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Greek Business Directory

About Us




ER NET Ltd. (administrator of the Online Business Directory ) has been founded on December 2008 by Mr. Raphael Borowiec. was established in order to provide with fast and economic projection all businesses through the internet.Based in Greece (Korai 31, Moschato, Athens, Attica), Online Business Directory is able to stand up to any challenge and meet the demands of our times, for the benefit of its customers.

Our main goals in detail are among others: the provision of specialized Internet services to small, medium and large businesses in order to strengthen their competitive power, corporate identity and more specifically strengthen their market positioning with the power of the internet. In this way any business improves its internal procedures by gaining commercial value and strengthens its brand name by significantly increasing its sales.

Those factors which guarantee our success here in the Online Business Directory are among others: our highly trained staff, use of high end technology, the respect and care which we address the needs of our customers with but above all our the love we feel for our job and the feeling of contributing to the internet.

Online Business Directory is advertising over the internet and will continue to advertise businesses 24/7, 365 days a year, in every part of Greece and the world. As an advertising tool Online Business Directory lists businesses (with a minimal cost compared to traditional advertising) for over 3.000.000 Greek internet users. Online Business Directory enhances the communication capability of any business tin the world through a portal that connects today's professionals.

Here in the Online Business Directory we mainly focus on:
"Integrated customer support using the provision of innovative solutions and high quality services".

  All bussinesses get classified within by creating:
  A mark on the map of Greece using Google maps and a marker.
  By pressing the marker, viewers are ponted (redirected) to the bussinesses' site within or (in case of a business using a custom url subdomain) to the bussinesses' website. uses all of the information bellow to make any business searchable and easier to get found:
  Business Name or Name and Surname in case of a Sole Propriatorship
  VAT ID number (if desirable)
  Company's Landline Phone Number
  Mobile phone Number (if desirable)
  Working days and hours
  Business Owner name and (or) other names
  Company's physical address
  Website (if available)
  Business description text (unlimited characters)
  Business logo or any related picture
  20 keywords or metatag description to help bussiness listing among online search engines. For examplea hotel business could use these words: hotel, rooms to let, accommodation, where can I stay e.t.c.. All of these words are usefull to help related bussinesses get visible by appearing as marks on the map whenever anyone searches for related bussinesses in any selected area.

Here in the Online Business Directory we believe in mutual reciprocation and we invest to the establishment of relationships that we develop hand in hand with our clients. Our belief is what the development of our business, is inextricably linked to our contribution to the empowerment and the development of our customers’ activities..

Korai 31str, 183 45 Moschato, Athens, Attica, Greece, Europe
Landline: 210 48.26.000
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