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Greek Business Directory

  • Category: CRANES
    Riga Fereou 64 - Thessaloniki
    Cranes Thessaloniki Transport

    The company for renting cranes and basket equipment, headed by Dimitrios Pantazis, is based in Thessaloniki and is active in all kinds of lifting, heavy lifting and loading and unloading with cranes serving the whole prefecture of Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas such as Chalkidiki.

    Our crane machines serve in all kinds of lifting work, installation of machines such as heavy vehicles, installation of windows, elevator pistons, transport, installation, lifting of pianos, assembly of metal structures, installation of air conditioners, pruning of trees, etc.Our crane machines serve in all kinds of lifting work, installation of machines such as heavy vehicles, installation of windows, elevator pistons, transport, installation, lifting of pianos, assembly of metal structures, installation of air conditioners, pruning of trees, etc.

    We lift medical equipment in clinics located on floors

    We undertake installation of steel girders and mounting panels of metal construction

    Years of experience in lifting and installing air conditioners with a self-propelled crane

    We have the latest technology machines and experienced staff that guarantees their impeccable handling.

    Platform Basket Rental Thessaloniki Cost Prices

    With the basket trucks we have we solve your problems at affordable prices

    The work with a basket Platform truck is addressed to Private Professionals and Government Bodies

    We have excellent knowledge of the subject, such as the use of a basket truck for the installation of natural gas in a building with technicians

    The self-propelled basket truck has an active certificate of fitness and the lifting work with basket includes a helmet and a belt for safe lifting

    We undertake special lifting work on narrow roads, since all the wheels of the lifting vehicle turn

    Some examples of Platformbasket work

    Use Platform basket hire for ...

    ✔ tree pruning cutting of dangerous trees

    ✔ painting plastering building maintenance

    ✔ installation of natural gas pipelines

    ✔ replacement lamps spotlights Private and Public works

    ✔ building insulation repairs throughout the building

    ✔ work in factories and industrial areas

    ✔ cleaning glass windows with a cleaning workshop

    Or illuminated signs in supermarkets, professionals and individuals

    ✔ iron assembly mounting screws in height

    lifting basket Thessaloniki lifting works

    With one phone call we will give you a reasonable labor cost

    We reach the 36m height, ie up to the 12th floor, height vertically and reach the 28m horizontal distance away

    Pruning Tree Cutting Thessaloniki Halkidiki Macedonia

    We are a registered company in the pruning and cutting of pine trees based in Thessaloniki

    We have been engaged in pruning work for ten years, the cutting of dangerous trees that with the experience of these years we manage the methodical pruning, beautification of the tree where it is done correctly

    The basket lifter is specially placed for tree pruning and Tree Cutting

    We serve Thessaloniki Macedonia mainly Halkidiki

    The basket lifter is specially placed for tree pruning and Tree Cutting

    the pruner will be in the basket together with the chainsaws will prune and cut the branches safely

    The cutting of a tree in Thessaloniki needs a small-scale permit from the Town Planning

    But if you want to prune a tree, then you do not need to get a Permit

    This lifting vehicle is at the same time a crane, which means that when cutting a tree we can lower whole tree trunks without anything falling from so high

    If you are bothered by your neighbor's tree and the tree branches enter your fence, you have the right to prune them without his consent, but only those that enter on your side

    If the tree pruning is in a place where a crane and a basket truck do not go, then we continue the work normally in tree pruning with an aerial climber

    pruning with an aerial professional in collaboration with the basket-bearer for pruning pine and cleaning a tree on rotten branches that do not pass the rays of the Sun

    Pruning of broken pines

    Recently, there have been many disasters in Halkidiki, Kallikratia and Macedonia in general due to the strong wind that broke branches and threw them on the houses.

    Then we solved the problem with the crane and basket we provide

    We lifted with the crane the whole tree that fell on the cottages in Halkidiki and loaded it on the truck without cutting anything

    We entered a residential complex that until today could not be lifted to cut a very tall tree that was ready to crush two houses

    We have undertaken large-scale tree pruning projects in camps with an organized network of workers and pruners, but above all we respect the legality as professionals

    Caution !!! not assigning tree cutting and pruning work to people who are not Legal have no invoice to show you or receipt

    They usually deceive the customer by cutting a receipt with another name from another professional, just to do the job (illegally)

    80% of pruners are ordinary citizens or have some other basic job without a legal position to prune a tree

    You can save € 50, but it is most likely that there will be some damage to the work, or even an accident and you will not be able to find your right and be compensated

    In fact, it's your fault

    While the professional has the personal responsibility and takes his responsibilities at work in tree pruning

    In most of the work we have done, the complainant does not know that we are legal, he brings us the Police

    Of course we cut trees ONLY if there is a License

    If there is no permission to cut a tree you will lose your time calling us

    Conversely if you want to prune a tree then you do not need a permit to prune the tree

    But ... since it is mine, almost everyone who calls us on the phone says

    Of course it is yours, because if it were not you would not have the right to cut it

    We can visit your site completely free of charge and make a cost estimate to know how the work will develop

    Pine cutting and cleaning of rotten branches

    There is no pruning work that we can not find the solution !!!
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    KIFISOU AV. 38 - Peristeri
  • Category: TRANSPORT
  • Category: TRANSPORT
    6948072669 , 6974047441
  • Category: TRANSPORT
    KRYSTALLI 53 - Arta
    Our competitive advantage is the electronic supply chain management by using information technologies. Customer satisfaction is the main driving force of our company. Customers require near real -time information about their goods . The technologies have combined with the application of appropriate software for logistics, such as ERP, WMS, TMS, POD, RFID have given our customers the ability to manage their supply chain with the most optimal way. New technology vehicles with low emission of CO2. Organization of distribution networks with the aim of maximizing the capacity of transport vehicles fewest possible movements . The company was founded in 1960 in Arta by Mr. Petros Papageorgiou who works in the field of transport to date , possessing modern public transport modes . Mr. Papageorgiou started by founding his own shipping company , having realized the importance of the transport sector for the region of Epirus, Arta since it is the second largest city of Epirus. Then, in 2009 will take the baton of the company 's younger generation which upgrades existing infrastructure , develop new services and traffic volumes will be created that freight center to provide integrated solutions and service logistics. Company's vision is to provide innovative services and solutions in the market and in particular those involved in transport and Logistics. Services that will effectively contribute to improving the competitiveness of businesses since customer satisfaction is the main driving force of our company. The main objective of PTL is to coordinate logistics activities undertaken in a manner to meet customer requirements at minimum cost . Showing respect for the environment and taking more account of the external costs of logistics associated mainly with climate change , air pollution , noise and accidents . H our proposal is to implement a transport model that will help to reduce air pollution and to achieve a more sustainable balance between economic , environmental and social objectives (Green Logistics).
  • Category: TRANSPORT
    93 AGIOU POLIKARPOU STR. - Votanikos
    Since 1994, our company operates metaphorical Naxos IME Ltd. under the trade name MARGARITISston transport. With knowledge and experience required for the proper functioning of the object, we try to direct and excellent service to our customers. For your convenience we receive and deliver goods from your place, your space.
  • Category: TRANSPORT
    KOLOKOTRONI 100 - Pireas
  • Category: TRANSPORT
    KALLIPOLEOS 35 - Elliniko
    Benetatos The shipping company is active in packaging and transportation of household goods and business premises and transport of heavy type as pianos, safes and machinery within Greece.
    Chalkios - Chios
    Welcome to MANOLAKI PRODROMOS Company

    The company MANOLAKIS PRODROMOS, based in Chalkios in Chios, is your reliable partner for the supply of building materials, earthworks and removals. Our years of experience and dedication to quality and service have established us as leaders in our industry.

    Quality Building Materials

    At MANOLAKIS PRODROMOS we offer a wide range of building materials, suitable for any type of construction project. From cement and sand to brick and insulation, our products are selected for durability and performance. We are proud to offer high quality materials that ensure the durability and long life of your constructions.

    Specialized Earthworks

    Our company has the necessary equipment and specialized personnel to undertake any type of earthmoving work. From excavation and earthworks to demolition and backfilling, our services are designed to meet the most demanding specifications. We work with precision and consistency to ensure that every project is completed on time and with the best possible result.

    Reliable Moving Services

    Moving can be a difficult process, but with the company MANOLAKIS PRODROMOS it becomes easy and seamless. We offer complete moving services, from packing and moving to unpacking and placing your belongings. Our experienced team makes sure to move your belongings safely and carefully, ensuring that your transition to your new place is as smooth as possible.

    Why Choose the Company MANOLAKI PRODROMOS

    At MANOLAKIS PRODROMOS, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is non-negotiable. We offer customized solutions that meet your needs and ensure the best possible result for each project. Whether you need building materials, earthworks or moving services, you can count on our expertise and reliability.

    Contact us

    For more information about our services and the products we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and professional team is always available to answer your every question and help you choose the best solutions for your needs.

    Trust the company MANOLAKIS PRODROMOS for all your needs in building materials, earthworks and removals. We are here to offer you quality services with consistency and professionalism.
    Diavata - Thessaloniki
    MORALIS EMMANOUIL: The Reliable Transport Company in Diavata Thessaloniki

    Welcome to MORALIS EMMANOUIL, the transport company you trust for your transports in Thessaloniki and throughout Greece. Based in Diavata Thessaloniki, we provide professional and reliable transport services that ensure the safety and speed you need.

    Complete Transportation Services

    At MORALIS EMMANOUIL we offer a wide range of transport services to meet your every need. Whether it is moving household items, business goods or special cargo, our team is here to provide you with the best solution. With modern vehicles and specialized staff, we ensure that your items will reach their destination promptly and without any problems.

    Safety and Professionalism in Every Transport

    The safety of your items is our first priority. We use advanced technologies and equipment to protect your goods during transport. In addition, our specialized staff is constantly trained to meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

    Speed ​​and Accuracy in our Services

    At MORALIS EMMANOUEL, we understand how important it is to you that your items arrive on time. That's why we're committed to speed and accuracy in every shipment we undertake. We use modern means and technologies to ensure that every transfer takes place on time and with the required accuracy.

    Personalized Solutions for Each Client

    Every customer is unique and has different needs. That's why we offer customized transport solutions that meet your specific requirements. Whether it is a small domestic move or a large business move, we tailor our services to meet your every need.

    Contact Us Today

    If you are looking for a reliable and professional transport company in Thessaloniki, MORALIS EMMANOUIL is the ideal choice. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your transfer. We are here to serve you with the quality and reliability you deserve.
    Domokos - Fthiotida
    Radiotaxi DOMOKOS FTHIOTIDA- Taxi for the Disabled - Taxi for the Elderly - Guided Tours - Excursions - Business Travel - Student Transport - Cooperation With Companies

    With many years of experience and with a high sense of responsibility, we provide you with comprehensive services for all types of transportation to and from DOMOKO, but also nationwide upon consultation.

    Our taxi has an extremely spacious interior for comfortable travel as well as a large luggage compartment.

    Our aim is to provide the passenger of every age with a comfortable journey safely and consistently.

    With responsibility and professionalism we maintain our vehicles and take care of the excellent cleanliness and hygiene of their interiors.

    Our main concern is the transportation of the customer from and to each direction with consistency, courtesy and respect towards the customer in order to achieve excellent customer service and always safely!

    We create flexible tour packages based on your needs.

    24 hour transfer service to all destinations of your choice!


    Luxury - safety - cheaper prices for inner and outer city routes that you will only find from our taxis.

    Pickup from Airports, ports, KTEL, OSE. Transfer to the airport and vice versa. Routes within and outside the prefecture. Transport of patients, as well as those suffering from chronic diseases as well as their companions, as well as to other nursing institutions in other cities. Transportation of persons with special needs A.M.E.A. Business service. Business service.
  • Category: TRANSPORT
    Fallen 26 Reds - Attica
    BELSIS CHARALAMPOS: Your Trusted Partner for Transports and Removals

    Welcome to the company BELSIS CHARALAMPOS, the specialist in transport and removals in Erythres, Attica. With many years of experience and professionalism, we undertake to facilitate your every need for safe and reliable transport.

    Complete Transportation and Moving Services

    At our company, we offer a full range of services to meet all your needs. From small shipments to large moves, we ensure that every item reaches its destination safely and without delays. Whether you are moving your residence or your business, we are here to make the process smooth and stress-free.

    Professional Consulting and Planning

    Our team consists of qualified professionals who are ready to offer you advice and plan your move with you. We understand that every move is unique, which is why we tailor our services to your needs, ensuring the best possible experience.

    Security and Reliability

    At BELSIS CHARALAMPOS, the safety of your items is our priority. We use modern means and equipment to ensure that your belongings are transported with the utmost care and attention. From initial packaging to final delivery, our process is designed to protect your belongings.

    Flexible Solutions for Every Occasion

    We understand that your needs may vary. That's why we offer flexible solutions that adapt to your schedule. Whether you need immediate transportation or a planned move, we can respond quickly and efficiently, providing reliable service at every stage of the process.

    Customer Service with a Personal Touch

    We believe in the power of personal contact. Friendly and professional customer service is fundamental to our company. We are always available to answer your questions and solve any problems, ensuring that you will be completely satisfied with our services.

    Contact Us Today

    If you need reliable and professional transport and moving services, do not hesitate to contact the company BELSIS CHARALAMPOS in Erythres, Attica. We are here to make your transfer as easy and hassle-free as possible. Trust us for your transfers and enjoy an experience that exceeds your expectations
  • Category: RADIO-TAXI – TAXI
    Paros - Cyclades
    24Hour Taxi CHANIOTIS NIKOLAOS: The Reliable Choice for Transportation in Paros

    Welcome to the 24-hour taxi service of Nikolaos Haniotis, the most reliable option for your travels in Paros. We are here to provide you with comfortable and safe transportation, wherever you need to go, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Comfortable and Safe Taxi

    In our company, we are committed to providing high quality taxi services, with comfortable and clean vehicles and experienced drivers. The safety and comfort of our passengers is our priority as well as your best service.

    Services for Every Need

    Whether you need transportation to or from the airport, port, hotel or anywhere else on the island, we are here to serve you. In addition, we also offer services for excursions and tours to the popular attractions of the island.

    Contact us

    For reservations and more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your disposal to meet your needs in your travels in beautiful Paros.
  • Category: RADIO-TAXI – TAXI
    Kypseli - Aigina
    Taxi " AEGINA" LADAS

    Our company, which is based in AEGINA, has been active for several years in the field of taxi transport, always having as its core value the professional and high-quality transport services of persons and unaccompanied persons throughout the island

    All these years we have been offering our services in the field of taxi transportation and have transported thousands of satisfied customers, locals and tourists till date.

    Our modern taxis and 8-seater VANs and our professional drivers are at your disposal to transport you immediately, safely and comfortably to your desired destination in AEGINA. Our taxis are always clean, have comfortable seats and air conditioning, while our polite, friendly and willing drivers, who also speak English, will make sure that your transportation in our taxis is a pleasant experience for you.

    We create flexible tour packages based on your needs, with visits to the sights of AEGINA or tours of any other sites

    24 hour transfer service to all destinations of your choice!


    Luxury - safety - cheaper prices for inner and outer city routes that you will only find from our taxis.
  • Category: RADIO-TAXI – TAXI
    Skopelos 12 - Karpenisi
    Our company TAXI KARPENISI is a company that has been active for several years in the field of taxi transport, always having as its core value the professional and high-quality services of transporting people and unaccompanied persons.

    We offer our services in the field of taxi transportation and have transported many happy customers, locals and tourists till date. and we are at your disposal to transport you immediately, safely and comfortably to your desired destination. Our taxi is always clean and has comfortable seats and air conditioning, offering a pleasant experience.

    We are ready and will be happy to take you to ports, airports, train stations, bus stations and to any destination you wish, as well as to guide you with our taxis to the historical and religious monuments.

    All these years we have demonstrated a high level of professionalism, taking special care of the safe and comfortable movement of every passenger. Our experience combined with our economical prices and personal service make us an ideal choice for your move.
  • Category: CAR TRANSPORTS
    Akti Dymaion 121 - Patras






    Autotransport Kanellopoulos was founded in 2018 and operates in the transport of cars!

    Our headquarters are located in privately owned facilities at a distance of 200 meters from the new port of Patras in an area of 4000 square meters with 24-hour security!

    In addition, we rent two car storage spaces in Germany (Frankfurt) and Italy (Venice) with 24-hour security!

    Now our company has SIX OWNED CARS and TWO SMALL ROAD ASSISTANCE VEHICLES with our transport capacity exceeding 5000 CARS PER YEAR!

    Transportation of racing and exhibition vehicles!
    Emporio - Sandorini
    Private Passenger Transport Santorini

    Our company "ADONIS" which is located in Santorini, is near you every day and is always ready to take you to any destination in Santorini you wish, helping you discover the beauties of our place.

    With more than 15 years of experience as well as a modern and comfortable vehicle, we can transport, promptly and safely, locals and tourists from all over the world, to any destination in Santorini they wish.

    +30 6984052995

    we will be right where you are to take you to the airport, the KTEL bus, the hotel, the restaurant or the entertainment center, but also to any beach or attraction of our island you wish to visit.

    We provide 24-hour service in emergencies, we undertake the transportation of unaccompanied persons throughout Santorini, while there is also the possibility to wait for your arrival at the port or airport and take you to your desired destination.

    At the same time, knowing perfectly the countless beauties of Santorini, we undertake tourist tours.

    is a new SKODA KODIAQ SUV which can carry up to 7 passengers, depending on the amount of luggage you have. It has air conditioning, is comfortable, always clean and neat, ready to take you to your desired destination in Santorini.

    they are experienced, kind and willing to take you to any destination you wish and guide you to the most beautiful destinations in Santorini, making every journey a pleasant experience.

    it is on the one hand the excellent service of each customer and on the other hand our constant modernization, in order to be the ideal choice for your travels in Santorini.

    Immediate and Correct service throughout Santorini!

    Whether you are in Santorini on holiday with your family or with your company, we are here and always ready to take on the transport of passengers, immediately and safely, to any destination you wish in Santorini.

    TEL: +30 6984052995

    book your appointment for your move to Santorini and be sure that you will receive the best service.

    +30 6984052995

  • Category: RADIO-TAXI – TAXI
    Katakolo Port - Ilia
    Katakolo Official Taxi
    Taxi Transfers | Katakolo - Ilia - Olympia

    The company Katakolo Official Taxi is based in the port of Katakolo and has been at your disposal since 1985 with taxi transport services toOlympia, Pyrgos and other important destinations of Ilia.

    Our goal is your easy and pleasant transportation or the organization of an excursion to the most important attractions of the area, having all the modern comforts and an English-speaking guide who will offer you a unique sightseeing experience.





    Our fleet consists of Mercedes E-Class vehicles, as well as vans and mini buses, offering air conditioning and comfortable, luxurious spaces, as well as water to our customers.

    We constantly ensure that our vehicles are properly maintained so that we are able to provide taxi transport safely and reliably.


    Our main concern is the comfort of our customers and the organization of a special transport, guided tour or excursion to the beauties of our place.

    We keep the most affordable prices on the market, fixed for specific routes, with no hidden fees.

    Or fill in the contact form the route and dates you are interested in for your transfer from Katakolo Official Taxi.

    +30 6974520122 (viber & whatsapp)

    Amfitritis 19, Evosmos - Thessaloniki
    Tsergas Assistance and Special Transports
    Roadside Assistance - Vehicle Transport Evosmos Thessaloniki

    Our company "Tsergas Assistance and Special Transports" which is located in Thessaloniki and more specifically in Evosmos, is by your side every day and always ready to offer you immediate and correct service, wherever you are in Thessaloniki and throughout Greece, upon consultation .

    Having a modern fleet of vehicles, as well as specialized staff, our company provides roadside assistance services as well as vehicle transfers with absolute professionalism and dedication to satisfying the needs of each customer.



    we transport motorcycles, cars, caravans, machines, boats, canteens as well as trucks up to 3.5 tons to any point you wish. Offering reliable and complete solutions for the immediate and safe transport of any vehicle, always at the most competitive prices.

    Anytime you need roadside assistance for your car or vehicle, we are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to rush and solve your every problem.

    We also undertake the on-site tire change on your vehicle, while thanks to the modern fleet we have, we are also able to serve you off-road.

    our business for your road needs and get the excellent service you deserve. We provide roadside assistance and vehicle transport services covering Thessaloniki and all of Greece, upon consultation.

    IMMEDIATE & CORRECT SERVICE in Thessaloniki and throughout Greece!



    No matter what problem you're facing with your vehicle, we're here to help you overcome it comfortably and safely.

    Our experienced and specialized staff is by your side and always ready to come to where you are and take care of your perfect and immediate service.

    is on the one hand the immediate and correct service of each customer and on the other hand our constant modernization in order to always provide you with the most perfect and comprehensive services in the field of roadside assistance and vehicle transport.

    and rest assured that you will receive prompt and proper service. We serve Thessaloniki and all of Greece, upon consultation.


    Nea Makri - Attica
    Aggregate Transportation Services: Safety, Reliability, Professionalism

    Safe Transportation
    Our company provides inert material transport services with an absolute commitment to the safety and integrity of the loads. Through our specialized team and our modern equipment, we ensure the smooth transport of your materials.

    Flexibility & Reliability
    We understand the importance of timely and reliable delivery of aggregates. Driven by flexibility and accuracy in planning, we ensure the excellent execution of your transportation needs.

    Specialized Equipment
    We have advanced equipment and a variety of vehicles adapted to different transport requirements. From small to large loads, our company has the right solution for your every transport need.

    Contact us
    If you are looking for reliable aggregate transportation services, contact us today. With our specialized equipment and experience in the field, we are ready to provide you with excellent services with safety, reliability and professionalism.
  • Category: CRANES
    Lefkadi - Chalkida
    At Koutoulas' company, we undertake the transport and lifting of your loads with safety, reliability and professionalism. We are a company with many years of experience in the industry, having the appropriate equipment and specialized staff to meet the needs of each customer.

    Whether it's freight transport, special transport or heavy lifting, we're here to help.

    We undertake work throughout Evia and throughout the prefecture of Attica.
  • Category: RADIO-TAXI – TAXI
    Kourmouli 137 - Rethymno
    Travel Crete with luxury & safety!

    From your arrival in Crete to your departure, with our luxury vehicles, we offer a variety of services for a safe and comfortable way to reach your destination in every part of the island.

    We transport you with luxury and safety wherever you want with our V.I.P limousine vehicles. There are trips and tours throughout CRETE, to archaeological sites, attractions, ports and airports.

    24 hour service.

    We transport unaccompanied, as well as your pet safely.
  • Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS
    end of Cyprus, Oinophyta - Voiotia
    LC Electric & Security Solutions
    Security systems - Electrical installations - Alarms - Cameras - Telephone centers
    - Video intercoms - Fire detection - Signal Receiving Center - Access Control - Viotia Winery

    Welcome to LC Electric & Security Solutions, the pioneer company in the field of security systems and electrical installations.

    Based in Inofyta Boiotias since 2007, our company, managed by Mr. Christos Lemodetis, has dedicated itself to offering high-standard security and electrical solutions of excellent quality.

    Our services:

    Security Systems: We provide specialized solutions in security systems for homes, businesses, hotels and farms. Our modern designs ensure a high level of protection.
    Electrical Installations: We are specialists in electrical installations, offering safe and reliable solutions for your residential and commercial buildings.
    Alarms - Cameras - Video intercoms: We provide complete solutions for the protection of your premises, with modern alarm systems, security cameras and video intercoms.
    Fire Detection - Signal Receiving Center - Access Control: We specialize in high quality fire detection systems, signal receiving centers and access control systems for comprehensive security.

    Trust and Experience:
    Our experience in the field of security systems and electrical installations ensures that choosing LC Electric & Security Solutions is a guarantee for your safety and reliability.

    Certified Installers:
    Our company is certified and licensed according to the latest legislation, ensuring that our services meet the highest safety standards.

    Contact us today to offer you customized solutions that will meet every security and electrical installation need in your space. LC Electric & Security Solutions is here to give you peace of mind and reliability at all times.

    ΤΗΛ: 2262056104

    Krestena - Ilia
    Our transport company has been active in the transport sector since 2009
    Our offices are located in Krestena, Municipality of Andritsaina-Kresteno.
    We undertake all types of transport and removals throughout the
    Greece! With routes every week from our Prefecture to Athens.
    correct, safe and economical transports and removals in Attica
    and throughout Greece, contact us.

    KAOUKIS transport company having a lot of experience in the field of transport
    removals, as well as experienced and skilled staff, can undertake
    consistently and professionally your move from start to finish
    your installation in your new place.

    We undertake removals of houses, offices, shops, etc. throughout the
    Attica, as well as all of Greece.
    Couriers, cargo taxis, micro-transports quickly and responsibly within
    city and county
    Transportation of furniture, appliances from department stores
    Student relocations, studio, apartments, detached house
    (regardless of volume)
    Transportation throughout Greece
    Machine transports
    Removals of business premises, companies
    Packaging, disassembly, assembly, packaging, repacking
    furniture and appliances, removal of light fixtures


    Our main concern is that your move takes place immediately and
    without damage to your items.

    Contact Tel.: 6977220601, 6946260894.
    Piraeus - Attica


    Transport Company based in Salamina Attica.

    Our transport company "Transports - Moves PORTOKALIS GIORGOS, which is based in SALAMINA, has been active for several years in the field of transport - removals, offering high-level services with modern means of transport in Salamina, Attica and all of Greece.

    We undertake all types of transport and transport - removals nationwide at the most favorable market prices.

    Our team is made up of experienced people in the field of transport - removals, whose goal is to provide the correct and immediate service to each customer.

    We operate throughout Attica and throughout Greece with fast and consistent service. We respect our customers, our partners and place importance on the excellent quality of the services we offer.

    Our aim is to provide responsible and safe transport - removals at the most competitive prices.

    Contact us for your service!

    Transport of parcels
    Transport of household goods
    Moving furniture
    Transport of electrical appliances

    Moving house
    Transport of large packages - devices

    Lifting machine
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