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  • Apostolos Papacharalabos - Maria Papacharalabou - Law Office Omonia - Lawyers Omonia Athina - Law Offices - Law Firms Nea Ionia

    The law firm Apostolos Papacharalabos - Maria Papacharalabou provides a consistent and high sense of responsibility for high-level legal services to deal with and deal with court and out-of-court cases. Our many years of legal experience and our successful course in the field have established the position and reputation of our law firm. Our goal is to effectively represent our clients, as well as to optimize the handling of their cases, having as their sole interest their interests.   1st office: Patission 4 and 64, Panepistimiou str., 10677 (3rd floor, offices 3-4) Tel. 210 3301949 Fax: 210 3301948 email: apfpap@gmail.com 2nd office: 189 Irakliou Avenue, Nea Ionia Tel .: 2102720050, 2102720044 Fax: 2102720044

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    4. Patission str - Omonia, 189, Irakliou avenue - Nea Ionia - Athens
  • Bazigou Clara - Lawyer Chalkida - Legal Affairs - Family Law - Divorce Chalkida - Traffic Accidents - Civil Law - Criminal Law

    In our office we take care of the immediate service in any case you are concerned with. Our 10 years of experience in the field of our lawyers and the responsibility that we show in the problem you are concerned with, highlights our professionalism. At our office, located at 10 Pharmakidou street, we offer you the following services: Family law Criminal law Civil law Divorces Traffic etc. We are constantly in your disposal at the following telephone numbers: 2221600182 and 6909020606 Yours sincerely Bajiga Claris.

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    10, Farmakidou Str. - Chalkida
  • Derala Michaela - Law Firm Florina - Translations - Urban - Criminal - Administrative Law - Red Loans Florina

    Ms Derala's law office provides specialized support to its principals in all branches of the law, with the support of their interests before the courts and administrative authorities. Ms Derala's lawyer specializes in leases, real estate (check of titles, contracts, construction contracts, cadastre, etc.), family disputes (divorce, acquisition of acquisitions), disputes concerning inheritance rights (seizure, protection of legitimate fate, etc.), labor disputes (claims for overtime, wages, compensation, etc.), automotive disputes, electronic and financial crimes, company establishment and monitoring. It provides comprehensive and high-level legal services to natural and legal persons, with a human approach and at reasonable prices, tailored to the financial capacity of each client. The philosophy of the office is that the client's case, however small or large, and if it is, for him is unique and his treatment will be equal. Also, because the lawyer is fluent in Romanian, translation services are available from Romanian to Greek.

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    94, Megalou Alexandrou str - Florina

      Dimitrios A. Theofilou Lawyer & Law Office MSc in Criminal Law and Addictions PROFILE   The law firm was founded by the lawyer of Drama Dimitrios A. Theofilou. Dimitrios Theofilou was born in Kavala. He graduated from the law faculty of the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) and holds a postgraduate diploma in "Criminal Law and Addictions" of the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and the Department of Law of the University of Nicosia. He has specialized in drug cases having received the corresponding training.   The law office "Dimitrios A. Theofilou", which is based in Drama and operates throughout Greece, responds professionally and confidentially to the superiors' affairs. It can understand the needs of its principals and provide them with valid, comprehensive and specialized legal services, covering a wide range of law.              

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    VANTZI 5 - Drama
  • Dimos Dimitris - Law Office Ioannina - Lawyers Ioannina

    The Dimitrios Dimos law firm was founded in 1990 in Ioannina, having handled thousands of cases in all legal areas so far. It provides comprehensive legal services to natural and legal persons and is distinguished for its successes in cases and matters of criminal nature. Dimitrios Dimos is based in Ioannina and operates with the sole purpose of providing legal services of high responsibility and quality.   Profile Dimitrios Dimos was born on 25/1/1967 in Ioannina. He graduated from the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace in 1988. From 1990 until present he has been practicing in the Law Society of Ioannina by undertaking and conducting civil and administrative matters, while he is specialized in criminal law cases, having significant success in his field of activity. Dimitris Dimos was a member of the Board of Directors and Legal Advisor of PAE from 1997 to 2008. PAS GIANNA. She is married to Maria Kontokali and they have two daughters.

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    28 - 30, Napoleontos Zerva str - Ioannina

    Lawyer, Lasithi - Sitia Law Office, Lasithi - Sitia. Lawyer, Sitia. OFFICER: Karamanolakis Georgios, graduated from the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with many years of judicial experience and knowledge of English. Our office deals with all branches of law, especially the civil law sector, providing legal services with responsibility and confidentiality. We also undertake validations and translations of English texts, public or private documents. INDICATORS OF LAW WITH WHICH YOU WORK: Civil law: Criminal law: (Contracts, delinquencies, etc.) Property law: (Litigation, distribution, etc., Legal precautionary measures, Contracts) Family Law: (Divorce, Divorce, Paternity Issues, Commitment, etc.) Inheritance law: (Testamentary Succession, Intestate Succession, Certificates of Succession, Legislative Suffrage) Commercial law Company law Car accidents Lease Disputes: (Lawsuits, Late Payment Payment Orders, Leasehold Process, Private Lease Agreements, etc.) Credit process Checks Law (Payment Orders, Writing and Filing Messages Due to Uncovered Checks) Out-of-court statements and invitations Real Estate Surveys in Mortgages Post-processing work in all types of public services. Criminal law: Civil lawsuits - Defense in criminal law cases in all Criminal Courts (Personal Injuries, Thefts, Drugs, Weapons, Damage to Property etc.)

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    El. Venizelou 103 - Sitia
  • Kardoulias Dimitrios - Lawyer - Criminologist - Law Firm - Kalymnos

    Mr. Kardoulias Dimitrios is a lawyer at the Supreme Court and his office is based in the parish of Christ Kalymnos, operating since 1998 with credibility, consistency, prestige, methodicality and European standards. Our Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services to individuals and legal entities. The function is always with the sole purpose of high responsibility, quality and personal relationship with its customers. Our primary concern is to resolve cases in the fastest, most effective and efficient way possible. Our relationships with our customers are strong and authentic. For us every customer is unique, it's not just a case. Each time a relationship of close cooperation, trust and trust is born. We 'bend' over each of our clients with the utmost dedication to understanding their needs, with the sole aim of delivering the best possible results. We offer an alternative for those who require more than their lawyers. We handle cases throughout the Dodecanese prefecture. Yours sincerely KARDOULIAS DIMITRIOS

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    Enoria Christou - Kalimnos - Kalimnos

    Ms. Katsanou Marina is a lawyer, a graduate of the Law School of Athens University and a Masters degree with specialization "International Legal Studies" from the University of Athens. Knows four languages: English, French, German and Arabic. From 2006 until today, after this experience in various law offices and law companies, has her own law office with her partners: a lawyer and a translator - secretary of the Arabic language from the continuous and ongoing collaboration with customers and Arab embassies. It deals mainly with cases of foreigners living in Greece, citizens with dual nationality, political refugees , entrepreneurs operating in Europe, Greeks have committed marriages. Even with Greek businessmen professionally active mainly in countries of the Middle East. Also the office dealing with citizens of Arab countries active in Europe as trading houses, land and establishing companies. It deals with all aspects of law practice material, commercial law, civil law, criminal, labor, law firms but especially in private international law, foreign law, international family and international trade law.

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    7, KRATINOU STR - Athens
  • Konstantinos Alexiou - Lawyer - Lawyer office - Paroikia Paros

      We are a modern law office since 1988, consisting of a sense of responsibility, consistency and appetite for resolving even the most complex legal affairs. In a broad sense of mind, we are innovating handling issues of general social interest, always guided by the administration of justice and the proper implementation of the Constitution, European legislation and aligned laws. With speed, credibility and efficiency, we carry out simple daily tasks that require immediate and flexible handling. The trust between us and our principals is a primary feature that has been greatly contributed by the launch of our office. We remain always willing to deal with methodical, logical and understanding of the difficult economic situation facing the country, issues that need fine legal handling. At the Law Office "Konstantinos Alexiou" we work systematically to overcome the expectations of our clients and to cultivate strong and long-lasting relationships. By effectively combining specialization, systematic work and understanding of the Greek legal, tax and business landscape, the company steadily leads its customers to achieve their goals. We also provide services in Corporate, Civil, Criminal and Administrative Law. Areas of Service: Cyclades - Attica - Pan Hellenic Service

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    Paroikia,Paros - Paros
    6937085343, what's up 6980280601
  • Kourkoutis Panagiotis - Lawyer Thiva

    The law firm is engaged in combat and counseling in most areas of law. True to the principles of law practice, it provides affordable legal services. By responding promptly to the needs and demands of our principals, we aim to better safeguard their interests and ensure their full legal coverage.

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    18, Panagioti Drakou str - Thiva

      LAW OFFICE - D. LAMPRAKIS & ASSOCIATES - ARTA   The Law Office of Dimitrios Lambrakis has been operating since 1993 in the city of Arta, undertaking all kinds of assumptions. The office team is complemented by a number of valuable collaborators, specialized and fully trained in their areas of work.   Collaborating Lawyers:  Argyro Th. Karametou  Eftychia I. Pappas  Vasiliki K. Yachu  Chrysoula S. Stamati  Stavroula P. Baltzoi  Eleni I. Frangou     Our long experience and excellent scientific training enables us to defend our clients' interests effectively. We take care to best inform our customers about their case.   LAW SECTORS   CRIMINAL LAW - DRUGS  ||  RIDING ACCIDENTS - MEDICAL RESPONSIBILITY  ||  FAMILY LAW  ||  COMMERCIAL LAW  ||  INHERITANCE LAW || LAW OF OBLIGATIONS  ||  ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - TAX LAW  ||  LAW OF FOREIGNERS  ||  BANKING LAW  ||  COMMERCIAL LAW  ||  ADJUSTMENT OF LOOSE HOUSEHOLD HOUSING                      

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    23 Grilavou str - Arta
    6972202030, 6974389635
  • Law Office Spata - Vallianatos Panagiotis - Lawyer Spata - Cadastre - Divorce - Traffic Accidents Spata

    Vallianatos Panagiotis and Associates LAWYER Land Affairs ("Unknown Owner", Spatial Changes, Proven Errors, Property Protection). Lawyer Panagiotis Vallianatos has been practicing law since 1993 and is active in the areas of civil and criminal law, especially law, family law and property law. For appointment call at 2294085404 or 6978896885

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    Agias Triados - Spata
  • Law Officer Chania Crete - Law Office - Evangelia Kezeboglou

    Gospels of Kezeboglu Lawyer - Worker Chania Crete Our law firm, located in Chania, Crete, is a modern law firm that consists of experienced lawyers with a sense of responsibility, consistency and appetite for resolving even the most complex legal affairs. In a broad spirit of thought, we innovate on issues of general social interest, always guided by the administration of justice and the correct application of the Constitution, European legislation and aligned laws. With speed, credibility and efficiency, we carry out simple daily tasks that require immediate and flexible handling. The trust between us and our principals is a primary feature that has made a significant contribution since our office began to increase our customer base. We remain always willing to deal with methodical, logical and understanding of the difficult economic situation facing the country, issues that need fine legal handling.

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    Eleftherias Square 2 - Chania
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    2, Plateia Eleftherias Str. - Chania

    Lawyer in Piraeus. Criminal Law Heritage - Family Law Traffic - Labour - Buildings Requirements receiving

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    KOLOKOTRONI 98 - Pireas
  • 21147
    SOLONOS 47 - Athens
  • Lawyers Chania - Despotaki Despina - Law Firm - Lawyer Chania - indebted households Chania - Leases - Translations

         Hereditary issues-inheritance earnings, Chania.     Divorce-nutrition-child custody, Chania.     Rentals, Chania.     Aliens Law, Chania.     Cadastre Affairs, Chania.     Traffic - compensation, Chania.     Real estate contracts, Chania. Ms. Despotakis Despina's Law Office operates in Chania, Crete, handling cases for natural and legal persons. The office operates in collaboration with both Lawyer and Accountant associates who are specialized and fully trained in their fields. We operate with the sole purpose of providing high quality, high quality legal services. The overriding concern of the office is to resolve cases as quickly, effectively and efficiently as possible. AREAS:     ACCIDENTAL ACCIDENTS - DAMAGES      FOREIGN LAW      COLLECTION OF REQUIREMENTS      PROPERTY CONTRACTS     FAMILY LAW     REAL ESTATE LAW - CATALOG     INHERITANCE LAW     LAW OF OBLIGATIONS     BANKING LAW     commercial law     SETTLEMENT OF OBLIGATIONS OF OBLIGED HOUSEHOLDS     TRANSLATIONS (ENGLISH-FRENCH) Yours sincerely DESPOTAKI DESPINA

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    36 G, I. Sfakianaki Str. - Chania
  • Marazidis Chronis - Misidou Anna - Lawyers Orestiada - Law Office Orestiada Evros

    The Marazidi Chroni-Misidou Anna Law Firm is located in Orestiada, 110 Agioi Theodoroi. Our office has been providing high quality legal services throughout Greece since 1984 related to: - Criminal law - Civil Law (Real Estate, Lease Disputes, Compensation, Family Disputes, Minors & Adult Committees, Inheritance Disputes, etc.) - Commercial Law (Intellectual & Industrial Property, Trademarks, Leases, Contemporary Leasing, Franchise etc.) - Administrative law - Land issues - Banking and Investment - Stock Law Always at your disposal for any further updates. Yours sincerely, Marazidis Chronis - Missidou Anna

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    Agion Theodoron 110 - Orestiada
    6942296866, 6977368013
  • Nasiouli Christina - Kolonaki Lawyer - Kolonaki Law Firm - Auctions - Decentralized Households - Traffic Compensation Kolonaki

    Our law firm is composed of experienced, competent and dynamic lawyers, with years in battling law, providing consistently high quality services to our clients. Our experience extends from traditional areas of law such as the Urban, specializing in family and inheritance law, commercial. Our intention is to build a lasting relationship of trust and honesty with our customers, be they natural persons or companies, providing them with legal advice tailored to their particular needs. For this reason, we attach great importance to direct contact with our clients to address their legal problems more effectively, seeking to satisfy them to the fullest extent possible. Priority & Philosophy Our priority is to be immediately effective without sacrificing quality and accuracy. We also believe that it is necessary to work with and stay in touch with our customers, allowing them to have a clear understanding of the evolution of their case at any stage. Our philosophy is to provide our specialized services with the most immediate contact with our customer, ensuring the desired result directly with the most reasonable bargaining fees. All our office associates offer their knowledge and experience to solve your issues. In particular, we ensure personal communication, directly and in your interest, by trying to process cases in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. Services:     Civil law     Auctions     Labor law     Contract Law     Family Law     Inheritance law     Leases     Real estate market     Law of obligations     Commercial Law     Banking Law     Internet law     Claiming Bad Claims     Criminal law     Indebted households Yours sincerely NASIOULI CHRISTINA

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    39, Marasli Str. - Kolonaki
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