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    Ariston Supplies began its activities in 1998 in stegnokatharistirioy and industrial laundries. However, in 2004, the needs of its customers have an opportunity to create a craft segment for the construction and rental textiles kitchens in hotels, restaurants, events centers. The agreements with the European market but houses and domestic textile industries eggyontai excellent quality. At the same time the company has created an integrated equipment catering for external events. Today, in a continuous update on the developments and market needs, the Ariston Supllies, maintains two shops in Livadia and Orchomeno, plus a proprietary area 400 m2 where housed commercial and handicraft of the section as well as the industrial laundry

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  • Arpa SA - Sakia Kalochori Thessaloniki - Megasakon Trade Thessaloniki - Propylene Sacks Thessaloniki

    ARPA SA has been active for a decade in the import and marketing of Big BAGS and polypropylene bags. Our facilities are located in Kalochori, Thessaloniki, serving all of Greece and the Balkans. Having concluded exclusivity with foreign companies, we produce our goods according to the particularities, specifications and needs of our customers. Our vision and our goal is to give the widest possible range of options to our customers so that the packaging of their products is an upgrade and a strong competitive advantage. Our line and philosophy is innovation but also patience and perseverance in the face of obstacles. Our golden rule? The right price, the right time for the right product.

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    Kalochori - Thessaloniki

    Construction - dealers, brushstrokes, paintbrushes, paintbrushes, paint tools, paint rollers, paint rollers, craft tools, brushes. With a family tradition since 1936, we design and implement new products to meet your every need or specialty in the paint industry. Our ally in the evolution and originality of our products technology, which in combination with our know-how, provides ergonomics, aesthetics and a perfect result. All of our brushes are provided with anatomical handles for ease of use and comfort, with solvent resistance. They are made with top quality hair produced with the best and most sophisticated treatment possible. Finally, the adhesive is made with special adhesive to achieve high resistance to hard use. But our expertise does not stop there. It continues unabated as our passion for ergonomic and superior quality products! Due to the continuous improvement of our products, the features or information accompanying them may change without notice.

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    Kassandra 1 - Nea Filadelphia
  • Car Dealership, Used Cars, Industrial Products, Service

    Zacharogiannis S.A.   History: The company was initiated in 1991 with main activity the trade of used cars. Between 1996 and 1999 was the official dealer of KIA MOTORS for the Messinia prefecture in Peloponnesus, Greece. Between 1999 and 2016 was the official dealer of CITRΟËN for the Messinia prefecture in Peloponnesus. Since 2005 the company has been relocated to its own facilities of total enclosed area of 1.850 m2 located in Aspochoma, Messinia. Searching for new areas of activities in order to strengthen the company and overcome the difficult years since 2010 in terms of business environment in Greece, the Industrial products division was created in 2012.   Fields of activity:   Car Dealership   Industrial Products     Contact information Tel. : 2721069174, 2721062370 | Fax: 2721026739 Email: info@zaxarogiannis.gr

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    Asproxoma - Kalamata
  • Daskalaki Ageliki - Koliva Iraklio - Handmade Koliva Iraklio - Koliva for Memorials Iraklio - Homemade Koliva Iraklio

    Handmade - Fresh and Pure materials from local producers - Same day production. The standard production workshop of Mrs. Angeliki Daskalaki in Nea Alikarnassos, Heraklion, will supply you koliva as delicious and nutritious as your grandmother's, handmade and perfectly healthy. The top flavor of the past returns to the present! Aggeliki Daskalaki is responsitively and reliably dealing with the demands of her customers, whether it is for koliva or for traditional handmade pies, pastries, with fresh and quality ingredients. By combining knowledge, experience, wonderful traditional recipes and the purest ingredients, it creates products that stand out for their outstanding quality. KALTSOUNAKIA - SWEETS - KSEROTIGANA - BREADS ALWAYS FRESH, PETENT, WITH SPECIAL PRICES AND ONLY ON ORDER!

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    134, Irodotou Str, Nea Alikarnassos - HERAKLION
  • Dimitriadis Kon & Co. OE - Manufacturing & Production of Vessels and Tents Thessaloniki - Truck Vests Thessaloniki - Digital Printing - Bodywork

    The awnings and tarpaulins workshop DIMITRIADIS KON & SIA OE, based in Menemeni, has been providing its services to large companies and private motorists, always with consistency and responsibility, for 50 years. Our many years of experience, know-how and experienced staff can guarantee you perfect and fast service for all types and types of truck tarpaulins. The company is housed in privately owned facilities in the Rural area of Ionia, Thessaloniki (behind Diavata Prisons). Our facilities are specially designed and equipped with modern machinery, to be able to fully meet the needs of every professional. Respecting the history of the company, we remain true to our vision to be the first choice of our customers, offering products of "unparalleled quality and aesthetics" With this in mind, we build long-term relationships, based on a climate of mutual trust and respect, both with our customers and with our staff. We study, design, plan and provide complete solutions to your needs! We stay true to quality.

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    Agricultural Area of Ionia, Menemeni - Thessaloniki
  • Inox Technical Alex - Stainless Steel Constructions Florina - Stainless Steel Equipment Amyntaio Florina

      Inox Technical Alex Stainless Steel Constructions Florina Inox Technical Alex, headquartered in Amyntaio, Florina, Ergatikes Katikies 1. The company has been working for years with stainless steel manufactures, providing high quality services. The know-how and quality of work of Inox Technical Alex, guarantees its establishment in the leading companies of its kind. We provide safe, time-resistant construction. Our company is characterized by the virtuosity and efficiency of our services. Our goal is quality and stable cooperation with our customers. Contact the company here, we are always at your disposal!       ERGATIKES KATIKIES 1 - ΑΜIDEO, Florina, 53200 2386023189, 6944571206, a.papavasiliou69@gmail.com  

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    1, Ergatikes Katikies - Amynteo - Florina
  • Papadimitriou D. Evangelos - Ribbon Industry Lamia

    NF curtain tape company was founded in 1991 by Evangelos Papadimitriou and is active in the design and production of tress curtain until today. Curtains are not just a piece of fabric on your wall. The right curtain can transform your space more than any other object, perfectly match the style of your space, and take it off. It can protect the sun or nosy neighbors and give a touch of privacy to the city. Choose from our wide range of fabrics, then combine it with the right fabric, color and design and get raedy to enjoy the new look of your home.   Curtain Tapes Pensil Pleat, Rhombic Pleat, Vanity, Double Vanity Pleat, Roll Pleat, Double Roll Pleat, Design T PLeat, Design L PLeat, Double Cannon Pleat, Cannon Upside Down Cannon Pleat, Four Pleat Cannon, Five Pleat Cannon, Upside Down Four Pleat Cannon, Cannon-Flat Pleat, Flat Pleat, Nest Pleat, Design X Pleat, Nest M Pleat, Cup Pleat, Seven Pleat, Slope Pleat, Five Pleat, Double Nest Pleat, Lamda Pleat, Cannon Pleat, Triple Pleat, Dual Pleat, Double Dual Pleat, Fasa Pleat, Wave Pleat, Roman, Butterfly, Cannon - Upside Cannon

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    Dibri, Fthiotida - Lamia
  • Pastel of Ancient Olympia - Pastel Production Laboratory - Pyrgos Ilias

    Pastel of Ancient Olympia Pastel Production Laboratory - Pyrgos Ilias     The workshop of handmade traditional pastel "Pastelli of Ancient Olympia" started its operation in the year 2002 with its headquarters in Ancient Olympia. The products it produces are made from pure materials and without added preservatives. Specifically, in our workshop you can find peanut mandola, sesame paste, sunflower seed paste, caramelized peanut paste and chocolate! The experience of 22 years in the field of pastry can guarantee you a healthy, traditional, crispy and delicious product ideal for young and old! The headquarters of the laboratory is located on the national road Pyrgos - Kyparissias at the height of Epitalion. Retail and wholesale sales are carried out. We undertake the shipment of products throughout Greece.            

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    Pyrgos - Kyparissias National Highway, near Epitali Junction - Purgos
  • Plastic Items Industry Aigaleo Attiki - Viosar - Household Plastics - Buckets - Dustpans - Plastic Brooms - Plastic Tubs - Pigals - Plastic Brushes - Glass Washing Machine

          VIOSAR Plastic Household Items Industry | Egaleo Attica VIOSAR plastic goods industry was founded in 1963, based in Aegaleo, Attica, and manufactures plastic household items, such as buckets, pots, pans, basins, brooms, brushes and glass washers (soap dispensers), suitable for restaurants, bars and catering facilities. All our products are designed and produced under the guidance of our scientific staff and in accordance with international health standards. We attach great importance to the first materials, in order to ensure high quality and maximum resistance to time and use, while, at the same time, we follow the most modern manufacturing methods. Production is vertically integrated, as at VIOSAR both the products and the tools, molds and fixtures required are designed by our manned design department (with cad cam software) and manufactured entirely on our production machines and fully equipped machine shop us.     CONTACT US We are at your disposal for any information about our products and their availability on the market.    

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    Ithomis 78 - Aigaleo

    MAXIS S.A.    The Company   1988 is a milestone year in the company's history since it marks the company's foundation as a commercial business for the sale of sanitary household products under the name MAXI S.A. Three years later, in 1991, the production process was initiated, with small scale activities to produce toilet paper, kitchen paper and napkins, with a work force of eight employees, locates at the 1st kilometre of the old Katerini - Thessaloniki motorway, where it remains until today. However, it was year 2001 when significant investments took place dor MAXI S.A. and resulter in high-tech production lines (Perini) of toilet and kitchen paper, pocket and facial tissues, zigzag tissue and restaurant paper tablecloths which expanded the range of products and the paper marketshare. In 2011, following the enormous processing demand both by the paper pulp market and the company itself, the most advanced papermaking plant called MAXI Paper Mill was created, capable of producing 85 tons of Jumbo Rolls per day or 28.000 tons per year. In 2017, a second line of toilet and kitchen paper production was added to the existing equipment and a new 4.000m2 and 3.200 pallet-space storage facility was built. Today, MAXI S.A. is a leading force in paper production and processing. Focusing on our customers' ultimate satisfaction, we continue with the healthy and sustainable development of quality products, investing in highly trained human resaurces and state-of-the-art mechanical equipment. Looking ahead, we continue our investments with a new Jumbo Roll production unit, producing 40.000 tons a year. Combined with the existing production of 28.000 tons per year (68.000 tons in total), this move will allow MAXI Group to obtain more than 45% of the paper market.   Mission The production and supply of high quality products that meet our customers' demands, maintaining their dedication and trust. To this end we are constantly developing our production processes, quality controls and new product research.   Infrastucture We are located in the city of Katerini, Prefecture of Pieria, at the 1st kilometer of the old Katerini - Thessaloniki motorway. In our privately-owned facilities of total area 18.500m2, operate both the raw material factory and the paper processing plant as well as storage areas and offices. The MAXI Paper Mill building accomodates high-end mechanical equipment from the Italian company Recard S.p.A., fully harmonized with new technologies and innovations in the paper production field worldwide. In the paper processing facilities operate the following 16 production lines:     2 toilet and kitchen paper lines 1 professional type toilet and kitchen paper line 3 paper tablecloth lines 6 napkin lines 2 zigzag & facial tissue lines 1 pocket tissue line 1 aluminium foil line     The paper is being processed according to ISO 9001/2015 assuring finished product quality by a well trained and conscious work force. A storage area of 10.000m2 offers adequate space for storage and loading of raw materials and finished products for delivery. Distribution We distribute our products through our own distribution network, with 35 vehicles and 2 central warehouses in Katerini and Athens. We also cooperate with transport companies, both for the distribution of our products in Greece and abroad (Romania, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Turkey, FYROM, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Australia, Italy, Chech Rep.), as well as to home chain store customers, for example AB Vassilopoulos, Masoutis, Sklavenitis Group Glarus, PENTE SA (Galaxias), Metro, Market Inn, ANEDIK Kritikos, Bazaar, Jumbo, Grigoriadis and others.   Human Resources The company's manpower consists of total of 204 employees, including 178 men and 26 women. The average employee working term is 8 years. Our investment in training and educating our workforce on the basis on new technologies and modern means of production is, over time, the leading factor to successully achieving our goals.   Objective Our concern is to produce quality products, offer excellent service and full satisfaction to our customers and become trusted by the market. To that end we work hard every day aiming to become a leading company in sector through total development of our potential. Therefore, we focus on the future and we continue to invest in new papermarketing facilities capable of meeting market needs.   Vision Paper is a utility object and part of our everydat life. Through research and development we offer quality and reliable products for better and immediate service of our customers' needs through perfect training of our work force in a safe and lucrative evironment. In MAXI S.A. we focus on humans and how to serve their needs in the best possible manner!        

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  • Serres Salt Industry - Aegean Salt - Serres Salt Trade - Serres Salt Processing

    Aegean Salt Serres Salt Industry The salt industry "Aegean Salt" which is located in Serres is engaged in the trade and processing of salt. It is one of the largest salt industries in Greece with significant exports to Eastern European countries and elsewhere. We have the facilities in a private space and our specialized staff deals with the proper processing of our products. Our salt industry in Serres deals with: salt trade, salt processing, salt standardization, cheese salt, cooking salt, snow removal salt, raw salt.

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    4th km of Serres - Nigritas - Serres town
  • Sheepline - Milk Cooling Agrinio - Agricultural Machinery Agrinio

    Sheepline is a Greek company with machinery for livestock, cheese producers and agriculture. Based in Agrinio in Greece, we are constantly developing, manufacturing and introducing livestock, cheese, and farming machinery, focusing on the farmer, the livestock breeder, the milk, and the animals that produce it, developing continuously by achieving our goals based on stable values. Continuous development Growth for us never stops, we are continually developing with innovative solutions, extensions, and constructions, offering flexible solutions and quality products to the farmer and the livestock breeder who wants to remain competitive and profitable to the demands of modern times. Reliable partner With our 36 years of presence in the field, we have earned your trust. We continually improve our services and our proposals, demonstrating with consistency and interest that we are a truly reliable partner for the livestock breeder and the farmer. Your trust is our strength! Quality assurance We emphasize the quality of our constructions by choosing the best quality materials and the most reliable partners in the field of machinery construction. Appropriate production cycle and continuous quality control are in place so that our products meet all European and manufacturing specifications, thus we have CE certification. We guarantee the high level of reliability and quality that you will find on our machines.

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    16, Krystali str - Agrinio