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  • Christos Tribonias - Drillings Nafplio

    Drillings for big and small spaces, Cement Injections Nayplio. Responsible work. We serve the whole prefecture of Argolis.

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    3, Pisteos str - Nafplio
  • Crete Soil Mechanics - Drilling Chania Rethymnon Agios Nikolaos Heraklion Crete - Cement Injections - Geothermia - Curbs - Small Piles - Diamantakis Dimitris

    The Company operates with proprietary equipment and permanent personnel in the manufacture of Water Wells, Sample Drill Bits, Geothermal Drilling & Support Works. Cretan Soil Mechanics provides integrated geotechnical solutions undertaking all stages of a geotechnical project. Geological - Environmental and Groundwater Exploration Studies are undertaken by our Company. These studies include proprietary outdoor equipment & specialized Scientific staff. In the field of Mineral Raw Materials the Company carries out Geological - Technical and Environmental Studies and undertakes the processing of required permits. It also implements implementation studies for the design and development of aggregate and industrial mineral quarries. Water well drilling Geothermal Sampling Drilling Construction of pumping stations - installation of submersible pumps Environmental Projects - studies

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    6th km EO Chania Rethymno, BIOPA Area - Chania

    Welcome to Salamalaki drilling business. The 35 year experience in the space of our drilling is validate and showcase the best. Technical knowledge, the optimal and complete our equipment offering reliable and guaranteed results. We undertake: the license of drilling and any procedures associated with it, drilling the soil with the appropriate and most modern-innovative equipment, our pipeline with quality materials and high durability, the chalikosi with special fluvial pebble to ensure perfect giltrarismatos water. The drilling .... The company "DRILLING SALAMALIKIS" for 35 years ... effectively. We are among the few companies that have limited space for machinery courtyards and gardens and machines last type deep bores and by carrying out our work or drills or pyrantlia, depending on the hardness of the soil. - STUDY AND DRILLING PERMIT - GEOLOGICAL STUDIES & DRILLING PERMITS The company "DRILLING SALAMALIKIS" for better service you have at your disposal machines two categories: A) Large rig: large depth and caliber. ___Maximum Depth we have requested is 480 meters. ___Maximum Caliber we have requested is 25 inches and an executive with a success rate of 90%. B) Small rig to depths of up to 120 meters. - GEOTHERMAL GEOTHERMAL ENERGY & - TSIMENTOENESEIS WITHIN THE DRILL IRAQ: مرحبا بكم في أعمال الحفر Salamalaki. تجربة 35 عاما في غضون الحفر لدينا هو ترسيخ وتسليط الضوء على أفضل. المعرفة التقنية، وتقديم الأمثل والكامل معداتنا نتائج موثوقة ومضمونة. نقوم بها: رخصة الحفر وأية إجراءات المرتبطة به، حفر التربة مع المعدات المناسبة والحديثة المبتكرة، لدينا خط أنابيب مع مواد ذات جودة ومتانة عالية، و مع حصاة النهرية خاصة لضمان الكمال المياه. حفر .... و"SALAMALIKIS DRILLING" الشركة لمدة 35 عاما ... على نحو فعال. نحن من بين الشركات القليلة التي لديها مساحة محدودة للساحات والحدائق والماكينات والآلات المملون نوع آخر عميق وتنفيذ التدريبات أو عملنا أو ، اعتمادا على صلابة التربة. - دراسة وحفر رخصة - دراسة جيولوجية وتبيح حفر شركة "SALAMALIKIS حفر" لأفضل خدمة لديك على آلات تصرفكم فئتين: A تلاعب) كبير: عمق كبير والعيار. ___أقصى العمق طلبنا هو 480 متر. ___أقصى عيار طلبنا هو 25 بوصة والتنفيذية مع نسبة نجاح 90٪. B) تلاعب الصغيرة إلى أعماق تصل إلى 120 متر. - الطاقة الحرارية الأرضية والطاقة الحرارية الأرضية - TSIMENTOENESEIS WITHIN THE DRILL

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    IRAQ - Achaia
    6972351868, 6973015888
  • Drilling Crete - Angelakis Giorgos - Crete Water Studies - Crete Geotechnical Works - Drilling Works - Pumping - Hydrogeological Research

    DRILLS CRETE - ANGELAKIS CH. GEORGIOS - PYCHIOUCHOS GEOLOGOS EDE MEMBER GEOTE AM. 852/85 Geotechnical & Water Drilling Crete Geologist Specialist Geologist - Hydrogeologist - Manufacturer We operate mostly in Crete and in major projects in the rest of Greece and the islands. We carry out projects in the wider public sector, Municipalities, Construction Companies and Private. WE ASSUME PROJECTS: - Drilling and drilling - Geotechnical works and sampling - Stakes & Piles - Foundations - Earthworks - Geothermal - air conditioning drilling - Drainage - Dynamic aquifer enrichment - Restoration of old & other boreholes with problems EXPERIENCE - TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS: We have built a large number of projects in the wider public sector as well as hundreds of private ones with over 30 years of experience in the field and specialized scientific training in soil and subsoil research. Starting from our specialty we design and execute complete solutions to all geological and geotechnical problems with the most cost-effective technical and economical proposals. STUDIES - IDENTIFICATIONS: • Design and execution: Geological hydrogeological - geotechnical and geophysical studies. • Hazard identification and soil optimization when building homes, hotels and other construction projects. • Geological and geophysical soil - subsoil research to more rationally address the problem of water discovery. • Issuance of new water licenses and renewals of old or expired, as well as drilling or wells licenses that are not licensed to date. DESIGN: Design work with geological scientific guidance, complete equipment for each work with experienced partners, drilling shields with the best materials and reliable pipes (ISO), with optimal way of installation and performance. For all tasks: continuous monitoring and technical information. We have a complete Geological and Technical Archive with infinite and comparable geological and technical data in our region. Borehole Drilling - (Submersible Pumps) Choosing a pump system based on its longevity and best performance is considered to be of great importance and we can !! You should be well aware of the geology (rocks) of the mining area, the quality of the water and their diet (movement), as well as the method of mining with all observations and geological conclusions (Geological Drilling) Complete shielding with panels containing automation materials for state-of-the-art technology. Complete automation to predict damage from mismanagement and other extraneous factors. We have the best pump assemblies and materials with the right combination and design, as well as excellent installation by experienced staff.     special geologist crete, chania, lassithi, hydrogeologist crete, rethymnon, heraklion, crete boreholes, pan crane, crete hydrogeology, crete geotechnical works, rethymnon, pan crete, underwater geological survey, submarine geological survey drilling licenses for Crete wells,

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    31, Crete University Str. (Atsipopoulo Area) - Rethymno

    Chris Vogas , drilling , photovoltaics, water boreholes , soil , Heraklion , Crete .   Our firm is among the most qualified and with many years experience in the drilling sector is currently in Greece . We work in manufacturing drilling, pilings , drainage and other geotechnical works for 40 years in numerous areas .   Our goal is thanks to the excellent knowledge of legislation , technical training and experience to offer the best technical and economical solution possible for the customer, reliability and respect for the environment .   Staffing : We work with geologists , civil engineers , environmentalists to effectively meet the needs of each project . Equipment : We offer the best selection of drilling equipment , to meet all needs , depending on the terrain and the availability of space !   Always at your disposal .   VOGAS CHRISTOS

    Category: DRILLING


    Rig Jobs - drillings (to find water). Geothermal. Geotechnical drilling. Drills of low height.

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    3, ISIODOU STR - Volos

    Mr. Anthony Kalathas undertakes drilling, geothermal, finding water by drilling in areas Volos, Magnesia, Larissa, central Greece, Pieria, Boeotia, Fthiotida, Epirus, Preveza, Arta, Ioannina.

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    3, ISIODOU STR. - Volos
  • Earth Drillings Kos - Dredgings - Wells Cleaning - Kefalianos Ioannis

      Ιoannis Kefalianos Earth Drillings Kos The company IOANNIS KEFALINOS with 40 years of successful presence in the field, occupies with the subject of drilling, grouting, wells cleaning. It is a family enterprise which accosiates with the entire island and the surrounding islands, but also with other regions of Greece after communication.   The company is located in well-equipped, privately owned facilities.   The highly qualified staff of the company IOANNIS KEFALINOS, is able to carry out any project, from the smallest to the largest, with consistency, professionalism and the most competitive prices.   Be assured that the end result will be having excellent quality.   We are at your disposal to meet your every need, responsibly and economically. Contact us to give you quality solutions in terms of drilling, grouting, pumping stations and placing of pumping stations.   Prompt service.      

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    ZIPARI - Kos
    6974824094, 6942450925
  • Galatsi Drilling Athens - Cementing - Paving - Drilling Permits - Skoura Kyriakoula

    The company "Drilling Skoura" in Athens has been active in the field of drilling since 1992 when it imported from the USA the first modern rotary hydrogeotrel for deep depth, INGERSOLL RAND brand. Since then she has been in the very first place in her field thanks to the excellent quality of the services and products she has provided.   The object of the company is "AGRICULTURE", that is to say the perforation of the soil for any purpose, and that it concerns it. He specializes in water and geothermal drilling. Today the proprietary equipment consists of two deep water drills with trucks with drilling equipment, two small drilling rigs for small and enclosed spaces, pumping crane, two high pressure recirculated ATLASCOPCO air compressors, PRAMAC last generation generators, surface pumps and underwater, centrifugal. It also has cutters, scissors, airbags and expanders in all available sizes.   Equipped with experience, know-how and scientific training, we have the ability to offer reliable and cost-effective solutions even in the most demanding situations.

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    27, Kountouriotou Str. - Galatsi
    6932737451, 6932737452

    The Laboratory of Soil Mechanics P. D. Loukidis, was founded in 2006 and has become an extension of the activities of the Office of Geological and geotechnical studies of the same. With the establishment of the laboratory aim of the company is to provide integrated services in the field of geotechnical studies, the agency holds extensive experience in performing geoerefnitikon work and geotechnical studies. The lab is housed in an area of 200 sq.m.

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    13, PAVLOU MELA STR - Nea Ionia

    EARTH DRILLING CORFU P. LAZOS - I. FILIPPAS   The company P. LAZOS - I. FILIPPAS Ο.Ε. has its headquarters on the island of Corfu and has been active in the field of drilling for 40 years. We have the ability, thanks to experience and the appropriate machinery, to do drills on all types of soils for water, irrigation or geothermy.   The drilling involves drilling a hole in the ground with such a diameter and depth that the water table or the geothermal energy can be traced. The company P. LAZOS - I. FILIPPAS Ο.Ε. deals with the whole range of operations including drilling, as well as trouble-shooting or pump extraction.   Our goal is to respond promptly and effectively to every challenge of our object for the best possible satisfaction of our customers.     Contact us for further information about our services at:  6945155715 (P. Lazos) 6936647336 (I. Filippas))  

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    Kontokali - Corfu

    The "Poularakis Group" company works in the field of drilling more than fifty years. The company has latest technology equipment and hardware, highly reliable and experienced, skilled technicians and personnel, and undertakes small and large projects with guaranteed results. Many public and private projects over the years have been studied and executed successfully throughout the entire Greek territory. In recent years "Poularakis Group" company made a dynamic entry in the field of Geothermal Energy.

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    LARISIS 36 str - Larisa
  • Th. & E. Papaiakovou OE - Ergondrill - Water & Geothermal Drilling - drilling machines - Photovoltaic Megara Attica

    The company "Ergondrill" was founded by Evangelos Papaakovou with the aim of manufacturing drilling machines, trading them and using them privately. The company is located at 34th km NEOAK, Vlychada Megara. The company deals with: Drilling of wells Drilling of drill bits Geothermal drilling Manufacture and repair of drilling machines and related articles Trading and import of machinery Soil Cement Injections Wells Pump complexes Photovoltaic Leveraging long-term experience, scientifically structured and fully integrated knowledge, the right selection and implementation of modernization programs by company management, qualified personnel, and collaboration with excellent scientists, geologists and engineers make the company today among the most dynamic bands.

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    34th Klm Athens Korinthos - Megara
  • Zisis Mandanas - Drilling Serres - Drilling Services Serres - Geological Surveying Serres

    MANDANAS ZISIS is based in Neo Souli, Serres and operates in the field of drilling and geological studies. Our modern machinery equipment combined with our many years of experience in drilling helped us successfully carry out projects across Greece, regardless of degree of difficulty in the public and private sectors. We undertake boreholes cleaning, extraction and import of submersible pumps as well as repairing them. The fully specialized staff of MANDANAS ZISSIS is able to carry out any project, from the smallest to the largest, from wherever we are requested in the Prefecture of Serres, Kilkis, Drama with consistency, professionalism and at the most competitive market prices. Yours sincerely, MANDANAS ZISIS

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    Neo Souli - Serres town
    6977687317, 6978391611

    Category: DRILLING

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    POSIDONOS 3 - Nikaia
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    - Magoula