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  • Danaos Security - Security Services Nafplio Argolida - Security

    DANAOS SECURITY IEPYA Private Security Service Provider. In September 2009 Ioannis Karras founded DANAOS SECURITY, the only legal and well-organized Private Security Operations Company in Argolida, based in Nafplion. H DANAOS SECURITY: • It has the legal authorization of the Ministry of Public Order and Citizens Protection, in accordance with Law 2518/1997 as it stands up to today, which ensures the possibility of providing security services throughout the territory. • Has approved security staff uniforms. • Has personnel certified and licensed in accordance with Law 2518/1997 as in force until today. From the first day of its foundation, DANAOS SECURITY has won the acceptance of local public and private institutions and organizations in the Argolida region and the wider region of the Peloponnese. Our partnerships are being developed rapidly and maintained over time, as our customers trust the quality, reliability and effectiveness of our services. We provide manned storage services of the highest standard: • Static guarding, patrolling. • Event security. • Escorts of high people. • Reception services. • Shop security. • Safety of infrastructure and facilities (construction sites, warehouses, homes, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers). Our success is due to two areas in which we place particular emphasis and determine our quality and credibility: 1. Customized customer response: Every customer is a different case that we study with great care. We adapt our services to their particular requirements and needs while we take care of our immediate response to emergencies. 2.High selection of our staff: we believe in our executives because they are the basis of our work. That is why we choose our teams with strict criteria, based on their experience and educational background. Also, all our staff is regularly supervised and monitored for performance and consistency. The reliability and accountability of DANAOS SECURITY is the safe solution!

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    22, Argous Str. - Nafplio

    GP Security operates as a security company offering the necessary authorization from the Ministry of Citizen Protection . Headquartered in Achaia, Patras and on the street on October 28 St. Basil Rio . The executives of the firm have extensive experience on the security officers . The GP Security assumes static storage spaces , exhibitions , shops , organizations , events , according to customer needs and escort individuals or objects. The business can operate not only in the Patras area but throughout the Greek territory after features and update database with guards who are residents of large urban centers and want to cooperate with us. The aim of GP Security is to provide a high level of care services that fully meet customer requirements . This is achieved with the consistency and reliability of GP Security, the lowest possible cost to the customer without compromising in any way the quality of services. The GP Security provides uniformed guards with special permission of Law 2518/97 who have experience in storage, are properly trained and equipped with the necessary specialized equipment in accordance with applicable law . The combination of these provide high quality services to the customer , while preventing losses contribute to the smooth operation of secure . Potential customers of the business are public bodies such as hospitals , municipalities , educational institutions and private companies such as factories , shops with valuable items or shops with a large number of customers. Moreover GP Security, seeking to continuously improve its performance in order to achieve the best possible result , is certified according to the international standard EN ISO 9001:2008 by the certification body TUV HELLAS certificate number No. 041120003 The GP Security is committed to make every effort to effectively protect you and your property .

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    28nd OCTOVRIOU - Patras
    6944536404, 6936678353
  • M & M Security - Security Services Ilion - Private Security Services Ilion Kamatero - Personal Guard Ilion - Patrol

    Signal Receiving Center, Kamatero - Nea Filadelfia - Athens - Attica. Security services, Kamatero - Nea Filadelfia - Athens - Attica. Patrol guarding, Kamatero - Nea Filadelfia - Athens - Attica. Management of values, Kamatero - Nea Filadelfia - Athens - Attica.

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    3, Sasonos Str - Ilion
  • M.P.S. Security - Providing Security Services Rethymnon Crete - Security Surveillance - Vip Security - Perakis Emmanouil

    The M.P.S. SECURITY shows you the benefits it has, with the main cause of the outbreak of crime. The technical support provided by M.P.S. Security is specialized in high-level technical services. With seamlessly organized departments, we are able to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of our services. STORAGE WITH SPACES PROTECTION OF THE AREA V.I.P. PATROLS The provision of security services and space surveillance in Rethymnon by M.P.S. is characterized by high quality and dedication. For more information, visit the site - www.securityrethymno.gr

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    68, Irakleous Str. - Rethymno
    6974026102, 6971822250

    Navarino Lions Security was established with the aim to protect life and property you providing integrated security solutions, specially designed to meet your needs and requirements. Whe created a sophisticated control and service center providing 24 hour support to the services provided. Our goal is to offer, in the best possible way, services and integrated high quality solutions in the field of safety, always giving emphasis to customer needs. For this purpose we give credence to the organization, in the well-trained and qualified staff and modern technological equipment. All our activities have focused our clients. We are always willing to offer high quality services, in-depth understanding of their needs and meet their expectations with reliability. We believe that human capital is the most important investment for the development and progress of our company. That is why we care for the continuous training of our workforce in order to improve our service to our customers.   Security Pylos, Security Koroni, Security Methoni   - Translated with Google translate

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    18th km PYLOS KORONI - Finikouda
  • SOTOS SECURITY SYSTEMS - Security Systems - Rollers - Blanas Sotirios - Katerini

    SOTOS SECURITY SYSTEMS is a state-of-the-art company with trained staff and is committed to securing your space with the most up-to-date systems at a very affordable price. It has a guard and patrol center for complete coverage. Also in our store you will find technology products and solutions. There is a dedicated section dealing with the safety and detection of people with dementia and corporate vehicle tracking. We are communications experts and provide solutions to internet problems in homes, hotels, businesses and farms. We have in our store wireless transceivers (vhf) and all their accessories, antennas, acoustic batteries etc. Mobile phones, tablets, GPS, transponders and internet routers. There is also an online lab for repairing or upgrading your appliances. We undertake to provide solutions to difficult problems where there is no power with systems that are autonomously reliable and particularly low cost. Beehives, logging, forest areas, mountain settlements and farms. For us there is nothing that is not done. We have the knowledge, patience and experience to do everything and we are a phone call away. We know that our work has many responsibilities and obligations and this has led us to great results for many years. A qualified & licensed company based on the latest legislation.

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    Leonida Iasonidi 145 - Katerini

    Company 24 SECURITY GUARD in Halkida , presents the benefits and features , with a focus on growth in criminality that exists nowadays . Always respecting the customer and his needs.   The 24security Guard is a Greek security firm licensed by the competent Greek ministries .   The strains are reliable , with experience in the field of Storage and the appropriate documents.     Technical support provided by 24security Guard is working with the electronic center the most specialized on high-level technical services . With impeccably organized departments are able , our company can guarantee the uninterrupted operation of our services .     1. Guarding AREA WITH PERMANENT Guards ( Guarding ) : The checkpoints based on the specific instructions guarded Two . STORAGE AREA WITH PATROLS , (PATROL): Perimeter outdoor ; ; internal guard space with vehicles and proper directions Three . PROTECTION OF PLANTS WITH ALARM SYSTEMS Installing alarm systems with the latest electronic technology .

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    - Chalkida
    6957838555 -7
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    6932912730, 6979339628

    Our Saridakis Security, active for many years at European level specialized in the whole range of security services. Always achieve our goals in terms of the safety of our customers, and this one is the master of our services. The Saridakis Security is the holder of a special license private security firms by the Ministry of Public Order number 3015/39/60/2461-z 'activity and allows us throughout. Our company places great importance on human resources, for this reason, we have been able to operate with a full team and perfect synchronization. All Saridakis Security staff is highly trained in safety and have special permission to practice. They are all young, martial arts, with complete confidence and great look! Services Static Guard Safety events Escort & Security official Escorting children Safety events (concerts, sporting events) Ship security Hotel security Insurance companies Safety malls Home Security Security conference Safe transport (documents, jewelry, etc.) Safety & wedding receptions CCTV & Alarm Installation

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    16 MOROGIANNI - Peristeri