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    With love, conscience, trust and security, we created a fairy-tale space for children, helped by our experienced and trained staff, slowly entering the society of the big ones. A great winter and summer dreamy playground offers you play, joy, employment for your child, with the aim of driving childhood imagination from the dream world into the realm of reality. Our kindergarten and kindergarten is an inexhaustible source of love and respect for children, a loving hymn of understanding and help for the mother and father who are anxious to make sure that their children are best suited to the pedagogical framework of their development! Our goal is to provide education, care and education to preschool children. Our main concern is to ensure the smooth, all-round mental, emotional and social development of infant, postpartum and childhood children. Every school year beginning, all parents are looking to find different activities for children to engage creatively in their afternoons. Art, Musical Cinema, Painting, Theatrical Education, Informatics and English are some of the choices !!! That's why we created the 3 Centers for Creative Employment where children and parents come to support. Through the activities, children learn to co-ordinate, collaborate and develop their imagination and creativity. In addition, the following works: a. 2nd Kindergarten - Kindergarten (NTI NIT) in the 3rd kilometer of PEO LARISSA - VOLOS Tel .: 2410572257 b. 3rd Nursery Station (NTI NIT - GIASEMI) in the 4th kilometer of PEO LARISSA - VOLOS Tel .: 2410410303 c. Center for Creative Abandonment (KDAP) on 23rd OCTOBER 76 Tel .: 2410231640 d. Creative Employment Center (KDAP) at 31 Lagou Street Tel. : 2410623090 e. Creative Employment Center (KDAP) in the 4th km PEO OF LARISSA - VOLOS Tel .: 2410410303


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    23 October 72 - Larisa
    6937283370 , 6980265264
  • Children's Corner - Kindergarten Lamia - Nursery School Lamia - Kindergarten Lamia

    Knowing from the beginning the need that the child has in the first steps of his life to live in his own family environment, we created with a lot of passion, love and responsibility the "CHILDREN'S CORNER". The goal of the "CHILDREN'S CORNER" is to embrace children with warmth and love and to help them form a personality with ethos and knowledge by supporting the development of their skills, supporting the work of parents !!! Our school "THE CHILDREN'S CORNER" is staffed by experienced and scientifically trained staff with many years of experience. Completely renovated building with spacious and comfortable rooms of 50sqm with multipurpose room, insulation, bedroom for infants and toddlers, milk preparation area and many areas according to the Ministries of Health and Welfare and Education and Religions! DEPARTMENTS OPERATING A._BABY -Nurses operate - Accepts children from 40 days to (20-22 months) -It is located in a different independent space and hosts exclusively babies. -Basic care of babies is the frequent change, feeding at the normal and correct time, peace and quiet in sleep by experienced staff with many years of experience. The older babies are preoccupied with fairy tales, paintings, puzzles, songs, puppetry, rhythmic gymnastics, collages, pedagogical games. B._PRE-CHILDREN AND CHILDREN - There are pre-kindergarten and children's departments. -In the pre-children's section children from 22 months to 3 years. -In the children's section children from 3-4 years old. In these two departments children have their first contact with pre-school education. With the rich educational material, the many and various pedagogical and entertaining games with the discussion and observation of nature acquire the perception of the different concepts and enrich their vocabulary. The fairy tale, the puppet show, the song, the puzzle, the collage etc. are activities that develop intelligence, speech and put their logic and thinking in the right order. The various constructions, the painting and the gate, paper cutting etc. group and individual, help them to practice finger dexterity and develop aesthetic criteria. Γ._ΝΗΠΙΑΚΟ (PRESCHOOL EDUCATION) Pre-infant and toddler sections operate -Children of preschool age (4-6 years) through individual and group activities are fully prepared for primary education (reading, writing, arithmetic). -Implementation of innovative programs with emphasis on its comprehensive development, physically - emotionally - mentally - socially etc. -Social and emotional skills development programs. -To learn to complete correctly, to work, to help, to accept the help offered to him, to discipline, to proceed to the creation of interpersonal relationships. -To develop the ability to express his thoughts, feelings and to describe his experiences with a logical structure. ACTIVITIES -Theatrical play, children's collage, painting, puppetry and participation in social events. -Toys, fairy tales, poems (group, educational, free), constructions, paper cutting and project. Excursions to places of interest to children of this age, visits to theaters, museums, factories, libraries, etc. -Teaching music and song -Learning English - Complete healthy diet -Medical care -Computer learning from Expert In which is a global educational system for enriching knowledge with computers to children from 4 years and over. -Theatrical and dance performances. -First and essential acquaintance with the sports that include athletics such as shot put, javelin, hurdles, high jump, long jump, also acquaintance with tennis, basketball and rhythmic gymnastics in collaboration with the company PR School and the ladies 'gym' gym.


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    27 Agiou Georgiou, Megali Vrisi - Lamia
  • From A To Z | Kindergarten Neo Psychiko, Zografou, Gizi, Center, Holargos, Nea Filothei

    The kindergarten "From A to Z" is a small, warm family space, exuding warmth and love! For the first and foremost years of our children's lives, we have been inspired and made a safe and friendly environment that, together with proper education, contribute to socialization, physical and mental development, as well as to their mental and aesthetic cultivation. We are in Athens, in Ampelokipoi, in a very central location, and we are happy to get to know you and to convey our philosophy to you and your children. Our goal is to create a good and fruitful collaboration, always for the benefit of our young students.   The philosophy of our school is to unite knowledge and mind with heart and love. Through the group's day-to-day activities, in our small community called school, children are taught values ​​such as patience & perseverance, learning to lose, winning and even claiming. They learn to respect, to disagree, to cooperate, to take each other's place. They learn to be self-serving, to feel that they can do it, to ask for help. They learn to recognize, express and manage their emotions. The kindergarten from a to oh is waiting for you to create happy memories together.


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    34, G Mpousiou Str. - Neo Psixiko
  • Kindergarten Kavala - Thomas Schools - Preschool Center - Nursery School Tsifliki Kavala

    Thomas Schools have been based in Tsifliki Kavala offering preschool education services for many years. With modern and well-equipped classrooms, and a team of experienced preschool teachers, we expect our young friends to spend quality time together with plenty of play and lots of activities.   A modern day nursery awaits you, observing all the standards for the proper development and education of your children. We operate daily from early morning until late afternoon for your convenience.   Find out more about subscriptions and current programs by contacting us.


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    Stogiannidi G. 23, Palaio Tsifliki - Kavala

    At our nursery school, we create a school where each child's vision becomes reality and every wish is fulfilled. Children here live and breathe in clean environments, feed on the sun and light, play and detonate in nature, learn and create in dazzling and sunny places. A dominant idea is the active participation of the child in the building of knowledge, which is achieved through the relationship between children and the environment. Transfer with private bus, theatrical play, puppet theater, music-kinetic education, project-experiential learning, painting, interdisciplinary collaborations with pediatrician and nutritionist, swimming pool and additional music-kinetics with emphasis on traditional dances, pre-reading, pre-mathematical exercises, English learning. Swimming pool, Attica. Experiential learning, Athens. Theatrical play, Kolonos. Traditional dances, Kolonos.


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    Kapanos 60 - Kolonos
  • Microkosmos - Serres Nursery - Serres Kindergarten - Berovali Fotini Babitsa Kalliopi OE

    Dear Parents, Based on modern pedagogical concepts and with the aim of fully developing the personality of the child we have created a new standard preschool kindergarten in a comfortable and enjoyable environment, observing all modern safety standards. We are committed to providing all those services for the safe and comprehensive development of the child. Our people are well-versed in knowing the importance of preschool education. With respect to the child's personality and through a rich program of activities, we help the child prepare for the natural transition from family life to the school environment.


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    5-7, Kerasountos Str. - Serres town

      BABY'S LIFEGRAM Nursery School - Thermi Thessaloniki   BABY'S LIFEGRAM crèche is based in Thermi, Thessaloniki, offering care and educational services to our young friends from the very first days of their lives. Having at our side an experienced team of graduate graduates, we take children from 40 days up to 3 years of age, taking care of their healthy development and development.   Our crèche has small-membered classes, three, five or eight children per class, separated by age and two shifts daily, running from 6.30am to 10.00pm. Our goal is to create a beautiful environment and a climate of trust both for parents and for the children we host everyday. We guarantee for the care and services we offer and concern safety, hygiene, proper nutrition and the rest of our young friends during the hours around us. At the same time, our specialized staff, following a well-designed curriculum for infants and young children, encourages the development of speech, movement and learning through exploration, actions that enhance their healthy mental and physical development.   Contact with us so as to find out more about our departments and our training program!  


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    THERMIS - PANORAMATOS 3 - Thessaloniki
  • Onirochora - Kos Nursery Station - Daily Preservation of Kids - Preschool Education - E. Athanasiadou - E. Konsta

    The need of the modern family to trust its younger members in a warm, family and responsible environment has led us to the creation of the preschool education center ONEIROCHORA. In a detached house in the center of Kos, we welcome lovingly our little friends by taking care of their smooth integration into the preschool environment. Knowing that the kindergarten is the main place from family to school life. Our experienced staff ensures the emotional safety of children who for the first time segregate their familiar family environment. ONIROCHORA participates in the NSRF program 2014-2015.


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    Parodos Grigoriou E 55 - Kos
  • Pinokio Nursery School Moschato Attica - Kindergarten - Infant Care - Pre-Infant Care Moschato Attica

    Dear Parents, In an area of 650 m2 with large gardens, comfortable and functional rooms designed according to the needs and requirements of children, "PINOCIO" in Moschato Attica, opens its arms to welcome its little friends. With 25 years of operating experience in the field of learning and caring for infants and toddlers, we have created a special family environment that contributes to the all-round development of children in their language and mental cultivation and in preparation for the next educational level. With joy, children learn to love the process of learning! With sensitivity, respect, great effort and patience, we want them to stand out for their open thinking, their character, their creativity, their love for life so that they can achieve their dreams and goals tomorrow! Spacious and Secure Property Level Staff Continuous Communication Family environment Great experience UNICEF Award Our station has been awarded for its participation in UNICEF programs, in terms of raising awareness and informing children about their basic rights to health, education and protection from exploitation and abuse. Allowances We provide transportation with an air-conditioned school bus, 3 meals and a variety of educational activities under the auspices of specialized scientific staff. We prepare your children for a dynamic entry into their social and educational future, with a sense of responsibility, professionalism and plenty of love!  


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    Argostoliou 48 - Mosxato

    TA KOUNELAKIA Playground - Cafe | Rethymno   The most up-to-date playground is located in the city of Rethymnon and opens its doors daily for endless play and great children's parties! In a comfortable and relaxed space the little ones can play and the big ones can relax while enjoying their coffee.   Unique activities and specialized educators give our little friends carefree and entertaining moments in a completely safe and creative environment. Our experienced and friendly staff is always at your disposal for anything you need.   Our space is available for children's parties. Please contact us for further details.     We are looking forward to meeting you Daily from 8:00 am to 22:00 pm  


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    MACHIS KRITIS 32 - Rethymno
    6983662352, 6994207804

    The children's multiplex TECHNOTOPOS housed in a neoclassical building in Halandri operates weekdays and weekends offering the following creative and recreational activities: • Preschool Creativity for kids from 2 to 5.5 years. September to July , daily 7:30 to 17:30 . € 195 ( & VAT ) / month . Participation by the week or day. http://www.technotopos.gr/preschool.htm • Afternoon playground for children from 3 months to 7 years & Fixtures Yoga for pregnant women. From 40 € / month . http://www.technotopos.gr/ergastiria.htm • Educational programs for kindergarten and elementary schools http://www.technotopos.gr/schools.htm • Kids Party for children of 1-10 years with theater , film, dance and art activities and theme amusement games or free activity under the supervision of educators . Special offers . http://www.technotopos.gr/parties.htm • Youth - Teen Party for children 10 to 16 years. MULTIPLEX transformed into small clubs and the kids have fun with the soul with changing and Disco rhythms Dj http://www.technotopos.gr/parties.htm • Children theatrical performance entitled "The Loop , Xe and their life journey ." Shows at theaters party , but also to schools , kindergartens and events companies. http://www.technotopos.gr/schools.htm • Free play at the playground and Youthful hangout for children 2.5 to 12 years , with many intelligent toys , but also rich dressing disguises . Hours: 17:30 to 22:00 . Admission: 8 euros . With the keyless entry, every sixth visit is free! http://www.technotopos.gr/paidotopos.htm From Monday to Thursday organized activities are offered at no extra charge http://www.technotopos.gr/drastiriotites.htm • Organized Camps every Christmas , Easter and summer. http://www.technotopos.gr/camps.htm • The e-shop party items & activities, where you can find original articles and accessories for children's parties at home combined with smart operating on a single topic. Professional animators take the fun of children in your party . For dancing parties large and small professional Dj, audio & Disco Lights at the lowest market prices http://technotopos.gr/eshop/ • Receptions Baptism in the beautiful garden of the multiplex , located directly opposite the church of Panagia Marmariotissa http://www.technotopos.gr/dexioseis.htm TECHNOTOPOS . S.Venizelou & Maramariotissis , K.Chalandri . 210-6814336 . www.technotopos.gr


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    6948112520, 6948112624
  • The Red Balloon - Kindergarten - Kindergarten - Kindergarten - Argostoli Kefallinia

        The Red Balloon Kindergarten - Argostoli Kefallinia   The Kokkino Baloni nursery school is located in Argostoli, Kefallinia and has been operating since 1993, making sure all these years to be next to the children and provide them with an ideal program, with love and care. Our goal is always to help the children, through the program we follow, to develop their creativity and guide them correctly, for their future steps in school. The greatest satisfaction for us is seeing the smiles on children's faces during our activities, imparting knowledge to them and building the foundations for future happy, active and responsible children. As part of our educational program, we organize festive events, educational visits, but also walks in the countryside, bringing children into contact with nature.    


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    New Regional District of Argostoli - Kefalonia

    We always believed and envisioned a better world. We want people with emotional intelligence, self-knowledge, imagination, critical thinking and creativity to interact in the living environment. More than 35 years have passed since, with human sensitivity and sense of responsibility, we created the "house in the forest", a kindergarten and kindergarten where to this day we embroider the ethos and the character of the child of tomorrow's citizen in his warm embrace. Inside this embrace our little friends find a joyful environment in the green, with comfortable sunlit rooms equipped with modern pedagogic material, as well as an indoor playground for the winter days. In this ideal environment experienced pedagogues will help children develop their mental, physical and emotional world, putting the foundation stone of the personality of a happy person. OUR NURSERY: The Beginning of the Travel in the Field of Education Our program includes: Preparing for A Primary Linguistic Education, Natural Sciences, Mathematical Experiences, Social Studies Psychomotor and Sensory Education. Painting Puppet Theater, Fairy Tale, Cinema, Theater English, Rhythm, Football, Music Parenting Group OUR MUNICIPALITY: All these years we see your anxiety when your children finish the kindergarten and are one step ahead of primary school. Having always been a guide to our love for the child, we inaugurated in 2006, as a consistent teacher, ethics and honesty the school that children dream and the parents are looking for, STANDARD PEDAGOGY. It is a family and modern school that respects the uniqueness of every child's personality. He participates in the development of each child by cultivating his talents and his special abilities. It cultivates the desire to learn in a climate of comfort, joy and acceptance. It encourages team spirit and collaboration for self-awareness, creativity and initiative. If your vision is the same as ours we invite you to get to know each other ... Yours sincerely Fotini Palli - Sissy Ginny


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    Cypriot Fighters 52 - Chaidari

    "To Kouki & To Revithi" is a kindergarten in Ilion. Here we develop the place so that children, through proper education and care, know the world, learn the rules of the group and develop their physical and mental abilities. We believe that safety and care of children is the most important things that the nursery has to offer. The experienced and skilled staff, comprised exclusively of qualified staff / kindergarten.


  • Wizard of Oz Kindergarten - Kindergarten Evosmos Thessaloniki

      MAGOS TOU OZ is a family-run, safe Kindergarten, located in the area of ​​Evosmos with two branches (Parodos Kolokotroni 2, next to the Post Office and 90 Smyrni Street). With experience in the subject, professionalism, but mainly love for children, we serve, for many years now, the needs of today's Greek family, with a high level of Preschool Education services. The main characteristics that one receives when entering the school, but also talking to the people who work in it are the family environment, trust and love for children. Our goal is to understand your needs and try together to build strong personalities with all the necessary supplies for their future.   Two different spaces made with warmth and love for children Experienced, specialized educators, with appetite and passion Rich and constantly updated educational program Parallel educational activities (theatrical performances, visits) Contribution of special, external collaborators, who help preschool children Provision of breakfast and lunch Insurance coverage   We are waiting for you to spend a happy, creative, magical school year together!   THE MAGICIAN OF OZ 1. Parodos Kolokotroni 2, next to the Post Office of Evosmos, T: 2310705890 THE MAGICIAN OF OZ 2. Smyrnis 90, opposite the EPAL, T: 2310709363


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    Parodos Kolokotroni 2, Evosmos - Thessaloniki
  • Yellow Umbrellas - Nursery Station Elliniko Athens Attica - Creative activities for children - Nursery Schools Ilioupoli Athens

    The nursery and kindergarten is the child's first experience in a wider and more demanding world outside of the family environment where young people will meet. It is important that this experience is positive for young children and that is what we offer to Yellow Umbrellas: To learn and grow in a pleasant, tranquil, structured environment that will provide your child with social and emotional skills that will they are accompanying her throughout their lives. In the "Yellow Umbrellas" the process of speaking the English language is done in a simple, natural way. Young children and babies can speak a language in a natural way and have the incentive to "catch" the tongue without realizing it, which is not the case with older children and adults. Their brain is programmed to absorb and understand the rules effortlessly without the need for "lessons". At all levels, our nursery teachers are next to your children and dedicated to one goal: always helping your children maximize their potential in four key areas: Physical development Cognitive development Social and linguistic development Emotional development and behavior Our building is designed to meet safety regulations and has two large spaces for your children to play.


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    31 Afrodite Str. - Elliniko
  • Young Explorers - Private Kindergarten Kastoria - Kindergarten Kastoria - Kindergarten Kastoria - Kindergarten Kastoria

    Motivated by the undivided love for the child, we founded in September 2011 the "Little Explorers". An ecological - open school. Little Explorers is a kindergarten with a pre-school section and aims to guide children through experiential processes in the discovery of knowledge. Ecology is not a fad, it is a necessity. Man needs to turn to sustainable ways of managing the environment and natural resources. We support these initiatives through our programs, recycle (compost), reuse, save energy. Open for our children and for any other children who wish it in the afternoon, for creative play, company and study. Our school is located in Chloe, Kastoria. Our goal is for our little friends to receive the warmth we want to offer them, through our beautifully landscaped spaces. Departments Kindergarten for children from 2.5 to 4 years old. Preschool section for children from 4 to 5 years old. Services Diet Our school offers full board (breakfast and lunch). The food is prepared in our modern organized kitchen, by experienced staff, observing all the rules of hygiene. We use very fresh ingredients from Greek stores and local producers carefully selected to ensure meals of high nutritional value and quality. The menu, after being approved by the pediatrician of our unit, is notified to you at the beginning of each week, while every day there is information in the communication notebook about the amount of food that your child ate here. Clinic The pediatrician of our station regularly monitors our children and informs the parents in writing. Also, a graduate dietitian examines their weight and offers us her valuable advice. Security As your child plays, paints, sings, learns new things, be sure that he is in a safe environment that meets all the standards of fire detection, fire safety, emergency exits. Liability insurance coverage is provided for all children and staff. Health All areas of our station are thoroughly cleaned daily, while the sanitary facilities used by children during the program. Cleaning supplies and papers are environmentally friendly. Rest For those parents who want their children to rest, we have created a beautiful space with cribs with anatomical mattresses of candia strom and hypoallergenic covers. Informing parents In order to achieve the high goals we set, we want you by our side. Your update will be: 1. daily if needed (with the communication notebook) 2.with monthly meetings 3. with the establishment of a parents' school, discussions, suggestions from expert scientists on issues concerning our children but also our own role as parents (first day at school, rules, sleep). All parents are welcome. 4.Any time you need it through our e-mail. Kindergarten, Kastoria Kindergarten, Kastoria Nursery school, Kastoria Ecological school, Kastoria Open school, Kastoria Little Explorers, Kastoria Creative employment of children, Kastoria


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    Chloes - Kastoria
  • ZESTI FOLITSA - Nursery School Kyzeli ATHENS ATTICA - Nursery School - Nursery School Kyzeli

    OUR FOLITSA Nursery School - Kindergarten - Nursery School Dear Parents Choosing the place where we can trust our child's education is a difficult decision for any parent. At "Folitsa" we give a warm embrace and an organized way of education that covers all the diverse needs of our child from infancy to infancy. Our goal is to give your child maturity, self-esteem, courage, imagination and creativity. Our staff consists of highly trained educators. If you are interested in preparing your child for school and society at large. Our Room with: Theater Workshop / Puppet Garden Large / Activity Room The play room is tailor-made to meet the needs of children.


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    Berovo 25 - Kipseli
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