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  • ANNA MITROUSI - Drama Homeopathy - Drama Homeopathy - Drama Homeopathy Center

    ANNA MITROUSI Graduate of the Hippocratic Center of Classical Homeopathy. Member of the Homeopathic Association of Greece. Homeopathic Medicine is an alternative treatment method suitable for chronic and acidic diseases, which is friendly to the body as it has no side effects. It is a medical method that treats the patient holistically, as an inseparable unit of interdependent mental and physical functions. At the homeopathic center "MITROUSI ANNA" which is located in Drama, we offer high quality homeopathic treatments with the aim of better addressing the health problems of each patient. Homeopathic Drama, Homeopathy of Drama, Homeopathic Center of Drama, Homeopathic Drama

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    Ortakiou 2A - Drama
  • Homeopathic Pharmacy Heraklion Crete - ANGELIDAKI MARIA-NATALIA - Alternative Pharmacy - Organic Foods - Organic Products - Care Products - Cosmetics - Medicines of All Kinds - Baby Products - Heraklion

    Our pharmacy belongs to one of the oldest in Heraklion.   We continue this tradition with a more alternative perspective.   Come to our site to find out how you can help your mind and body with the help of nature

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    Agiou Minas 40 - HERAKLION

    The homeopathy medicine is a totally natural method of treatment that permanently cured - mild and without perenergeies.I homeopathy aims to strengthen the body's own defense of mobilizing forces and fully restoring the impaired health. Homeopathic drugs are compounds derived from nature , are prepared in a natural way without chemical treatment . Act throughout the body by strengthening our defense mechanism and the disappearance of the individual symptoms of the problem . Big advantage over their natural form without chemicals very low cost agoras.Chrisimopoiountai 2 Comments Homeopathy is a German classical homeopathic school and the second is gallikli homeopathy school which BOIRON and use . One of the advantages of the French school BOIRON is that we can use auxiliary alongside pharmaceutical agogi.Ena Another positive point is that SV is prohibition of other substances eg (coffee , chocolate , coca cola etc ) . great success we have in the treatment of viral infections for both young children and adults, even more people who are fallen anosopiitiko systima.Ameso the result can be seen in ( fever, stress, headaches , stomach pain ) and chronic diseases as ( arthralgia , disc disease , skin and gynecological diseases ) . Alternatively therapy use and velonismo.Me acupuncture can find the patient depending on the condition very big improvement rates of the disease . In cervical syndrome over 80%, the same in osteophytes , migraines discopathy . Smaller percentage improvement in disc herniation , gynecological diseases , etc. Positive results can be seen by patients who suffer from asthma , alergies . Spectacular results have at neuralgia problems and psoriasis , as indicative results can see photos Joined stages in two patients Merchia the final result . MARANTIDIS CONSTANTINOS ACUPUNCTURIST - OMOIOPATHITIKOS OF BOIRON

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    3, MOUSSIOU SQUARE - Edessa
  • HOMEOPATHY | Dr. Mehrdantian Mehrdant - Homeopathist Thermi Thessaloniki

    Doctor - Homeopath, Member of the Hellenic Society of Homeopathic Medicine (EEOI) of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis & European Committee of Homeopathy   Having trained as a classical doctor, I became interested in homeopathy in 1999. My first contact with the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy was in 2002, where I had the honor to meet Professor George Vythoulkas and to teach classical homeopathy. took place under the auspices of the University of the Aegean. After a series of years of training and practice in classical homeopathic medicine I began to use it as the main treatment for my patients. I found that this holistic approach brings real and lasting benefits, as it focuses on the causes of the disease and not on the superficial removal of symptoms.   I am a member of the Hellenic Society of Homeopathic Medicine (EEOI), the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, the European Committee for Homeopathy and the Hellenic Society of Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine.   Homeopathic doctor Mehrdadian Mehrdad also conducts sessions via skype.      

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    Vasiliki Tavaki 36 (former Alex. Papagou), Thermi - Thessaloniki
  • Pagrati Homeopathic Center Athens Attica - MAGIROU ELENI - Homeopathic Athens, Homeopathic Attica - Homeopathic Treatment - Homeopathic Remedies - Holistic Therapy - Alternative Therapy Pagkrati - Athens - Attica

    Homeopathy by Eleni Mageirou Athens & Loutraki ENERGY INFORMATION FREQUENCY COORDINATION A LITTLE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The therapeutic effect of electromagnetic spectrum frequencies was discovered by the Royal Raymond Rife as early as the 1930s. Many of its discoveries are still in use today in many fields of science, such as microscopic optics and biochemistry. Rife theory was continued and developed by Reinhold Voll in the 1950s with the first bioresonance machines. Bioresonance is based on science a proven principle of the quantum physics of Max Planck and Albert Einstein "that the cells of our body, like the molecules of all particles in nature, emit and receive electromagnetic signals". All elements in the universe have their own pulsating oscillation. According to this theory, since everything is inside an electromagnetic system and each particle has its own electromagnetic field, it is perfectly understandable that all systems interact with each other. Since all electromagnetic systems interact with each other it is easy to understand that any discrepancy created in a field will be transmitted with the corresponding oscillations throughout the system and vice versa. That is, when we balance the whole system, changing the frequencies, there will be better coordination in the individual system that has lost its balance. BIOENERGY FIELD It is scientifically proven that all living organisms (plants, animals, humans) emit energy that is slightly different. The set of biochemical phenomena at the cellular level creates the bioenergy or vital energy that is promoted throughout the body. ENERGY THERAPIES   Every disorder is considered to be the result of this vital energy disorder and energy therapies are considered to be: increase the energy available to be used to balance the body. facilitate the smooth flow of energy throughout the energy and physical realm through the removal of energy and emotional entanglements. create greater symmetry and balance in the energy field change the quality and quantity of energy through the reconstruction of our energy field. ENERGY BALANCE Bioenergetic balances are aimed at all people and help us to coordinate with the environment. The human body is not just bones, blood and molecules but a set of energy fields that each of them emits an energy which depending on its frequency affects us at the cellular, molecular and overall individual level and in general in the whole image of health. us. Anxiety, stress, mental, physical, family, friendly and professional traumas, the environment we live and move in every day, even our thoughts, cause us energy fluctuations so we understand that the environment affects us and we the environment. The goal of bioenergy bioresonance is to balance the energy level to bring harmony, well-being and better health. Eleni Mageirou is a graduate of PANTEIO UNIVERSITY (1988). After finishing his studies, he followed a one-year training in a school for primary health care of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in collaboration with the Hellenic Red Cross (1989-1990). He studied homeopathy in: Hippocratic Center of Classical Homeopathy by Gerasimos Stouraitis with Gerasimos Stouraitis as supervisor of studies School of Homeopathy (Devon, England) by Misha Norland Diploma in Homeopathy from Portuguese Homeopathic Association - PHA   RESUME Eleni Mageirou - Homeopath Eleni Mageirou is a graduate of PANTEIO UNIVERSITY (1988) After finishing her studies, she followed a one-year training in a school for primary health care of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in collaboration with the Greek Red Cross (1989-1990). He studied homeopathy in: • Hippocratic Center of Classical Homeopathy by Gerasimos Stouraitis with Gerasimos Stouraitis as supervisor of studies. • School of Homeopathy (Devon, England) by Misha Norland. • Diploma in Homeopathy from Portuguese Homeopathic Association - PHA Degrees from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens: • Natural Medicine and Complementary Therapies • Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice • Parental Divorce-Divorce Management • Education in childhood and infancy • Introduction to Time and Stress Management • Annual Training seminar in special education In the context of continuing education and specialization participated in the conferences: • 3rd Conference of the College of Education, Research, Prevention and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders • 3rd European Homeopathy Conference • 1st Synthetic Homeopathy Conference In addition, he has participated in Homeopathy and Psychology seminars: • Prevention and Counseling Center: The Psychological Dimension of Nutrition • Prevention and Counseling Center: Eating Disorders • Lifelong Learning Center: Learning Disabilities • Lifelong Learning Center: Special Learning Disabilities - Dyslexia • Institute of Behavior Research and Therapy. Annual Seminar • 2014 Dr Pawan Pareek "Homeopathy in difficult gynecological disorders" • 2015 Kim Elia "Systemic Homeopathy" • 2016 Dr Pawan Pareek "Homeopathy from infancy to old age" • 2016 Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma Hahnemann College of Homeopathy • 2017 Kim Elia "Mental and Mental Disorders and Asthma" • 2018 Gerasimos Stouraitis "Treatment of Flu and Colds with Homeopathy" • 2019 Dr Rajan Shankaran «The eight boxes method» • 2020 Dr. Loukas Georgios2020 One-year Online Seminar on Cognitive Homeopathy • Nature Health Studies as Flower Essence Practitioner • 2016 Official Quantum Biofeedback Conference by (BHO) Budapest He is a member of the Hellenic Homeopathic Association (SOE). The SOE is a member European Central Council of Homeopaths ECCH and International Homeopathy Council ICH.

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    Arrianou 30 Pagrati - Athens
  • Pliakogiannis Theodoros - Homeopathic Doctor Serres - Classic Homeopathic Medicine Serres - Homeopathic Treatments Serres

    The homeopathic doctor's office based on 1 Aihmaloton 1916-1918 Str. (ex-Omiron) in Serres and serves you on daily base, from Monday to friday by appointment.   What is Classical Homeopathy? Homeopathic medicine was founded in 1810 by Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann with the publication of the book "Organ of Therapeutic Art, containing the laws and principles of a new therapeutic method, which he called" Homeopathy ". Classical homeopathy is a well-documented holistic healing system, a natural method of treatment based on therapeutic laws. Homeopathy aims to strengthen the body by mobilizing its defense mechanism and restoring its health disorder . How is the patient examined? The treatment focuses on the overall picture of the patient (his complete medical history, individual and hereditary, diagnosis, laboratory test results, and the characteristic symptoms of the patient's condition) and not just the picture of the disease from which suffers. The consequence of this method is to individualize the treatment, in a greater scale than any other therapeutic method. Patients with the same condition may need different homeopathic approach remedie-wise.     What diseases Homeopathy treats? Classical homeopathy improves health, applies both precautionery and to a wide range of sharp and chronic disorders. There are homeopathic treats to many diseases (otitis, gastroenteritis, injuries) and chronic syndromes (migraine, asthma, allergies, anxiety).   Who can use Homeopathy? From infants to adults. It can help in particular situations such as pregnancy, lactation, postoperative etc.   How much does it cost? Homeopathic treats are substances that come from nature, are manufactured naturally, without chemical treatment, so they are economical, costing up to a few euros. They act throughout the body enhancing our defense mechanism and eliminating the individual symptoms of the problem. Discover new therapies that can help you solve your problem and pave the way for alternative medicine and medicine. Sincerely: Classical Homeopathy Doctor - Pliakogiannis Theodoros.

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    Aixmaloton 1914-1916, (Formerly Omiron 1) - Serres town
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    - Patras

    Homeopath, Piraeus. I was born in 1962 in Piraeus, where I finished High School of Economics and School of Electronics new type, then studied engineering and aircraft mechanic. With human health started working as a journalist researcher on the supplements and the effects of the environment. Then I realized that the health sector was interested most of all what I had studied until then. At most sensitive studied homeopathy in school I.K.K.O. Athens, where after my schooling, I joined the SOE [Society of Homeopaths Greece] is a member of ECCH [European Council of Homeopaths] In addition to basic knowledge, I have attended many seminars from 2003 to 2009 on the Homeopathy. After I finished my studies in pranic healing energy therapies up to the level of the psychotherapies. [Addictions, obsessions, phobias, depression.] So far I've looked over 1,200 incidents in Homeopathy and 350 incidents about pranic healing. Now I feel satisfied with the way I chose from my 34.

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    13, TZIROPOULOU Str. - Neo Faliro