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  • Aggelos Michalis - General Doctor Pefki - Doctors Pefki - Doctors Northern Suburbs

    General family doctor Aggelos Michalis maintains his office in Pefki and serves all nearby areas such as Lykovrysi, Metamorfosi, Kifissia, Maroussi and all the northern suburbs of Attica. Visits at home.

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    55, Irinis avenue - Pefki

    Surgeon proctology, Attica.    hemorrhoids, fissure with laser, hemorrhoids during pregnancy, hemorrhoids in children, fissure ring, fistula, warts, constipation, rectal ultrasound, specialized center bowel disease, anal and pelvic floor, fecal incontinence, periedriko abscess, anorectal disorders, diseases colon, Heraklion Athens.    Mr. F AlkiviadEs. Pappas completed his studies at the Medical School of Athens University, where he graduated with "Honors". Then, after performing his service in rural Finicounda Messinia, began his specialty as General Surgeon surgery clinic Kyparissias General Hospital, which he successfully completed in 2005 at the First Surgical Clinic of the General Hospital "Georgios Genimatas". In 2006, he became a medical degree with a diploma "Excellent". Since 2007 collaborates with private clinics known both as a general surgeon and as a specialist in diseases of the anus. Continuing education in the field of diseases of the anus, is updated on a regular basis for all new data generated and specializes in learning new interventional applications participating in programs carried out across Europe, such as the following: Seminar diaproktikis microsurgery in experimental surgery in European Surgical Institute in Hamburg, Germany. (2008) Tackling hemorrhoidal therapy  the method HELP (ligation of hemorrhoidal and shrinking hemorrhoidal nodules with LASER) and LHP (hemorrhoidoplasty with LASER) in Rome, Italy. (2009) Comparative study on treatment of  methods: HAL- RAR, LOGO, LHP-laser hemorrhoidoplasty and expansion at P. Lord, also attended by fellow Sayer, Logo and Grigoriadis. (2008-2009) Intensive courses koloproktologias hospital St. Mark's London and specifically in the treatment of multiple fistulas, high periedrikon fistulas and fistulas in Crohn Crohn. (2010) Treating faecal incontinence with the method of nerve stimulation (Interstim Therapy) at the University of Erlagen Germany. (2010) After years of dealing with proctology on a theoretical level, with close monitoring of international developments in this area, and practical, dealing with the multifaceted facts aimorroidopatheias 2000 under the best-known response techniques, such as Miligan-Morgan the HAL-RAR, etc. the LONGO, F. Alcibiades. Pappas stands out as the best and minimally invasive surgical technique, post-ligation hemorrhoidal nodules and aimorroidoplastiki with Laser, as is, except cheaper, painless and gives final solution, without complications. FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF THE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE PROKTOLOGOKOU INTER. CE. PT

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    THEODORE M. ALTANIS DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION (FYSIATROS) I graduated from the Medical School of Athens University in 1992. In 2002 I received the title of the medical specialty of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (nature cure). In the same year after exams I received the diploma of European Board of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine, and also completed two-year specialization courses in acupuncture at the International Center for Postgraduate Athens Acupuncture Acu Science. I am a member of the Greek Medical Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Greek Medical Society of Acupuncture and Greek Osteoporosis Foundation. Since 2003 I practice medicine as a private practitioner in the Tower. As a doctor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Physiatrist) deal with both the restoration of diseases and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system (stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, peripheral nerve trapped syndromes, neuropathic pain, etc.) and the musculoskeletal system (neck pain, lumbago, headaches, joint pain, Myofascial pain, chronic pain syndromes, sports injuries, osteoporosis, etc.). As a Physiatrist and as a doctor specializing in medical acupuncture, I use acupuncture as a very important and innovative therapeutic approach to modern medicine for the treatment of chronic pain, neuropathic pain and Myofascial Pain. I also use the classic acupuncture as an alternative and complementary therapy to all the ailments of the human body, the World Health Organization has officially designated that acupuncture helps to address them. In my office is located at 42 Manolopoulou in Pyrgos. I accept upon request by appointment by calling 2621020090 (tel. Surgery) and 6977403015 (mobile).

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    42 MANOLOPOYLOY STR. - Purgos

    Cytology Practice | Niki Margari Ampelokipoi Attica Education and experience:  Specialty in Pathological Anatomy at the General Hospital of Athens "G. Gennimatas"  Specialty in Cytology at the "Agios Savvas" Hospital for Cancer and Oncology in Athens  Further training in the "Division of Clinical Cytology" at the "Karolinska" University Hospital in Sweden  Doctoral Dissertation at the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with the subject: "Cell differentiation markers in the investigation of porogenic breast carcinomas in liquid phase cytology material, THIN PREP".  Auxiliary physician and then Scientific Associate in the Laboratory of Diagnostic Cytology, University of Athens General Hospital "Attikon"  Member of the Hellenic Society for Clinical Cytology  She has participations with speeches, announcements and workshops in Greek and international conferences and published works in Greek and foreign scientific journals (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed).      

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    27A KIFISSIAS AVENUE - Ampelokipoi
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    EPIDAVROU 54 - Thessaloniki
    6974338203(Παιδίατρος), 6974643883(Καρδιολόγος)
  • gmiliosgr

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    gmiliosgr - Corfu
  • Kiousis Maria - General Practitioner Nea Peramos Attica - Diabetes Mellitus - Pathological Causes - Medical Examinations - Medical Aesthetics - Depilation

    Welcome to the website of Mrs. Kiousis - Agiasis Maria's clinic. The clinic is located in Nea Peramos at 28th October 293. The clinic provides medical services such as: medical examinations obesity Diabetes lumbago Arterial hypertension osteoarthritis A medical aesthetic is also available inside the clinic. The medical epilation laser provides the best results effortlessly and effectively. We still apply the diamond dermabrasion method that is the core in all body and face rehabilitation therapies. The clinic provides prescription drugs and appointments are made by telephone. Visits at home. Yours sincerely, Kiousis - Agiasis Maria

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    293, 28th Oktober Str. - Nea Peramos
  • Paparoupas Georgios Nektarios - General Doctor Agios Dimitrios Athina - Family Doctor

      General Family Doctor Paparoupas Nektarios Giorgos Agios Dimitrios - Athens Dr. Papapoupas maintains a medical clinic in Agios Dimitrios, 105, Argostoli street in Athens. With courtesy and smile, Pappoupas welcomes you in its brand new attentive space to offer you the best health services. The role of the family doctor is precious. All families need their own family doctor who can trust their ability to manage and regulate the conditions they suffer. Dr. Papapoupas, with great experience and consistency towards his patients, undertakes to regulate a multitude of diseases by offering services that guarantee the proper fight against various diseases.   Services - Diseases: Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus Observation of all chronic diseases (Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Osteoporosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Addressing acute incidents Diagnosis and Management of Neurological Disorders in Primary Care, such as Depression and Dementia Stop smoking Medical visits to residents Cardiogram Spirometry.   Argostoliou 105, Agios Dimitrios 17342 / Athens Phone: 2109887000 Cell: 6977254853    

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    Argostoliou - Agios Dimitrios
  • Petta Evrydiki - General Practitioner - Family Doctor - Palliative Care - Mayr Medicine - Alternative Medicine - Home Care - Pagrati Athens

    Evrydiki Petta, MD, PhD, graduated from the Medical School of the University of Patras, where she also acquired a Doctor's degree. Her specialty is General Practice (2007). She is trained in Mayr Medicine and in Palliative Care in Greece, Austria and England. She has worked as a doctor in the Palliative Care Unit "GALILEE" of the Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki providing home care for patients suffering from cancer and neurological diseases (2010-2017). The doctors' office, is based in 1 - 3 Iliodorou Street in Pagrati.

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    1-3, Iliodorou str - Pagrati
  • Tsitsipanis Stavros - General Doctor Katerini - Pathologist Katerini Pieria

    Tsitsipanis Stavros General Doctor Katerini   Mr. Tsitsipanis Stavros is general doctor - pathologist and maintains a medical office in Katerini. He offers medical services for the whole family and provides treatment for all medical illnesses.   The general doctor is the doctor we are addressing for any health issue, regardless of the nature of the problem. He is the first person we address for our health problems.   The doctor's goal is the timely diagnosis and the provision of medical follow-up and care for chronically ill patients.   The doctor visits at home. Accepts daily by appointment from 9.30 am until 2:00 pm.     3, KIPROU STR, KATERINI 2351061422, 6972701130    

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    3, Kiprou Str. - Katerini

    Physician - General family medicine (the doctor's office is located next to the Hotel Eva Bay, opposite the pharmacy).   Врач - Генеральный семейная медицина (кабинет врача находится рядом с отелем Eva Bay, напротив аптеки).

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    ADELIANOS KAMBOS 75 - Rethymno

    Biagkis Sp. Stamatis Specialist General Practitioner GRADUATE UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS ARTERIAL HYPERTENSION - PAEDIATRICS - ORTHOPEDICS - OSTEOPOROSIS - SURGERIES - SMALL OPERATIONS EXPERT GENERAL PHYSICIAN / FAMILY MEDICINE OFFICE OF PRIMARY CARE 24 HOUR PROVISION OF MEDICAL SERVICES - POSSIBILITY OF SHORT HOSPITALIZATION. Biagkis Stamatis studied medicine at the University of Siena, Italy and in the medical faculty of the University of Athens from where he graduated in 1995. He specialized in General Medicine at the University Hospital of Rio-Patra where he received the title of the specialty in General Medicine in 2002. After that, he practices medicine in Roda Corfu, where he maintains his private clinic. In the office, except the Medical Clinical Examinations (Pathology, Cardiology, Neurology, Pediatrics, etc.), he also performs the following if deemed necessary for the diagnosis: • Oximetry (lung function estimation of children and adults) • Simple urine test • Electrocardiogram Also he deals with chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Respiratory Disease, anxiety - depression, osteoporosis, Heart Failure and Blood hypertension. Moreover, he deals with emergencies such as allergies, minor surgeries (suturing a wound, removal of foreign bodies, moles etc.).

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    RODA - Corfu

    Your private outpatient primary care on the island Kos on, I can tell you that as a private consultant for general / sports medicine, in cooperation with all legal licensed physicians Island my services in the last 16 years on the island of Kos offering. Covering the entire width of the primary care on a 24 hour basis (such as, pediatric or orthopedic cases) and for all other outpatient concerns (X-Race, laboratory, etc.), have until their departure, in charge. After my medical degree and doctorate in Germany at the University of Cologne, I have, during my residency training, completed me in the following areas my time: Anesthesia, intensive care, emergency medicine, general surgery, orthopedics (rehabilitation), internal medicine (prevention), sports medicine, oncology. Under a 24-hour on-call please contact me for further questions.

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    TIGAKI - KOS - Kos