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    Just outside the village Artic at the junction Kopanakis Kyparissias a great venue transformed into a modern enterprise 500. In this space hosts traditional events. There you can see the traditional mill plant and flour. The mill is open to visitors and museum. Worth and enjoy a walk in the mill whey, because the area is open all year. Taste traditional dishes at the restaurant cooked the old way with fresh ingredients, olive oil and delicious meats and cheeses from the region. Mr. Fotis owner Chronopoulos region awaits all of you, to guide you in paradise itself was inspired and created. Walk your paths beside the river, would make you think that suddenly found themselves in a fairy tale.

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    ARTIKION - Messinia
  • Multipurpose Center Agio Galas Chios - Alternative Activities Agio Galas Chios - Local Flavors Agio Galas Chios - Biological Garden Agio Galas Chios - Byzantine Temple Agio Galas Chios - Tours Agio Galas Chios

    Agio Galas multipurpose hall   The beauty of the landscape enchants you. The space exudes simplicity and humanity, because it really took the human hand that took advantage of the opportunity provided by nature in the best way to create this oasis in Agio Galas that now goes by the name "Polychoros Agio Galas". The Agio Galas multipurpose hall is located in the surrounding area of the caves of the village of Agio Galas, the northernmost and oldest village of Chios with 8000 years of history. It is a point of transmission to the visitor of experiential experiences from all over northern Chios. You can eat under the plane trees, cut your own tomatoes and whatnot, relax, have fun for young and old using the lovingly created structures like the balance rope, and much more. And don't forget: In Agio Galas, the Cave is waiting for you to explore and worship the icon of the Virgin Mary of Agiogalousaina with the unique iconostasis. The tours that take place every day inside the cave and the temple, immersed in greenery and immersed in the rock, introduce visitors to its past, history and myths. Polychoros Agio Galas is a family business from Agio Galas, managed by Anastasia Galatoula. The owners accompany you to the caves of Agio Galaktos, Panagia Agiogalousaina, Agia Anna, the outdoor and indoor exhibitions, which exclusively supply the traditional cafe, the flower beds with aromatic plants and the outdoor activities for young and old. "Agio Galas" Multipurpose Center is an ideal destination for those who want to experience a different travel experience in Chios. The route inevitably ends at the Polychoros cafe. While the children are having fun with their souls in the outdoor games made of natural materials, the coolness of the plane trees, the music of the running water and the cicadas, the homemade mezes with ingredients from the Amani region and the abundant Chiot wine effortlessly put you in a state of mind. absolute relaxation. You can eat under the plane trees, cut your own tomatoes and whatnot, relax, have fun for young and old using the lovingly created structures, such as the balance rope, and much more. A DREAM EXPERIENCE THAT WILL CREATE YOU THE BEST MEMORIES FROM CHIOS

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    Agio Galas - Chios
  • Multipurpose venue Ioannina - ESTATE OF STEFANO APOSTOLIDI - Multipurpose Event Venue Ioannina - Wedding Events Ioannina - Christening Events Ioannina - Parties - Conferences

    STEFANO APOSTOLIDI ESTATE - The Ideal Event Venue in Ioannina Welcome to STEFANO APOSTOLIDIS ESTATE, the ultimate event venue in Ioannina. Here, your moments become unforgettable in a beautiful space that combines elegance with comfort. Regardless of the occasion, our Estate is the ideal destination for any kind of event. Wedding events in Ioannina Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life and at KTIMA STEFANOUS APOSTOLIDI, we make sure it is absolutely unique. Our outdoor spaces with lush gardens and stunning decorations create the perfect setting for your ceremony and reception. Our team will work with you to ensure every detail meets your expectations. Baptism events in Ioannina Baptisms are special moments for the whole family and our Estate is the ideal place to celebrate them. With beautifully designed spaces and exceptional service, we ensure that your event will be an unforgettable experience for all your guests. Whether you choose a small and private gathering or a large celebration, the STEFANO APOSTOLIDI ESTATE will cover all your needs. Parties and Special Events Organize your party or your special event at the STEFANO APOSTOLIDI ESTATE and enjoy an experience full of fun and comfort. Our multipurpose rooms are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties and any kind of social event. Our flexible layout and customizable services allow us to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Conferences and Professional Events STEFANO APOSTOLIDIS ESTATE is also an excellent venue for conferences and business events. With modern infrastructure, technical equipment and professional support, we can host conferences, seminars, presentations and corporate meetings. Our professionalism and attention to detail ensure that your event will be successful and efficient. Visit us today Discover the STEFANOS APOSTOLIDI ESTATE multi-purpose event venue in Ioannina and let us make your next event unforgettable. We are here to serve all your needs and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. We are waiting for you to visit us and see up close what we can offer for your special day.

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    Ioannina - Ioannina
  • Polychoros Kythira - KAMARES MULTIVENUE

      July 1986, Kythira "A family of visitors, obviously tired, knocked on the door of the Mavrommatis family home in Aroniadika, Kythira, looking for a place to spend the night and food. My father's answer was simple and spontaneous, "we will accommodate you, there is nothing here". A question of theirs, lingered all night in our minds. A simple question, "why?", "why isn't there something for all those who want or would like to know your beautiful place?". A question that became a question, a question that became an idea, an idea that became a trigger for my father (who was facing his retirement), a trigger that gave him the next goal in life. To make our home, the first traditional guest house of Kythira with the name "KAMARES", a reason for the architectural uniqueness of the building and the island. With the money from his pension, together with a development program he found, he turned our family home into the first traditional guest house of Kythira and thus Mr. Panagiotis and the Mavrommatis family penetrated the difficult, but magical world of tourism. This professional conversion of my parents was also my springboard to work and study tourism and catering. So in 1997 I graduated from the Alpine center for hotel and tourism management associate institute of IHTTI Switzerland, and in 1998 I did the master's degree in food and nutrition & food culture at the institute of Aberdeen. When I returned to Greece, I maintained our family business, but at the same time I specialized and gained knowledge and experience through collaborations and work in the specific industry as a maitre d' in the Vouliagmeni Maritime Group (1998-1999), as a maitre d' in the businesses of the M$K group (2000- 2002), as CEO of the Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos group (2002-2009) and as a partner of tourist units on my beloved island of Kythira. The accumulation of all these, together with my corresponding multi-faceted course in the field of sports, having now arrived and the fullness of time with the right knowledge and experience, gave me the opportunity to plan and carry out with my partners my next podium and to express in practice my great love for the island of Kythira. The creation of an excellent sports, entertainment, leisure and dining venue, a station for the island of Kythira and a model for all of Greece. A versatile harbinger of the next investments that will follow on our island. Investments of dreamers, with a high vision, with the aim of absolute quality service in another dimension, in the hotel sector but also in catering. Investments that will finally place the island of Kythira on the international destination map and in the avant garde of Greek tourism. After all, our logo arose from our need to describe our way of thinking to our visitors.   Mavrommatis P. Antonios

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    Livadi - Kithira
  • Rental of Coin Operated Electronic Games Naoussa Imathia - GENELUXE - Soccer Tables - Massage Chairs - Coin Operated Basketballs - Internet Cafe Equipment - Coin Operated Games Services - Game Machine Services

    Our company is based in Lefkadia, Naoussa and is active in the field of computer exploitation and children's games with electronic coin acceptors (American billiards, air hockey, foosball, massage chairs, basketball).   The name Kessidis Games is synonymous with consistency and the availability of state-of-the-art games. The preference of our customers (customers-stores) has made us a market leader with a market share of 60% in the Imathia area (Veria and Naoussa). Our activities have expanded in recent years in the area of Giannitsa-Thessaloniki-Halkidiki-Serres-Drama-Katerinis-Leptokarias-Kozanis-Athens-Kefalonia-Florina-Aridaia. Browse our online website to see the wide variety of products we have available.   We are always at your disposal, to solve any question that may arise during your browsing, as well as to provide you with additional information about the products that interest you.

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    Naoussa - Imathia
  • Taverna Restaurant - Neo Vaeni - Dafnias Etoloakarnania - Events - Wedding Receptions - Greek Cuisine - Family Dishes of the Hour - Cooked - Coffee - Drink - Warm Environment - Cheap Prices

    Tavern restaurant in Dafnia, Etoloakarnania. We provide the possibility of organizing social events, wedding receptions & baptisms. Our cuisine is traditional with Greek dishes, cooked and of the hour. Come for coffee or a drink. Warm environment and Economic prices

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    Dafnias - Aitoloakarnania

    Artspace, Mytilene. Traditional products, Mytilene. Alternative music, Mytilene.   Welcome passers, Takeout and tables outside.

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    1, VERNADAKI & KOMNINAKI Str. - Mytilene
  • - Volos