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  • Astrological Cards Glyfada Athens - MITSAKOU KYRIAKI - Telephone Predictions Glyfada Athens - Astrologer - Futurist - Paper divination - Tarot - Coffee shop Glyfada Athens

    MITSAKOU KYRIAKI Astrologer - Futurist Glyfada Athens 30 years of experience astrologer - futurist. paper magic, tarot, coffee magic, crystal magic, past - future with precision, resolution of negative influences, reconnection of people, solution to professional, financial, emotional, coffee magic - paper magic (with 3 decks). Miraculous amulets on a magnetic level. Dream guarantee-dream analysis. Telephone forecasts: € 30.00 The appointment: 50.00 € Contact the astrologer - futurist in Glyfada to book your appointment.

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    Chios 22 - Glifada
    6972409080, 6976037008
  • Charisma By Elena - Astrology - Cartomancy - Coffee cup fortune telling Kallithea - Energy Fragrances - Crystals - Lebanon - Candles - Charms - Spiritualism

    The world of ELENA is overflowing with forces, history, passions and dreams. The inborn astrologer with his innate ability shows you the way to a better future. With her many years of experience and her philosophical dive into the realm of invisible forces, she is leading the way in predicting the future, years now, and helping you determine your life line. Powerful spirituality, strong paperwork, crystals, energy aromas. Very positive results.

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    136, Andromachis Str. - Kallithea
  • Despina Pappas - Futurist Taurus Athens Attica - Parapsychologist Taurus Athens Attica

    Futurist - Parapsychologist Despina Pappas In everyday difficulties and upheavals there is a way out and a solution. Accept the power of my thinking in the predictions that you will find the reliability, the truth, the sincere help. Unique forecast via cash on delivery.

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    Smyrnis 56 - Tavros
  • Hero Medium Center Athens Pagkrati - Astrologer Center Athens - Sofos Spiritual Mediator Futurist - Phone Projections Pan Hellenic - Insight - Revenues of Persons

    HERO MENTIUM ATHENS PASSION CENTER ATHENS SOFOS PENSIONER MEDIUM ATHENS MENTIIO CENTER ATHENS PANKRATI FUTURE CENTER ATHENS PANKRATI FOREIGN CALLS OF PHONES ASTROLOGY MEDIUM OF ATHENS MESSAGE IN THE ATHENS CENTER WITH 100% PROVISIONS   Spiritual Medium, in the area of ​​Pangrati, Athens SOUL Spiritual Medium "HERO" There is no life without problems and problem without solution. Success and resolution of serious family, inheritance, court cases. Sexuality, impotence. It regains beloved, revitalizes marriage energy. Find your other half for marriage. It protects you from all forms of magic of negative energy. Painted for a bad eye. Results 100%. I assume affairs from all over Greece and abroad, 6985/076636, Pagrati With confidentiality and respect   TRUST YOU FOR ANY PROBLEM OF YOUR LIFE WE WILL FIND THE SOLUTIONS   We serve Pagkrati Athens, Piraeus, Zografou, N Smyrna, Moschato, Kallithea, Tavros, N Kosmos, Dafni, Ilysia, Vyronas, Sporades, Cyclades, Ionian, Northeastern Aegean, Sifnos, Syros, Tinos, Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, Naxos, Paros , Milos, Kythnos, Serifos, Folegandros, Donoussa, Mytilene, Chios, Lesvos, Lemnos, Sikinos, Halki, Kastelorizo, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Patmos, Samos, Ikaria, Kasos, Astypalea, Corfu, Paxi, Lefkada , Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Kythira, Patras, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Larissa, Volos, Serres, Drama, Kilkis & Pahellenic

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    1 Artotinis Str - Pagrati

    PARA LEER EN ESPAÑOL VETE A www.spiritualinsight.gr/es FOR SPANISH GO TO www.spiritualinsight.gr/es CV/SERVICES Koalani* (Isabel Aktypi) is a certified hypnotherapist and a member of the International Hypnosis Federation (www.hypnosisfederation.com ). She has an academic background. She has studied and researched the metaphysical fields for several years and has been a student of the famous hypnotherapist Dick Sutphen (www.richardsutphen.com) . She is located in downtown Athens, Greece, and can direct channeling and hypnosis sessions in English, Spanish, Greek, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch. Hypnosis is a deep relaxation where our brain produces alpha waves, which fluctuate between 9 and 13 cycles per second. We go into this state of consciousness every day when we watch TV, read, before sleep, etc. In this altered state our extra sensory perception is hightened and we can get insight into a past life, information that we otherwise don't know or contact discarnate entities. The method used is guided imagery. In Back-to-the-Cause Therapy we go back to the cause of whatever is troubling you, whether that is in a past life or in this lifetime and heal it. A problem (an addiction, an emotional block, a phobia, obesity, etc) is often caused by a trauma. Once the trauma is relived, the client is led to the spiritual level (Spirit) where they, in touch with their spirit guide or higher-self can understand and overcome what is left undone (i.e. forgiveness, accepting what is, new insight, etc). It's not important whether the impressions we get really happened or not. What matters is healing and the subconscious mind will bring us the very impressions that we need in order to heal. In Past-Life Therapy we go to the lifetime that influences you the most or helps you in your self-development. We can i.e. study the similarities with your present life, and the relationships with the people you know now. The most important people in our lives are part of our soul group and have been with us in most past lives in different relationships which very often play a role in our current relationships with each other. In Progressions we attune with our ideal frequency that corresponds to one of five possible future versions of the future of this or another lifetime. Research has shown that once we choose such a frequency we program ourselves for the future events we want, leaving the poorer versions to happen in a parallel universe instead of this one. In Spirit-Contact Therapy we contact your spirit guide, who together with your higher self gives us answers and insight into the karmic ramifications, challenges and lessons of your past lives. We can also contact any loved one who has crossed over (even pets), as long as they're available and not on a mission. Should they be earth-bound, we can help them cross over into the light. If they died recently, chances are they are resting or healing, which means they won’t be able to come. We can also contact the spirit of a dead beloved through channeling with Koalani’s co-worker or through a meditation with Koalani’s spirit guide Cheyenne. Other important info that we can get under hypnosis or in a channeling is our soul growth level, about our twin flame, soul group and life mission, as well as get some advice about our future. However, for advice on one’s future it’s best to have a tarot reading or a channeling, since a third party is more neutral. In Soul Retrieval the client can get back the pieces of their astral body (or soul) which were lost under a severe trauma in this lifetime or in a past one. Loss of soul fragments causes fatigue, a weakened immune system, lack of concentration and other health problems and leaves the astral body open and vulnerable to errant entities that can attach to it and cause serious psychological or physical illnesses. Koalani’s guide Cheyenne can gather all the fragments from all your past lives and give them all back to you in one single channeling or meditation session. In a regression one can only recuperate single fragments. In Spirit Releasement Therapy we spot, dialogue with and release into the light any attached entities (thought forms, earthbounds, demons or etherical aliens) Those entities are either karmic (from past lives or through unconscious agreements) or attracted to people due to similar feelings or energies they share with those entities. They can also be sent to someone through witchcraft or a curse. In this case, we also proceed into lifting the curse or breaking the witchcraft. Entities can be the cause of deep and unexplained suffering and life-long adversity. ET’s can place etherical implants into people’s bodies and abduct them through an invitation, a subconscious contract or a past life connection. Koalani’s spirit helpers can put protection against being abducted again and remove them. The elimination of implants is done remotely on the astral plane by Koalani and her helpers due to the long duration of the operations. The standard hypnosis session starts with a back-to-the-cause regression. We then proceed to contact your spirit guide, from whom we get all the answers and explanations we need. There we also do any healing that may be necessary. The session ends with suggestions for personal development (for weight loss, to stop smoking, to boost your self-confidence, to attune you with the law of attraction, etc.) Regression sessions take about two hours and channeling one hour. Spirit Releasement Therapy and Soul Retrieval are optimally held by channeling Koalani’s spirit guide or in meditation. Don't forget to write down exactly what you want to explore, any phobias or issues you have and the questions you want to have answered. The channeling session is recorded and sent with a link for you to download. You can have a session from anywhere in the world through Skype (free and very easy to use). If you're experiencing some sort of problem contact Koalani and her guide Cheyenne will do a free detection of the causes and the treatment/method to follow. For more details about what to expect from a session, read Hypnosis and Self-Development. For examples of case stories, go to Koalani's Metaphysical Column. *Hawaiian for Spiritual Warrior. SPIRIT RELEASEMENT THERAPY Humans are made out of many bodies: a biological body, an etheric body (our life force or qi or mana in Hawaiian) and an astral body. We also have a mental body (our thoughts), an emotional body and a spiritual body (our higher self). When our astral body is weakened, an astral entity can attach to it. Weakening can be caused by illness, drug or alcohol intoxication, anesthesia, an organ transplant surgery, delivery, abortion, miscarriage, injury, sleepwalking, astral projection, meditation, an emotional shock, depression, etc. This is the reason why we should always ask for protection from our angels or guides, or visualize being surrounded by white light before we dabble in a metaphysical activity. Entities can also enter when we summon them, either by séance, the ouija-board, automatic writing, witchcraft, etc. It doesn’t matter whether we call upon a specific entity or not; any other entity, including a demon, can come instead, posing as the one we called in. It can stick around in our home or attach itself to our astral body. I suggest to all amateurs to better leave the séance to professional mediums, while they should forget about the ouija-board and witchcraft all together (unless it’s white magic, in collaboration with your spirit guide or some angelic entity). As for automatic writing, it’s safe to experiment, but always ask for protection and make sure you never attempt to go at it while harboring negative feelings. The same guidelines are valid for astral travel. Should a spirit pose to you as your guide and give you guidelines or some deal, don’t trust it. A real spirit guide usually comes in our dreams and offers advice, some message or support. In the alternative field, many psychics and therapists are duped when they first call upon their spirit guides or angels. Then they unknowingly co-operate with a dark entity, who undermines and sabotages their work. They may say to you that you have a spell or a curse on you (and they may be right) but they will ask for thousands of dollars to break it. Or you may go to them for therapy but leave with an entity that their demon placed on you. Such a professional is actually as much a victim as their client. The dark entity comes to them through a weakness, or if their main motivation is personal gain and ambition. Entities that can attach to us can be thought forms, souls of dead humans or animals, fragments of human or animal souls either dead or alive, umbilical chords, extraterrestrials or their souls, elementals, all kinds of little people, imps, elves and the like, Nephilim or their souls and finally demons. A separate kind of entities are fragments of ourselves. After a traumatic situation, they dissociate themselves from the rest of our astral body, albeit staying close to it, and take control of our behavior, according to their own needs. They can be very disturbing, even more so than a dark force entity. If they were generated in this life time, they cannot be sent to the light, but must be integrated with the rest of the personality. This calls for a series of sessions where each entity is identified, is left room to express its needs and is led to reintegrate. But usually malevolent entities are with us from past lives. They were an enemy or our own self who turned demonic. Murders and suicides often lead a soul to get stuck in hatred, despair or vengefulness and blindly pursues its future self or enemy in its future lifetimes. The entity, no matter how benevolent it is, transfers its own thoughts, emotions and needs to us. It can cause dysfunctional behavior, blocks, negative feelings, obsessions, addictions, suicide tendencies, fatigue, schizophrenia, amnesia, Alzheimer (together with astral body fragmentation), bipolar disorder, DID or MPD (Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder), MID (Misidentified Identity Disorder), epilepsy, fainting, etc. Obviously this is not to say that all these conditions are always caused by entities. The symptoms of an entity attachment can be a cold/hot/sore/heavy feeling on your body. Many times it’s not symmetric, i.e. you feel it on just one hand or foot. Most signs are however emotional. You feel unexplainable sadness, emptiness, fear, mistrust, loneliness, anger, etc. Or you tend to do odd or extreme things, totally out of character. Your life may become difficult, out of sync, attracting all the wrong situations and people. You seem to repel people or don’t seem able to communicate with them on a deep level. Under hypnosis, the symptoms are heightened and if the entity has weakened you to a high degree (especially if it’s a demon), you may not be able to pull through the session, if you’re doing it by yourself. Some of my clients were so exhausted that we had to continue the job in a second session and preferably through a third party. Another very serious matter revealed to us by our guide is that some clients made a subconscious pact with the demon during the session, and thus were fooled by it, seeing that it went to the light, while it actually stayed with them. In some other cases, the demon made them see that everything was fine and that there was no attachment. Worse even, it made them see that there was another demon that was led to the light. A real show! So the only certain way to do a spirit releasement is under the supervision of our spirit guides, with my co-worker astral projecting. Under the supervision of our spirit guides, inspired by Dr William Baldwin’s method, the entity is tracked down and placed in my co-worker’s body. I then converse with it and convince it to go back home, i.e. to its own place in the light (the medium astral plane), where souls reside and can go to their next level of development. A soul may have dwelled for centuries or even millennia in the lower astral plane, a low-vibrational place where demons and other evil-doers, lost souls and sorcerers reside or visit. A soul can also attach itself to one person or hop from one person to another. When someone with an attachment dies, their soul may be strong enough to drag the attached one into the light. Or the attachment may be stronger and stop its host from going on, keeping them in the darkness (the lower astral plane). It can also schlep it into a new body, entering it two at a time. Through this mechanism, someone can have hundreds of attachments! What keeps a human soul in the lower astral plane (the one closest to earth) are their negative feelings upon their death (rage, fear, vengefulness, the feeling of unfairness or of unfinished business, or simply confusion). Some souls don’t even realize they passed away and may be earth-bound, walking amongst us, not understanding why we can’t see them. Others just don’t go into the light that pops up because they don’t believe in anything or because there is a curse or witchcraft upon them, blocking them. These latter ones are more vulnerable to cooperating with the forces of darkness who make them phony promises they can’t always deliver, thereby entrapping them and enslaving them. These lost souls become demonic themselves, soon discovering that they were conned, yet unable to do anything about it. Their vibration is so low that they’re doomed to eternal slavery. They soon forget who they were and that they even had a life as humans, but think of themselves as demons. Until they’re discovered by some therapist or shaman who helps them remember and saves them. With this method, even real demons can be saved! That’s right. Lucifer deceived them by telling them that the light is dangerous and must be avoided. He told them he would protect them from it. He encouraged them to feel more and more hatred, arrogance and anger and ordered them to destroy humans. They can do that through these same feelings that humans feel. Like attracts like. These feelings lead to destructive behavior and people get sick, harm others, kill and ultimately die. There are also free agents among dark force entities, those who don’t obey to Satan but do evil on their own. In every dark force entity there is however deep inside of it a monad of light, a spark of light that it once was, when it was born out of the divine source. When I convince them to look deep inside (and they almost always do, out of curiosity or to get what I promise them), they see this monad of light. As they watch it, it grows, they realize it doesn’t harm them, but makes them feel good. They figure out the deception, they remember their latest lifetime or their identity, they are transformed and they repent. At this point, they’re eager to follow the angels back into their spiritual home. Before they leave, I ask them to call in all those under their command and their friends and order them/encourage them to receive the same treatment. They are glad to do it and thus hundreds or thousands of dark force entities can be saved at once! There are some cases where the demon is very strong and stubborn and doesn’t cooperate at all, refusing to look inside, all the while inflicting terrible physical pain to its host, my co-worker, who doesn’t feel anything at the time and does get healing by our guides before he wakes up. Some of those demons attack my coworker who has to pull out his spiritual sword and fight them with his guide and the angels. Sometimes they stay within him until they are weakened. Ultimately they all go back to spirit. When the entity is someone who was present in one of our past lives, the only thing it sometimes needs to be appeased is our forgiveness. We must give it to him or her. To be set free from evil we must be on a spiritual path, willing to ask for forgiveness for our past mistakes and forgive those who have harmed us. For extraterrestrials the method is sometimes similar, when they have turned into demons. Otherwise, it depends on their intent. A common practice is placing etheric probes on people’s astral bodies for information or experimentation. Upon detection, I call the captain or the governor and I invoke the “Prime Directive”, inspired from the popular series “Star Trek”, which forbids more advanced civilizations from tempering with less advanced ones. Some understand, pick up their equipment and go their way. In the case of demon-ruled ETs, I first deal with the ruler’s demon. When it’s released, the alien becomes friendly and orders all equipment to be picked up. He/she can also ask other similar equipments to be taken off from all humans. Dr William Baldwin has removed in this way thousands of alien probes on unsuspecting people at once. This is however not always possible, like in the case of an agreement between the aliens and the government. It has been proven through people under hypnosis that the US and other governments receive alien weapons in exchange for carrying out experiments on people, either directly on their physical body by abducting them, or through etheric devices placed on their light body, by pushing their emotions to peaks and forcing them into addictions. There are also exiled extraterrestrials who left their dimension because of some sort of totalitarian regime, or plain lost ones, who wandered away and landed on my client. Others are hybrids, crossings of two different alien creatures, who became outcasts in both worlds. I call in the angels responsible for each one so that they can take them into their own place in the light, from which they can help their planet or just be and grow. There are also entire worlds where the divine light has never reached, who were enslaved by Lucifer right after creation, or made up a contract with him later on. Their descendants may not even know about it and just follow the system given to them. Those beings live in a rut, without joy, love or freedom, doomed to die at a fixed age, and their souls are given to the Devil, lacking awareness or insight. However, there is an entire galaxy that belongs to Lilith, Adam’s first wife, and another one to Lucifer. Its creatures are programmed robot-like beings who lack feelings and whose only concern is to carry out their job -experiments- without any consideration for human pain. They strike deals with demons and place etheric implants in human bodies. They refuse to take them out once they are convinced to leave, which is extremely difficult and only achievable if one has something to give them in exchange. So we usually resort to war. The implants can act as transmitters and program humans to think and act as they are told. They also extract energy from them and cause them severe health issues. We have had clients with hundreds of them. With the help of our guide and his spirit helpers we can remove those implants. Elementals, earth spirits and trolls/little people (ethereal beings) are guided back to their own realm. Thought forms and egregores (created by human or demonic thoughts and emotions, either intentionally or not), are simply cleared up by angelic light. Through witchcraft and curses negatively programmed thought forms, demons or lost souls are commonly sent to people. Earthbounds, ethereal beings and aliens are usually attracted to the ones they attach to, because of similar characteristics, out of a misplaced need to help them or to find refuge. Dead relatives or beloved ones often fall under this category. Demons deserve a separate paragraph, because they influence more or less all of us. The levels of demonic influence are four: 1. Demonic influence This is the influence that every human undergoes, even Jesus Christ. Demons take advantage of our weaknesses so as to push us into dysfunctional behaviors and negative feelings. Whether we succumb to it or not depends on our knowledge and our faith. Satan’s greatest victory nowadays is to have convinced the whole Anglo-Saxon and Northern European world that he does not exist. Even psychics, mediums, spiritualists and priests don’t believe in his existence, let alone academics and scientists. He can then do his work undisturbed through such people. They even go out of their way to prove that dark forces are inexistent. And it works, if you don’t believe in something, it won’t appear in your research, even if you try to be open-minded about it. Most people don’t have a high enough spiritual level to be confronted with dark forces anyway. They’re not ready for it, so they’re protected by their angels. Or simply put, it´s not part of their mission. 2. Demonic attack Demons attack us when we are asleep or in a hypnogogic state. There are different kinds of attack, like sleep paralysis, suffocation, Incubi and Succumbi (sexual attack), direct attack which leaves bruises or physical pain, repetitive and specific nightmares where we are being chased by someone or simply an apparition in our bedroom that frightens us. Some of these phenomena are of course only due to our fears. Our fear is also the one which allows dark force entities to attack us. We may also have given them the right to do so in a past life or in the present one through some sort of deal. Or someone else may have given them this right (often an ancestor or relative) through a deal, witchcraft or a curse. The house where we live may be infested through witchcraft or even satanic rituals. Should there be any infested objects, they must be located, purified by a priest and burned. And then the whole house should be spiritually cleansed. To drive any spirits from a home away I follow the same procedure, i.e. I communicate with the entities through my co-worker. To dissolve any deals, the deal maker repeats the renunciation of the darkness after me. Demonic attack can also be an attempt of the forces of darkness to frighten or stop someone with an important future mission. Under this category fall light workers. 3. Demonic oppression Here the demon is not attached to its victim’s body, but remains at a distance. It has however the right to multiply its target’s negative tendencies (anger, depression, self-destruction, etc) as well as those of the people who interact with them. It can cause them great and constant bad luck and makes them make all the wrong choices (I always wondered why Donald Duck had such a permanent bad luck, now I know!). Contact with our spirit guide, our inner guidance and intuition is thus blocked. Demonic oppression comes from witchcraft, curses or collaboration with the forces of darkness in a past life. I’d say it’s the worst kind of interference, because the spirits that are interfering are not detectable and few psychics can pinpoint the problem, which can go on more and more intense with each lifetime, until it destroys totally the victim’s life and entraps them after their death into turning into a dark force entity themselves. I use the same technique, talk with the entity who put the curse so as to convince them to take it back. Demonic oppression may seem unfair when the victim is innocent, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to rise spiritually much faster than through easy lifetimes. It’s also a form of training for those spirits who choose to fight the forces of darkness. Clearly, there is an increased risk of surrendering to them before one reaches their goal. But I´m not referring here to the thousands of incarnations that someone´s higher self can send, but to a few ones. 4. Demonic attachment (possession) Here the demon is attached to its victim’s astral body and directly influences its thoughts, emotions, decisions and the people around them. The person is gradually weakened and it can lead to full-blown possession, the classic demonic possession that has led to so many movies being created and books written. Demonic attachment however, is seldom detectable. The demons usually are well-hidden and have a specific agenda. When the attachment is done through black magic, the demons perform the sorcerer’s orders (i.e. make the person split up with their mate, get sick, die, commit suicide, marry someone specific, etc). In this case only someone highly knowledgeable or gifted can suspect that there is a demon in the way. Attachment can also occur because of weakness, like any attachment. In some cases, the soul often agrees to it before it incarnates, while planning their future life, as a challenge to be overcome. Again the gain is spiritual growth, strength and insight. But the demon could also have been attracted through negative feelings or through dangerous metaphysical games and the occult. It´s imperative not to have negative feeling such as fear or despair, because these are the demons´ energy source. If the attached spirit becomes stronger, we have visible signs and the victim and the people around them know they’re possessed. Once the possession progresses over the years, the demons acquire total control over their victim and the process may be irreversible. The individual switches off from any positive emotion and the demons are then able to “eat up” their soul little by little. The person is destined to die and their soul might become enslaved. Malachi Martin, the well-known US catholic exorcist says in his book “Hostage to the Devil” that these people are characterized by the inexpressiveness on their face, their coldness and “absence”. He calls them “totally possessed”. But if a demon can be converted, so can they. The church’s approach to exorcism is however one of defiance and confrontation and therefore often fails. I approach demons as a friend, so that they can accept my help. Another reason why the church’s approach often fails is that they fail to examine past lives, where demons most often arose. A common situation is that my client has a past life with someone else who after death became a demon. Those two people meet again in this life, because the other one has a personal agenda against my client. The other person’s demon is out to “get” their enemy. They will follow them from lifetime to lifetime. Unless my client asks for forgiveness, they won’t budge. A third reason why a church’s exorcism isn’t effective is because it doesn’ place a protective shield around the demonized person after the ritual. The exorcized demon may just have been an underling sent by another person’s demon who was their enemy in a past life. In such a case (which is more common than you may imagine) the other person’s demon gets angry and sends a new underling to the recently exorcized. Once the entity leaves, there is often a hole in the victim’s astral body. It may be that very hole the one that allowed the attachment to take place. Such a hole is created during an emotional shock where a soul fragment vacates with the feeling of a painful memory to enable the person to cope. We also lose parts of our soul when we suffer and grieve. In this case the soul is pulverized. Lost soul fragments very often date back to past lives. It’s advisable to get those vacated fragments back as soon as possible, since the person can attract a new attachment. The procedure of retrieving one’s lost fragments is called Soul Retrieval. Our guide gathers all of each client’s fragments and we only need one session to return them to them. Clients with an entity who find out about my therapy and try to come to me are sometimes impeded by it. The entity knows that it might be evicted and reacts. The result is that such clients stand me up after being influenced by something they hear or read, they cancel, get scared, arrive late or encounter an array of technical problems. Or they do come but they can’t relax or concentrate or even see anything under hypnosis, if they try to do it by themselves. Βy asking for archangel Michael’s help, these sorts of problems work themselves out. There is another form the forces of darkness express themselves through humans, and that’s when they evict a soul upon a baby’s birth and take its place. They can only do so when they have the right or the strength to (i.e. through satanic ritual abuse or sex with demons). They are called “the red ones”. The person who is born is void of any divine light and is a blind servant of Lucifer. These people are very well hidden. They often appear jovial and nice. They either carry out their mission inadvertently or they become dark magicians. These people would never come to me except when they’re not yet aware of who they are and they happen to consult me for some other problem. I had one such client who defended Lucifer under hypnosis. Another way to make a red one is when a demon alters a new soul’s DNA before birth. This is usually done when a woman makes a contract with a dark entity in order to conceive. That’s very common, since most of them don’t even realize it. More generally, reds are those who incarnate from the lower astral level, with the help of demons. Our guide is often able to clean them from a distance, especially if they’re under 15. Otherwise they must seek help in person. Another tricky group are people with a dark contract. If another person does a spirit releasement for them, another demon comes and takes the first one’s place. If the second one is also evicted, a third one arrives, etc. So it’s no use doing that. They have to break the contract themselves in order to be free from dark entities. If they´re not willing to clean themselves up, people around them must seek protection or avoid them. When a sorcerer sends demons in this lifetime, what we do is oust the demons, cleanse the victim and cut the ties between them or the person who hired the sorcerer. People who used to have demons ought to seek Archangel Michael´s protection. I often have to call upon his direct intervention, when a demon is too stubborn and tries to kill my co-worker. It’s said that after the Shift (the new era that will gradually come after 2012) dark force entities will be restricted for 1000 years. We shall see! PRICES -Hypnotherapy : 70 euros. This choice includes past-life and spirit contact therapy as well as future programming, where you are the one who is hypnotized. If it comes up and is possible, it can also include a partial soul retrieval or spirit releasement therapy. -Channeling: 110 euros. This option includes spiritual guidance or contact with a dear beloved. It’s done remotely with me in meditation with my spirit guide Cheyenne. -Spirit Releasement Therapy/Lifting of curses and breaking of black magic: 120 euros. It includes a spiritual protection shield. This service is also done remotely by me in meditation with Cheyenne. -Soul Retrieval: 130 euros. Our guide has gathered in advance all of our clients’ soul fragments from every lifetime and gives them back to them. It’s done remotely in meditation. -Past-life reading: 50 euro. You have a choice between getting a detailed report on one particular life or a rough one on 3-4 important past lives, through Skype or by e-mail. You also get to know your soul level, your karmic lessons, the approximate number of your lives and the common people between then and now. -Recording of guided past-life regression: 8 euros. The recording is a half hour long and it guides you step by step into a past life. You will receive it within 24 hours of sending your payment to my account in Paypal. Don’t forget to include your e-mail and the language you want the recording in. It’s available in English, Norwegian, Spanish and Greek. -Etherical alien implant removal: -The charge depends on the size, absorption and amount of implants, ranging from 20 euros to 80 euros a month, for a certain amount of months. It’s done remotely. -Veils: 120 euros, remotely in meditation. -Shadows: 120 euros three or four times a year, remotely in meditation. It usually takes one to two years to clear a shadow, depending on the case. For more information, go to www.spiritualinsight.gr

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    GERANIOU 7 - Athens

    You want a prediction from a powerful psychic from the far east, with rare skills in all subjects to employ? I come first and by far! You will know when you contact me, totally free and with 100% success! I'm famous ZAFIRA! Tarot, Cartomancy, pendulum, crystal ball, amulets, various tasks teardown misfortune, Egyptian sphinx. Nationwide service.

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    GREECE - Attica

    MANTO Psychic - Metaphysician | Ilioupoli Attica   I studied INTERCONNECTED PSYCHIATRIC HYPNOTHERAPY at the BCA College of the United States. Then I followed the metaphysical science at NEW ORLEANS. I deal with the subconscious of people... I direct with facts and exact dates every problem in order to find its solution, whatever it is. Through metaphysics and subconscious, with the help of a forecast of 7 different kinds of cards, I can safely give my 100% of my predictions to every human being. I specialize in card and coffee predictions, people reset through hypnotherapy and energy stones on the human body. There is also interpersonal counseling, mental health crisis management, through inter-connected psychiatric metaphysics.     What others call work, I call it love... Trust an innate feeling that has been scientifically strengthened for years to provide solutions to everyday and chronic problems once and forever. Contact me to find the best way to solve your personal issues. Phone appointment: +30 6983825818   MANTO PSYCHIC METAPHYSICIAN - COFFEE AND CARD PREDICTIONS - PEOPLE RETURNS - NSIGHTFUL FUTURE TELLER - HYPNOTHERAPY MENTAL HEALTH RELATIONSHIP AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT

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    18, Archimidous Street - Ilioupoli
  • Medium Athens - Great Psychic Dinami Latif - Spiritualist - Mighty Amulets - Astrological Predictions - Futurist - Professional & Erotic Advice Center Athens - Victoria - Patisia - Galatsi

    Large Medium Dinami Latif Spiritualist! Over 20 years of experience no matter what your problems are. I can help you solve the most difficult of them in less time than anyone else even if you are frustrated with other spiritualists. I can make lovers better than before. I can make strangers fall in love with people. I also give a powerful amulet for protection. I solve important sexual cases. Success professional advice and much more. RESULTS IN 7 DAYS

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    Pipinou 138 - Athens
    6949301661 (WHAT'S UP)
  • Medium Panhellenic - Sanusi - Telephone Predictions - Futurist - Problem Solving - Future Predictions - Powerful Medium - Attica - Thessaloniki - Panhellenic

    With 20 years of serious spiritual experience, we provide you with reliable predictions that will unlock the future and lead you to solve every problem that afflicts you. With absolute precision in our forecasts, we provide you with immediate solutions without waiting. Our strong insight can give you all the answers to your questions. Call us to find the answers you are looking for: - resolving family matters - settlement of inheritance cases - settlement of court cases - treatment of depression - treatment of sexual incapacity - reconnecting loved ones - wedding rejuvenation - finding the other half - Improve your luck - protection from any negative energy - protection from the evil eye - protection from any form of magic We specialize in difficult cases and find the answers from the first phone call. Futurist - Medium Sanusi 6944213935 viber - whats up 6982913557     Attica telephone predictions - Panhellenic telephone predictions - Attica futurist - Thessaloniki the future - Panhellenic futurist - Mentium Attica - Mentiou Thessaloniki - Mentium Panhellenic - Strong Opposition Attica - Strong Opposition Panhellenic - Powerful Medium Panhellenic - powerful Attic psychic - predictions for the future nationwide - predictions for the future Attic - psychic sanusi - personal predictions Attica - personal predictions nationwide - top futurist nationwide -mentium sanusi - see the future nationwide - reliable psychics nationwide

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    Drossopoulou - Attica
    6982913557, 6944213935 (WHATS UP + VIBER)
  • Ouziel - Medium Future Researcher Thessaloniki Athens - Forecasts of Powerful Energy Fields

    FOR AN APPOINTMENT, BY COMMUNICATION Athens Office, 2108668557   Medium Powerful Energy Fields Thessaloniki, Athens, Greece. Forecasts on family, emotional, professional, judicial and health issues. Solutions, restore. A powerful psychic - a futurist. Appointments by appointment.

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    4A, Karkavitsa Str. - Thessaloniki

    Angelos Orsini - Gelly Pappa Top psychic Greece - Turkey powerful forces visualization Cartomancy (classic Constantinopole throwing) resets Giteies amulets Remove negative influences Open the fortune on professional and personal matters Free predictions in the officε, after arranging appointment Guaranteed 100% success, quickly, certainly, confidentially Appointment phone 1. 2117055661 2. 6941494411 3. 6983451112 Offices: Athens, Halkida, Livadia Visit price: 80 euros

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    33, KRISSIS STR. - Kipseli

    There is no life without a problem and a problem without a solution. 20 year periodic experience serious intellectual work. Solving from simple to the most difficult problems faster than any other medium. Success and recognition in whatever business you're doing. Also in school exams for your children. Resolve family, inheritance and legal affairs. Energy cure chronic diseases such as depression, sexual impotence. Restores favorite, revitalizes energy wedding, finding the "other" half of your wedding. Improves luck at gambling. It protects you from all forms of negative energy, charm evil eye or any form of magic. Over 20 years experience, no matter what your problems are, I can help you solve the hardest of them, in less time than anyone else, even if you have been disappointed by other spiritualists. I can make better lovers than before. Can I make strangers to fall in love. Also I give powerful amulet for protection. Solve the difficult problems, family, love, finances, major court cases, sexual content. Successes, professional and romantic tips and much more. RESULT IN 7 DAYS Internet daily: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm Il n'y a pas de vie sans un problème et un problème sans solution. 20 années d'expérience périodique sérieux travail intellectuel. Résolution de la simple aux problèmes les plus difficiles plus rapidement que tout autre moyen. Le succès et la reconnaissance de quelque activité que vous faites. Toujours dans les examens scolaires pour vos enfants. Résoudre les affaires familiales, l'héritage et juridique. À guérir des maladies chroniques de l'énergie tels que la dépression, l'impuissance sexuelle. Restaure préférée, revitalise mariage de l'énergie, de trouver "l'autre" moitié de votre mariage. Améliore la chance au jeu. Il vous protège contre toutes les formes d'énergie négative, l'œil mauvais sort ou de toute forme de magie. Plus de 20 ans d'expérience, peu importe quels sont vos problèmes, je peux vous aider à résoudre les plus difficiles d'entre eux, en moins de temps que quiconque, même si vous avez été déçu par les spiritualistes d'autres. Je peux faire de meilleurs amants que par le passé. Puis-je faire étrangers de tomber amoureux. Aussi je donne puissante amulette de protection. Résoudre les problèmes difficiles, la famille, l'amour, les finances, les affaires judiciaires importantes, contenu à caractère sexuel. Succès, des conseils professionnels et romantique et bien plus encore. RESULTAT EN 7 JOURS Internet tous les jours: 08h00-21h00

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    MONASTIRIOU 81 - Thessaloniki

    Psychics, visionary and strong clairvoyance. Provisions for anything that concerns you, sentimental theme, professional, family and economy. You will find answers together through cartomancy and tarot! No problem remains unsolved! I give you the solutions directly, sure success. Absolute privacy.

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    CHALKIDA - Chalkida

    PROFESSOR Mr. SORIBA GREAT MARABOUT – MEDIUM Extraordinary hereditary gift 100% guarantee. Several years experience, experience in several countries like France, Canada England and Australia I can speak 3 different languages: French, English, Arabic. I can silve your problems quickly expert of the occult works.Competent and serious. Even if your case is discouraged, i shall bring you the solution in all domains. I realize the at-traction of clientele for all businesses become moldy for purchase and blow. Success of competitive exam, pass an exam and find a job. Release from spell, protectionagainst all dangers. Luck and professional evolutiondetoxification alcohol, tobacco, sport objective individual club. Unknown diseases family problems and of neigh bur hood. I work everyday by appointment from the 8 to 9 o'clock.   TEL 0033699320830

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    ATHENS - Athens

      Services K. RENA Parapsychologist, In line with the universal harmony, responsible for: - solutions to the problems - resets person - ikanotis finding valuable stolen objects - finding lost treasure - emotional - friendship - Engagement - wedding - pouring shield - Cartomancy - human amulets - stellar and zodiacal - theosophy - astromanteia - resets persons - energy filters - filters love - restore filters. Surefire forecasts CAUTION: Only serious cases of Greece - overseas, by appointment. CV Member of E.K.E.N.E. SEAT ZURICH COURSES Amateurs or non-professionals with diplomas of PA.PE.E.E. Colleagues join us at the 7th festival Astrology, Parapsychology, which will take place on a cosmic center of Athens. Rena was born in Chania, Crete. Ancestors descended from Turkey and Zurich. From an early age Rena had several visions and messages people relative to the environment and not, of causing fear. Her grandmother and her mother knew what she happens and helped enough, encouraging it in their own way, and they had the Divine Charisma. Ten years Rena made a trip with her mother and grandmother in Istanbul in an aunt, her sister Sultana mama, who loved and trusted. Ekmistreftike of her visions and fears. Her aunt heard with great attention and with the passage of time gave her to understand that he had a great charisma. He helped her in visions interpreting messages. Within all these visions and messages was one for Rena. That in 14 years of the first man who falls in love will marry him, then laughed Rena saying "Divine do not do it to marry with 14 years because I do not think right so small." With the passage of time Rena made a trip in Ierapetra, Crete, he met a man 12 years older than her, fell in love and married him, then realized he actually had the Divine Charisma. Certainly they have not stopped the visions and more. Then committed went to Aunt Sultana to utilize the charisma he had. Gradually completed the process with the help of her aunt, with the passage of time. Rena decided to make the long trip to the ancestors in Zurich and going inherited several files were given in a chest called Pandora, such as filters, prayers, amulets and many writings secrets that only the Rena can interpret and use . Hundreds of people who trusted and trust, they changed their lives radically and found solutions to their problems. Rena is close to you and to your psychological support. We serve Chania, Lasithi, Rethymno, Heraklion, Crete, counties Solid, Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace, Evros, Alexandroupolis, Komotini, Xanthi, Arta, Preveza, Ioannina, Serres, Drama, Kavala, Kilkis, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos, Karditsa, Trikala, Fthiotida, Viotia, Fokida, Livadia, Athens. Astrologer - Mediums, Acharnes Attica. Astrological predictions, Menidi, Liosia, Ilion - Attica. FOR EVERY SERIOUS CASE employing directly TREATMENT. FORECAST-ANSWERS TIPS NOW AND TILEFONIKOS AND ABSOLUTE DISCRETION.    

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    ILION - Ilion