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  • Category: PLANTATIONS

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    - Giannitsa

    Nurseries, trade of multiplier material, multipurpose plants, in Petalouda Achaia.

    Category: PLANTATIONS

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    PETALOUDA - Achaia
  • Aslanis - Garden Center Isthmus Corinth - Garden - Architecture - Construction Garden - Gardening Tasks - rock gardens - Plants Flowers

    FOOTWEAR - GARDEN CONSTRUCTIONS - INSTITUTION - CORINTH FAMILY OF ASLEN For many years, INTHMO - CORINTHIA has been home to the Aslanis nursery and is active in the field of nurseries, construction and garden maintenance. It was founded by Aslani Evripidi with love in nature and flowers. Multi-year experience, know-how, reliability, consistency and affordability are a guide to improving our plant production and increasing the variety of items we provide in order to achieve the best result for your service. The love for the kind and the restless spirit for new creations, offers the best in the study and construction of gardens and terraces.             SERVICES · NITROS - KORINTHIA NURSERY · Flowers - plants ISTHMOS - CORINTHIA · Garden construction ISTHMOS - CORINTHIA · Garden Conservancy ISTHMOS - CORINTHIA · Garden architecture · Vrachokipoi - fountains · Installation of automatic watering · Lawns · Garden cleaning · Pruning - planting · Ground preparation · Soil configuration etc OUR GOAL Our purpose is always to serve customers directly, to create and maintain gardens that make others, but also ourselves happy. We create gardens according to your tastes and we maintain the gardens according to their needs. WE PROVIDE TIPS THANK YOU FOR YOUR MULTIPLE PREFERENCE E-MAIL: euripidis.asl@gmail.com Friendly, Aslanis Euripides Aslanis Konstantinos Aslanis Themistocles

    Category: PLANTATIONS

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    79 Klm Athens - Korinthos - Κόρινθος
  • Chiotis Constantinos & Co EE - Nursery Laconia - Plant Growing - Fruit Trees - Olives - Citrus

    Nursery of trees and plants in Laconia. Fruit trees, citrus fruits, olives etc.

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    Vlachiotis - Lakonia
    6944206803 , 6947425194

    Nurseries of Agia Tsikrikis Agia Nurseries can fully meet the needs of growers in tree crops as well as ornamental and horticultural crops. A total of 40 acres are cultivated in Agia Nurseries located on the slopes of Kissavos, an ideal place for the cultivation of cultivated species. Great importance is given to the quality of the subjects and the process of vaccination, which are of specific varieties, to ensure the health and efficiency of all the plants produced. Building on years of experience, Nurseries are able to know the needs of the home market well and respond to any problem or requirement of the customer. With experienced and specially trained staff, the company can supply producers and cultivators throughout Greece. The plant is transported by truck and in the company.

    Category: PLANTATIONS

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    77, AGIOKABOU STR - Larisa
  • Margaritis - Wholesale Plant Trade - Olives - Citrus fruits - Pelion - Volos

    Margaritis | Pelion plants High quality plants & trees! Our company "Margaritis Plants" is active in the field of production and wholesale of plants, it has one of the most beautiful villages in the eastern Pelion at an altitude of 600 meters. It is a family business that produces and markets plants that grow and thrive in the area of ​​Pelion such as camelli, gardenia, hydrangea, azalea, rhinchosperm etc. Our modern facilities, care, passion and zeal make our plants qualitatively separate with the result that they ranked first in the Greek market. The first steps of our company began in the mid-70s where Lavrentios Margaritis held a position in the then central Athens flower market (Veikou). With the passage of time and the needs of our customers, the company turned to the distribution sector, where it distributes our plants nationwide, but also in Europe, to the seats of our associates. Over the years, our business is dedicated to serving and working with our customers. This goal continues to exist and every year we are trying harder to develop. At present, our company owns two large-type trucks, which distribute our plants throughout Greece and abroad.   At our company you will find: Homemade plants for indoor & outdoor use Fence plants Plants resistant Shrubs Plants of burdock Fruitful trees Citrus trees Fruitful trees     Our headquarters are in Anilio of Pelion. Tel: +30 2426031467, Mobile: +30 6937152360, +30 6937287747  

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    ANILIO - Pelion
    6937152360, 6937287747
  • Medicinal Fertilizers Athens Attica - Organic Medicines Athens Attica - Organic Fertilizers Athens Attica - Soils Fertilizers Athens Attica - Internal Disinfectant Medicines

    ILIOPOULOS GIORGOS Organic Medicines Fertilizers Athens Attica In our company "ILIOPOULOS GIORGOS" in Athens, Attica, you will find a wide variety of plants, organic medicines and fertilizers at competitive prices. In more detail, you can find medicines, fertilizers, organic medicines and fertilizers, soils, disinfectants and many more. Our experienced and specialized staff is always at your disposal to help you choose the right medicines and fertilizers for your plants. Visit our company in Athens and be sure that you will receive high quality products at affordable prices. Medicinal Fertilizers Athens Attica, Organic Medicines Athens Attica, Organic Fertilizers Athens Attica, Soils Fertilizers Athens Attica, Disinfectant Medicines Indoor,

    Category: PLANTATIONS

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    Athens 19 - Athens
  • Noodles Theodorou - Nurseries Modi Asprovalta Lagkadas Thessaloniki - Tree Plant Nurseries Thessaloniki - Ornamental Plants - Shrubs Trees - Aromatic Plants - Garden Construction

    NURSERY GARDEN THEODOROU Theodorou Plant Nursery is a family business that has been active in the ornamental plant department with great success since 1989. In recent years, besides plants, it also sells nursery materials such as pots, cuttings, ground cover fabrics, bigball peat, etc. Theodorou Plant Nursery, offers excellent quality of plants, florists, horticulturalists. We also undertake garden constructions and maintenance. In our plant nursery we produce and grow many kinds of plants of exterior and interior spaces. Our plants and nurseries are located in Modi, Thessaloniki. PLANTS / PLANTING MATERIALS / POTS / BURLAPS / TEXTILE FABRICS / BIGBALL TISSUES / GARDEN CONSTRUCTIONS & MAINTENANCE          Follow us on   70ο Klm Thessalonikis Kavalas - Modi, Thessaloniki 57014  Phone: 2397051155,2397051175 Cell: 6973795210 For any information contact us by phone or via email    

    Category: PLANTATIONS

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    70ο Klm THESSLONIKI ΚΑΒΑΛΑΣ - ΜΟΔΙ - Thessaloniki
  • Ntzamaras Dimitris - Olive Tree Nurseries Tragana Fthiotida - Olives Fthiotida

    Our company has been active in the production of olive oils for over 65 years. The nurseries are operated with the permission of the Department of Agriculture and the Center for Propagation and Certification of Propagating Material and Fertilizer Control. Nutrients are supervised daily by a supervised agronomist Our varieties are of excellent quality, with excellent fruit and durability. We have olive, cane, olive oil (Megaron), Amfissis and Picual olive trees   Ultra-old fruit tree with great useful and ornamental value. It is an evergreen tree, with leaves opposite, lanceolate, leathery, dark green on the upper surface and silvery on the lower. Its flowers are white, single petal and very small, flowering and flowering from mid-April to late May, with the fruit ripening and harvested in late autumn and early or mid-winter depending on the variety. According to ancient Greek tradition, the home of the olive tree is Athens and the first olive tree was planted by the goddess Athena on the Acropolis. The olive tree thrives in temperate climates without extreme temperatures (average annual temperature of 16 ° C) and large humidity differences, which is why it is widespread in the Mediterranean (such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Algeria and elsewhere). . But it thrives in many parts of the world, as long as the temperature does not drop too low and for long periods below zero. That is why the most suitable areas for its cultivation are the seaside. Reed varieties of canes Kalamata or Kalamata Olive Nut is a great selection of table olives. It is mainly cultivated in the prefectures of Messinia, Laconia, Aitoloakarnania, Fthiotida, Corinth, Argolis and Ilia. It is a variety of high productivity midriff, demanding in soil and atmospheric humidity, resistant to soil salinity, and resistant to fungal vertigo. The weight of the fruit varies from 5 to 6 gr in the shape of a cylindrical one-sided bending resembling the grape variety of "Aetonix" grape. For this reason it is also called eagle or eagle reed. The skin of the wrist is delicate and elastic and acquires a deep black color at the stage of full maturity, while its core is smooth and easily detached from the flesh. This makes it the ideal variety for the production of natural black edible olives. The Kalam tree is quite sturdy, its branches have vertical growth and characteristically large leaves. Harvesting is done by hand (scallops) or by special battery sticks at full maturity during the November - December period. Olive Megara varieties Medium-grain oval fruit variety, dual-use, ie olive oil and table, green or black. It is cultivated throughout Greece and is also called Voboditik, Perachoritik, Ladolia, Churmadolia, Kallolia. It is a medium-sized tree with long pointed leaves. The fruit varies greatly in size and shape and is very similar to the Koroneiki but is larger. The tree is very resistant to cold and drought (non-irrigated cultivation) and is very productive when it receives elemental crop care providing top quality oil. The fruit content in the oil is around 25% and with more intensive cultivation reaches 30%, while the fruit is also used in canning (green jagged and black pressed). Varieties of Olive Amphisi The Amfissis variety or tin can have a large round fruit, it is dual-use, mainly tableware and oilseed. Good cold resistance, and consider yourself the "queen" of olives because of the excellent yield per tree. The trees of the Amphisse variety are generally tall, from 7-10 meters high but can be maintained at 4-5 meters with frequent pruning. They produce a very special variety of edible-table olives with a silky color, a round silhouette and a rich fleshy flesh. It is cultivated in many regions of Greece, under different names, such as in Volos, where it has taken the name "Voliotiki", in Pelion under the name "Mavrelia", in Istiaia and Euboea as "Round" or "Cannerveloia", in Agrinio, Stylida and Epirus under the name "Chondolia" and Larissa and Atalanti as "Ladolia". It is the most common variety of edible olives along with Kalamos in Greece. The leaves are medium-sized, elongate, with a pointed tip at the top that bends downward while the fruit is large (weighing 5-12 gr.), Oval, with crisp white flesh, easily detached from the nucleus (pumice). ). The skin of the wrist is thin and elastic and has great wrinkle resistance. Green fruit is usually more susceptible to ripe fruit.   Picwal olive trees Piccull is one of the earliest varieties with high productivity. The fruit is easily harvested by mechanical harvesting or by hand. It is very resistant to cold and drought. It is widely cultivated in Spain and accounts for about 50% of its total olive oil production. The Picwal variety has a characteristic shape, with a pointed formation at the wrist. It exhibits high stability of olive oil. The Piccull tree has a hardy trunk and is resistant to most types of soil and to all climatic conditions. The taste of Piccadil oil is distinctive and recognizable. It has been reported that the olive oil produced by its fruit is rich in polyphenols, which gives the olive oil a long shelf life. Piccall is a medium sized tree and it is also used in dense plantings (7x3.5 m). The fruit is oval and curved in shape with a characteristic formation at the end. It is a variety that with proper care (irrigation, fertilization, pruning) produces fruit with a weight of 2-4 gr almost every year to a satisfactory degree. It is considered an early variety with a harvest season in mid-November. The yield of the olive tree on the fruit is excellent and their oil content ranges from 22-26%. The oil is of high quality and is often mixed with other olive varieties to increase the stability and durability of olive oil. The areas in which the Picwal variety thrives best are mild to heavy winters and dry summers. It is considered a variety of olive trees with an index of resistance to cold quite high and responds exceptionally to areas with altitudes above 300 m but equally well at lower altitudes.

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    Tragana - Fthiotida
  • Nurseries Aegina - Flower Pots - Fertilizers - Organic Plants - Flowers Plants - Seeds - Herbs - George Lakkos

    Mr. Lakkos's nursery in Aegina is engaged in the production and trading of all kinds of plants and flowers. It is a true paradise of intoxicating scents and colors. It covers a very large area of ​​flowers and plants and by "exploring" it one finds even more beautiful and more colorful flowers.   Beauty and harmony are the main features here. Everything is in order, showing that the work being done is really serious and the result justifies it. In our business you will find everything around the flowers, plants and products for their maintenance and care. Together with our experienced network of partners, we undertake the design, construction and maintenance of gardens, as well as the design of automatic watering systems.   We are at your disposal for any information and advice on our subject.    

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    LIVADI - EGINA - Aigina
  • Nurseries Corinth - PROKOPOS CHRISTOS - Olive Trees - Olive Trees - Lemons - Oranges - All Types of Olives - Xylokastro - Corinth - Corinth

    Nursery unit Prokopos Christos. The company is based in Xylokastro, Corinth.   All varieties of olive trees are underlying wild olives, citrus fruits are underlying elm trees and peanuts are underlying tsikoudo.   The purpose of the business is the correct and responsible production of plant propagating material with natural conditions, starting from the wild seed.   The seedlings we produce come from verified mother trees of our nursery.   All trees are accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate / passport.   We operate throughout Greece.

    Category: PLANTATIONS

    Karyotika Xylokastro - Corinthia
  • Nurseries Lower Alissos Patras - Production And Trading Of Fruit Trees And Citrus Olives

    In order to fully meet the needs of the Greek producer, Zafeiropoulos nurseries in Kato Alissos cultivate and produce fruit trees, citrus fruits and olives. The experienced staff of the company takes care on a daily basis for the complete and healthy development of each seedling individually, within strictly selected virgin areas. We are next to each manufacturer before and after our products are released. We take care of valid information and advice. We have a love for our work and extensive experience in fruit and citrus cultivation. Zafeiropoulos nurseries in Lower Alice are constantly investing in equipment and human resources, providing expertise and quality at every step. We deliver our products throughout Ilia and Achaia, as well as the rest of Greece, upon request. We are waiting for you every day in our area to choose from a variety of plant varieties to suit your needs. Contact us for any information you require. We are always available to our customers, offering immediate service and the best prices in the market.

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    Kato Alissos - Patras

    In our nursery you will find vegetables (tomatoes , peppers , etc. ) on all our production hybrids . Plants and seeds of vegetables ( cabbage, lettuce , etc. ) Large Cultivar in seasonal flowering plants ( petunias , carnations , mallow , etc. ) . Various shrubs and coniferous trees . Also you will find different varieties of olives , as Amfissis , koroneiki , mansions , pikoual , armpekina etc. Large variety of fruit trees , and gymnoriza pot (apples , pears , cherries , chestnuts , etc. ) . Coconut Kallifornias . Even in the nursery will find a wide variety of plastic and clay pots and compost . Furthermore various bulbs and seed lawn . In store you will find the best service and affordable prices .

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  • Nurseries Veria - BALKAN AGRO - Trade of Fruit Seedlings Veria - Peaches Veria - Fossil Veria - Nectarines Veria - Veria

    Balkan Agro is today one of the largest companies in the field of production and marketing of fruit seedlings in Greece. Its history begins in the early 1960s where it started as a family business to develop into a pioneering business with significant international collaborations and presence in many countries in the Balkans and abroad. With over 50 years of experience in the production and multiplication of fruit seedlings and guided by the knowledge, passion and love for the land and its fruits that we inherited from grandfather and father, as a third generation we continue the hard work and tradition in innovation, following the latest trends and methods in the field of arboriculture. Our basic principle is to always offer quality material and to be close to the producer because we know that our plants are not just a commodity but a serious investment for each of our customers. All our subjects come from micropropagation from the laboratories "Vitro Plant" and "BATTISTINI". After strict control, we choose the right subjects for each type of fruit to ensure that our seedlings will have all those quality characteristics that will give them the best possible fruit. Thus, we are constantly using and experimenting with new innovative subjects, suitable for arboriculture. For the propagation of the seedlings we choose the best vaccines with several of them coming from our native plantation, where they are free from viruses and bacteria or from our partners abroad. In our nurseries we introduce and produce tested, traditional varieties while at the same time we are looking for new innovative varieties, always looking for the different and the special in order to cover every need of our customers. Our international collaborations, the unique variety of subjects and seedlings and above all the specialized knowledge and experience of our people are the best guarantees for the success of your business.

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    Sarantovrises - Veria
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    The company "Nursery Karypis" is engaged in landscaping, garden construction, feasibility studies and processing of agricultural affairs in Kalymnos. You will find a wide variety of plants, trees, ornamental garden.

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    KALYMNOS - Kalimnos
  • Olympus Nursery - California Walnut Nursery - Pavlonia - Fruit-Grower - Almond Tree - Chestnut - Fertilizers - Tools - Agricultural Supplies - Wholesale Retail - Misiras Petros

    In 1993 he worked in the Agricultural Cooperative of the Group "The Meluna of Olympus" with a total area of ​​2500 acres (area mainly for vineyards). He has worked for many years with the Greek vineyard mentor and Konstantinos Koussoula's exclusive associate of the company Tsantalis. Today it maintains a store for the marketing of nutrition and plant protection products based in Tyrnavos Argyropoulos. In addition, it also deals with alternative crops such as goji berry, pecan, paulonia, California walnut (chandler) providing the Greek producer with the appropriate propagating material and helping him to understand the application of the Code of Good Agricultural Practice. PI). In this way the product becomes competitive in the domestic and foreign market while reducing production costs. In 2011 he created his own nursery. In this area it cultivates paulonias, goji berry seedlings and cuttings of the highest quality and plants with tissue culture (a modern method of vegetative propagation that achieves the uniformity of plants free of viruses and pathogens. as a result the creation of Walnut nursery with high quality propagating material and plants ready to give fruit to those who care for them properly.

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    Argiropouli - Tirnavos

    Nurseries Organic Standards (Gozo, Hippophaes, Fei Zoa) The first nursery hypertrophy over Greece based on innovative management. The material is based on the parent orgonovioktimaton plantations with an area of ​​13 acres, with two particular numbers (options) Gozo, each has its own characteristics. The plants are selected from cuttings. The long my experience in organic farming and new innovative crops (Gozo, Hippophaes, Fei zoa) can safely provide any information and expertise throughout the creation and development of these crops. Support plant in development and disease attacks, is through orgone (empowerment). We accept valid proposals and orders for these crops. During the winter 2012-2013 will be available plants from Gozo nikioum 1. Clarifications The crops are full biological stage. All our products are empowered through the orgone. Accept any reasonable proposal to export our products to any country. The orgonovioktimata have maintenance and packaging of products.

    Category: PLANTATIONS

    KALI - Skydra
    6976621295, 698177802
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