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  • Basourakos - Dietician Sparta - Nutritionist Sparta

    Dietitian Sparti - Nutritionist Sparti - Basourakos Panagiotis Doctor of the University of Peloponnese Sommetage visualization software (lipometry - partial analysis): The subject is informed about partial body composition analysis, body weight management, time targeting, risk calculation & basic measurements. Metabolic Rate Ratio Measurement & VO2Submax: Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) measurement with the Fitmate PRO metabolism analyzer and VO2Submax Metabolic Measurement with Monark cyclometer is provided by the method of indirect calorimetry. Dermatological Measurement: Dermatophyte with the Harpenden Precision Instrument, designed to be used for fatty tissue measurements on the surface of the skin (from which body fat is estimated). Food Training Patterns: The unique ability to visualize food and drink portions with special food items is provided. Dietitians and Nutritionists Dr Bassourakos Panagiotis, Sparti, provides the most personalized solutions for the organization of the diet, depending on your needs. The training, knowledge, counseling and the proper equipment of his office are a guarantee for the most effective nutrition programs. His doctoral dissertation, moreover, is an extensive epidemiological study on the diet of his Lakon compatriots and their impact on their health. Dr. Basourakos, with years of experience in Tertiary University Education and as a father of three children, places special emphasis on the education of elementary and elementary students on healthy eating, with interactive play and experiential learning in the comfortable, specially designed office space. He is a member of the Association of Nutritionists of Greece and the Royals Society of Medicine, the British Nutrition Society and the Association for Nutrition of the United Kingdom. It is located close to the center of Sparta, with easy access (ground floor) on foot, by bike, for mums with baby stroller and for wheelchairs. Finally, there is a comfortable parking space for your car.


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    125, Lykourgou str - Sparta

    Services Unit of dietary Dietnet based on five pillars: 1ST SHAFT: no food in the diet is prohibited unless there is a specific health problem. So end the debt behavior and deprivation! There is no food that can not put them in your diet. Just ask! 2ND SHAFT: No foods are fattening or slimmer. These quantities make a difference! 3RD SHAFT: The diet should be adapted to the habits of diaitomenou and not diaitomenos diet. Only way to keep a diet or a diet plan long term. In Nutritional Unit Dietnet fully understand that every organization is unique and therefore training is personalized diet for each case after taking account of other coexisting diseases fortunes. 4TH SHAFT: Communicating Clinical Dietitian with diaitomeno is continuous and is not limited to the time of the session. You can contact the Dietitian by e mail or phone whenever you want. You still have the ability to make interim appointments of visits without additional cost! 5OS SHAFT: Investing in your education! To achieve the modification of feeding behavior of the individual is very important to consciously participate in the process of change in weight and / or various biochemical parameters related to health. For this reason special emphasis on education of the individual - through counseling dietary intervention - to become aware of the correct diet and proper eating behavior. Thus, it becomes possible to achieve the desired effect and the maintenance thereof after the person knows how to feed even after the diet! H education and individualization contribute to lifelong weight maintenance. For us every event is unique and that is why we make sure to provide specialized services tailored exactly to your needs! We consider it very important to know in advance the monitoring process because it will help you choose correctly you will trust your health. With us it's all clear and we seek to build trusting relationships with people who turn to us - or even better relations LIFE! The monitoring process is therefore as follows: Initially, the first session is received detailed nutrition - medical history. In Nutritional Unit Dietnet listen very carefully that you have to say and all information taken into account in the design of your own personal diet-nutrition. Each session is fat measurement, body regions measured, weighed, followed by analysis and evaluation of your Somatometrics features. Naturally we announce the results of the analysis and discuss the potential problems are identified and their deal. Based on the detailed history and anthropometric characteristics you with a unique design to your diet - diet. The diet can be modified again and again until you are completely satisfied and confident that you can apply! Even if you initially feel that your diet covers but in the process find that hard to implement (which is quite natural because the beginning is all most ardent and overestimated forces / strengths sometimes) do not worry: we can redesign for you at no additional cost ! The frequency of sessions can be weekly or fortnightly depending on your needs. More infrequent visits (eg every 3 weeks) significantly and can be performed at your claim but nevertheless our experience we can say that when your two consecutive sessions spaced over 2 weeks lost contact with the dietitian and is catalyst for keeping the diet and boost morale diaitomenou.


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    GEORGE CHARALAMPIDIS GRADUATE Clinical Dietitian - Nutritionist / M.Sc. Sports Science & Sports Nutrition / M.Sc. I.S.S.A. F.. T.P. (Fitness Training Programm).  CV Born in Athens in December 1983. Dealt very early martial arts (Shotokan Karate (BB), Kick Boxing (BLu.B.)), with discrimination Nationwide early age. He began his studies at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of Thessaloniki in 2002 and graduated in 2007. As part of the undergraduate curriculum, paid internships to Special Metaxa Cancer Hospital, Piraeus (E.A.N.P. Metaxa), EA . NP Metaxas and Tzaneio Hospital of Piraeus. In 2007, completes his thesis on "Dietary habits of pregnant and non-pregnant women between 20 and 40 years, tailored to specific macronutrients and micronutrients," a sample of 400 pregnant and non-pregnant from Thessaloniki and its surroundings which published in local newspapers of the city, and its results, the 8th Panhellenic Conference on Nutrition and Dietetics. In 2009 and 2010 takes place along with team diakerimenon Greek physicians of various specialties (Diabetologists practitioners, clinical psychologists, endocrinologists), in two large studies. The first international BIOS on the placebo effect of drugs in ambulatory oncology patients, and the second part of the COSI program known by the institution "Aristides Daskalopoulos' prevalence and signs of childhood obesity (ages 6-12 years), children of our country. This year is responsible for the research "Health Alliance" by the European Union through the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is, raising the metabolic syndrome and the extent of the regions of Greece. Continuing and completing the 2010 training diploma in Sports Science & Sports Nutrition panempistimiou of Leeds Metropolitan specializing in free weights, Gym Management, Group Cross Training and postgraduate dissertation topic, the effect of resistance training and nutrition in mesoproteinikis not trained teens (Resistance Training and LowProtein Nutrition affect in Non trained teenagers), and then comes the second and graduate degrees from the institution of ISSA (International Sports Science Association), the Specialised Fitness Trainer Diploma. Since May 2010, working as a manager in a multiplex service and gym in the Cyclades, while in January the same year keeps staff dietitian office in Piraeus. He speaks fluent English and French, holds a patent professional lifeguard approved by the L.S.E. and 3 more related first aid qualifications. MEASUREMENTS: - Body Fat - Body weight - Liquid Body - Muscular body mass Expert nutritional regimen in: - Pregnancy - Diabetes mellitus - Lipid - Diseases intestinal tract - Childhood Obesity


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    112, PLATONOS STR. - Keratzini

    Talampouka Helen Dietologist - graduate of Technological Institute of Thessaloniki. Our diet office is for 2 years next to you. Our primary goal is health and promoting a healthy lifestyle. For this reason we plan diets that meet all the nutritional requirements of your organization and give you health and wellness. In our diet center dealing in particular with the treatment of obesity and weight loss by creating a diet plan based on the antioxidant diet. Our goal is to not only lose weight but through nutrition education to manage to maintain normal levels. The dietician involved in tackling child obesity, nutrition during pregnancy and meet nutritional needs in all pathological conditions such as anorexia, bulimia, bingeing and we aim to change dietary behavior.


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    ANDREA PAPANDREOU 203 - POLICHNI - Thessaloniki

    Clinical Νutritionist The Centre of Nutrition & Clinical Dietetics provides from May 2000 to Argostoli Kefalonia services in nutrition area by Irene K. Amourgis graduate of King's College London specializing in childhood obesity. Also Irene K. Amourgis is an active member of the National Association of Dietitians and scientific partner program EVZIN which is an innovative program of Harokopio University and implemented in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Culture and Sport, having as a final recipient the entire student population.   The Centre of Nutrition & Clinical Dietetics provides from May 2000 to Argostoli Kefalonia services in nutrition space.   It aims to valid, reliable and efficient service for all people who want normal weight always in combination with the improvement of their health.   Bring statutory authorization that makes as legitimate nutritional counseling centers.   Considering the medical and diet history and lifestyle and habits of each person adapts personalized program based on the Mediterranean diet and without deprivation.   The measurement of RMR and body composition allows for the provision of appropriate programs to physiological or pathological conditions. - Translated with Google translate   Working Hours: Morning: Monday – Wednesday – Friday: 9.00 – 13.00 Afternoon: Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday: 17.00 – 21.00         Nutrition and Clinical Diet Centre Clinical Nutritionist: Amourgi Eirini - Argostoli Kefalonia Tel.: 2671024093


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    IPSILANTOU 2 - Kefalonia
  • Kitsou Sofia - Dietician - Dieticians Nutritionist Pyrgos Ilia - Clinical Nutrition - Metabolism - Obesity Slimming

    KITSOU SOFIA DIATHOLOGIST - DIATOGLI PIRGOS ILIA DIETTOFLOGOS DIATOFOLOGOI PYRGOS ILIA   We are what we eat..... The Mediterranean diet is a shield for our health and quality of life. The traditional Mediterranean diet is characterized by high consumption of olive oil, vegetables, pulses, fruits and unprocessed cereals, moderate to high fish consumption, low meat and meat consumption, and low to moderate consumption of dairy products. Clinical diet Metabolism Obesity Ms. Kitsou's surgery is located at Alfeiou 2 Street.


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    2, Alfeiou Str. - Purgos
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    Kanari 16, Kalamata - Kalamata
  • Kouri Irini - Nutritionist Nea Smyrni - Dietician Nea Smyrni - Weight Loss Nea Smyrni - Weight Loss Nea Smyrni - Nutrition For Diabetes Nea Smyrni - Nutrition For Sports Nea Smyrni

    Kouri Irini is a dietician and nutritionist with a private office in Nea Smyrni. She attended and successfully completed her studies at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Alexandrian Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, where she graduated in 2010. He successfully worked with the PAE Academy for several years. Panionios, giving nutrition instructions (before, during and after training) through talks throughout the team and parents, and applying customized diet programs and measurements to young athletes. She has also been invited several times to schools in New Smyrna to speak and inform students about the Mediterranean diet, its pyramid and the meals / nutrition a child has to do. In her office she offers to all (children, adults, elderly) nutrition services for all situations such as weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, breastfeeding, nutrition for athletes, prevention or treatment of pathological conditions (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, digestive system, etc.), women with STD. and health and well-being. Nutritionist and Nutritionist Kouri Irini has attendance certificates from many conferences and nutrition days so that it is fully informed by the latest studies and new data.


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    67, Omirou str - Nea Smyrni

    The Dietetic Centre Papadopoulou Anastasia provides the following services: - Dietitian PROGRAMS - Measurement METABOLISM - Body Fat - PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT GROUPS - PERSONAL TRAINING Anastasia Papadopoulou Anastasia Papadopoulou graduated from the Department of Dietetics - Nutrition Charakopeiou University in 2001. Since then he works as a Clinical Dietitian and deals primarily with the dietary treatment of cardiovascular diseases , diabetes and obesity. The university dissertation concerned the diseases of the gastrointestinal system and their nutritional management. Trained in dietary treatment of clinical cases in five public hospitals. He has participated in seminars psychological support to people suffering from anorexia and bulimia . Since September 2003 he was appointed to Clinical Dietitian ' Health Melathron ", while the 2012 has assumed role of Food Safety Team Coordinator , during the certification process of the clinic in ISO 22000. Since 2005 he is a research associate at the Center of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention under the direction of Professor Mr. Moundokalakis pathology and member of the certification committee IEK graduates dietetics . Trained oncology clinic of the hospital " Salvation " in the nutritional support of cancer patients under Professor oncology Mr. Syrigos . Since 2010 he is an active member of the Centre for Obesity (www.obese.gr), responsible for preoperative and postoperative monitoring of patients undergoing surgical treatment of obesity. He is a member of the Panhellenic Association of Dieticians and has participated i


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    ALEXANDRAS AVENUE 192 - Ampelokipoi

    Clinical Dietician - Nutritionist. Fat measurement, regulation of metabolism, nutritional counseling, personalized diets.


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    5, LOGOTHETON STR. - Zakinthos
  • Stamboulis Theodoros - Clinical Dietitian - Nutritionist Xanthi Komotini Kavala - Healthy Diet - Slimming

    Clinical Dietitian - Nutritionist in Xanthi. The office of Mr. Stamboulis Theodorou is located at 40 Churches 2B Street.   Healthy diet Slimming programs Personalized diet programs Juvenile Diet Specialized diets


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    2b, 40 Ekklision Str. - Ksanthi

    EDUCATION - Graduate Thesis Born in 1976 , graduated from the Lyceum of Egaleo with baccalaureate degree (20 ) Excellent . He has a degree in English and Lower Certificatt French. The 1994 was introduced in the Department of Nutrition at the TEI of Thessaloniki . In June 2000 he graduated from the Department of Nutrition at the TEI of Thessaloniki and has since been a member of the National Association of Dietitians - Technologists diet. The graduation work on " Antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and their effect on the immune system of humans ' graded with 10 and recorded in the central library of TEI Food Technology - FOOD .   PRACTICAL TRAINING - PROFESSIONAL During the 1998-99 academic quality audits conducted in large food factories and food synthesizer in Thessaloniki . Also made ​​in tasting beer and wine with identifying their strength . Simultaneously the same period attended events in the pediatric department of the hospital Genimata in Thessaloniki , as the pathology and cardiology department of the hospital AG.DIMITRIOS in Thessaloniki . The year 1999 produced the 6-month practice exercise known slimming center (NEW DAY) with great success . The year 2000 (October - July ) worked as scientific responsible in slimming center (LIGHT) and later continued her collaboration with NEW DAY as scientific coordinator , 2000 - 2003.Parallila from 2000 until today is nutrition consultant staff , large companies to improve performance in the workplace . From 2000 until now writes for health magazines ( such as Child and Young Parents , Forma, Biblos of cooking), several academic site in internet ( eg diet up) and has spoken on his radio show on ANT1 Radio " FEEDING THE SUMMER ." Also has done speeches at cultural centers , churches and clubs with main theme the benefits of healthy eating and fasting in the human body. From 2003 until today maintains varied diet office Haidari , providing modern services to clientele such as: • Nutritional assessment through dietetics and medical history • Analysis of body composition • Measurement of lean body mass • Measurement of fat mass • Measurement of muscle mass • Measuring cell mass • Measurement of total body water ( extracellular - intracellular water ) • Estimate degree of obesity by calculating BMI • RMR and RMR calculation Daily caloric needs • Ergometrisi • Nutritional Education • Design personalized diets for:    1. normality    Two . Abnormalities    Three . Children and adolescents (along with nutrition education, parents)    4. Pregnant and lactating    5. Infertility • Treating psychogenic eating situations ( bulimia - anorexia) • Ability to provide services through e-mail or fax Also trained in the field of dietitian through the 6 month their internship .   METEKPAIDEFSI AND SEMINARS - In December 1997 he attended the 2nd National Congress on Obesity on ' The metabolic syndrome of obesity . " - In April 2002 followed the work of the 2nd International Workshop " Treatment of Obesity , benefits of weight loss ." - In January 2004 he attended systematically Postgraduate Courses in Endocrinology and Metabolism , organized by the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism . - In October 2008 he attended the seminar " Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents " conducted by Society for Mental Health of Children and Adolescents ( E.PS.Y.Y.P.E. ) and the Interdisciplinary Center "child - Y" Athens University Harokopio University of Athens . - In December 2008 he attended the scientific sessions on " eating disorders in children and adolescents" , the Greek Centre for Eating Disorders . - In January 2009 he attended the scientific sessions on " Childhood Obesity ", the Greek Centre for Eating Disorders . - In March 2009 he attended the scientific sessions on " Adult Obesity ," the Greek Center for Eating Disorders . - In April 2010 submitted work on " RATING facts with eating disorders " which presented more predisposing factors and personality factors that led the person to an eating disorder . Then presented in detail how to deal with the incident . This work evaluated excellent . Since then holds specialization in eating disorders , officially certifying the qualification of a «Diploma in Practitioner skills for Eating Disorders», degree recognized by the National Center for Eating Disorders , England.


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    34, LIMNOU STR AND GR. LABRAKI - Xaidari

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    - Marousi

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    - Ano Glyfada

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    - Touba

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    - Larisa

    The Dietitian - Nutritionist Masaouti Irini faces and directs incidents interested in controlling their eating behavior. She also specializes in the nutritional support of children and adolescents as well as in the treatment of health problems related to nutrition (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.). She also provides appropriately designed nutritional programs for special populations such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, athletes, vegetarians and people with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia) aimed at promoting good health and the maximum nutritional benefit.   The diets are personalized and adapted to the nutritional requirements and preferences of each individual.   All sessions are always based on the rules of the Mediterranean diet, combined with the rules of the Systemic Approach.


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    The dietitian Sotiris Dargkinis specializes in Nutritional and Psychological Disorders treatment (Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders, Obesity and Child Obesity) and in Clinical Nutrition (University). He will change your eating behavior, appearance and life. Utilizing modern technology (metabolism measurement, body fat measurement, anthropometry, tests food intolerance), the newest data on nutrition and with particular emphasis on psychology, he aims at hormonal regulation and metabolic activation for the best possible results at the shortest time, changing the eating behavior of the individual in order to reach the desired weight.  Crash diets without scientific background often not only don’t they lead to the goal, but they also bring adverse effects.     - Food intolerance test     - Special metabolism measurement (not an estimate but actual measurement of metabolism)     - Psychological disorders (anorexia - bulimia - eating disorder)     - Metabolic syndrome     - Diabetes     - Diet for Fertility     - Pregnancy - Breastfeeding     - Children     - Health - Wellness     - Stomach problems - intestine (colitis, constipation, dyspepsia, etc.)     - Hyperlipidemia (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.)


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    90 EGNATIAS STR - Thessaloniki

    Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist, graduated Harokopeio university physical education teacher, a graduate T.E.F.A.A I work as Director of Physical Education and Nutrition from 1999 as a Clinical Dietitian - Nutritionist since 2004. I work as a freelancer with my own office and staff a laboratory study - experiments food since 1999. I work from 19 years part time or full-time in sports arenas (ergometer centers, gyms, health centers).


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    PATISION 347 - Ano Patisia
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