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  • Astrologer New Smyrna Attica - PLATANITI MARIA - Psychic New Smyrna Attica - Clairvoyant New Smyrna Attica - Fortune Teller New Smyrna Attica - Fortune Teller New Smyrna Attica - Automatic Writing New Smyrna Attica

    Mary Platanitis Psychic - Futurist   Ms. Mary helps her fellow human beings in need with respect and professionalism. With an innate gift of clairvoyance, she can discover things about you and protect you in every area: -Family - Professional - Emotional - It reads photo of person you are interested in. He predicts the future. International reputation clairvoyance. Automatic writing & fortune telling. Known for her appearances and TV! Hereditary gift, clairvoyance, vision, predictions. 100% success!   We serve nationwide: Evros, Kavala, Serres, Xanthi, Komotini, Rodopi, Drama, Kilkis, Pella, Florina, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Kozani, Kastoria, Pieria, Imathia, Karditsa, Larissa, Grevena, Ioannina, Igoumenitsa, Trikala, Arta, Aitoloakarnania , Phocis, Fthiotida, Magnesia, Preveza, Evia, Boeotia, Attica, Achaia, Corinthia, Laconia, Ilia, Messinia, Arcadia, Argolis, Chania, Lasithi, Heraklion, Rethymno, Athens, Kypseli, Patisia, Ampelokipi, Galatsi, Kifissia, Chalandri , Marousi, Metamorfosi, Kallithea, Moschato, Faliro, Nea Smyrni, Koukaki, Thisio, Petralona, Kaisariani, Zografou, Neos Kosmos, Papagou and we accept mail at home and abroad.   Contact us now! Tel. 2109333148 | Kin. 6932611946

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    Tralleon 9, Nea Smyrni - Attica
  • Astrological Cards Glyfada Athens - MITSAKOU KYRIAKI - Telephone Predictions Glyfada Athens - Astrologer - Futurist - Paper divination - Tarot - Coffee shop Glyfada Athens

    MITSAKOU KYRIAKI Astrologer - Futurist Glyfada Athens 30 years of experience astrologer - futurist. paper magic, tarot, coffee magic, crystal magic, past - future with precision, resolution of negative influences, reconnection of people, solution to professional, financial, emotional, coffee magic - paper magic (with 3 decks). Miraculous amulets on a magnetic level. Dream guarantee-dream analysis. Telephone forecasts: € 30.00 The appointment: 50.00 € Contact the astrologer - futurist in Glyfada to book your appointment.

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    Chios 22 - Glifada
    6972409080, 6976037008
  • Charisma By Elena - Astrology - Cartomancy - Coffee cup fortune telling Kallithea - Energy Fragrances - Crystals - Lebanon - Candles - Charms - Spiritualism

    The world of ELENA is overflowing with forces, history, passions and dreams. The inborn astrologer with his innate ability shows you the way to a better future. With her many years of experience and her philosophical dive into the realm of invisible forces, she is leading the way in predicting the future, years now, and helping you determine your life line. Powerful spirituality, strong paperwork, crystals, energy aromas. Very positive results.

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    136, Andromachis Str. - Kallithea
  • Despina Pappas - Futurist Taurus Athens Attica - Parapsychologist Taurus Athens Attica

    Futurist - Parapsychologist Despina Pappas In everyday difficulties and upheavals there is a way out and a solution. Accept the power of my thinking in the predictions that you will find the reliability, the truth, the sincere help. Unique forecast via cash on delivery.

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    Smyrnis 56 - Tavros
  • Hero Psychic - Astrologer - Wise Spiritual Psychic Futurist - Telephone Predictions Nationwide - Insight - Returns - Pagrati Attica

      David Hero Astrologer - Spiritual Wise - Futurist - Phone Predictions - Insight - Face Resets - Pagrati Attica   WITH over 20 years of experience wise spiritual teacher HERO makes future predictions with accuracy. David HERO is a powerful psychic, born with a special gift of clairvoyance. His gift, he inherited it from his HERO father. If you have any problem that has not been solved, for whatever reason, please contact the medium David HERO. He has the highest knowledge to remove the problems from the world, for example, solving black magic, marriage problems, career, immigration, health, family problems, misfortune, no matter what the things are, he can help you solve them soon. The great psychic David HERO works for you with 100% success and guarantee removing the problems of the world. Call him now for an appointment 7 days a week.   TRUST US FOR EVERY PROBLEM IN YOUR LIFE, TOGETHER WE WILL FIND THE SOLUTIONS             

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    1 Artotinis Str - Pagrati
  • KANMADHAWA - Psychic - Solving professional - financial problems - Future predictions - Solving family problems - Restoring a loved one - Solving black magic - Athens Attica

                    KANMADHAWA Psychic Solving professional - financial problems - Future predictions - Solving family problems - Restore a loved one - Black magic solution - Athens Attica In the modern world, where our lives are full of challenges and turmoil, the search for inner peace and the solution to various problems has become more imperative than ever. In this field of spirituality and mental health, comes the wise spiritual master KANMADHAWA, a great spiritual leader based in Athens who has gained respect and recognition throughout Africa. Wise spiritual master KANMADHAWA has proven his ability to provide immediacy and solutions to very serious business and financial problems. His experience in this field has established him as a reliable and effective consultant, offering practical advice that has led to positive results. Apart from dealing with professional challenges, the wise spiritual master KANMADHAWA has dedicated himself to providing accurate future predictions. His knowledge of spiritual and energy trends makes him a go-to guide for those who wish to understand and prepare for the developments of the future. Through his spiritual wisdom, the wise spiritual master KANMADHAWA offers solutions to family problems and issues of a sexual nature. His approach is based on strengthening intra-family unity and promoting sexual sensitivity and health. One of the major achievements of KANMADHAWA is his ability to restore loved ones in our lives. Through its spiritual connection to the energies of the universe, it offers opportunities to bring back those we love. The wise spiritual master KANMADHAWA is also known for his ability to remove spiritual diseases and provide solutions to deal with black magic. His experience and knowledge in this area make him a trusted resource for those dealing with mental issues. Overall, the wise spiritual master KANMADHAWA represents a guide to achieving inner well-being, spiritual growth and overcoming various challenges. His dedication to helping others is an inspiration to all who seek the right guidance in a complex world.              

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    Antiochia 11 - Athens

    You want a prediction from a powerful psychic from the far east, with rare skills in all subjects to employ? I come first and by far! You will know when you contact me, totally free and with 100% success! I'm famous ZAFIRA! Tarot, Cartomancy, pendulum, crystal ball, amulets, various tasks teardown misfortune, Egyptian sphinx. Nationwide service.

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    GREECE - Attica

    MANTO Psychic - Metaphysician | Ilioupoli Attica   I studied INTERCONNECTED PSYCHIATRIC HYPNOTHERAPY at the BCA College of the United States. Then I followed the metaphysical science at NEW ORLEANS. I deal with the subconscious of people... I direct with facts and exact dates every problem in order to find its solution, whatever it is. Through metaphysics and subconscious, with the help of a forecast of 7 different kinds of cards, I can safely give my 100% of my predictions to every human being. I specialize in card and coffee predictions, people reset through hypnotherapy and energy stones on the human body. There is also interpersonal counseling, mental health crisis management, through inter-connected psychiatric metaphysics.     What others call work, I call it love... Trust an innate feeling that has been scientifically strengthened for years to provide solutions to everyday and chronic problems once and forever. Contact me to find the best way to solve your personal issues. Phone appointment: +30 6983825818   MANTO PSYCHIC METAPHYSICIAN - COFFEE AND CARD PREDICTIONS - PEOPLE RETURNS - NSIGHTFUL FUTURE TELLER - HYPNOTHERAPY MENTAL HEALTH RELATIONSHIP AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT

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    18, Archimidous Street - Ilioupoli
  • Medium Athens - Great Psychic Dinami Latif - Spiritualist - Mighty Amulets - Astrological Predictions - Futurist - Professional & Erotic Advice Center Athens - Victoria - Patisia - Galatsi

    Large Medium Dinami Latif Spiritualist! Over 20 years of experience no matter what your problems are. I can help you solve the most difficult of them in less time than anyone else even if you are frustrated with other spiritualists. I can make lovers better than before. I can make strangers fall in love with people. I also give a powerful amulet for protection. I solve important sexual cases. Success professional advice and much more. RESULTS IN 7 DAYS

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    EYFORIONOS - Pagrati
    6949301661 (WHAT'S UP)
  • Medium Panhellenic - Sanusi - Telephone Predictions - Futurist - Problem Solving - Future Predictions - Powerful Medium - Attica - Thessaloniki - Panhellenic

    With 20 years of serious spiritual experience, we provide you with reliable predictions that will unlock the future and lead you to solve every problem that afflicts you. With absolute precision in our forecasts, we provide you with immediate solutions without waiting. Our strong insight can give you all the answers to your questions. Call us to find the answers you are looking for: - resolving family matters - settlement of inheritance cases - settlement of court cases - treatment of depression - treatment of sexual incapacity - reconnecting loved ones - wedding rejuvenation - finding the other half - Improve your luck - protection from any negative energy - protection from the evil eye - protection from any form of magic We specialize in difficult cases and find the answers from the first phone call. Futurist - Medium Sanusi 6944213935 viber - whats up 6982913557     Attica telephone predictions - Panhellenic telephone predictions - Attica futurist - Thessaloniki the future - Panhellenic futurist - Mentium Attica - Mentiou Thessaloniki - Mentium Panhellenic - Strong Opposition Attica - Strong Opposition Panhellenic - Powerful Medium Panhellenic - powerful Attic psychic - predictions for the future nationwide - predictions for the future Attic - psychic sanusi - personal predictions Attica - personal predictions nationwide - top futurist nationwide -mentium sanusi - see the future nationwide - reliable psychics nationwide

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    Drossopoulou - Attica
    6982913557, 6944213935 (WHATS UP + VIBER)
  • Ouziel - Medium Future Researcher Thessaloniki Athens - Forecasts of Powerful Energy Fields

    FOR AN APPOINTMENT, BY COMMUNICATION Athens Office, 2108668557   Medium Powerful Energy Fields Thessaloniki, Athens, Greece. Forecasts on family, emotional, professional, judicial and health issues. Solutions, restore. A powerful psychic - a futurist. Appointments by appointment.

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    4A, Karkavitsa Str. - Thessaloniki
  • Psychic - Constantina - Coffee shop - Card reading - Astrology - Heraklion - Crete

    Psychic Constantine in Heraklion, Crete   Cafeteria POWERFUL MEDIUM OF INTERNATIONAL FAME In our time, worries about the future are many. Problems related to finances, health, work, family and love concern us and affect us negatively throughout our lives. The astrologer-medium, Ms. Konstantina, having long-term experience in the field of predictions, combined with her innate gift, is able to help you with all your problems. Get answers to every problem you have with 100% success and guaranteed confidentiality. Predictions: Solving problems, bringing back loved ones, resolving obstacles True Reliable Forecasts in Heraklion Crete. Cafeteria, Magic Pendulums and Insight Also, elixir (essential oils) are sold for good luck, love, attracting people, wealth, etc.   We serve all of Greece!

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    Antiochias 29 - HERAKLION

    Angelos Orsini - Gelly Pappa Top psychic Greece - Turkey powerful forces visualization Cartomancy (classic Constantinopole throwing) resets Giteies amulets Remove negative influences Open the fortune on professional and personal matters Free predictions in the officε, after arranging appointment Guaranteed 100% success, quickly, certainly, confidentially Appointment phone 1. 2117055661 2. 6941494411 3. 6983451112 Offices: Athens, Halkida, Livadia Visit price: 80 euros

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    33, KRISSIS STR. - Kipseli

    Irini Hatzi is a professional psychic and leading futurologist based in Rhodes. Her office is the only Futures office in all of Greece. Her performance and reputation are recognized all over Greece, flawlessly handling even the most difficult cases. Its expertise and experience solve even the most complex problems that concern you, with infallible and guaranteed results. Deals with Insight, Divination, Coffee Reading, Photo Reading, Golden Egyptian Deck. Book your appointment and we will help you with any professional or personal problem you may have. INSIGHT Insight is the psychic ability to see things beyond the power of normal vision. DIVINATION "Tarot" or "Tarot" (French Tarot) or "Tarock" (German Tarock) is a pack of a total of 78 playing cards (or each of these playing cards, especially the 22 main ones), of which the 22 main ones, which form one of the five series into which the whole is divided (the other four are very similar to each other but differ from Thursday), bring up allegorical representations and with which playing cards one can divine the future. READING COFFEE The variety of shapes on the bottom of the cup, their clarity, their location and their interpretation are a puzzle that few know how to decipher. PHOTOGRAPHY READING Revelations about the person you are interested in with the photo reading method. Character Analysis – The person's feelings towards you. GOLDEN EGYPTIAN CARD Only read on full moon / moon.

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    39, RODOU KALLITHEAS AV. - Rhodes
  • Psychic Saint Panteleimon Athens - SOUARE MORO - Futurist Saint Panteleimon Athens - Spiritualist Saint Panteleimon Athens - Predictions Saint Panteleimon Athens - Face Restoration Saint Panteleimon Athens

    Over 20 years of experience no matter what your problems are I can help you solve the most difficult of them in less time than anyone else even if you have been disappointed by other spiritualists.   I can make lovers better than before, I can make strangers fall in love. I also give powerful talisman for protection, solve important sexual court cases content, successes, professional advice and more.   I will be close to you in whatever you need to solve problems and difficult situations.   We accept appointments daily from 08:00-22:00 (result in 7 days).

    Category: MEDIUMS

    Acharnon 158 - Athens

    There is no life without a problem and a problem without a solution. 20 year periodic experience serious intellectual work. Solving from simple to the most difficult problems faster than any other medium. Success and recognition in whatever business you're doing. Also in school exams for your children. Resolve family, inheritance and legal affairs. Energy cure chronic diseases such as depression, sexual impotence. Restores favorite, revitalizes energy wedding, finding the "other" half of your wedding. Improves luck at gambling. It protects you from all forms of negative energy, charm evil eye or any form of magic. Over 20 years experience, no matter what your problems are, I can help you solve the hardest of them, in less time than anyone else, even if you have been disappointed by other spiritualists. I can make better lovers than before. Can I make strangers to fall in love. Also I give powerful amulet for protection. Solve the difficult problems, family, love, finances, major court cases, sexual content. Successes, professional and romantic tips and much more. RESULT IN 7 DAYS Internet daily: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm Il n'y a pas de vie sans un problème et un problème sans solution. 20 années d'expérience périodique sérieux travail intellectuel. Résolution de la simple aux problèmes les plus difficiles plus rapidement que tout autre moyen. Le succès et la reconnaissance de quelque activité que vous faites. Toujours dans les examens scolaires pour vos enfants. Résoudre les affaires familiales, l'héritage et juridique. À guérir des maladies chroniques de l'énergie tels que la dépression, l'impuissance sexuelle. Restaure préférée, revitalise mariage de l'énergie, de trouver "l'autre" moitié de votre mariage. Améliore la chance au jeu. Il vous protège contre toutes les formes d'énergie négative, l'œil mauvais sort ou de toute forme de magie. Plus de 20 ans d'expérience, peu importe quels sont vos problèmes, je peux vous aider à résoudre les plus difficiles d'entre eux, en moins de temps que quiconque, même si vous avez été déçu par les spiritualistes d'autres. Je peux faire de meilleurs amants que par le passé. Puis-je faire étrangers de tomber amoureux. Aussi je donne puissante amulette de protection. Résoudre les problèmes difficiles, la famille, l'amour, les finances, les affaires judiciaires importantes, contenu à caractère sexuel. Succès, des conseils professionnels et romantique et bien plus encore. RESULTAT EN 7 JOURS Internet tous les jours: 08h00-21h00

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    MONASTIRIOU 81 - Thessaloniki

    Psychics, visionary and strong clairvoyance. Provisions for anything that concerns you, sentimental theme, professional, family and economy. You will find answers together through cartomancy and tarot! No problem remains unsolved! I give you the solutions directly, sure success. Absolute privacy.

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    CHALKIDA - Chalkida

      Services K. RENA Parapsychologist, In line with the universal harmony, responsible for: - solutions to the problems - resets person - ikanotis finding valuable stolen objects - finding lost treasure - emotional - friendship - Engagement - wedding - pouring shield - Cartomancy - human amulets - stellar and zodiacal - theosophy - astromanteia - resets persons - energy filters - filters love - restore filters. Surefire forecasts CAUTION: Only serious cases of Greece - overseas, by appointment. CV Member of E.K.E.N.E. SEAT ZURICH COURSES Amateurs or non-professionals with diplomas of PA.PE.E.E. Colleagues join us at the 7th festival Astrology, Parapsychology, which will take place on a cosmic center of Athens. Rena was born in Chania, Crete. Ancestors descended from Turkey and Zurich. From an early age Rena had several visions and messages people relative to the environment and not, of causing fear. Her grandmother and her mother knew what she happens and helped enough, encouraging it in their own way, and they had the Divine Charisma. Ten years Rena made a trip with her mother and grandmother in Istanbul in an aunt, her sister Sultana mama, who loved and trusted. Ekmistreftike of her visions and fears. Her aunt heard with great attention and with the passage of time gave her to understand that he had a great charisma. He helped her in visions interpreting messages. Within all these visions and messages was one for Rena. That in 14 years of the first man who falls in love will marry him, then laughed Rena saying "Divine do not do it to marry with 14 years because I do not think right so small." With the passage of time Rena made a trip in Ierapetra, Crete, he met a man 12 years older than her, fell in love and married him, then realized he actually had the Divine Charisma. Certainly they have not stopped the visions and more. Then committed went to Aunt Sultana to utilize the charisma he had. Gradually completed the process with the help of her aunt, with the passage of time. Rena decided to make the long trip to the ancestors in Zurich and going inherited several files were given in a chest called Pandora, such as filters, prayers, amulets and many writings secrets that only the Rena can interpret and use . Hundreds of people who trusted and trust, they changed their lives radically and found solutions to their problems. Rena is close to you and to your psychological support. We serve Chania, Lasithi, Rethymno, Heraklion, Crete, counties Solid, Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace, Evros, Alexandroupolis, Komotini, Xanthi, Arta, Preveza, Ioannina, Serres, Drama, Kavala, Kilkis, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos, Karditsa, Trikala, Fthiotida, Viotia, Fokida, Livadia, Athens. Astrologer - Mediums, Acharnes Attica. Astrological predictions, Menidi, Liosia, Ilion - Attica. FOR EVERY SERIOUS CASE employing directly TREATMENT. FORECAST-ANSWERS TIPS NOW AND TILEFONIKOS AND ABSOLUTE DISCRETION.    

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    ILION - Ilion