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    ALEXIA'S CATERING Catering Services - Event Planning Sparta   OUR BUSINESS   ALEXIA'S Catering has been active in the field of mass catering since 2005, offering high-quality services with art and professionalism. Based on our pure ingredients and our love for creation, we create unique flavors for both the youngs and the elder. Our modern facilities and equipment enable us to meet the needs of large events and many people. Our specialized staff fully adapts to the requirements of every occasion and is always willing to serve you.   You can find us on the 2nd kilometer Afyssou - Sparta street , where we also have a Cafe & Fast Food company offering our handmade products. Contact us or visit our place for more information about the menus and the equipment.     We serve Sparta, allover Laconia and where else requested under confirmation.            

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    2nd km Afyssou - Sparta - Sparta
  • Best New Catering - Food Production - Wedding Catering Services - Baptism Catering - Social Events Catering - Alexandroupoli

      Best New Catering Food Production - Wedding Catering Services - Baptism Catering - Social Events Catering - Alexandroupoli   Best New Catering is a company based in the beautiful city of Alexandroupoli and is your reliable partner for catering your business. We specialize in providing high quality products and services to hotels, restaurants, coffee bars, fast food stores, and super markets. Our customers enjoy a wide variety of products, covering every taste preference. In the bakery sector, we offer fresh bread and various pastries, such as bread, couverture, buns, buns, croissants, cakes, croutons and petit fours. In addition, we provide quality puff pastry and pizzas that will satisfy even the most demanding palate. In the field of confectionery, Best New Catering stands out for the delicious pastes, cakes and other types of sweets we produce. With our passion for quality and creativity, we create sweet delights that will impress your customers. In addition, we provide catering services for any type of event you can imagine. Whether it's weddings, christenings, birthdays, openings or corporate conferences, our team is here to create an unforgettable taste experience for your guests. We undertake the preparation and delivery of food, finger food and desserts, ensuring that every detail will be perfectly matched to your preferences. Our company prides itself on the quality of the products and the service we offer. Our professionals are experienced and committed to the production of tasty delights that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. At Best New Catering, we recognize the importance of good nutrition and offer only the freshest, quality and healthiest products.                   Η Best New Catering έχει την υποδομή για την παραγωγή έτοιμου φαγητού, άρτου και αρτοσκευασμάτων, σφολιάτας, πίτας, πίτσας, γλυκών, σάντουιτς και συναφών προϊόντων, τα οποία και παράγει μέσα από ένα υπερσύγχρονο σύστημα διαχείρισης αλεύρων. Η ανάπτυξη της εταιρείας ήταν αλματώδης, με συνέπεια να κατακτήσει γρήγορα την αγορά του νομού με τα αρίστης ποιότητας προϊόντα της και την υποδειγματική και υπεύθυνη παροχή υπηρεσιών μαζικής εστίασης, έχοντας πάντα γνώμονα το σεβασμό στον πελάτη. Η εταιρία αναγνωρίζοντας τις απαιτήσεις και το δικαίωμα του καταναλωτή να απολαμβάνει τρόφιμα εύγευστα, θρεπτικά και ασφαλή για την υγειά του, με εγγυημένη πρώτη ύλη και ποιότητα επεξεργασίας, εφαρμόζει και έχει πιστοποιηθεί με ISO 22000:2005. Το σύστημα αυτό αποβλέπει στην διασφάλιση της υγιεινής (ασφάλεια) του προϊόντος καθώς και στην τεκμηρίωση της διαδικασίας παραγωγης.    

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    2nd km. Alexandroupolis - Avantas - Alexandroupoli
  • Catering Acharnes Attica - AITNA CATERING - Event Organization Acharnes Attica - Event Catering Acharnes Attica - Food For Events Acharnes Attica - Drinks For Events Acharnes Attica

    Receptions - Catering. The company Aetna Catering places particular emphasis on the wide variety of dishes, combined with the most refined tastes, influenced by international, Mediterranean cuisine and by exotic Asian recipes.

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    Agia Triados 100 - Axarne

    catering christening marriage

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    21 FIDIPPIDOY STR - Ampelokipoi
  • Catering Sunny Day - Catering Piraeus - Mediterranean - Wedding Estate - Conference & Exhibition Catering Piraeus Attica - Banquet Facilities - Wedding, Baptism Event - Social - Professional Events

    The company '' Sunny Day '' catering & event management, was founded in 2004 with its headquarters in Piraeus and specializes in organizing wedding, baptism, cocktail party, professional event etc. !!! With two offices .... Central: 142 Karaiskou Str., Piraeus, tel: 2111.984.422 Branch: 72 Markopoulou Avenue in the Mediterranean Tel: 22993.06021 .... has been close to you all these years, successfully organizing events of high demand and prestige, all over Greece. The catering service of ''Sunny Day Catering'' covers every type of event, with external catering in the client's area of ​​choice, even in its private space. They are distinguished for their professionalism, deep knowledge and many years of experience, and they have the perfect taste and the aesthetic aspect of your reception. With love, appetite and imagination they embellish the highlights of your life, catering and fully organized - Weddings, Baptisms, Events, Kids Parties, Birthdays, Professional Events - even paying attention to the smallest detail. Creating delicious menus and buffets, they bring you the menu you want, with gourmet flavors, exquisite raw materials and fine wines that accompany worldly banquets or corporate happenings, with the sole aim of enjoying and succeeding at the event. In ' Sunny Day Catering'' you will find a complete range of menus for every social and business event within your budget. Whatever social event you are planning, Sunny day catering with its dedicated staff and the imagination of its creative team will ensure success in organizing your event!

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    142, Karaiskou Str - Pireas
  • Con Gusto - Catering Nina Marinaki - Baptism Wedding Reception Menu - Athens - Suburbs - Attica - Corinthia - Argolis - Voiotia - Evoia

    CON GUSTO undertakes CATERING and the complete organization of all events. Our goal is to fulfill all your wishes and requirements with great care. Focusing on the details, we take care of the flawless presentation, the refined taste, with the purest materials, which leave the best impression. We focus on delicious Greek cuisine with classic Greek recipes, international cuisine, as well as tasteful Mediterranean dishes. We organize your every event separately, in the right way, with professional conscience and always friendly service. We operate with flexibility adapted to the specific requirements. With passion for perfection we suggest the best possible solutions for your events. OUR DAILY FOOD FEATURES: Consistency in delivery times Excellent quality A materials Secure transport in sealed isothermal containers maintaining a temperature such as to allow immediate serving. Delicious dishes from Greek cuisine with Mediterranean flavors, accompanied by oriental-Balkan touches Guided by the two-pronged QUALITY - RESPONSIBILITY we safeguard our credibility by providing high quality services at reasonable prices. In the field of event organizing we take charge of organizing your every event such as: conferences seminars PERSONNEL FOOD PROFESSIONAL MEALS COFFEE BREAK COCKTAIL FESTIVAL MEALS - BUFFET The above events are covered with full equipment such as audio (microphones etc), projection screens, seats, sofas and everything else required depending on the specificity of each event. We undertake the appropriate decoration of the space to meet your every need and we guarantee the perfect organization freeing you from any hassle. With culinary creations of Mediterranean and international cuisine, our experienced and courteous staff and the best prices cover your every requirement with high refinement and above all CON GUSTO (with taste).

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    213, 28th October - Megara
    6973329505, 6977479283

    Events, gatherings, weddings, christenings, engagements.   Hall for 400 persons.

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  • Magic Pot - Galerakis Markos - Food and Beverage Supplier - Wedding Catering - Baptism Catering - Catering Rental Service - Volos Magnesia

      Magic Pot Galerakis Markos - Food and Beverage Supplier - Wedding Catering - Baptism Catering - Catering Rental Service - Volos Magnesia   The "Magic Pot" of Markos Galerakis has been active in the field of catering since 2004. It started for the first time in Athens, during the Olympic Games, trying to meet the demand for catering companies with the ability to serve foreign-speaking customers. However, our work begins even further back, in 1994. In 2011 we moved to the city of Volos and since then we have been organizing all kinds of events and catering throughout the prefecture of Magnesia. Of course also to friends, we cannot refuse their service in the Sporades, Thessaly, and even in Athens.                   In addition to the organization of social and corporate events in organized spaces (estates, shops, event halls, etc.) but also in non-organized spaces (courtyards, squares, private streets, etc.), since the previous year a space has been created in Nea Dimitriada , at Agios Dimitriou 53, where we cook traditional homemade recipes every day, with fresh ingredients and lots of love. Also, for a year, we have taken over the management of the traditional guest house "Apostolia" in Makrynitsa, trying to offer together with all the modern comforts, peace and spiritual upliftment, in a traditional mansion of the area, full of history, between 2 endless streams that irrigate the surrounding area all year round.      

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    Agios Dimitriou 53 - Volos
  • Manolikakis Event equipment - Event Equipment Rental - Chairs - Tables - Rotundas - Dinnerware - Tablecloths - Pithari Chania Crete

      Manolikakis Event equipment Event Equipment Rental - Chairs - Tables - Rotundas - Dinnerware - Tablecloths - Pithari Chania Crete   Welcome to Manolikakis Event Equipment, the company that undertakes equipment rental for events in Pithari Akrotiri Chania in beautiful Crete. Looking for the ideal equipment for your event? Then you are in the right place! At Manolikakis Event Equipment, we understand the importance of organizing a successful event and offer a wide range of equipment to meet your needs. No matter the size or type of your event, we have everything you need to create an unforgettable venue. Our equipment is of high quality and is selected to provide comfort, functionality and aesthetics to your event. In addition, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, helping you select the right equipment and create an event to remember. Contact us today to discuss your needs and offer you the best solutions for your event. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event or any other type of event, Manolikakis Event Equipment is here for you. We cover with high quality products your event, as you have imagined it! Wedding, baptism, party, reception, inauguration, conference catering! There is no small or big event! We can cater for any event you have organised. You can rent from a table or some glasses for your home reception to your entire wedding equipment. Possibility of transporting all products to your place!                   The equipment we offer includes: Folding awnings: We have a variety of folding awnings that offer shade and protection from the weather. These awnings are ideal for outdoor use. Outdoor Stoves: We offer outdoor stoves to keep your space warm during the colder months. Tables, rotundas and benches: We have a variety of tables, rotundas and benches to create a comfortable and functional environment for your guests. Stands, Tablecloths and Linen Covers: We provide stands, tablecloths and linen covers to give your banquettes and tables an elegant and refined look. Chairs: Our comfortable and stylish chairs are ideal for providing comfort and support to your guests. Tableware and other accessories: We also provide tableware and other accessories to help you serve your guests in style.    

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    Pithari, Akrotiri - Chania
  • Marmalade Production Kallithea Attica - PENELOPES MARMALADE - Marmalade Trade Kallithea Attica - Handmade Products Kallithea Attica - Confectionery Items Kallithea Attica

    Our workshop was created from the passion and love we have for pure handmade food products and the desire to offer them to all of you, through a clean, traditional space. So our wish could and did come true! The emphasis on quality, buying only fresh seasonal products are all solid foundations to enhance the authenticity of the products In our store you can find high quality handmade products at extremely affordable prices.   Jams (All our jams are made with a little sugar and 100% natural lemon juice) Without preservatives No dyes No glucose   Cookies (we make them with the purest ingredients using cow's butter, fresh eggs and Madagascar vanilla)   Cakes in many different flavors in the wonderful designs we create Birthday Watermelon Cake Victoria sponge cake Cream Cheese Oreo cookies - Bueno Cream Buttercream Frosting   In our laboratory, the wonderful domestic fruits of Greek nature become "superfoods" that give health and well-being to all of you!   You can find our handmade products at our partners below: Vanilla-Cinnamon: Vineyards, Louise Riancourt 73 Degustation: Kolonaki, Koumpari 5 Bukia & Sychorio: Kifisia, Kifisias 361 Bukia & Sychorio: N. Psychiko, Solomou 2 Kekkis Butcher: Peania, Demosthenos Square 4 The seed: Moschato, Stratigou Makrigiannis 76 Cava Faidon: Voula, Ag. John 28 Benito Delicatessen: Glyfada, Gr. Lambrakis & Ag. 48 Nikolaou Benito Delicatessen: Faliro Taste of Greece Treasures: Piraeus, Ypsilantou 140 Skutelogiorgis: Byronas, Cyprus 71 & Erythraias Our sweet stories: Kalamaki, Thukydidou 36 O Stratos butcher-grocery store: N. Kosmos, 46 Angilis & Evdoxou Carnicero Meat & Deli: Neo Psychiko, Dim. Vasiliou 18 Carnicero: Kifisia, 322 Kifisias Ave Tamarillo: Varkiza, Achilleos 15 Mini 13: Byronas, Davlias 13 Messinia Farm: N. Smyrni, Proskopon Aidiniou 14 Twins bakery: Argyroupoli, Eleftheriou Venizelou 18 All Honey Milk: Preveza, Mytikas

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    Kallithea - Attica
    6944685683 / 6944714151
  • Rendez vous Catering - Baptism Wedding Catering - Corporate Menus - Coffee Break - Events - Equipment Rental - Naxos

      Rendezvous Catering Baptism Wedding Catering - Corporate Menus - Coffee Break - Events - Equipment Rental - Naxos   Rendezvous Catering is a company that was founded in 1992 and has managed to gain a solid position in the field of manufacturing and providing catering services. With long experience in the field, our company offers the coverage of all events, whether personal or corporate, with quality, excellent, Greek, international, traditional catering and the possibility of creating special menus for each customer. Our Executive Chef and member of the Greek Chefs Club, Dimitris Papadopoulos, is responsible for the creation and supervision of the menus. His experience and fine taste in food preparation guarantee the quality of the products we offer to our customers. From the selection of raw materials to the presentation of the dishes on the table, Rendezvous Catering is dedicated to providing high quality service and customer service. The quality and quantity of the products, but also our experienced staff, have ranked our company in the first place of Catering in Naxos and beyond, according to the confession of our happy customers.                     cuisine: Quality, excellent, Greek, international, traditional. Ability to create special menus. Proposals according to the financial possibility & wishes of the customers.   Equipment: complete with glassware, seats with covers, round tables with tablecloths, glasses, stainless steel cutlery & serving trays.   Banquet spaces: beautiful estates, idyllic beaches, luxurious rooms, ideal proposals anywhere in Naxos & the surrounding islands.   Staff: Specialized, experienced, willing, polite, discreet in all work positions: Welcome, Bar, Buffet, Service.   Amenities: Equipment rental for all social events (wedding, baptism, conferences) Wedding cakes Baptism cakes Special "sweet" orders for every moment of your life      

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    Naxos - Naksos

    Our new venue enables us to expand our service, and to cover events such as business dinners, nameday or birthday meals, baptisms, or other important moments of everyday life. We provide hosting in our premises for eventssuch as: Daily meals Buffet Official festivities Corporate evnts Birthday meals Baptism meals (80-100 people) Special festivitis (St. Valentine, New Year's Eve, Carnival parties) Tourist trips Ticket Restaurant Associate

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    - Thessaloniki
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    - Pireas

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    ATHINAS 69 - Koridalos
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    4, PEFKON Str. - Neo Irakleio


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    SPARTIS 30 - Agios Dimitrios
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    - Elliniko
  • - Neo Irakleio
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