis Athens

    Our Engineering workshop was founded in 1988 by three friends and colleagues, where they decided to combine their then 15 years of experience and work together today having 40 years of experience! Our company "Mechanical Engineering" is a well-equipped space according to the standards of "Mercedes-Benz" where it has reception rooms, offices, laboratories, waiting rooms with the possibility of "clear" workplace visibility. Our many years of experience and our offer in the field guarantee our credibility as to our work and the authenticity of the genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories we use. Our workshop is housed in state-of-the-art facilities and is specialized in repairing Mercedes-Benz Trucks and trading in spare parts for buses and school trucks. We provide maintenance services, KTEO preparation, service, gearbox and differential engine repairs. In our well-organized warehouses, there are plenty of spare parts for your immediate service in the shortest possible time. Each spare part is accompanied by ΄Declaration-Certification of Conformity to all applicable requirements of a Certified Network Provider, bearing the C.E. Our staff is well trained and thoroughly informed in the field of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle as it does not fail to keep up to date on anything new. We have an Engine Control Unit, a common electronic brain. It is a complete computer module for modern cars and trucks used to control all functions of the electrical system and other subsystems of the vehicle.

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    Averof 9 - Agios Ioannis Rentis

    The company KECHAGIAS ANGELOS & CO. operates since 1966 and is active in the field of repair and maintenance of construction machinery. Founder Kehayas Ioannis, a graduate engineer and successor to Kehagia Angelos, in a few years created his privately-owned facilities on a 13,000 m2 site with the most modern instruments on the field of construction machinery. Our company now has specialized equipment in motor dynamometer and electronic control - testing. More specifically, it has a new 2014 dynamometer built-in engine capacity of up to 1,500 horsepower and an additional Caterpillar computer system and bracket along with the complete IT service system for that brand. Our company operates: (a) repair and reconstruction of machinery (b) the sale of spare parts, used and new (c) rental and sale of construction machinery (with multiple options depending on the preference of the client) . (d) on openings and roadways; and (e) to snowstorms. A team of specialized and experienced engineers and engineers with excellent technical training and experience undertake the completion of the aforementioned tasks, having as a primary role the best quality, the timely delivery and the security of the customer with the guarantee. The company KECHAGIAS ANGELOS & CO. it has an important technical equipment for various earthworks such as bulldozers, graders and clarks. Finally, after many years of cooperation with public services and private individuals, our company has been established as one of the best companies for repairs and patents on factory equipment project problems. Additionally, the company has ISO 9001 certification according to international standards. Finally, we provide 24-hour service, we visit your place in unpredictable damage and we operate all weekdays.

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    1st CHLM EO Coil - Vatero - Kozani
  • Mitsos Thomas - Trucks and Buses Service Agrinio Panetolio

    Our workshop under the name "Mitsos Thomas", located at the 7th km of Agrinio - Antirrio National Road in Agrinio, has been active in the maintenance and repair of commercial trucks and buses for many years.   Thanks to our many years of experience in the maintenance and repair of commercial trucks and buses, as well as the excellent technical training of our staff, we provide high quality services in order to satisfy even the most demanding customer.   Our workshop can repair even the most demanding and difficult damage by covering any of our customers' needs in new or used parts, providing quality and immediate service. Our space is equipped with the most sophisticated, reliable and sophisticated machinery.   Experience - Professionalism - Affordable prices The aim of our workshop is to provide reliable, responsible and guaranteed services at affordable prices.

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    1st km Agrinio - Antirio - Agrinio
    6936734951, 6936651486
  • Truck Imports Patra Achaia- DYNAMIC TRUCKS - Car Parts Patra - Heavy Vehicles Patra - Patras Car Repair - Car Repairs Patra - Patra Achaia

    We connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people and creating financial opportunities for all. In our markets, millions of people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique products. We also offer a wide range of Sales Services and tools to help creative entrepreneurs start, manage and escalate their businesses. Our mission is to rethink trade in ways that build a more satisfying and sustainable world, and we are committed to using the power of business to empower communities and empower people.

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    18 Glafkou Avenue - Patras

    Vehicle service workshop, parts for trucks, new, used, Rethymnon.

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    6979447148, 6972449805, 6975825182

    Dremetsika Bros engage in trading of heavy vehicles by 1978. Shortly thereafter, the family business of DREMETSIKA BROTHERS LTD was founded with a purpose of importing, trading car parts and related items. As part of its expansion, the company D. & K. DREMETSIKA Ltd. was founded with the same scope of work. Thanks to its long and successful history, the company has established itself strongly in the field of import and trading of trucks, offering a wide selection of new and used trucks (earthworks, concrete mixers, three-axle, refrigerators, tractors, etc.), construction machinery (crushers, loaders, rollers, snow removal equipment, forklift, grader etc), trailers and cranes of any type and models with short delivery time. Dremetsika Brothers based on their experience, are willing to assist you to find the vehicle that meets your needs at truly affordable prices enabling many payment facilities.

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    Holland SA is a company specialized in importing, exporting and trading all kinds of used commercial vehicles and relevant industrial equipments. We trade throughout Europe, having providers and customers in most European cities ( East and West). Our large stock, competitive prices, excellent quality, fast and reliable customer service, are well known to our hundreds satisfied clients in Europe. Holland SA head office is located in Athens Greece and the net of our collaborators is extended all around European countries. Our multilingual staff is always ready to find the best solution to every company or individual need. Feel free to contact us by phone, fax, letter or e-mail for any information you may need. New Store: 29 km Athinon-Lamia 19014 Afidnes Tel.: 22950 23241 Fax: 22950 23286

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    189, ATHINON Ave. - PERISTERI - Peristeri
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    LEOF. KIFISOU & DRAKODOS 100 - Athens