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  • 24 Hours HomeService - Danezis Michalis & Ioannis - Sewer Blocks - Neos Kosmos - Athens - Pagrati - Center Athens Attica

    DANEZIS MICHAEL HOME SERVICE 24 HOURS SEWERAGE DISINFECTATIONS WORLD PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA N SMYRNI MOSCHATO GLYFADA FALIRO PIRAEUS SEWERAGE DISINFECTION WORLD PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA N SMYRNI MOSCHATO GLYFADA FALIRO PIRAEUS REPAIRS DRAINAGE CONSTRUCTIONS WORLD PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA MOSCHATO GLYFADA FALIRO PIRAEUS WATER SUPPLIES WORLD PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA N SMYRNI MOSCHATO GLYFADA FALIRO PIRAEUS MAINTENANCE OF SEWERAGE WORLD PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA N SMYRNI GLYFADA MOSCHATO FALIRO PIREA MOTORCYCLES SIPONIA KITCHEN KOSMOS PAGRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA GLYFADA N SMYRNI MOSCHATO FALIRO PIRAEUS HYDRAULIC PLACEMENTS KALORIFER KOSMOS PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS KENTRO ATHENS KALLITHEA GLYFADA N SMYRNI MOSCHATO FALIRO PIREAS   The company HOE SERVICE 24 of MICHAEL DANEZI has been active for over 40 years in SEWERAGE DISINFECTION and DISINFECTION. It is one of the few that guarantees immediate and safe service 24 hours a day in N Kosmos, Pagrati, Ag, Dimitrios, Glyfada , Moschato, Tavrotit Kallithea, the Municipality of Athens, Faliro, Piraeus, N of Smyrna, all over Attica. Our experienced staff in combination with the most modern machinery, push-electric, is our essential ingredient for the best result. We undertake every kind of sewer obstruction in wells, kitchens, siphons, internal drainage networks.   It is done by us to control your drains with a camera for a sure diagnosis of the problem, we also undertake pumping of clean and dirty water into underground boiler rooms and wooden floors, as well as any problems in your plumbing and radiators, repairing and building sewers is another service that we take for you. I assume maintenance and monthly maintenance in all sewage Fumigation and Microbiology Fumigation of old houses, underground, apartment buildings and business premises sanitary interest for neutralization of all pathogenic micro-organisms With great experience, qualified staff, and reasonable prices, we are ready to meet your every need 365 days a year 24 hours a day. And at all Holidays do not hesitate to call us Thank you for your multi-year collaboration with us Yours sincerely DANESE MICHAEL HOMESERVICE 24

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    32 Kriton Str. - Neos Kosmos

    Η επιχείρηση ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΑΕΤΟΣ αναλαμβάνει αποφράξεις αποχετεύσεων, εκκενώσεις βόθρων, άντληση υδάτων, καθαρισμό φρεατίων, υδραυλικές εγκαταστάσεις και καλοριφέρ φτάνοντας άμεσα δίπλα σας σε κάθε ανάγκη σας, 24 ώρες το 24ωρο. Διαθέτουμε ολοκληρωμένο και οργανωμένο τμήμα αποφράξεων κάνοντας πλήρη έλεγχο της αποχέτευσης σας με κάμερα. Επίσης διαθέτουμε σύγχρονα οχήματα, πλήρως εξοπλισμένα για την καλύτερη αντιμετώπιση όλων των τεχνικών προβλημάτων σας. Εξυπηρετούμε πολυκατοικίες, μονοκατοικίες, εργοστάσια, νοσοκομεία, σχολεία, δημόσιες υπηρεσίες, πλοία, δήμους, ξενοδοχεία. Η πολυετή εμπειρία μας σας εγγυάται το καλύτερο αποτέλεσμα στις χαμηλότερες τιμές, κάνοντας ειδικά πακέτα προσφορών για μηνιαίες συντηρήσεις αποχετεύσεων!

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    ΚΟΡΙΝΘΟΥ 105 & ΝΟΡΜΑΝ - Patras

    The NOURLOUS company founded by Minas Nourlous and now continued by his son John. Headquartered in Alexandroupolis - Evros.   Active in the Sewer Cleaning - sewage transport and sewage blockages.   Our experience, modern and well equipped, we have established one of the most important companies in the space.   For dependability, we undertake all kinds of cleaning and primarily Sewer Cleaning, waste transfer and occlusions.   We solve reliably and responsibly to any problems that may arise in the tank or sewage home or your business.   With our modern tanks - we are able to discharge 15 m3 - the ability to raise to a depth of 15 m and a length up to 50 m and have high performance pumps.    SERVICES   · Sewer Cleaning ALEXANDROUPOLI - Evros · Sewage Transfer ALEXANDROUPOLI - Evros · Sewer Drainage ALEXANDROUPOLI - Evros · Cleaning wells - pipelines - cesspools - wells · Camera conductors Control · Pumping wastewater · Unblocking cesspools · Drainage gutters - sink - tub - basin · Maintenance - damage   Aiming always the best customer service, economically and quickly, we are able to run close to you 24 hours per 24 hours.   All the work we are clean and always with respect for the environment.   TRUST US AND CALL US. SERVE Alexandroupolis - ALL Evros and where OUR REQUEST.   Yours sincerely, Nourlous John

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    2, PATMOU STR. - Alexandroupoli
    6973210262, 6944964913, 6978898198

    earthworks Thessaloniki - Kilkis Thessaloniki Sewerage - Kilkis Sewer Cleaning Thessaloniki - Kilkis DRAINAGE wells Thessaloniki - Kilkis transport sewage Thessaloniki - Kilkis earthworks sewage Thessaloniki - Kilkis videography of sewage Thessaloniki - Kilkis   The company drainage of Northern Greece Mr. Dimitris Koursounidi, is based in Nea Messimvria in Thessaloniki and can give immediate solution to any problem you serving throughout northern Greece [Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Serres, Kilkis].   We have specialized teams and appropriate equipment for all kinds of blockages.   Always consistent, professional and affordable !!   SERVICES: - TRANSPORT OF WATER WITH INOX CAULDRON - TRANSPORTATION WATER - VIDEOSHOOTINGS OF DRAINAGE WITH ROBOT - CONTROL PIPELINES WITH CAMERA - CLEANING PHOTOVOLTAIC - CLEANING ORGANIC - DOCTORS wells 25 cubic - MAINTENANCE biological treatment - MAINTENANCE sewer - WASHING OF UNDERGROUND PARKING - PUMPING WATER UNDERGROUND PARKING - MAINTENANCE SUPERVISION OF BUILDINGS, FACTORIES, HOSPITALS, MUNICIPALITIES, restaurants, hotels - WE UNDERTAKE MUNICIPALITIES - INDUSTRIES - HOMES.  

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    NEA MESSIMVRIA - Thessaloniki
    6976088860, 6973539103
  • Blockages Babis - Blockages Thessaloniki - Water Supply Polichni Thessaloniki - Cleaning of Chimneys

    We undertake in all Polichni and wherever we are required in Thessaloniki to block sewerage at the best prices. We serve private and business spaces.

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    11, Alamanas str - Polichni - Thessaloniki
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    Pontismeno - Serres town

    drain cleaning, nea philadelphia , nea ionia, metamorfosi, acharnes, menidi, neo iraklio, marousi, pefki, perissos, galatsi   drainage systems, nea philadelphia , nea ionia, metamorfosi, acharnes, menidi, neo iraklio, marousi, pefki, perissos, galatsi   buildings cleaning, nea philadelphia , nea ionia, metamorfosi, acharnes, menidi, neo iraklio, marousi, pefki, perissos, galatsi   block of flats cleaning, nea philadelphia , nea ionia, metamorfosi, acharnes, menidi, neo iraklio, marousi, pefki, perissos, galatsi   office buildings cleaning, nea philadelphia , nea ionia, metamorfosi, acharnes, menidi, neo iraklio, marousi, pefki, perissos, galatsi   garden maintenance, nea philadelphia , nea ionia, metamorfosi, acharnes, menidi, neo iraklio, marousi, pefki, perissos, galatsi   building works, nea philadelphia , nea ionia, metamorfosi, acharnes, menidi, neo iraklio, marousi, pefki, perissos, galatsi       We undertake drain cleanings, drainage systems, block of flats cleaning, office buildings cleaning throughout Athens.   Our years of experience, our qualified personnel and our new high-tech machinery, render us ready to deal with any problem or damage, ensuring a proper and guaranteed service to our customers.   We are disposable 24 hours a day 365 days a year.   We come directly to your place to repair any kind of drainage system damage and beyond.   For every task needed ask for our offer and we will ensure quality work at unbeatable prices.   Contact us for any information you need.   Furthermore you can be informed through our website for all our available services.   - Garden maintenance.   - Tree trimming.   - Installation and rubbing on floors, marble and mosaics.   - Plastering, coatings, rubs on walls.   - Tiles – Marbles.   - Building works.   - Slight repairs on building constructions.       Yours Sincerely, POURNARAS KONSTANTINOS.

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    2, RODOU Str. - Nea Filadelphia

    Our company provides services with professionalism, consistency, respect for the customer with modern machines and latest technology always very friendly prices.    We monthly maintenance:  factories    Block of flats  public Services  hotels  Partnerships with municipalities  Pest - Rodent intervening effectively to combat pests - rodents and bacteria that pose a risk to public health.

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    VORIOU IPIROU 5 - Peristeri
    6986812804, 6978060180

    In the northern seed mr Kariofyllis and Sons specializes in general obstructions. The company operated on the island of Skiathos since 1992 and the integration of children of the profession in 2001, based on consistency, quality and economy with immediate solutions. Gradually the customer requirements led to the spread in all the northern Sporades, Skopelos and Allonisos. We provide: Obstructions and cleaning drains, sump, basin, kitchen drains, sink, drain, etc. Pumping water in basements and garages from flooding. Blast and cleaning large surfaces. The Sporades with modern equipment and latest vehicle market in 2011 with sophisticated manufacturing 2011 lets you vacuum without fumes. The result is the yardstick of the company.

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    SKIATHOS - Skiathos
    6972818902, 6972319544,6973206610
  • Euroygeia Martiou, Palikara - Blockwork, Earthworks, Volos

    EUROYGEIA Our company EUROYGEIA has many years of experience in Blocking since 1980, we were the first to bring the blockades to Volos !!! Having the most modern European occlusion hydroplating machines and with our many years of experience, we ensure the WARRANTY of our work with LOW COST and fast service times. We are at your disposal to serve you every need. In our company we are responsible for what we do !!! Provide a definitive solution to pipeline problems and avoid flooding, pipe buckling, smell and damage that cost a lot, with LOW COST !!! Our company EUROYGEIA undertakes obstruction and earthworks !!   Fast service 24 hours a day Low prices !!! We serve all of Thessaly and Lamia.   Ellespont 51 | Marble Phone: 2421080050 Mobile: 6972211751

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    Ellespont 51 - Volos
    6972211751 (Whats up)
  • Hydro Clean - Drainage Cleaning Athens - Cleaning pipelines Athens - Plumber Services

    Hydro Clean Drainage Cleaning Athens   HYDRO CLEAN has been active in the field of obstruction and plumbing since 1979 in Attiki. The company owns modern machines and specialized staff with years of experience in the specific field, providing safe solutions to every problem.   HYDRO CLEAN undertakes blockades of sewers and floodlights, sinks, basins, siphons etc. in the center of Athens and where requested. Fully diagnosed fault detection and piping with dedicated high resolution digital camera. The company owns suitable means for pumping water and dirt (vacuuming as well as biological cleaning).   HYDRO CLEAN undertakes installation and service of pumps and can disinfect any area of ​​cockroaches, wasps, ants, termites, bugs, fleas, ticks, rodents, snakes, birds.   The business activates throughout Attiki.       32-34, CHRISOSTOMOY SMYRNIS, Kesariani 2107239008, 6973877139, 6972307695

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    32-34, Chrisostomou Smyrnis - Kaisariani
    6973877139, 6972307695
  • Kostanoudis Dimitris - Refrigeration Dehumidifiers Rafina Attiki - Water Supply Rafina - Plumbing Fixtures - Monthly Maintenance

    We have been a family business in the field of obstruction since the year 2000 with consistent and respectful customer and therefore we have many satisfied customers for our honesty, solidity and immediate service in your area. We undertake residences, shops, factories, hotel units, hospitals and public works. Camera diagnosis. Sewer drainage ducts hydravalling machines that act by providing a guaranteed restoration of the smooth flow of water as hard as it may be. We guarantee the restoration of function to the agreement, wash basin, toilet bowl, kitchen, water well, wells, pipes. With speed of service at prices highly competitive! We provide 24-hour coverage all day and holidays! With a phone call we are here to help you and solve your problem !!! Thanks to the equipment we have and to our excellent knowledge, we can guarantee that we will be blocked even in places that are totally isolated. With simultaneous definitive and permanent restoration of the flow of your pipeline water.

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    31, Ipsilantou str - Rafina
    6974129916, 6979791142


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    134 TRAPEZOUNTOS STR - Ag. Stethanos

    Modern power, waste drainage clearing Chania

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  • Oblivion Kalantzi - Blocks Sewerage Stylida Lamia Fthiotida - Cesspool Sewerage - Water Pumping - Sewerage

    The company DECORATIVE KALANTZI is based in STYLIDA - LAMIA-FTHIOTIDA and was founded in 1987 by Anargyro Kalantzi, where he continues to this day with his son Apostolis. It is active in the area of ​​sewage drainage and sewer evacuation. Experience, professionalism and love for our work are the ones that make us the first in our field and always competitive. We have skilled and experienced staff able to solve any problem, as well as serve 24 hours a day. SERVICES · Sewerage Blocks STYLIDA - LAMIA - FTHIOTIDA · SEWAGE - LAMIA - FTHIOTIDA · Sewage and water pumping · Sewage transportation · Sewage and pipeline cleaning . Cleaning of biological cleaning · Sealing of wells - wells · Basin - washbasin - bath tubs · Monthly drainage maintenance · Camera control Our concern is to serve you directly, quickly, responsibly, consistently, economically and with respect to the environment.   Our reputation and name, the best advertising for us.  ALL 24 HOURS WE ARE NEAR YOU SERVING STYLE - LAMIA - FTHIOTIDA Yours sincerely, Kalantzis Anargyros

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    4, Lykourgou Str. - Stylida
  • Obstructions Drains Corfu Prefecture of Igoumenitsa Prefecture of Thesprotia - Assos Exper - Blocks Sewerage Igoumenitsa - Valentakis Giorgos

    Sewer Blocks - chemical toilets renting sewage and storm sewage drains - slopes - sloping cesspools - and watertight drainage nozzles. Corfu and the Prefecture of Thesprotia (Igoumenitsa - Syvota etc) 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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    Alikes Potamos - Corfu
  • Obstructions in Crete - Obstructions - Drainage Systems Arkalochori Heraklion - Sewer Cleaning - Tankers - Pitropakis Stelios

    Our company, based on its 22 years of experience and reliability, undertakes all kinds of cleaning. It mainly specializes in drainage clogging, drainage discharges with modern recycling machinery, TV camera pipeline inspection, tank cleaning, well cleaning, yard cleaning, terraces, warehouses, warehouses, buildings and more. 24 hour service throughout Crete. Tel. for kegs what's up: 6989445060, 6971803376 Occupations: Mr Mars, what's up: 6977525686

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    Arkalochori - Iraklio
    6944723380, 6972924833

    After fifteen years of experience in the cleaning of mosquito installations etc. with a sense of responsibility, we have also entered photovoltaic panels in the photovoltaic power plant sector. We undertake every facility to make it perform the most that can remove any kind of dirt and sedimentation. We also carry out fire protection work by cutting and removing greens and any kind of fire. With a sense of responsibility, our workshop proposes cleaning and mowing the grass by upgrading your income and protecting your property. Blocked sewerage with a one-year written warranty Diagnosis of faults or other unwanted situations through our underwater camera. Bathroom siphons, basins, wash basins, bathtubs, kitchens, central ducts are obstructed by everyday use. the effect of these plugs has unsightly, functional and practical extensions. now is no problem. the workshop gives us answers and solutions. Cleaning of carpet and carpet salons 12 year old experience in hotels, offices, cafes, and homes at very affordable prices. Carpet cleaning gives you the confidence that each carpet can be cleaned to the point that reminds you of the first few days you passed it. Furniture lounges and upholstery are also bright and shiny without any problems stains of oil ink chewing blood tail etc In-depth cleaning with modern methods with appropriate and cohesive machines. avoid discoloration and other damage. the fringes are bleached without the use of chlorine. crap packed and stored until delivered to your place Cleaning of residential and public buildings For homes, offices and shops we have to say that the detergents we use are biodegradable without burdening the environment. cleaning materials and tools are approved and do not cause damage to the surfaces. The price list is given by phone along with the necessary clarifications.

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    4th km PEO Katerini Thessaloniki - Katerini
  • Sewer Cleaning The Eagles - Thermi Thessaloniki

    ‘ΑΕΤΟΙ’ company is active in the blockages and sewage industry in Thessaloniki, Thermi. Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified staff, real 'eagles' in the industry. We are always by your side to correct any blockage or sewer damage. We also undertake sewage transportation. For immediate and guaranteed service call us at 2310464522.

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    4B, G. Seferi Str. - Thermi
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