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  • Child Development Center Chalkida

    BRANCH OFFICE: PERIPHERAL OF ALIVERI, ALIVERI, EVIA, TEL. & FAX: 2223024264 In 2003, Aliveri in Evia was born the Psychological Development Center of Children (PAP) by psychologist Spyros Athena. In 2008, and after constant requests from parents, the Children's Development Center opened its doors with a new center in the city of Chalkida. All these 14 years the CFP has accumulated a great and valuable experience in providing such services. Our Interdisciplinary Team aims to contribute to the qualitative upgrading of every child's life in everyday life. The structure of our center enables educators / therapists and children to work hand-in-hand with the whole family and apply methods beyond classical individual sessions. The philosophy of educators and therapists at the Center for continued collaboration with parents and school will strengthen the effectiveness of child work and successful development. The Center has open doors for the organized presence of parents in their child's program and the design of interventions for their child. In the CAP all services are based on the synthesis work and knowledge of a whole interdisciplinary team of child development specialists. The role of the Group is the collective oversight of the services, the monitoring of the development of each child, the documentation, the joint design of our programs by all specialties and the continuous support of the staff in the difficult role of promoting and developing psychologically and cognitively children. We do not offer training on approaches that are not yet well documented in terms of their effectiveness, even if they are widespread, 'classic' or 'streamed' or presented as new discoveries and applications. Our Center is aimed at children from 2 to 14 years of age.


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    4, Orionos str - Chalkida
  • Dr. Larouni Maria - Clinical Psychologist Kolonaki - Athens

    Maria Larouni studied at Pierce College in Athens. She received her Master's in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University in New York and her PhD from Paris VII University in Paris. She specialized in family therapy at the Child Guidance Clinic in Philadelphia (USA). She worked as a psychotherapist in New York, Paris and now in Athens. She provides supervision to younger colleagues, psychologists and social workers. She is an active participant in international conferences. She speaks Greek, English, French and provides services to people of other nationalities. Clinical Psychologist Ph.D. and MSW clinical social worker. Psychotherapy services are provided to individuals, couples and families as well as to people with eating disorders, identity problems, interpersonal relationships and sexual abuse. She uses the psychodynamic and systemic method depending on the case.


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    Deinokraotus 64 & Iatridou - Athens
  • Education On Progress - Themeli Vassiliki & Kestou Ioanna - Psychotherapy Melissia - Special Education Center - Melissia Occupational Therapy - Speech Therapy Chalandri

    Early intervention - child psychiatric intervention Early intervention is defined as: Activities aimed at practicing and educating the child and guiding the parents immediately after identifying their difficulties, providing them with information and support from specialist therapists. Early digestion, in infancy or pre-school, helps the child to integrate harmoniously into the wider social environment and not to impede their difficulties. Parental counseling It is a program aimed at: systematically intervening and informing parents so that they successfully meet their role in meeting the mental, social and spiritual needs of their children, enhancing communication and cooperation in the home environment. Special Pedagogy Specialist pedagogy is a program for dealing with difficulties related to: dyslexia learning difficulties attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder mental retardation developmental disorders Speech therapy It is about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of speech, speech, speech and chewing / swallowing disorders in children with: speech delay articulation difficulties speech disorder (stuttering) neurological disorders - dyslexia attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder hearing loss - deafness Voice disorders (dysphonia - speech), bilingualism mental retardation - syndromes - autism Occupational therapy Occupational therapy aims to: to improve everyday life skills in the organization and concentration of the child to improve coarse and fine mobility (graphics, body balance, motion coordination) improving optical-tuning coordination improving spatial orientation


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    25th March 53, Melissia - Melissia
  • Kalomoiri Mental Health Counselor Athens Center Attica - Psychologist - Psychotherapists - Psychotherapy - Individual Treatments - Family Therapy Counseling - Addictions

    SUMMER SILVER MENTAL HEALTH CONSULTANT ATHENS CENTER - VICTORIA SQUARE IT IS SPECIALIZED IN THE SYNTHETIC APPROACH PSYCHOLOGIST, ATHENS CENTER PSYCHOTHERAPY - ATTICA PARENTS ADVISORY, FAMILY THERAPY COUPLE TREATMENT = ADDICTS - PSYCHOLOGISTS, PSYCHOTHERAPIES ATHENS CENTER - VICTORIA SQUARE - ATTICA The Office of Mental Health Advisor SUMMER SILVER is located on the street SEPTEMBER 69 Athens Center (Victoria Square) 4th Floor BY APPOINTMENT Mental Health Advisor offers psychotherapy sessions for adults & couples (40 €). Streetworker at the Organization Against Drugs - OKANA Studied Synthetic Counseling & Psychotherapy at NHS - NATURAL HEALTH SCIENCE Sessions for self-improvement, stress, depression, low self-esteem, anger management, mourning, social / work stress, relationship problems, family problems, addictions, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact for more information. Individual Adult / Adult Sessions Family therapy Couple treatment Specialization in synthetic approach Cognitive behavior Psychodynamic and person-centered approach Dependents on psychoactive substances Sessions last 60 minutes The office is located near Victoria Square Metro


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    69, 3rd September Str. - Athens
  • Mara Marialena | Psychologist, Psychotherapist Katerini

    Psychologist Mara Marialena has completed her BSc in Psychology in Great Britain while continuing her Postgraduate studies at the University of Westminster in London in the field of Health Psychology (MSc Health Psychology). At the same time she is trained as a Psychotherapist in the Cognitive-Behavioral Model by the Hellenic Society for Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy (EGSF). Since 2007 she has worked both on a voluntary as well as on a practical and clinical level in a variety of institutions, such as the Katerini Psychiatric Hospital, the Pediatric Psychiatric Department at the Hippocratic Hospital of Thessaloniki, TEE. (Technical Vocational Education on Special Education Dpt.) First Level in Neo Rysio Thessaloniki. In the context of the constant updating and expanding of her field of study, she has attended a large number of seminars, lectures, trainings and workshops in Greece, while she is fluent in English, and has been licensed as a Psychologist since 2009. She maintains a private office where she takes care of adults, adolescents and children, as well as couples, for Counseling and Psychological Support in Health, Chronic Disease, Treating an Illness, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, Behavior Therapy, Behavioral Disorders, Relationships, School Bullying, Family Management, and Personality Disorders. For those interested in starting treatment but staying outside Katerini, skype sessions are also available online.


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    Megalou Alexandrou 11, Katerini - Katerini
  • Mazopoulou Iokasti - MSc Psychologist Cholargos - Parents Counseling Cholargos - Group Psychotherapy - Psychologists Cholargos

    Welcome to the website of Psychologist Mazopoulou Iokastis. With excellent scientific training and aiming to provide psychological assistance to anyone feeling trapped in psychological impasse. Psychologist Mazopoulou Iokastis specializes in Parental Counseling, Group Psychotherapy, Psychological Support, and Family Therapy.


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    Xanthippou 2 and Mediterranean 176 - Cholargos
  • Psychologist Kallithea Attica - MOULAKI OLGA - Psychotherapy Kallithea Attica

    Humans are unique and unique, and yet we face common problems: in relationships with others, with ourselves, with our body, with our emotions, with our thoughts, with our lives. Some compromise with the psychological difficulties in their lives hoping that one day things will change, perhaps on their own, maybe .. magical. We assume that good health means the absence of a disease, but we are really healthy when we have a good mood, joy, energy and an appetite for life! How well do you feel good? Every month, a new topic for modern psychology, to be better, as well as answers to your questions and the topics you are writing to me. Yes, difficulties can be addressed, we can change, find joy within us, harmony in our relationships, feel satisfaction with life. But change wants boldness, will, a little effort, as well as knowledge and support ... Psychotherapy is a modern, scientific and emotional treatment that can help us effectively deal with life's issues and improve our relationships with them. others. The psychotherapist or psychotherapist is our specialist co-tag in the personal course of self-knowledge, treatment and change. Do you offer this opportunity to yourself? I admire people who find the power to seek knowledge and support to change their lives!


    Kallithea - Attica
  • Psychologist Psychiko Attiki - CHRISTINA KARABOULA - Psychotherapist - Family Therapist - Phobia Anxiety Management - Neo Psychiko Attica

    Psychologist, psychotherapist, family therapist, certified in Family Psychotherapy, from the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations. Education: B.A. in Psychology,  Deree College.  Postgraduate degrees UCL / Institute of Education: Diploma in Education and M.A. in Psychology of Education.  Four year training in Family Psychotherapy at the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations. Professional course: KETHEA (Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals) in the Education section, Kyanous Stavros (Private Clinic) and Ionios School (Private School) as an Advisor to the Nursery Department. From 2013 until today, private office providing psychotherapy to adults (Greek and English speakers), couples and families, in individual or group sessions. Long collaboration with the Municipality of Filothei-Psychiko, providing counselling sessions. Psycho-education Seminars for Elementary and Nursery School teachers at Ionios Private School. One day seminars at the Private School Parents Association, regarding Exam Anxiety and Coping Mechanisms for children and parents.  Member of SEPS (Association of Greek Psychologists) and of HELASYTH (Hellenic Association for Systemic Therapy).   Sessions at the office or via Skype.  


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    2, Georgiou Seferi str - Neo Psixiko
  • Psychologist Psychotherapist Sparti Laconia - Darviri Antigoni - Mental Health Consultant - Personal Development - Psychotherapy

    PSYCHOLOGIST PSYCHOTHERAPIST SPARTI LACONIA - DARVIRI ANTIGONI Psychologist Psychotherapist Darviri Antigoni maintains a modern psychotherapy and counseling center in Sparta, Laconia. It is at your disposal by appointment, where he will gladly listen to you and deal with any of your issues. Having years of knowledge and experience in adult psychology and specialized in the synthetic, person-centered and cognitive approach, he deals with mental health issues.   There are online adult sessions, as well as group psychotherapy classes.


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    Agidos 85A - Sparta
  • Self-Improvement Activities Piraeus Attica - KRITSIDIMAS DIMITRIOS - Mental Health Counseling Piraeus Attica - Underwater Self-Awareness Piraeus Attica - Hiking Self-Awareness Piraeus Attica

    After 18 years in the rescue teams of the Navy ships and 4 years as a volunteer lifeguard in the rescue teams in Chania, Crete, I decided to expand my knowledge by studying Mental Health Counselor, aiming to combine all the knowledge and training I had.   My ultimate goal is to provide my help to the person, so that he knows aspects of himself and learns to manage the emotions that complicate his daily life, such as anxiety, stress, panic attacks, phobias, etc.   All these years of experience in saving human life and knowing very well the benefits of the sea and nature in general in the body and human psychology, I created two (2) alternative self-improvement programs, "Underwater Self-Knowledge" and "Hiking Self-Knowledge".   There are two (2) alternative methods for self-knowledge and rejuvenation of the soul, mind and body and it is a combination of Mental Health Counseling, conscious breathing techniques (Breathwork) and safe autonomous diving or hiking.   These programs are aimed at people who want and owe it to themselves, to clear their thoughts, to learn to manage their fear, to get in touch with their emotions, their body and to discover the power that lies within them.  


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    Pireas - Attica
  • Zacharopoulou Eleni | Psychologist - Psychotherapist Heraklion, Crete

    Psychologist ZACHAROPOULOU ELENI has been running a private office in Heraklion, Crete, since 1995. Psychologist - psychotherapist Eleni Zacharopoulou is a graduate of Luton University in England, specializing in Psychology and Health Studies and postgraduate studies at Derby University in England, on MSc Integrative Counseling. while since 2017 he is a member of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP). She has many years of experience and a wide range of experience, as she has worked in organizations such as NELE as a popular trainer, in KAPI, KIFI and in municipalities of the Prefecture of Heraklion. She has co-ordinated in parent schools in many schools in Heraklion and the province, and has previously worked with various social organizations, such as the Heraklion Child Protection Center, to provide counseling and psychological support to children, adolescents and young girls. , who have been removed from their family environment. He has also worked in private kindergartens, but also in primary schools (KEPA), in KDAP (Center for Creative Employment) of the Municipality of Gorgolaini, in the football academy CALCETTO and in care units for the elderly (The Libyan and Friendly Home). He specializes in the synthetic model of counseling and psychotherapy, while understanding the requirements of the modern era, he also holds sessions via Skype. He takes on adults, teens and children and specializes in relationship problems, divorce, grief, stress, phobias, depression, self-awareness, self-improvement, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks and psychosomatic problems. He is also active in individual counseling, marriage and family counseling.


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    59 Dimokratias Avenue - HERAKLION