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  • A La Creme - Wedding & Baptism Cakes - Birthday Cakes - Ice Cream - Chios Pastry Shop - Event Planning - Catering Chios

    Our great zeal for the continuous improvement of our services and products, our wide variety as well as the constant search for new flavors that can satisfy even the most ambitious taster, made us very dear to Chios, in return for all our efforts to the best. The quality of our products is a top priority for us throughout the entire range of production, taking care of the excellent quality of raw materials, the rigorous handling, production and distribution conditions. Live proof of this is our new shop in "Tobacco" in Chios. With the latest technology in refrigeration and disposal equipment as well as the modern manufacturing facilities of our laboratory.

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    40, Kalouta Str. - Chios

    bakeries Sifnos , Sifnos bakeries , traditional bakery Sifnos.   ANGEL BAKERY is a family run , traditional oven Sifneikos located Artemona Sifnos.   A separate undertaking filled with flavors overtaken . Pastries , pies , buns, moustokouloura , breads , nuts , biscuits Sifnian , amygdalora with powdered sugar , sesame , almond casserole , patty , nougats , marshmallows , vanilla , almond oven , all made with the freshest ingredients , flavors that travel .       Here you will find all the local products of the island to take with you. TRADITIONAL OVEN ANGEL , with the experience and artistry, creates flavors and fragrances that will be unforgettable .

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    Cakes, cookies, pastries, buns.

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    GRANITIS 60 - Komotini

    Here you will find bread, pastries, cookies, cakes and other delicious baked goods. The products are manufactured in our company as baked and sold. You can find our winter - summer to eat our delicious pastries. Sincerely, "BAKERY KOUTSOVANGELIS".

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    MILINA - PELION - Pelion

    DEGIANNIS ATHANASIOS Evia Bakery In our delicious restaurant "DEGIANNIS ATHANASIOS", located in the village of Stropones in Evia, you can find fresh spoon daily for your food and to accompany your food. Using the best raw materials, cheerfully and lovingly, we create unique and delicious bakery products that can satisfy even the most demanding customer. Visit our delicious shop in Stoupes of Evia and polite staff will serve you instantly and with a smile.

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    STROPONES - EVIA - Evoia

    Nuts, barley, trunk of any kind, syrupy, Koropi - Markopoulos. In late 1800 and in the same location of the business now, George Daremas great grandfather of the current owners founded one of the first grocery stores in Markopoulo. This worked continuously until 1950, the year George and Sophia Darius started the namesake oven. There he began producing local products of excellent raw materials (flour, olive oil, honey, etc.). Both residents Markopoulou and the residents of the capital who visited the area and recognized the quality of the local identity of the products. This led to the development of the work and loyalty to the bakery. From then until now that has gone into the fourth generation of the family of Darius, the daily goal is high quality and good customer service.

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    2, SOUNIOU STR. - Markopulo
    6938407535, 6932587097

    Fresh bread daily with fresh ingredients. breadsticks, nuts, pretzels, cheese, pastries, croissants, pastries, dairy desserts and cakes for all occasions.

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    TURN AIRPORT - Zakinthos

    Famed nut Paxos. We produce traditional wheat rusks Paxos. Just as they made the island generations. The bread oven. Nut handmade with flour, salt and extra virgin olive oil. Crispy and delicious, perfect everyday eating habits, breakfast, accompanying coffee and tea at breakfast with tomato, all meals and snacks. The traditional paximadiparagetai and wheat wholemeal.    

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    GAIOS - paxoi

    The bread in traditional society is a staple food , synonymous with life itself . Staple food of the Greeks identified with sufficient goods. There were, from Greek table big festivals and big moments of Greek life. Mr. Antonis Papageorgiou is the owner of the oven located are in the bakery field 25 years and is a family business with a long tradition in bread and pastries that underpin modern healthy diet with natural flavors, but without additives preservatives and colorings from pure natural products. All our products are handmade . Our business operates in modernized traditional installation that housed the manufacturing and packaging , as well as the sale section so as to serve the best needs of demanding customers . Our main goal is to continuously improve our products constantly monitoring market trends and with the participation of bona fide friends - our customers , we create a better future for all! Traditional wood oven in Evia for: bread, traditional bread, oatmeal bread , barley bread, Mount Athos bread, leavened bread , wholemeal bread , wholegrain , with maize , bread type Denmark with less gluten , traditional.  Sincerely Papageorgiou SOTIRIA Papageorgiou ADONIS.    

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    25th MARTIOU STR. - VASILIKO - CHALKIDA - Chalkida
  • Confectionery - Patisserie Supplies Ilia - IL.VIZZACH. - Ilia Pyrgos Pastry Shop - Ilia Pyrgos Store - Birthday - Baptisms - Weddings - Events

    Welcome to the new page of "CHRONOPOULO BROS & CO. IKE-IL.ZACH", a confectionery company based in Pyrgos Ilias. Sweet is an integral part of our diet and daily routine. We associate it with the most enjoyable events, birthdays, christenings, weddings, anniversaries, and it accompanies flawless snapshots of our lives. Our handicraft "CHRONOPOULOS BROS & CO. IKE-IL.ZAK" has a tradition from 1969 that gives you sweet flavors in the Tower of Ilia and beyond. We also operate in the surrounding prefectures of the Peloponnese and serve Messinia, Amaliada, Lechena, Gastouni etc., with modern equipment, the best quality of raw materials and qualified and fully trained staff with a passion for sweet creations. We deal in the wholesale of confectionery by supplying our partners throughout the Peloponnese, working with pastry shops, service stations, bakeries, cafes, hotels with immediate service and the best prices on the pastry market. But we don't forget you all, that's why there is a retail outlet at our service station where you can buy the sweet you want either for yourself or for a gift to someone you know. Our specialty: cakes !!! wedding cake - engagement: for that important day you have to choose what represents not only your taste but also your appearance. You can keep a romantic style, you can give a touch of humor. It is your day, so we are waiting for you to make the cake that you have dreamed of and you just have to taste it. birthday cake: this cake allows all designs, all teasing. Tell us you're thinking about it and we'll do it together. We look forward to sweetening your creations and helping you order what suits you. So in us you can search for: Cake Tower of Elia, Messinia elia wedding cakes, tower of illusion Engagement Cakes Tower of Elijah Ilia birthday cakes, Ilia tower, Messinia confectionery Peloponnese, Ilia tower, Ilia, Messinia Ilia confectionery trade, Peloponnese, Ilia tower Wholesale Confectionery Peloponnese, Ilia Tower, Ilia, Messinia confectionery retailer ilia, peloponnese, messinia, Ileas tower supply of shops in Peloponnese, Ilia, Messinia Patisserie of Ilia Tower, Ilia Thanks for your preference! zaxaroplastiki pirgos ilias, tourtes ilia, pirgos ilias Patisserie Chateau of Eileen, Eileen WEDDING Cakes TOWER ILIAS, ILIAS ELIAS BAPTISM Cakes, TOWER ILIAS BIRTHDAY ILIA CAKE, TOWER OF ILIA Ilia Pastry Shops, Ilia Il Pastry Shop, Ilia Il Catering, Ilia Il Birthday, Ilia Il Baptisms, Ilia Il Weddings, Events Ilia,

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    Parodos Labetiou - Purgos
  • D. Georgopoulos - P. Karabatos and Co - Bakery Gythio

    Bakery Gytheio 2nd store: Ermou and Polydefkou, Gythio Confectionery laboratory: Gerasimou Kapsali, Gythio 23200, 2733024736, 6975901115.

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    Egies - Githio
  • DIMITRIOU Bakery Pastry Shop - Oven - Pastry Lab - Coffee - Ioannina

    Welcome! Vaios Dimitriou offers you a wide variety of products such as pastries, pastries and many other delicacies that can satisfy even the most demanding palate. Our bakery offers you a wide range of services including catering and delivery. At our Sportscaffe you will find a large hall where you can enjoy your favorite team. BAKERY, SPORTS CAFE, CATERING, DELIVERY Enjoy your coffee at our 2 locations: L. Dodoni and Kapodistriou corner as well as N. Zerva and Salamaga corner

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    Napoleon Zerva & Salamagka 1 - Ioannina
  • East | Laboratory syrup desserts Perea

              East Manufacturing syrup desserts Thessaloniki Crafts syrupy "East" headquartered in Avenue 32 Thessaloniki - Perea in Thessaloniki, was established in 2005 by Efstratios Manika, confectioner, with vast experience in the confectionery area.   Since 1974 aneleipos deals with the art of confectionery and with particular emphasis in recent years in the sweets - traditional syrup.   Crafts syrupy "East" was moved in 2014 to new, synchrones facilities where absolutely respected all new health HACCP food certification provisions. EN ISO 2200: 2005   It operates in Thessaloniki, the wider area, and surrounding counties and the last two years with exports.   With respect to the tradition and passion, but also with new techniques learned from various training seminars in the East, in crafts "East" syrupy sweets prepared with quality ingredients to offer you unique flavors and quality.   The authentic flavors, excellent quality combined with a wide variety of products very soon established the crafts "East" in Thessaloniki. Products     Crafts syrupy "East" aimed at bakeries - artozach / Steia and stations, in restaurants, caterers, catering, hotels and other county representatives.   All products are available in wholesale and retail.   The aim of syrup craft is to offer unique products and always meet modern requirements. For more information or orders please contact us.   Manufacturing syrup desserts Thessaloniki Avenue 32 Thessaloniki - Perea, Thessaloniki Tel: 2392027555 E-mail: glika.anatolis@yahoo.gr        

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    Avenue 32 Thessaloniki - Perea - Thessaloniki
  • Epirus - Confectionery Above LIOSIA - Confectionery - Confectionery Workshop - Bakery - Parikia Paros ANO LIOSIA - WEDDING BAPTISM

    Confectionery Lab - Bakery - Patisseries - Sweets. The confectionery workshop "Epirotikiko" is located in Ano Liosia, Attica. Since 1977, the founder of Nikitas Pelechas and the successors of Evangelos and Vasile Pelehas, continue to offer traditional sweet packs on the domestic market. The proprietary building facilities strictly adhere to all hygiene rules and the company has developed control procedures based on the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and 22000-2005 in all phases of the procedures from the point of entry of the raw materials to the point of creation and manner disposal of its finished products. Based on years of experience, knowledge and the pleasure of all employees in the production unit, we are able to offer our customers products that respond to market developments at affordable prices and endless variety. We give you the promise that by faith in our vision we will always be beside you, aiming to satisfy your expectations and needs. 1st Branch: 137, Karamanlis Avenue, Menidi, tel. 2167004078-9 2nd Branch: Acharnes 50 and the Aegean Sea, tel. 2102482272 3rd Branch: 188 Fyles Avenue, Ano Liossia, tel. 2102482272

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    Menexedon 19 - Ano Liosia
    6948546716, 6948546717
  • Frangopoulou Breads - Alexandroupoli Bakery - Bakery Products - Alexandroupoli Bakery - Traditional Bread - Handmade Village Pie

    All cookies are our own production and you will find a wide selection of: Chives (with zebra, goji, pomegranate and walnut flour) - Chives with chives - Vanilla - Cocoa - Cinnamon - Almond - Savory with spinach, olives, kaseri and many more. Large selection of pastries: - plain buns - corn buns with sunflower seeds - Whole buns - Buns stuffed with ham-kasseri, kasseri, olive, Philadelphia-turkey, cheese - Raisins, cabbages In our shop you can start your day with a cup of coffee or fresh juice !!!!! We inform you about our store's NEW products for more demanding customers and not just customers: Zea berry without sugar added (suitable for diabetics) as well as zea buns (with sunflower and sesame seeds) Pastels of our own production with sesame and almond as well as pastels with various seeds (linseed, poppy seed, pumpkin seed. Almonds, sesame seeds and granberries) Homemade patties with chicken and béchamel Stuffed individual brioches 1) Chestnut-white chocolate 2) Chocolate-cream 3) Chocolate-biscuit You will also find the most traditional and homemade rustic pie in many handmade leaf flavors: spinach, minced meat, leek, cheese, mushroom, potato, chicken and zucchini sweet Finally, our irresistible cookies will leave you with the wonderful taste: chocolate, vanilla-chocolate, raisin-cinnamon and more !!!! We accept orders for memorials, birthday parties, christenings etc BRANCH: Rhodes 24 - Alexandroupolis.

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    Avenue Dimokratias 145 - Alexandroupoli
  • Galiatsatou Maria - Bakery Lixouri Kefalonia - Sweets Kefalonia - Kefalonia Bakeries

    At our bakery in Lixouri we prepare daily delicious delights. You can find fresh pastries and pastries, cakes, wedding cakes, syrupy pastries, chocolates, crabies, melomakaron, brioches, syrups, cookies, ice creams and many more pastries !! We also have a wide variety of breads and pastries such as yeast, yeast bread, breadcrumbs, nuts, cookies, cheesecake, puff pastry and other pastries. We use pure and quality materials!

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    Marathonos 4, Lixouri - Kefalonia
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    LYSIKRATOUS 17, 17674 ATHENS, HELLAS - Kallithea
  • Kimonas Bakery - Pastry Shop - Catering - Confectionery - Bakery Products - Mytilene

    Kimonas makes traditional bread, all pastries and sweets! Kimonas, born on 23-12-1981 on Christmas Day, is the son of George Saxion and Christina Saxion. Their families have been practicing the baker for 4 generations. So the little kimono got its name from the family bakery and pastry business. The eldest son of the family is called Dimitris (25-6-1979). The two children, almost from babies, are involved in the business from their first Pastry Shop - Pizzeria - Cafeteria set up by their parents. In the beginning as a "toy" they helped and teased their parents by playing with their eggs. flour, sugar, etc. So growing up Kimonas worked diligently on the productivity of the business, with his father and his brother at his side. Together, they are a very organized business, each with its own line of responsibility for the manufacture of their many different traditional products. Dimitris prepares all puff pastry products. George prepares pastes, sweets and ice creams Christina's baking sweets. Kimon the pastries. Since then, and thanks to the passion of the bakery businessmen, the tradition of keeping all of their products as they used to, without industrialized raw materials, is being maintained using the most natural ingredients available. 90% of all raw materials are Greek and are all from our region, namely flour, eggs, oil, butter, anise, cheese, olives etc. It is well known that the goal of '' industrialization '' is one: To completely remove the consumer from real quality and healthy nutrition! Kimonas holds in his hands the secrets of bread production from the first century that people began to make bread. Our flour is today produced in Lemnos and is ground to a stone mill. Therefore, our bread is made with these secrets and with traditional yeast. Today the company "Kimonas" in Mytilene and Limnos, is probably one of the few companies that produce pure traditional products. All the products you will find in our stores are exclusively manufactured by us and none of them are manufactured outside our laboratories. That's why our stores stand out!   Branch: Archipelago 9 Factory: Kara Tepe 2nd branch: Vathi, Molivos. 3rd branch: Pamfyla, Port.   Bakery, pastry shop, Mytilene. Catering, pastries, bread, nuts, buns. Business supplies.

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    G. Moura - Mytilene
  • Kokkalis - Megara Bakery - Confectionery Megara - Cookies - Megara Cookies - Sweets

    KOKKALIS BAKERY is a shop that has been in MEGARA since 2012 and is loved by its creations. The warm environment, the smiles of the partners, the friendliness, the prompt service and the affordable prices have created our permanent clientele. The family-run business, based on pure ingredients and passion, creates fine bread and unique delicacies. Come and taste the great selection of fresh day bakers, taste the sweet delights we prepare for you. We produce traditional cookies, buns, mustaches, buns, cookies in various flavors and much more. Our philosophy is to produce quality products at the best possible price. Our goal is to make KOKKALI BAKERY a role model and reference in our city. Our principle is, the utmost respect for the customer. Yours sincerely, Bone Panagiotis

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    Riga Fereou 3 - Megara
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