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  • Adamou Stavros - Florina Funeral Home - Florina Memorial Office - Cheap Florina Funeral Packages - Cremation - 24-Hour Service

    Our office since 1968 has served with confidence, honesty and respect for the man you lost, in this difficult moment where fate has brought you to be with you. In order not to take advantage of these difficult times: Financial Ceremonies with Coffins of 250 Euro Ceremonies and memorials Foreign and domestic transfers Luxury Tombstones The complete decoration of your space, the decoration of the church, the coffee room, and everything that has to do with the ceremony and its needs. We take over and merge the postcards and the landfill. Graph 2385028091 Move. 6949561799, 6978900041 Also, our office also performs ceremonies in THESSALONIKI at very affordable prices because the period we are in is not the best! Transfers to and from the whole of Greece at very affordable prices.

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    Stratigou Dragoumi 10 - Florina
    6949561799, 6978900041

    The funeral office "ANALIPSIS" called to serve people who are experiencing the most difficult time in their lives. he pain and grief is not good allies for people who have lost their loved one to take to carry out correctly all those who need to perform the ceremony . Our office with great respect and understanding take this moment for you .   As the needs of each family vary , so varies and this experience so that each ceremony is different. In our office we organize funerals so as to be subject to religious and aesthetic preferences, as well as your budget . So we make sure to provide you with a total effect that characterizes the dignity , professionalism and consistency . The services offered by our agency include: • Organization Ceremonies • Transfer of remains from all over Greece and abroad • Repatriation of foreign • Burning corpses • Decorations • Church Memorials will be glad to be worthy of your trust . Sincerely Valsamis Daldogiannis. FUNERALS Our office for funerals offer the following services : • We transfer the remains in the freezer hospital . • Determine the date and time of the ceremony in the parish or cemetery of your choice . • perform the procedures for issuing a Certificate of death and burial permits . • We report a variety of coffins to choose what you consider appropriate. • We undertake flower decoration of the church , the tomb and the area where the pile . • We order wreaths for your convenience , you, your family and friends . • We offer luxury hearse for transporting the pile. • Divide to everyone who attended the ceremony wet wipes after the burial . • We take care if you wish to become a reception after the ceremony provided the parish hall or a reception area .  We undertake the transfer of the heap at your command for the desire of the deceased to be buried in his homeland . The repatriation of a heap is a different case from the funeral ceremony as it takes a variety of procedures that must be followed to allow the output of a body from our country , or the entrance to it by another . Unless returns abroad, we transport and funerals anywhere in Greece , for you who want your loved one to be buried in his home . An additional service we provide is the transmission of the bone kept cemetery , across Greece and abroad . We strictly adhere to the instructions and regulations of the World Health Organization and the EU as applied in Greece and the country of destination . We fully respect the requirements of the religion of the deceased. • proceed to the statement of the death and issue all permits needed to transport the deceased. The data used in the declaration of death obtained from the passport , the death certificate and the information they give us relatives . • Take up and mummify the dead . • proceed to the translation of all required documents in collaboration with the local embassy of the destination country . • Delivers the international transport license . • Check if the consignee in the country of destination ( funeral , cemetery , crematorium ) is suitable to meet the requirements of the family. • Alternatively we offer burning and deliver the urn to the address you requested. • Select the best combination of cost - time spent on the case . We offer our services as a complete package that includes everything ( coffin , care - Care deceased , embalming , bureaucratic procedures and translations , special packaging coffin , necessary transport in Thessaloniki and staff , delivery to the shipping company at the airport ) . Transfer - Repatriation of deceased abroad. Our office is responsible for preparing the deceased and transport in the country chosen by the family and there are ongoing processes of local office . The preparation and transportation of the deceased abroad includes: • Coffin high strength for transportation • The planned special packaging (wood - metal) for transportation • Must vehicle transporting the body of the deceased • Dress ( clothes of the family ) • Embalming • Privacy • The death planned official international transport licenses • Translations of documents necessary • Seal Hague • transfer airport and mission heap airport in the country for any event you wish to find out more detail about the range of our services in repatriations of remains , please contact us decorations Funeral the decoration of the church for a funeral is one of the most important pieces of this very painful process , and unloads the heavy atmosphere and should yield the values ​​in late . Moreover , condolences wreaths express sympathy and support to the family experiencing bereavement , in an attempt to alleviate the pain of loss . Our primary goal is well presented and of adornment with high level of quality , detail and modern style . CREMATION According to a decision published in the Official Gazette on March 15, 2006 , Article 35, longer allowed cremation for Greek citizens. Here Decision : Article 35 1 . Permitted cremation , domestic or foreign , whose religious beliefs allow posthumous incineration . Two . Prerequisite for incineration is the express prior without term or condition , statement of the deceased to their wish or the corresponding declaration of his relatives by blood or marriage up to the fourth degree, in series order. In case of disagreement between relatives who are in the same class , the decision taken by the Prosecutor , in whose store the dead . For minors , the statement made ​​by both parents or by the person who has parental responsibility under Articles 1510 et seq of the Civil Code. Three . The cremation authorization granted by the Municipality or the Community , which operates the Center, which is incineration . 4. A presidential decree issued upon the proposal of the Ministers of Interior , Public Administration and Decentralization , Environment , Planning and Public Works and Health and Social Solidarity , defined spaces create Centres cremation , the conditions and the control function , and specific conditions incineration . To determine the space required cremation opinion of the relevant communities. By joint decision of the Ministers above regulated specifically on issues and issues with technical and detailed . Due to lack of infrastructure in our country , incineration is in Sofia, Bulgaria . The process takes 3-4 days after the delivery of the required records . For a Greek citizen documents to be submitted include: • Duplicate- passage of the act of death • Statement heir who wishes to his / her deceased / deceased for cremation and a copy of identity. • Declaration that the relative / the deceased / decedent bears metal object ( surgery , teeth , etc. ) . • Agreement incineration of the doctor who found death, which indicates that no data found violent death and allows the incineration of the remains . The above documents must be translated into Bulgarian by an official translator. The processing of documents is undertaken entirely our office . The process of incineration include the following: • Coffin suitable standard for burning • Stay heap in the freezer for two days • Embalming • The necessary transport • The necessary hygiene measures transposing the heap • translations and necessary permits • The • the return urn - urns tradition of family GENERAL INFORMATION death cases at home if the death occurs at home , if found by the doctor directly call or visit the funeral home . It will relieve you from a lot of care and unnecessary movements . The office is one that will check the correctness of the certificate of death may not have problems later because of wrong data , the office is what will ensure the settlement of the deceased , change, etc. , and generally tell you what to do . In those cases where the man died your home you can keep him near you or to give a mandate to the relevant office to carry him to the nekrostasio Cemetery ( where applicable) . According to the state laws allowed burial after over 12 hours from the time of his death . After the period of 12 hours the relatives may instruct the contractor to undertake the burial whenever they want provided there is no risk of mortal decay . In those cases where the relatives of persons waiting outside and the pile will remain beyond 24 hours is advisable to instruct the office to put in a special refrigerator . Case of death in the hospital or clinic or nursing home Where the death occurs in a hospital or clinic , etc. needed by the relatives to have the identity of the deceased to have to deliver it to the doctor with the institution's pension of death certification and clothes to deliver the funeral . Case of sudden death resulting from an accident ( car accident, suicide , etc. ) In the above case immediately call the funeral home to relieve you of the additional care required by law , such as calling the police authorities , forensic services , forensic , etc. Note : in these cases almost always call if the Funeral and take the first procedures required by law , the deceased should be transferred to the morgue for autopsy and a certification of causes that led to the death of the coroner , the opinion of which no one may be challenged. We want particularly to emphasize that in the case of sudden death that that should be done after the autopsy because burial often ensuing litigation (traffic accidents) with various safety required the presentation of forensic report and not a mere opinion of a doctor. If the accident or sudden death doctor found this and wanted to advised not advised , even in this case , prefer the autopsy , after which the agency will arrange for the flawless appearance.  

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  • Angelis Michalis - Ioannina Funeral Home - Ioannina Funeral Home - Ioannina Memorial - Ioannina Funeral Home

    Ioannina Funeral Home, memorials, exhumations, cremations, carriage of corpses indoors and abroad, ANGEL MICHALIS ceremonies. We consistently, discreetly and professionally undertake the mourning ceremonies. Angel Michael Funeral Home. We undertake funerals, memorials, funerals, cremations, travels internationally, overseas, ceremonies of all categories and funds We have been active since 1970 with respect to the dead, the Mystery and the needs of the deceased's family. Our prices are accessible to everyone and can be customized. We provide 100% cotton ornaments of the dead and boxes of Greek manufacture with luxury glaze and not watered with masculine, contributing to the natural course of the heap and avoiding unpleasant experiences for relatives. Dignity, economy, respect. 24 hour service Yours sincerely Angel Michael Ioannina Funeral Home, Ioannina Funerals, Ioannina Memorials, Ioannina Funeral Services, Ioannina Cremations, Ioannina Cremation, Ioannina Corps Mission, Ioannina Soros Transportation, Ioannina

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    Georgiou Averof 87 - Ioannina
  • Balta Dai Crystallia - Funeral Office Neapoli Thessaloniki - Memorial Office Neapoli Thessaloniki - Funerals - Memorial

    FUNERAL OFFICE SINCE 1968 Dai Crystallia, owner of a funeral service in Neapoli, had the primary concern of owner Constantine Balta (father of the current owner) who was committed to managing the tragic incident within the family. Our concern so far is to avoid confusion, panic as well as to avoid the suffering of relatives. As time went on, the reputation for providing the highest quality of service increased, resulting in more and more families turning to us. Today's owner Dai Crystalia took over a business that had already served hundreds of families, all satisfied with the quality of the benefits. We provide a 'fleet' of modern cars, a casket exhibition and a wreath workshop. It has highly trained and specialized staff, who are available 24 hours a day to the needs of every customer.

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    Neochoriou 6, Neapoli - Thessaloniki
    6932769184, 6937070542
  • Baltas Dimitrios - Funeral Office Neapoli Thessaloniki - Funeral Services Neapoli Thessaloniki

    The Baltas Dimitris Funeral Home, located in Neapoli Thessaloniki, is next to you in the difficult times of separation from your loved ones, providing his services with respect to the deceased and the family, as well as with complete discretion. At our funeral home we perform ceremonies, such as funerals and memorials, cremations of every kind and repatriation of corpses, with professionalism and safety. Based in Neapoli Thessaloniki, we serve all over Greece and abroad, 24 hours a day, offering support and complete bureaucratic coverage to facilitate relatives of the deceased. We are always by your side, with the requisite seriousness and sensitivity required by this difficult moment of separation from your loved one. Our funeral service in Neapoli Thessaloniki also facilitates payment, as the stress of financial burden is the last thing you have to worry about during this difficult phase of your life.

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    Lagada 104 - Neapoli - Thessaloniki
    6944610008, 6979293529
  • Ceremony Office Christoforidis - Funeral Bureau Kozani - Memoirs - Repatriations - Memoirs - Burning of Dead

    Construction of graves - Church Decorations - Memorials - Catering. Service 24 hours a day. Care and respect for the customer. We are close to the family and man. Affordable prices - Quality. Main store: - Kozani: Ionia 1 Phone: 2461033310 Branch: - Siatista: 20 Megalou Alexandroy Str. Phone: 2465772330

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    1, Ionias Str. - Kozani
  • D. Liberidis Funeral Services | Athens - Kalymnos - Kos - Leros - Patmos - Lipsi

    D. Liberidis Funeral Services Greece 24 hour service D. LIBERIDIS funeral services have been active in the field of mourning ceremonies for years, based in Attica and many Aegean islands. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to fully undertake the organization of the mourning ceremony (funeral, memorial service) of your loved one. The ceremonial offices of D. LIBERIDIS are located: • in Athens • in Kalymnos • in Kos • in Leros • in Patmos • in Lipsi Always with respect and consistency in this difficult time that every family is going through. Our funeral offices, with professionalism, consistency and above all respect and sensitivity to the difficult stigma you are experiencing, provide you with the highest level of services and specifications. We undertake ceremonies in Greece & Abroad!     

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    Kallithea - Attica
    +306977801226, +306946077020

    Without a doubt, the death of a loved one is an unpleasant and painful experience that one can experience in one's life. Our office at this difficult time of your life stands by you humanly, with discretion and respect with high quality services and professionalism 24 hours a day. With experienced professionals and thorough care, we undertake to complete all the procedures needed from the first moment to the completion of the farewell ceremony. From our inception until today and with our years of experience in organizing any celebration, we are fully committed to respecting your religious customs and finances, making you a reliable choice at this difficult time. Services: Funeral Services Drama Serres Drama ceremony house Organizing funeral ceremonies Drama Serres Drama Serres decorations Drama Serres home decorations Send Drama Serres hoops Ecclesiastical artificial flowers Drama Serres Drama Serres transportation Drama Serres Returns Exhumations Drama Serres Embassies Drama Serres Cremation Drama Serres Memorial Drama Serres Handmade homemade cage Drama Serres Construction of monuments Drama Serres Central: Galen 7 Drama - versus Twelve Apostles Church Branches: Proti Serres, Paleokonos Serres

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    Galinou 7 - Drama
  • Elassona Larissa Funeral Home - IOANNIS & GOUGOUMATIS - Funeral - Memorial Organization Elassona Larissa - Repatriations - Soros Transport Elassona Larissa

    IOANNIS & GOUGOUMATIS Elassona Larissa Funeral Home The ceremony office "IOANNIS & GOUGOUMATIS" which is located in Elassona, is always by your side, in the most difficult moment of your life, offering complete services and directly serving Elassona, Larissa and nationwide. Fully aware of the grief of the loss and facing the world that addresses our funeral home in Elassona first as a human being and then as a client, we can undertake and carry out ceremonies of all categories. With consistency, professionalism and respect, we undertake the organization of funerals, the organization of memorials, the transfer of corpses, cremations, repatriations, the sending of wreaths, the flower arrangements of churches and any other service you wish. The aim of the funeral home in Elassona is to contribute to the farewell of your loved one with the due honor and dignity that is appropriate in the case. Contact the funeral home in Elassona. We are with you 24 hours a day. Funeral Home Elassona Larissa, Funerals Elassona Larissa, Memorials Elassona Larissa, Funeral Service Elassona Larissa, Memorial Organization Elassona Larissa, Flower Arrangements

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    October 6, 168 - ELASSONA
    6989394919, 6980221439
  • Funeral & Memorial Moiradorakis Stylianos - Ceremonies Heraklion - Funerals - Memorial Services - Cremation - Nationwide Service - Heraklion Crete

    The MIRADORAKIS STYLIANOS funeral office is located in Kastelli, Heraklion, Crete. With respect to the loss of human existence, we undertake the organization of mourning ceremonies with consistency, discretion and impeccable professionalism. The many years of experience and consistency in the community, the experienced staff, the quality of services and the affordable prices have made us a reliable social services agency. We will take care of everything, down to the smallest detail, both in organizing a funeral and in commemoration. Finally, our office also undertakes cremation, carrying out all the necessary procedures for the transfer of the deceased to the countries where there is adequate infrastructure for the burning of corpses. We provide 24-hour service throughout the year.

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    Kastelli - Iraklio
    6949835661, 6981638361
  • Funeral & Memorial Xanthi - Sachpazidis John - Decorations - Repatriation - 24 Service - Xanthi

    Sahpazidis Ioannis & Stelios, owners of the Xanthi Funeral Home, have as their primary concern the proper management of the tragic incident within the family. Our concern so far is to avoid confusion, panic as well as to avoid the suffering of relatives. As time went on, the reputation for providing the highest quality of service increased, resulting in more and more families turning to us. We provide a "fleet" of modern cars, a casket exhibition and a wreath workshop. It has highly trained and specialized staff, who are available 24 hours a day to the needs of every customer.

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    40, Dramas Str. - Ksanthi
    6982176032, 6988231313, 6988231414
  • Funeral and Memorial Office Preveza - Goumas Dimitrios - Flower Decoration - Repatriation - Cremations - Panhellenic 24 Hour Service Preveza

    Goumas Dimitrios ceremony office, based in Preveza, has been providing you with comprehensive services in the difficult moment of human loss and mourning for many years. With absolute respect for the deceased, we provide our services throughout Greece and abroad, 24 hours a day. With a phone call we come to your place.

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    10, Panagi Tsaldari str - Preveza
  • Funeral Badas - Funerals, memorial, cremation, Decorations - Agrinio

    Bada Agrinio Aetoloakarnania Ceremony Office The “Badas Nikolaos” Funeral Home in Agrinio, Etoloakarnania, with many years of experience in the field of ceremonies, fully respecting this difficult time in your life, will support you in the best possible way to say goodbye to your man with due dignity and honor. it suits him. We carry out on your behalf all the procedures that are necessary for the realization of the ceremony. We have an exhibition with a variety of coffins so that the personal tastes and all the financial possibilities of our customers can be satisfied. We set the day and time of the funeral in consultation with you for the cemetery or parish you wish. We transfer the body from the place of death to a refrigeration chamber where it will remain until the ceremony. We undertake the announcement of the funeral in the newspapers you wish. We print and place in your home and wherever you want the mourning programs with the announcement of the funeral. We undertake repatriation of the body. We directly serve Agrinio, the whole of Etoloakarnania and the whole of Greece We operate 24 hours a day and we are ready to help you. Agrinio Etoloakarnania Funeral Home, Agrinio Etoloakarnania Funeral Home, Agrinio Etoloakarnania Memorial, Agrinio Etoloakarnania Funerals

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    Gavalou - Agrinio
  • Funeral Bureau Alyfantis - Funeral Offices Korydallos - Memorialist Attica - Burning of the Dead Korydallos - Repatriations - Funeral Office Dafni Kalavriton

    Korydallos - Dafni Kalavryta 26920 71121 office of the ceremonies of the monk, Attica, Kalavryta, Kalavryta funerary funeral studio, Attica, Kalavryta daphne, Kalavryta The "Alyfanti" Funeral Offices located in Korydallos Attica and Dafni Kalavryta are next to you in the difficult moments of losing your own person, organizing with respect and professionalism funerals, memorials and other funeral ceremonies. We provide complete services 24 hours a day throughout Greece. By showing total respect for your loved ones, we feel the moral obligation to stand beside you and to support you consistently and responsibly in this very difficult moment of your life. Our concern is your excellent service and the quality of our services at affordable prices. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, aiming to provide high quality services and low cost. SERVICES: Remembrance of the peak, Attica, Kalavryta, Kalavryta Carriage of the scorpion, Attica, Kalavryta, Kalavryta Funerary fungi, Attica, Calabria, Kalavryta Ceremonies petiole, Attica, Kalavrita dala, Kalavryta Kolyvata peak, Attica, Kalavryta dalape, Kalavryta Decorations of churches of the peak, Attica, Kalavryta, Kalavryta Porphyry funeral corals, Attica, Kalavryta daphne, Kalavryta Excavated petiole, Attica, Kalavryta dalape, Kalavryta Carriage of bones of petiolate, attic, dill of kalavryta, kalavryta Fossil burns of oak, Attica, Kalavryta, Kalavryta Repatriation of scorpion monkey, Attica, Kalavryta daphne, Kalavryta  Yours sincerely: Alyfantis Funeral Offices.

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    Korydallos - Koridalos


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  • Funeral Home - Cremations - Burning Heap - Heaps of dead people transfer - Funerals - Flowering of the Church - Memoirs - Ceremonies Stefana - N. Ionia - Athens - Attica

    Klouvatos ceremony offices are a family business. Our base is located in Athens and Naxos but we provide services all over Greece and abroad. The company was founded in 1974 and as the second continuum of beggars with respect to the predecessors and society we continue to stand worthy of the social responsibility we undertake. We know very well how difficult these hours are and it is our duty to stand next to you and to contribute to the farewell of your man with the proper dignity and honor that is appropriate to the occasion. Central Attiki Store Zoodochou Pigis 17, Kalogreza, N. Ionia 2102716246 Fax: 2102757898 Mobile: 6944 524 306      Shop 2 Attica 10 Byzantiou, Kalogresa, N. Ionia 2102777703 6944 524306 Chora District Districts, Naxos Chora, Naxos 2285026154 District Shops- 2 Filoti, Naxos Filoti, Naxos 6972159051 Our priority in these difficult times is respect for the person who left and his family. It is our concern to relieve the family of practical issues that are nevertheless necessary. Our offices undertake all necessary procedures with consistency and human sensitivity. The KLOUVATOS ceremony offices are able to satisfy all your requirements as it has a range of equipment and tools. We work with reputable professionals throughout Greece and staffed by excellent staff who are close to you throughout the process. Our services are as follows:

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    17 Zoodochos Pigi Str. - Nea Ionia
  • Funeral Home Corinth - MACHIRAS DIMITRIOS & GEORGE - Funeral & Memorial Office - Funerals - Memorials - Temple Decoration - Wreaths - Incinerations - Corinth

      MACHERAS DIMITRIOS & GEORGE Corinth Funeral Home The loss of a loved one is a harsh reality that we are all called to face in our lifetime. The funeral office "MACHIRAS DIMITRIOS & GEORGE" which is based in Corinth, is close to you to support you and to take care of all procedures, with personal care, honest service, discretion and sensitivity. He started his activity in 1972 in the very sensitive area of mourning ceremonies, considering it his obligation to provide you with high quality services with the required respect and understanding for the particularly difficult moment that you and your family are experiencing. Our funeral home has been recognized in the field of ceremonies, thanks to its impeccable professionalism, special sensitivity and respect for the deceased and the family. From the first moment you contact us until the completion of the ceremony, we will be by your side to solve all the formal and essential procedures for your impeccable and complete service. Our funeral home based in Corinth, is open for you 24 hours a day, to serve you and advise you on anything you need. Having experienced, responsible and trained staff we can undertake every form of funeral, memorials and church decorations taking care of every detail, so that the proper honors are given to your loved one. Also, we can undertake the repatriation and transportation of the pile taking care of all the procedures and papers required. Our funeral home is renowned in the field of ceremonies, thanks to its impeccable professionalism, special sensitivity and respect for the deceased and the family. From the first moment you contact us until the completion of the ceremony, we will be by your side to solve all the formal and essential procedures for your impeccable and complete service. Our goal is your excellent service and the high quality of our services, at affordable prices.   Our funeral home based in Corinth, is open for you 24 hours a day, to serve you and advise you on anything you need.

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    Argous 2 - Κόρινθος
    6944536370-ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ, 6948386007-ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ
  • Funeral Home Elassona Larissa - GELADARIS - Funeral Services Elassona Larissa - Memorials Elassona Larissa - Repatriations - Incinerations - Transportation of Body

    GELADARIS CHRISTOS FUNERAL HOUSE ELASSONA LARISSA Funeral service ELASSONA LARISAS TIRNAVOS FARSALA In ELASSONA LARISSA is located the funeral office "FUNERAL HOUSE GELADARIS CHRISTOS". With respect and dignity in the most difficult moments of people, we undertake to help you say goodbye to your man with dignity. Our experience is a given all these years, respect and dignity are our weapons. In the difficult times we live in, we adjust the prices according to the financial capacity of each family. We are by your side 24 hours a day and with a phone call, we come home or to the hospital. We undertake funeral services, memorials, wreaths, church decorations, cremations, cremations, exhumations, repatriations and transportation of bodies to Greece and abroad (Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and all of EUROPE) The prices for the organization of a funeral ceremony are determined according to the range of services & products provided. E.g. the type of coffin, the variety and size of the flower arrangement, etc. Another factor that shapes the final cost is the cemetery where the burial will take place, as burial rights and other charges vary by cemetery and municipality. You can contact us and get a complete offer and our suggestions for the funeral at the Cemetery that interests you. We undertake to organize and perform the respective memorials for the wider area of ​​LARISSA ELASSONA TYRNAVO FARSALA, collaborating only with the best professionals in craft and flower arranging, thus providing you with a very careful and impeccable ceremony. The price for a memorial service depends on the number of guests you expect to attend and the accompanying services (eg church flower arranging). We perform on your behalf all the procedures that are necessary for the realization of the ceremony. Respect, dignity, the quality of our services and the prices we offer, bring our office to the first place of preference. On our website, you can have direct access to all the information you need for the organization of a funeral or cremation or repatriation but also of course for the performance of memorials. We are at your disposal to inform you about anything else you need, with a simple phone call, without any commitment.Our office operates 365 days a year with direct service 24 hours a day in Greece and Abroad, covering the full range of services. We thank you for your trust. Yours sincerely ΓΕΛΑΔΑΡΗΣ ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ CEREMONIES ELASSONA Farsala Tyrnavos LARISSA KARDITSA TRIKALA PANHELLENIC FUNERAL OFFICE ELASSONA Farsala Tyrnavos Larissa Karditsa TRIKALA PANHELLENIC FUNERAL ORGANIZATION ELASSONA FARSALA TIRNAVOS LARISSA KARDITSA TRIKALA PANHELLENIC FUNERAL ORGANIZATION ELASSONA FARSALA TIRNAVOS LARISSA KARDITSA TRIKALA PANHELLENIC MEMORIALS OF ELASSONA Farsala Tyrnavos LARISSA KARDITSA TRIKALA TRANSPORTATION OF BODIES RETURNS NATIONWIDE AND ABROAD FUNERAL OFFICE FUNERAL SERVICE ELASSONA FARSALA TIRNAVOS LARISA KARDITSA TRIKALA THESSALIA ELLADA BURNS BURNS OF THE DEAD ELASSONA Farsala Tyrnavos LARISSA KARDITSA TRIKALA PANHELLENIC FUNERAL WREATHS CHURCH FLOWERS ELASSONA FARSALA TYRNAVOS LARISSA KARDITSA TRIKALA PANHELLENIC EXCAVATIONS ELASSONA Farsala Tyrnavos LARISSA KARDITSA TRIKALA PANHELLENIC

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    October 6, 135, Elassona - Larisa
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