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    John Bardopoulos www.astropro.gr Founding member of the club "Let Astrology" History is a cyclical, as are the planets. History moves in circles, do the planets. Ten years from January 2002 in the journal "Astrologer" and by September 2010 valued daily at the site http://www.astrology.gr/Chrimatistiriaki Our years of my involvement with astrology, the successful on-year forecasts for the stock market, global forecasts developed to: · Analysis natal Ascendant with application intervals, the M / D alone are an additional analysis. Synastry Analysis; Birthday (2 Young People) Ascendant with application intervals, the M / D alone are an additional analysis. · Analysis Chronokratoron Life (Ancient Greek Astrological Technique). · Analysis of Planetary transits from Personal Horoscope. In each analysis: Two gifts, One month passes and the current period Chronokratora. · Specialized Stock Provisions for Scientific Movement and the General Index in the Greek Stock and International, forecasts and stock indices. All analyzes are sent by courier or electronic file to pdf. Telephone: 6974159292 Older stock predictions here (http://astropro-stockmarket.blogspot.com/) and here (http://www.astrology.gr/Chrimatistiriaki) Examples of Analyses in http://www.astropro.gr/personalreports/ Coming Bio astrological Astrological the Greek press. 1. August 1991. First collaboration with the magazine "Astrology Today" until the close of January 1992. 2. May 1993. Seven pre-written notices of events in "Third Eye" (Issue 25 to 31), until January 1994. The many successes also include the written forecast earthquake (with day and time) in India in September 1993. 3. November 1994. Monthly column in the magazine zodiac STATUS. From November 1994 to May 1995. 4. December 1995. Monthly column in the magazine zodiac PlayBoy, the new period, from December 1995 until January 2001. 5. October 1997. Participation in radio broadcasts daily news Piraeus Municipal radio, FM 90,6. 6. February 1998. Broadcast weekly forecasts with the same radio station every Saturday 9:30 ~ 10:00. The show stopped after the municipal elections in October 1998 for reasons of "financial reviews" and "renewal" of the Station. 7. February 2000. For the first time in Greece by Greek astrologer offered online monthly newsletter prepared for the General Index of Athens Stock Exchange. 8. May 2000. Publication of prospectus for the ASE POSTMAN magazine insert in the newspaper Ta Nea, (6 May 2000, issue 10). 9. June 2000. In Mediterranean Conference held in Mykonos (Astromykonos 2000) from 9 to June 11 was talking about ASE Bardopoulo by John, together with the President of the Italian federation Mrs. Mirti. Who spoke on international stock exchanges. This international conference was the world-famous American astrologer Robert Hand. 10. January 2002. Begins collaboration with the monthly magazine "Astrologer" and takes John Bardopoulos column for the stock market forecasts. Success is great because a similar column in another magazine was forced to stop in October 2002 compared to after two times the responsibility of the column had stated through the back door to non-"given" the forecast. Since November 2002 the Bardopoulos John is the only astrologer who writes in Greece forecasts for this area. 11. September 2010 at the remarkable daily astrological site http://www.astrology.gr/Chrimatistiriaki with the weekly forecasts for the stock market. In the year 2011 until the March 2012 successes are unique because the scientific evidence of DG stover followed by absolute forecast of the graphic. Unique success in European and international markets.

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    ATHENS - Athens

    Exclusive love affairs. Financial reunions even in very difficult situations where others have failed Open fortune and finances with visible results free love prediction province Athens Tel. 6988239578.

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    MIAOULI 9 - Athens

    AMADOY Experienced astrologist in Patissia, Attica. Valid future projections - long experience in the field. Detailed forecasts for business, love, family and health issues.

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    POLYLA 4-6 - Ano Patisia
    6946636666, 6944157454

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    - Volos

    Astrologer, futurist, method of Hull, tarot, Petrides Litsa - Tenia Riga. A. FUTUROLOGY The futurology, which can be referred to as predicting the future is to study the potential of possible future situations in our world. In general it can be seen as an offshoot of a broader perspective the study of history. The futurology aims to understand how it could evolve past to future, namely that this is likely to continue, what to change and what of those who would like to be considered a myth and will not happen. Unlike science, which is usually limited to narrowing assumptions the system under study, the futurology studies the world as a vast and complex system and can through various methods and with a deeper understanding of nature and the gift of Ascona substantiate forecasts and be as clear in its conclusions. Antiteithetai without a belief in divine creation. 1. Cartomancy> / Tarot The origins of the tarot is a mystery. We know that the cards were used in Italy in the 15th century. Later in the 18th and 19th centuries, the cards were discovered by various scholars skeptical of the occult and recognized the pictures on the cards he was a true story connected with the Greek and Egyptian mysteries, the hermetic philosophy, Kabbalah, alchemy and other secret systems. Although the roots of the Tarot is the occult tradition, interest in the cards has expanded in recent decades and includes many different perspectives. Most commonly seen as a tool for divination, ie a traditional tarot reading involves a seeker answers to personal questions and a reader, that someone who knows how to interpret the cards. When you do a tarot reading, we select some cards, though the process seems random, mathematically proved that there is a statistical coincidence of the appearance of the card. Exetazome the accident and usually say that an event is random if it appears to be the result of interaction of the likelihood of peripheral forces. From a set of possible outcomes is shown a single card, but why? This coincidence, the science of statistics is not defined. Here then, the prediction based on the cards. This definition includes two key assumptions about random cards exposed, first is the result of peripheral forces and then the same random card. First, no tarot reading is not just a product peripheral forces. It is the result of a long series of conscious actions. Katina Cards 2. Insight • Sensory (the senses) • Psychological (touching the conscience) • Invention (composition, sensory and cognitive insight energy) • Rational or cognitive expression (simple and direct approach of active mental data) • Metaphysical intuition (know the reality very different from the logic of knowledge). 3. Crystal - energy crystals In physical science the crystals are wonderful treasure trove of information on the geology of our planet. For the crystal the crystals and minerals are sources of light, energy and vibration, which for centuries have helped and continue to help people to protect, to harmonize and develop afougkrasmenos cosmic composition and its own existence. As already mentioned, but as is generally accepted that crystals except energy carriers are also addressed. By extension, accept various influences in the form of "information" which consists of thoughts, ideas, feelings and actions arising generally from psychology and behavior. The information they have neither material nor energy status (at least not in the physical sense of energy, which is measurable), but they tend to cling on matter and energy of the crystal, causing a variety (though most often subtle ) changes in its properties. Depending on the "quality" of information received by the crystal, can even be altered in color, its surface, the transmittance or the "behavior" during its use in therapy sessions or other practices. The behavior is one of the ways in which perceived the change in the crystal cause the information attached to it. Of course, the simplest and most direct way is to listen to the feeling that leads to the crystal, which can be from a thought that will cross the mind to a feeling that overwhelms us. Sometimes information can be felt in the crystal due to some changes (summarized above) that we feel to them without being seen by a small difference in the sense that leave us when we touch, to feel a greater weight in the crystal (eg in cases where we use a crystal on a necklace). 4. Rooney 5. Coffee fortune telling Karmic relationships - a contract between souls Have you happen to love, to hate, to argue with someone and yet find yourself back together? Did you see, how you attract friends with similar personalities or the same kind of partner? Looking back at your past, do you find that you repeat the same mistakes again and again, that follow the same standards of behavior? Then surely there karmikotita in your relationships. How would you recognize it? From the first moment is intimacy in the relationship, psychological bonding. A person who, while we meet for the first time, reminds us something of ourselves, reduces our resistance, we feel we need to follow him, asking for a position in life, but also open position for its existence in our life, we must accept that it has come to repay our karma. Of course here the question arises: what role she will be ours, the teacher or the student? What we learn from this relationship, what to pay back? The study links the moon can give us some answers as they represent the Our purpose in life. Parapsychology Parapsychology called sector research studies, "parapsychological" phenomena, ie those involving perception beyond the physical and sensory abilities can not be explained by natural laws or the current scientific knowledge. This type of cognitive phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, etc., in which a man believed to be aware of events, thought other people or future events without using natural sensory abilities (previously called such phenomena collectively exoaisthitiria perception ), or wild type like telekinesis and pyrokinisi (previously these phenomena collectively called psychokinesis). The parapsychologists usually call all these phenomena in the neutral condition Y (Psi) [1], which is not based on assumptions of the method of operation. From the condition Y comes the word psioniki (in 'e') also refers to parapsychology. Runes The roll of the runes, symbols of secret words, which are engraved on stones, began several thousand years in Scandinavia and has its roots in Scandinavian mythology. The symbols represent birds, animals and other elements of the natural world. In Roman times, runes have evolved in Fouthark the rune alphabet, and their interpretation was a secret that few possessed. In Anglo-Saxon England, kings and bishops possessed the art of reading the runes. The runes used widely nowadays belong to the German Fouthark and divided into three atter (families) of eight runes - that make us twenty four runes in total. Each is named atter a Scandinavian deity. The first eight runes are dedicated to Freya, the goddess of love and lust, war and death. The Chagkal, the keeper of all the gods, heads the second atter. And Tivaz, god of justice and the law of war and sky, leading the third atter. The properties of these three deities affect the runes atter their part. Each rune has a double meaning - one physical and one mental .. Dreams What are dreams? Is simply creations of our imagination, are projections of the subconscious, warning us of future events can be interpreted in any way? These and similar questions were employed and continue to employ people from ancient times until today. But ultimately the key question of whether dreams are prophetic remains anapantito.Kinoumeni between religion and magic, philosophy and superstition, physical and technical divination, or the oneiroermineftiki oneirokritiki in Late Antiquity remains a clearly defined practice divination Clean Energy Space - Space Clearing The energy space is a cleaning session takes place in homes and workplaces, clean the area so that the energy to flow freely and smoothly through the space and helps people, products and ideas in this field to move freely, creatively and dynamically. It can help to increase personal and family harmony as well as professional harmony and profits in business.

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    ATHENS - Athens
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    FALIROU 75 - Koukaki

    PAYMENT UPON SUCCESSFUL RESULTS Medium,Astrologer International fame Romance,Family,Business,etc. TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS Provinces,Overseas Tel.0030-210-8662354 0030-210-8662647 Mobile.0030-694-4320979

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  • - Iraklio
  • - Athens
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    - Athens
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    LEOFOROS MESOGION 330 - Agia Paraskeyi
  • - Athens
  • KANIGGOS 2 - Athens
  • - Agia Paraskeyi
  • - Marousi
  • - Nikaia

    www.astroblock.blogspot.com   Fee : Fixed 2,29 € / 1 '   Mobile 2,48 € / 1 ' with tax     Alina Kanakis was born and raised in Xanthi in northern Greece . After finishing high school he went to study in Istanbul, where he lived 17 plus seven years . He studied Philosophy and graphology . Since 1986 engaged in the research of the Arab astrology and metaphysics. He learned Arabic script and astrology by astrologer recognized international BASKAN AHMET AHMET ..   He has participated in international conferences astrology and psychic research , is an honorary member of ASTROLOJI BASKANLIGI HATIP ISTABUL. On 12/04/1987 honored with distinction and gold medal from the SEKRETER TURKEY JSMAYL KARADAG.     For many years engaged in the research and rescue Arab texts mysticism and astrology. Returning to Greece cooperates with many well known magazines and newspapers , while engaged in writing books and has the IP version of the monthly astrological magazine VALID AND MODERN ASTROLOGY circulated each month at kiosks .

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    17, AIGIALIAS Str. - Marousi
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    - Nea Smyrni