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  • Dried Figs North Evia - Cool Figs - Figs Drying & Packaging - Dried Figs Production - Dried Figs Packaging - Fig Products Neos Pyrgos Evia

              Cool Figs Dried Figs | North Evia The dried figs company Cool Figs is based in Neo Pyrgos in North Evia and is active in the production, packaging and standardization of dried figs and fig products. In 2008, Koulocheris Charalambos, despite his young age, had the idea of cultivating figs together with his father Koulocheris Ioannis, in the fields he inherited from his grandfather, in Taxiarchis Evia. With the passage of time, as the crop grew and matured, the demand for figs in the municipality of Istiaea Edipsos increased... That's why he decided to found the Cool Figs company. Its aim is to package the figs it produces and process after natural drying methods, so that their taste remains unchanged, but also to combine the fruit of the fig with other flavors, in order to satisfy a wide audience, both inside and outside abroad, always aiming for the best quality.     CONTACT US     We are at your disposal for any information about our products and their availability in the market and via Viber & Whats App.    

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    Neos Pyrgos - Evia
  • Greek Dried Fruits Argos Argolida - Kalogerakis O.E. - Natural Fruit Drying - Sun-dried Tomatoes - Dried Peaches - Nectarines - Apricots - Plums - Lotus - Melon

            OUR PHILOSOPHY Kalogerakis - Greek Dried Fruits | Argos Argolida The company's philosophy is based on two axes. Our main concern is the utilization of the treasures of the Greek land and their availability in the Greek market with a completely natural process, without the addition of sweeteners. Moreover, we believe that the development must be collective, which is why we have created a network of partners throughout the country, based on our common vision of promoting the wealth of the Greek land.             The oldest way of food preservation, drying with the contribution of modern technology methods create naturally healthy products with respect and responsibility to the Greek family.       OUR HISTORY         The professional occupation of the Kalogerakis family with fresh fruit trading evolves into knowledge and love for the Greek land and its fruits. Grandfather George passes on these values to his descendants.                 Entry of the second generation into the fresh fruit and vegetable marketing sector. Expansion into the preservation sector. Continuous & uninterrupted research in the field of fruit & vegetable drying.                 The 3rd generation takes over the professional activity. Creation of a modern vertical unit for maintenance - drying - packaging and distribution.Responsible food technologist and modern specialized mechanical equipment guarantee the quality and safety of the products.                 ...and we continue We have never stood still in all generations of the Kalogerakis family. We are always looking for new products, new technologies with the sole purpose of always offering you the best.               The heart of production In our vertically integrated unit, the fruits selected by our partner producers are gathered. All the successive processing stages are followed, including: ♦ Natural drying in a protected environment ♦ Storage of the dried fruit in special chambers ♦ Packaging of the products in accordance with the prescribed health protocols/provision ♦ Placing the products on the market (wholesale/retail)              

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    Skafidaki - Argos
  • Grevenitis Konstantinos Express Transactions - Transfers Lamia - Classifications - Lamia Tax Office Cases - Mechanical Studies - Final Deletion & Temporary Cancellation of All Lamia Car Types

    We responsibly undertake all the handling of car cases in order to serve you faster. With 34 years of experience, you definitely know how to make the best choice. We save you time, effort and get you out of the difficult position of suffering in public services. We settle and complete all your cases. We handle all the bureaucracy. - Department of Transport & Communications - Δ.Ο.Υ. - Directorate of Rural Development - Ο.Π.Ε.Κ.Ε.Π.Ε. - Κ.Ε.Π.Π.Υ.Ε.Λ. - KTEO - Banks Efficiently and quickly, without long commutes, hassle and waiting for you. E.I.X. - Φ.Ι.Χ. - Φ.Δ.Χ. - HEAVY TRUCKS - BICYCLES - BUSES - TAXI PROJECT MACHINERY - AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY - MINING MACHINERY - Classifications - Transfers: E.I.X., F.I.X., F.D.X., Buses, Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Heavy Trucks, Mining Machinery, Two-wheelers, Vehicles from ODDY - Issuance of marketing licenses for individuals - professionals - companies - companies - Publication of new vehicle change books - Issuance of a road transport license - Issuance of vehicle type approval - Issuance of DOK plates - Replacement of plates due to wear or loss - Transfers of all types of vehicles / two-wheelers - Copy of marketing authorization due to damage or loss - Change of license from agricultural to professional and vice versa - Change of license due to engine or color change - Removal of retention of ownership of any type of vehicle - Temporary immobility - Permanent deletion - Characterizations - Declassifications - Replacements - Single units - Splits - Change of occupants - Special transport vehicles - Export of all types of vehicles to other countries Carrying out car cases at the Tax Office. - Goodwill of vehicles - BMD version (for moving to another area) - Deposit plates - Hereditary & disability cases - Lifting the immobility of vehicles Mechanical studies - Statements of a mechanical engineer - Special type approvals for construction machinery - Certificates of suitability: ADR, tachograph, speed limiters, sediment, fire, cranes, buckets, hydr. door - Trailer license for a trailer (trailer, dinghy, motorcycle, car, trunk, caravan) Driving licenses - Issuance of new driving licenses - Reviews - Extensions - Copies - KTEO (inspection) Collection and delivery at your place Receipt and delivery of all documents at your place !!! Carrying out car cases outside Lamia, by arrangement.

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    Papapostolou 47 - Lamia
  • Nutrition Trade Ptolemaida Kozani Western Macedonia - DAIRY FOOD - Bottled Water - Juices - Dried Fruits

    The company Salonikidis Alexandros and SIA OE has been active in the trade of dairy products, foods, frozen products, beverages, bottled water, juices for 40 years. It is based in Ptolemaida in the 1st km of Ptolemaida - Florina. Since 1998 it has been housed in modern installations certified to ISO 22000. Its modern premises accommodate a well-equipped business that mainly deals with the distribution of food products such as dough products, frozen products, table and mineral waters, juices and more. The aim of the company is good cooperation but also good service in the field of mass catering and not only…. The companies we work for: Refrigerator & Maintenance Products: 1) OLYMPUS dairy products (milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, packaged, casseroles, semi-hard feta cheese, white cheese, kinder.) 2) Dairy products RODOPES 3) in oil (mackerel, tuna, anchovies, ouzo) DELI FISH Freezer Refrigerator products: 1) Chickens, leggings, wings, breasts, fillet, roll, schnitzel, pinto chives, cheese pies, cheese pies, croissants of pasta, puff pastry ELL UNIQUE PASTE OF ARABATZIS 3) Pork, cheese and whole range of pasta, puff pastry: KG ORANGE 4) PREPARATED MEAT (minced meat, steaks) Pancakes, watercress, soujakakia, soujakakia 1 3) Table water DROUGH 4) GROWTH JUICE 5) Federation Products (oils, sunflowers, olive oils, sauces, mushrooms, preserves, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise) 6) LIPTON tea (7pcs), paperclips 8) ) Neochorouda Eggs TSAKIRI 9) Flour MANNA 10) Flour MILL 11) Al DPI LEGEND 12) Semolina-Farina-Cornflour-Icing-Misestes MANNA 13) Sugar

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    1st km Ptolemais - Florina - Ptolemaida
  • One Shop For All - Payment of Accounts - Electronic cigarette - Mobile phones Evia - Poros

      One Shop For All Technology Stores Evia - Poros Shop 1: Mantoudi of Evia Shop 2: Poros Trizinias Our One Shop For All was created to serve you all in terms of bill payments, and the purchase of mobile phones and electronic cigarettes. We have shops in Evia and Poros, which are made up of experienced, courteous and pleasant staff, willing to serve you right and right. Our goal is the right and prompt service of each customer     Store 1: Mantoudi Evia (Central Square) Tel. 2227023008 Mob. 6909050000 Shop 2: Poros Trizinias - Karamanou Square / Town Hall Tel. 2298025128 Mob. 6908396332    

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    Mantoudi - Evia
  • Pafilco Mechanical Sealing Center | Watertight Pumps Piraeus Attica

              Pafilco Mechanical Sealing Center Watertight Pumps Piraeus Attica       PAFILCO company was established in 1997 by members previously working in the same field,manufacturing and trading of sealing products, and with years experience before as marine on board engineers.                      The location of company in biggest Greek port (Piraeus) helped the company to create a big network of suppliers in order to fullfil the demands in sealing products  of the greek coastline shipping.    Apart from coastal shipping,PAFILCO expanded its customer range to merchandise fleet, Industry and Refinery and is able to fullfil every demanding need of sealing products.                 The aim of the company all these years is on the one hand to offer quality products and on the other hand the continuous enrichment of its product range, in order to be able to cover any of your future needs.  

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    25 Makron Tichon Str - Pireas
    +30 6973239821
  • Salvara Christina - Online Business - Work from home

    LOOKING FOR: Active and ambitious people from Greece and Cyprus for online entrepreneurship! By a world-class company.   BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Do not miss it!   I WONDER: Can I start a business for only 25 euros? I'm a consumer: Are there any stores where I can shop at a discount? I'm an entrepreneur: How can I bring new customers to my store?   THERE IS A SOLUTION   See more at the following link: https://www.jointhismeeting.com/mywebinar Presentation takes place every Tuesday and Sunday at 21:30

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    21, Kamares str - Mytilene
  • Stathis Koutsourakis Athens - Flags - Banners - Medals - Cups Athens

    Mr. Stathis Koutsourakis's flag making factory, located at 32 Marnis Street in Athens, has been operating since 1991 with an expanded network of customers in Greece and Europe, providing high quality products at competitive prices. Based on the continuous upgrade of our company's production methods, we use modern technology to meet the specialized needs of our customers. The craft manufactures Greek Flags, Fabric Flags, State Flags Ecclesiastical flags, Corporate flags, Garlands, Banners, Medals, Cups, Plaques, Conference flags. Flags and banners are made to order, all flags are made in Greece.

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    Marne 32 - Athens
  • 11184
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    Folia - Kavala