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  • About Speech - Karditsa Speech Therapy Center Larissa Elassona Thessaly - Speech Therapist - Speech Therapist - Occupational Therapy - Sensory Completion - Ferfiri Thomai

    Our office offers diagnostic and treatment services for speech, speech, behavioral disorders and more. Our head office is located in the city of Karditsa and there is also an office in the city of Elassona.   The aim of our office is to provide high quality services in the field of recognition and treatment of speech disorders in both children and adults. Our head office is located in the city of Karditsa and there is also an office in the town of Elassona. Our office offers: Preventive and diagnostic testing for speech or speech problems. Speech, speech or voice disorders. Speech therapy for both children and adults. Learning difficulties. These can be dyslexia, malnutrition, etc.). Developmental or neurological disorders. Hyperactivity, attention disorders, communication, behavior. Parental counseling Our office staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the above problems.


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    2, Taliadourou Str. - Karditsa

    The Scientific Officer, Aikaterini Apostolopoulou, has been operating the private LOGOTHERAPY office in Kozani since 2004. The goal is to provide specialized high-quality treatments for children of all ages. Speech therapy is the scientific discipline that focuses on speech-related disorders (oral or written), speech, and voice. Its purpose is to prevent, diagnose, and restore these disorders. In addition to diagnostic and rehabilitation services, modern, fully updated and specialized material is provided which is constantly updated and expanded. Treatments and services: DIFFICULTY LEARNING DIFFICULTIES DELAY AND SPEECH ARTICLE-PHONOLOGICAL DISORDERS HELLENIC CAUTION DISORDER - HYPERCINEMATICS ACCOUNTING DEVELOPMENT DISORDERS mental dysfunction DISORDERS IN THE COMMUNITY FLOW - TRAVELISM SCHOOL READY PARENTAL COUNSELING Evaluation of a disorder includes obtaining a detailed medical history, oral examination, speech, speech, and communication assessment. According to the results and in combination with the observation and collection of data, a therapeutic framework is created scientifically designed to meet the therapeutic requirements and at the same time friendly and adapted to the needs of children and parents. Early intervention can: Improve your child's self-esteem and confidence To anticipate difficulties before they become a problem Help your child socialize more easily at school or in the company To reduce the child's anxiety and confusion about his difficulties Improve the child's attitude towards school Reduce any behavioral problems Reason is not only a means of communication, but also the most important factor for the cognitive, psychosocial, and emotional development of the child. The "waiting and seeing" approach can be very detrimental during the important period of the first 5 years, because in the first five years of a child's life the brain develops at the fastest rate and has the maximum learning ability. RANTEVOU KATOPIN TELEPHONE COMMUNICATION EVERYTHING INSURANCE FUNDS


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    Fon Karagianni 6 - Kozani
  • Arabatzi Konstantinia - Speech Therapy - Occupational Therapy Center Larissa - Special Educator - Child Psychiatrist - Child Psychologist - Speech Therapy - Speech Therapist Larissa

    The Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy Center in Larissa was created in 2003 by Ms. Arabatzi Kon / na and evolved in 2005 into its current form with the aim of providing immediate comprehensive and specialized services to both children and adults in need. The center is staffed by renowned therapists with experience and ongoing training. The sessions are individual, with daily information about the therapeutic intervention and the necessary instructions to the parents so that we can turn the child's ability into an ability immediately and quickly.


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    Fotiou Pappas 31 - Larisa

    What is Speech Therapy? Speech therapy is a set of treatments for people of all ages who have problems with speech (ie, articulation or flow), speech (ie verbal communication), or voice (ie, at the level of the larynx or vocal cords). . Who Can Benefit From Speech Therapy? A child who does not speak or say a few words. A child or adult who does not say a letter or sound correctly. A child or adult who confuses, omits, or overrides letters. A child with a syndrome (eg Autism, Down) who will need help developing speech and communication. A child whose speech is not 'pure' and strangers often do not understand it. A child or an adult who stutter is "kidding". An adult who had a stroke. A child having trouble at school. A child with Attention Deficit and / or Hyperactivity Disorder. A child or an adult with feeding and swallowing problems. What are the child's developmental patterns in speaking? Up to 6 months: Baby responds to sounds by looking or turning their head to their source and producing sounds. Up to 12 months old: He understands simple instructions, turns when he hears his name and says "mom" and "dad". Up to 18 months old: Understands simple instructions and suggestions, identifies familiar objects, and his vocabulary gradually increases. Up to 2 years old: Understands complex instructions (eg take the book over the table) and says 2-3 word sentences. Up to 3 years old: Understands simple stories, asks questions, makes sentences with 4-5 words. Up to 4 years old: The child's speech looks like that of an adult with proper grammar, syntax, and clear articulation (although he may be speaking the "p" which should have cleared by 5-6 years old) In this case, we have the following: How Does a Speech Therapist Help a Child or Adult? The Speech Therapist is the person who will respond with validity and reliability to the concerns of parents or other persons concerned about language development or any concerns about the speech, speech or voice of a child or an adult. If it is a child the Speech Therapist will play with it, perform a series of tests, analyze the child's speech and communication in detail, and guide the parent on how to act. In many cases it can simply reassure him. Others may request that the child be reassessed after some time. Others may find it necessary to start a speech therapy program. In adult cases, the Speech Therapist will review the patient's history, use special diagnostic tools, and after thoroughly analyzing his speech and communication will guide the individual and / or his or her relatives further. The right Speech Therapist, in addition to providing services directly to the child or adult in need of treatment, can: Inform and advise the family and the environment. Refer to the right doctor for further exploration of the problem. Talk to your pediatrician, therapist or teacher to come up with the most effective treatment plan. Pathology information: Language Delay What is the language delay? Language retardation is a condition where the child's language development is slow. The child communicates well, without words, but in relation to his peers, he has difficulty speaking and understanding the words of others. We usually find it in children 2-5 years old and more often in boys. What signs to look for? A. Do you understand? If you observe your child systematically you may find that: makes it difficult to understand concepts of space (here / there) and time (now / tomorrow). does not recognize the primary colors (red, black, yellow). does not understand simple commands (eg go to the door). difficult to repeat two syllables correctly, and with complete sentences it almost does not do well. B. Does he speak? Some children may speak a lot but in a more 'babyish' or difficult to understand way than others. Others may not speak at all and can only express themselves with gestures and facial expressions. The first words do not appear before the age of 2 years. Does not answer "yes" or "no" to questions. Up to the age of 3 he can speak sentences of one or two words only. The vocabulary is limited to less than ten words and the child does not use the articles and the plural. C. Does he have a good relationship with his body? Does he confuse parts of his body? Does not use a specific one when something (left / right). He holds the marker with all his hands when drawing, makes a lot of smudges, and is slow to draw a circle, a cross, a square. for his age. Do You Always Need Speech Therapy in Language Delay? Speech Therapy


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    Papanikolaou Avenue 77A - Thessaloniki

    John Gkogkas introduced in Speech Therapy Department of TEI Patras in September 1999. Along with the four-year studies, she volunteered as a companion for people with severe disabilities in camps for Persons with Disabilities in Northern Greece. In the fourth year of his studies prepared the thesis on "Treatment of the brain and their impact on the ground", in collaboration with the Director of IKA Patron Dr. Panagiotis cotto. At the same time made his internship at the Center for Mental Health Volos, supervising children with speech problems, while voluntarily offered his services to the 1st Special School of Volos.   After his graduation he worked for four years at a private rehabilitation and recovery center, but also as a private offering home visits. Also, at the same time voluntarily offered his services as a research associate for pathology aspects of speech in Response Unit Problems Disease Alzheimer Volos.   During the nine years working has assumed logotherapeftiki rehabilitation children:   - Articulatory and phonological disorders, - Mental retardation, - Stuttering, - Cerebral palsy, - Syndrome Down, - Dyslexia, - Learning difficulties, - Dysarthria, - Specific language impairment, - Cheileouperooschisties, - Hearing loss and deafness, - Sensory problems, - Autism - Visually impaired.   and restore speech disorders in adults with:   - Dysarthria, - Aphasia, - Dyspraxia, - Dysphagia, - Laryngectomy, - Disorders of memory, - Breathing disorders.


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    GKOGKAS JOHN - Volos
  • Development and Movement - Speech Therapy Argyroupoli - Occupational Therapy Argyroupoli - Learning Difficulties

    The Child Developmental Therapy Center "Development & Movement" is a modern center for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Our center has come to offer its services to the child and his family. Our love for children and our interest in holistic intervention lead us to design the best treatment possible. Our interdisciplinary team works together to provide high quality services tailored to each child's needs. Our team consists of experienced therapists, graduates of state universities, with continuous training and education of the following specialties: - Occupational therapists - Speech therapists - Special educators - Child psychologists Our collaboration is supported by a pediatric psychiatrist, pediatric neurologist and developmental expert, with regular monitoring of our children for the best development for them. At the same time, we consider our cooperation with the educational context of the child as very important. If your child has any of the following difficulties, we are ready to help you deal with the child's normal development.


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    Thiras 6 and Vouliagmenis 571 - Argiroupoli
  • Eirmos Speech Therapy Center - Speech Therapist - Speech Therapist - Rhodes - Kardoulia Anastasia

    E I R M O S CENTER OF LOGOTHERAPY The Eirmos Speech Therapy Center, composed of experienced speech therapists - speech therapists, was established in 2010 in Kremasti, Rhodes and is a modern center for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The aim is to create a sound scientific framework for the effective treatment of speech, speech, voice, swallowing and learning disorders. With this objective in mind, the design of flexible personalized programs results in the use of the most effective, therapeutic and educational methods. The center is staffed by a speech therapist and a special educator.   Special education programs are for people with: speech and speech disorders, language developmental delays, special learning disabilities (ADHD, dyslexia, malnutrition, etc.), mental retardation, developmental disorders, and genetic disorders. , neurological diseases and strokes. The goal is to provide functional communication at all levels of one's daily life, integrate it with the disorder and increase the quality of one's daily living, improving any one's skills. We all face difficulties, and the most important thing we can do for our own person, besides loving him of course, is to show him how to manage those difficulties. Somewhere in here comes the role of the Eirmos Speech Therapy Center. This treatment will give him the hope and confidence that things will improve. For any clarification, you can visit the center or call on the contact phones.


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    9 Eleftherias Avenue, Kremasti - Rhodes

    Giouvani I. Eleni - Speech Therapist BCs (Hons) in pathology & speech therapy. Master in Clinical Linguistics. Member of the Panhellenic Speech Association. Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Speech Disorders, Communication, Speech, Voice and learning difficulties in children, adolescents and adults, using the most modern and recognized scientific methods. Psychological support for children and adults. Learning social skills. Counseling parents, adults and teenagers. Child psychotherapy and psychometric tests, occupational therapy and child psychiatric services. Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of speech, communication, speech, speech and learning disorders in children, adolescents and adults, using the most up-to-date and recognized scientific methods. Psychological support for children and adults. Learning social skills, counseling parents, adults and teenagers, child psychotherapy and conducting psychometric tests. The therapeutic intervention focuses on the individual. Our basic principle is respect for the needs of the individual and cooperation with all the actors that frame it. Parents / guardians, as well as those responsible for the person, are actively involved in the process of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The difficulties faced by children and adolescents in communication are the result of: - Joint and phonology problems - Special language disorder - Mental disorders and syndromes - Craniofacial abnormalities - Hearing or deafness - Cerebral palsy - Learning difficulties - Voice disorders - Trauma - Difficulty breathing , chewing and swallowing Difficulties faced by adults in communication are the result of: - Neurological diseases (stroke, craniocerebral injury, Parkinson's, A Multiple Sclerosis - Craniofacial abnormalities - Larynx and brain cancer - Voice disorders The scientific team that manages the office is excellent and clinically trained in Speech Therapy, Special Needs Education and Psychological Support. At the same time, all members of the team and external associates are recognized members of the Greek and English clubs (Panhellenic Association of Speech and Language Therapists, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, Panhellenic Psychological Association). Therapies are fully personalized. Group programs are designed to learn social skills and prevent early speech difficulties. In cases where the patient is experiencing motor problems, healing services are provided at home. Other programs at home are about organizing the social and family environment. There is also the possibility of speech therapy in the English language for foreign patients. The environment of the center is pleasant and friendly. Reviews and counseling sessions take place after a phone call at 210 2435323 and 6932805156.


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    Polygottou 26 - Frakomakiedones

    Specific treatments for children    Written on child soul by Kahlil Gibran, poet, philosopher and artist: "You can give your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. May house their bodies, but not their souls. Because their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you can not visit, not even in your dreams. you can fight to look like them, but seek not to make them look like you, because life goes not backward nor loitering with yesterday! ... ".   Putting in mind the above considerations, Mr. Panagiotis Bouros occupational therapist, NDT-SI, created the Institute of Education of therapy, Rehabilitation, Pediatric briefly ITHEKA.   The ITHEKA (Institute for Therapy Education, Rehabilitation, Children), was launched in 2000 in Kallithea aimed at effective and efficient intervention in the treatment space, education and rehabilitation of children with disabilities.   Today ITHEKA functioning in Ilion - Petrograd with parts:   Occupational Therapy Physiotherapy Kinetic treatment Speech Therapy Psychotherapy Education - learning difficulties Counselling parents   Experts of ITHEKA, occupational therapists - speech therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, child psychiatrists and special educators provide effective guidance, information and assistance for the comprehensive development of children's capabilities. They do not offer psycho-pedagogical "recipes", instead, focus on improving children and mobilize parents, giving them power through knowledge.   The ITHEKA collaborates constantly with the local authorities (municipalities, municipal schools, kindergartens, kindergartens) so promptly labeled some special needs and together, are supportive interventions and preventive checks from infancy up to puberty.   The center, but keep respecting the basic principle that every child is a separate, unique entity and the excellent cooperation of its members, ensuring the objective of which is the social integration and socialization.


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    67, PETROUPOLEOS STR. - Ilion
  • Kinitro - Center for Special Therapies for Child, Adolescent and Family - Alimos Logotherapy Centers

    Kinitro Therapy Center for Special Therapies for Child, Adolescent and Family   KINITRO is aimed at children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders, learning difficulties and behavioral and communication disorders.   It aims at conquering all of the everyday functions of physical, cognitive, mental as well as sensory, motor, word, communication and learning skills.   The child acquires the ability to engage in everyday activities, acquiring the ability to interact in all environments, school, social, home, institutional, and smooth living.   In this way, the functionality for independent learning, self-preservation, communication and mental well-being is maximized.             Open Hours Monday till Friday after appointment at: 2114058743, 6938698614 107, IONIAS AVENUE (2nd FLOOR), ALIMOS 2114058743, 6975468496, kinitrotherapy@gmail.com


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    107, Ionias avenue - Alimos
  • Kos Speech Therapy Center - Amalia Androulaki - Georgia Gkioka Speech Therapist - Kos Speech Dodecanese

    Georgia Gkioka and Amalia Androulakis are MSc Speech Therapists - Speech therapists and maintain a modern speech therapy center in Kos.   GeorgiaGkioka holds a Master of Science in Human Communication Sciences and is a Padovan Therapist and Hannen Therapist, as well as a Member of the Panhellenic Association of Speech Therapists. Amalia Androulaki holds a Master of Science in Human Communication Sciences and is a Padovan Therapist, Hannen Therapist and SOS Feeding Approach Therapist, as well as a Member of the Panhellenic Association of Speech Therapists.   The main focus of our center is the diagnosis and treatment of speech, speech and communication disorders in children and adults. The Speech Therapy Center Kos operates daily by appointment, except on weekends.


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    Parodos Grigoriou E 55 - Kos
  • Kostopoulou Konstantina Speech Therapy - Learning Disabilities - Speech Disorders - Speech Therapist Larissa

    Kostopoulou E. Konstantina _ Speech Therapist - Speech Therapist Graduate of Sofia University - Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" Master in Communication Disorders in Development. Member of the Panhellenic Association of Speech Therapists. The Speech Therapist is scientifically trained for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of speech, language, communication, swallowing and learning disabilities in children, adolescents and adults. Our Speech Therapy Center is located in Larissa & was created in 2007 with the aim of providing specialized services to children, adolescents and adults. Occupational therapy and psychological support services are provided. All funds accepted. We accept by appointment.


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    Papakiriazi 30 - Larisa
  • Koutzouni Vassiliki - Speech Therapist Mesolongi - Speech Therapy Center - Speech and Language Disorders

    Speech therapist for children and adults in Messolonghi. PREVENTION - DIAGNOSIS - TREATMENT. Ms. Kountzouni Vassiliki is a graduate of the Department of Speech Therapy of the School of Health and Welfare Professions of the Technical University of Patra. Master in Human Communication Disorders at Newcastle University, England (MSc in Humman Communication Sciences).   Clinical experience: in special schools of Primary Education in the region of Patras at Rio Hospital at the "Agia Sofia" Children's Hospital in Athens   We treat: Speech Disorder Speech Delay Learning Difficulties Laryngectomy Stuttering Voice Disorders Autism Hyperactivity Disorder Parental Counseling Writing Disorder


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    Katsi 22 (Kennedy Square), Mesolongi - Mesolonghi

    LOGOTHERAPY - ERGOTHERAPY & SPECIAL EDUCATION CENTER Istiaia - Evoia   The LOGOTHERAPY - ERGOTHERAPY AND SPECIAL EDUCATION CENTER has its headquarters in Evoia, in the areas of Istiaia and Krya Vrisi. With a special attention to detail and a high level of professionalism, a renowned team of specialists offers their services in the areas of childhood and adolescent disorders. Our goals are the valid and timely diagnosis, as well as the effective methods of treatment, improvement and treatment of such incidents. Our distinguished team and our harmonious co-operation have greatly contributed to the confrontation of the incidents and the trust our center receives from the public.   Our therapists: Speech Therapist Konstantinos Nikou   Occupational Therapist Konstantinos Argyriou   Child Psychologist Panayiota Pantelidis   Sessions are arranged by appointment at  +30 2226055855 or Mobile Phone: +30 6944228256.      


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    1, I. STRIMMENOU & IKARIAS str - Istiea

    The Center for Speech Therapy and Mental Health of Kallithea "PESPS" provides specialized diagnosis and treatment services for children and adolescents with developmental disorders, speech and speech problems, learning difficulties, behavioral problems as well as psychological support and counseling to families. Experienced therapists, psychologists and child psychiatrists, with special experience and training, are able to get to know you, to evaluate your child's needs and to propose the appropriate treatment program (speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education-school study, behavioral therapy, psychological support -gain therapy). Founder and Director of the Center for Speech Therapy and Mental Health "PESPSY" is Dimitris Papadopoulos, Ph.D., Ph.D., with postgraduate specialization in Social Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry from the Medical School of the University of Ioannina and specializing in psychotherapy, children and adults, a cognitive-computical approach. The Center's scientific team consists of psychologists, pediatric psychologists, child psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, gynecologists, psychotherapists, social workers and other mental health professionals. In the field of children and adolescents, diagnostic, assessment and treatment sessions of children and children and adolescents are carried out by specialized and experienced professionals, while families have a secure framework of reference through advisory conferences to inform and support the potential and difficulties of their children in the fields of linguistic, mental and psycho-emotional development. In the Department of Children and Adolescents the following services are provided: Speech Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Psychological Support / Behavioral Therapy - Individual Psychotherapy / Play Therapy / Special Education - School Study Counseling and Vocational Guidance for Teenagers In our Center there are specialized and certified therapists (speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists), they apply systems of alternative communication and structured education - teaching to children aged 2 years and over. In particular, they apply the following systems: 1) PECS (alternative visual communication) 2) TEACHH (Structured Visual Teaching) 3) ABA - Analysis and Behavioral Therapy 4) Sensory Integration The diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation programs of the Department of Children and Adolescents refer to the following fields: Diffuse Developmental Disorders (Autism, Asperger) Attention Deficit Disorder - Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Problems of speech, speech, voice, swallowing Article Difficulties - Injury Developmental Delay Learning difficulties - dyslexia Psychological-Psychiatric Difficulties and Behavioral Problems (Child and Psyche Stress) Mental Anomalies and Cognitive Difficulties Psychomotor difficulties, slight neurological dysfunctions Issues of brotherly dispute, mourning, parental divorce Counseling and psycho-education for parents and carers Child Psychologist, Kallithea. Occupational Therapists, Kallithea. Speech Therapists, Kallithea. Psychologists, Kallithea. Psychiatrists, Kallithea.


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    Andromachis 42 & Harokopou - Kallithea
  • MSC Speech Therapist Kiorpe Hara - Learning Difficulties - Dyslexia - Speech Disorders - Ioannina

    Hara Kiorpe | Speech Therapist MSc Ioannina Kiorpe Hara is a specialized speech therapist with undergraduate studies in Speech Therapy and postgraduate studies in the field of Learning Dyslexia. Since 2006 she has been providing services in Ioannina, and since 2009 she has been teaching at the Department of Speech Therapy in Ioannina, training students at the clinical level. She is a member of the Panhellenic Speech Therapists Association (SPL) and provides a wide range of services addressing speech, speech, communication, nutrition / ingestion and learning disabilities.


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    Velissariou 23, Kiafa - Ioannina
  • Routsi Christina - Dimitra - Center of Speech Therapy Preveza - Speech Therapist Preveza - Speech Disorders Preveza

    The ROUTSI CHRISTINA - DIMITRA Therapy Center is located at 15 Polytechniou Street in Preveza. Mrs. ROUTSI is a graduate speech therapist and a member of the Association of Speechologists and Speech Therapists of Greece and also member of the special interest group for Autistic Spectrum Disorders. She is aimed at people with dyslexia, mental retardation, learning difficulties, speech and speech difficulties, etc. The focus of the center is on early diagnosis, early intervention and personalized effective coping with the difficulties of children, increasing self-esteem and self-confidence. The "Παις" Communication Development Test is implemented in the center also Boston Diagnostic Examination for Aphasia, Instrument for Assessing the Child Functionality in the Autism Spectrum (EDFA tool), Pecs and Makaton Alternative Communication Systems, Therapeutic / Oral Drowsiness Tool SYMBOLS. The center operates daily, by appointment All funds are accepted Therapies at home are undertaken Special prices are available for triple and large families The center operates in well-equipped and pleasant spaces that have been shaped with love for the child.


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    15Β, Polytechniou str - Preveza
  • Sakogianni Rania - Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists Patra

    Welcome !   Sakogiannis Rania Occupational Therapy Center is a standard therapeutic - creative framework for children, adolescents and adults, specializing in speech and occupational therapy and based in Patras. In a friendly environment, in our organized space in Patras, we provide specialized services to meet the needs of all age groups. With respect to the individuality and personality of the individual, interventional therapeutic sessions of speech therapy and occupational therapy are designed, based on the abilities, needs and requirements, aiming to achieve the maximum possible result. Through state-of-the-art know-how, assessment tools, certified therapeutic methods and experience, we create a program of prevention, diagnosis, evaluation and response across a range of educational needs, counseling and personal development. Speech therapy and occupational therapy sessions are fully individualized, and can be integrated into therapeutic groups in the context of interaction and socialization. We are waiting for you in our place in Patras, to provide you with our services with respect and professionalism.  


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    Kalavrita 24 - 26 (versus St. Andrew's Hospital) - Patras
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