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  • Anastasia Ems Exercise By Miha Bodytec - Personal Training - Salamina Gym

    MEDICAL MACHINE Did you know that the miha bodytec is officially considered a medical machine approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) and the Athens Medical Association? The #EMS training with miha bodytec: - accelerates injury recovery, - does not strain the joints, - strengthens specific muscles, - helps with incontinence, protects against osteoporosis and - contributes to good blood circulation. The programs are based on scientific data and studies ensuring the greatest possible benefits for the customer as well as the ease of use of the machine. Therefore training with miha bodytec is completely safe as the machine is manufactured under the strictest health standards! BODY VIBE - ΕΜS Training with miha bodytec! Find now all the information at www.body-vibe.gr or call our phones for your free trial! - Fat loss & sculpting - Strengthening of the spine - Building muscle mass - Activation of metabolism Just 20 minutes a week with Miha Bodytec is enough to feel and see the results in your body! The innovative training system with the method of electromusculation stimulates all muscle groups at the same time, improving muscle strengthening, while at the same time contributing significantly to fat burning. It is the safest way to work out, ensuring immediate results! Book the first FREE appointment at 6906429407 In the fitness studios with the #mihabodytec method you can work out safely, since all the hygiene and safety standards are met. Do not waste training and time, do not forget that you can bring your child with him, to watch for 20 'that the training lasts at the level of personal training.

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    Amoxostou 7 - Salamina
  • Caestus Gym - Gym Nea Ionia Athens - Pilates Nea Ionia - TRX - Reformer - Boxing - Fitness

    The Caestus gym was created with love for sport and passion for the transmission of athletic culture to the general public. The Latin name Caestus represents the strong will to achieve our scientific and athletic goals. Our view is that exercise is the easiest, most economical and natural way to improve the quality of your life and it is for everyone! Our goal is to improve the physical and health of the trainees along with the restoration of possible musculoskeletal problems. In this way we ensure their long-term course in the field of sports and for this reason we have ideally combined the PILATES programs with dynamic, functional FITNESS breakthrough trainings. Specialized scientific staff of Physical Education Teachers and Physiotherapists offer you the opportunity to participate in exercises, under their supervision and guidance, based on the most modern training methods! Trust the Caestus specialists to guide you!

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    99A, Kastamonis and Makrigianni str - Nea Ionia
  • G.K. FITNESS CLUB - Gym Faliraki Rhodes - Gym Equipment Falirtaki Rhodes

    The G.K.Fitness Club was created in 2013 in Rhodes, pioneering in the field of training for all ages and for people with different goals. Its founder, KAZELLIS GEORGIOS, created a unique and modern fitness and wellness area, with love for his work, having as a helper his rich experience and his great athletic journey.   In our particularly warm and welcoming environment, men and women of every age are daily practiced. Initially, all trainees are subject to various measurements for which state-of-the-art technology is used.   The programs are tailored to the results of the measurements and are changed at regular intervals based on the latest occupational and physiological evaluation and the trainees' abilities.   Our team At G.K.Fitness Club, our experienced and scientifically trained partners plan for you your personal program. You can choose your personal trainer in a special fitness lesson in modern gymnastics.   If you want to lose weight, consult our physician-nutritionist who, after physical analysis with our latest beamer technology, will make your personal diet plan.  

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  • Gym - Personal Training -Total Recall Fitness Fun Club

    Total Recall Fitness Fun Club welcomes you to a refurbished fitness center in Keratsini Attica. With well-equipped and trained staff we offer all of you Functional & Cross Training in small groups (3-5 people) or personal training.   The way we workout focuses on "functional fitness" and the motions that each body follows in its daily life. Managing day-to-day activities will be easier, and the feeling of well-being will be more intense after each workout. The exercise program includes seating, bending, jogging and weights that will be performed with instruments such as kettlebells, straps and more.   We will be happy to meet you and guide you through the Total Recall Fitness Fun Club training session.

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    Theofrastou 64 - Keratzini
  • Gym For Women Koropi Attica - BE HEALTHY

    If you have found yourself in the awkward position of wrestling on a gym treadmill expecting the body of a model or you feel that the money you give for your gym is not in return for the services provided nor in your body…   If you have tried all the latest exercise methods but you always feel that something is missing you and your visit to the place where you work out leaves you with a feeling of battery discharge ...   Then you are in the 90% of practitioners in the modern Greek reality. Our goal is to make you the body you want!   Our goal is for the new training methods to be applied immediately, quickly, efficiently, fun and at the lowest possible cost for the athlete.   As well as to enable the trainees to check their progress through tests related to their physical composition, visual result, their dynamic development for their physical condition and the wider improvement of their psychology.   We have worked in various fields of sports events such as gyms, sports clubs, personal training studios.   We have also worked for several years as personal trainers.   Our training is continuous so that we can offer services based on the latest data and knowledge.     SPECIAL PRICES IN CROUP APPOINTMENT AFTER TEL   YOURS SINCERELY   AFRODITI GEORGAKOPOULOU

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        Since 1995 in Ios IOS is the GYM gym. This is a business that consists of experienced professionals. In GYM IOS you will find an area with fitness equipment and programs for adults and children. ADULT PROGRAM PILATES (with various institutions, aerobic exercises, TRX straps, vibrating platforms). cross fit dynamic program that exercises the entire body in half an hour !!! TAEBO aerobic movements with box PROGRAMME CHILDREN Instrumental ground exercise, balance and strength, children's sections Yoga and pilates. We expect soon !! Discount for three months recording and on all programs.   Από το 1995 στη Ίο υπάρχει το γυμναστήριο IOS GYM. Πρόκειται για μία επιχείρηση που αποτελείτε από έμπειρους επαγγελματίες. Στο IOS GYM θα βρείτε έναν χώρο με όργανα γυμναστικής καθώς και προγράμματα για ενήλικες και παιδιά. ΠΡΟΓΡΑΜΜΑ ΕΝΗΛΙΚΩΝ PILATES (με διάφορα όργανα, αεροβικές ασκήσεις, ιμάντες TRX, πλατφόρμες δόνησης). cross fit Δυναμικο προγραμμα που γυμναζει ολο το σωμα σε μιση ωρα!!! TAEBO Αεροβικη με κινησεις box ΠΡΟΓΡΑΜΜΑ ΠΑΙΔΙΩΝ Ενόργανη άσκηση εδάφους, ισορροπίας και δύναμης, παιδικά τμήματα Γιόγκα και pilates. Σας περιμένουμε σύντομα!! Έκπτωση στους τρεις μήνες εγγραφής και πάνω σε όλα τα προγράμματα.

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    CHORA - Ios

    The KIM FITNESS gym after a hard work, experience and dedication to armonikli balanced development of physical, mental and spiritual powers of the people became our ultimate goal to improve the quality of your life in a beautiful and healthy body. In our gym is a special area that provides unique services to those who seek quality and specialized programs and predisposes you to focus on your goals. We'll help you find the perfect program for you to fulfill the promise you have given yourself a better body.

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    160 KASSAVETI - Volos
  • Mega Fit Gym - Alexandroupoli Gym - Bicycles - Treadmills - Free Weights - Pilates - Aerobic - Functional - Zumba - Trx - Passive Fitness - Solarium - Individual Group Programs - Infrared - Bodyformer - Pilate - Massage

    MEGA-FIT GYM | ALEXANDROUPOLIS Giaxidis Anestis - Papapavlou Tzoulia MEGA-FIT GYM is a modern gym in the city of Alexandroupolis, offering its services to young and old ones since 2000. Headed by Giaxidis Anestis and Papapavlou Tzoulia, as well as, an experienced team of prominent professionals of this kind, the MEGA-FIT gym provides a wide range of machines and programs for every type of exercise. Try our team programs with a physical or virtual presence of a trainer or ask us to plan together a personalized training program based on your own needs. Get entertained and get the perfect physical fitness colse to the specialists!  Find out about current promotional offers and take advantage of our affordable rates. The gym is open Monday to Friday: 9:00-23:00 and Saturday: 9:00-20:00. Please contact us for further information or visit us at Ethnikis Antistaseos 81 in Alexandroupolis.

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    ETHNIKIS ANTISTASEOS 81 - Alexandroupoli
  • Misiras - PERSONAL TRAINER - Gym Nea Smyrni - Kinesiotherapy Nea Smyrni - Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation - Individual Group Programs - Corrective Gymnastics - Pilates

    With 15 years experience in senior fitness academy take in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki offers services at your location individually and collectively because your time is valuable and physical condition as well. Start a program to adapt to your personal needs with your personal trainer Misiras Theodosio. Personal training Pilates training in 3 simple yet golden rules in fitness under supervision and correction of the personal trainer oversees client and motivates and provides psychological support for a better result.. depending on what suit everyone. Exercise during pregnancy and at home. Specialization for specific population groups and specialization among older people. Save time , activate fat burning metabolism, and other multiple benefits for health and your appearance. Contact us for full cost and packs on the phone. Discounts for students and unemployed.

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    25, P.P. GERMANOU Str - Palaio Faliro

    GYM TRIKALA Ms. BALOUTSOU VASILIKI owns one of the oldest and most effective gyms in Trikala. Modern equipment and spa facilities to relax after your exercise. Experienced trainers are always there for you and prepare the appropriate program for you, highly adapted to your needs. It is not a coincidence that our gym has a strong brand name and reputation in Trikala with many satisfied customers. We wait for you on 5 Asklipiou Str.

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    5 ASKLIPIOU STR - Trikala

    Fitness Gym in Thessaloniki. You will find us on the street Olympus 39.

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    OLYMPOU 39 - Thessaloniki

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    KARKAVITSA 13 - Thessaloniki