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    195 ANDREA PAPANDREOY STR. - Thessaloniki

    Passion, respect for tradition and hard work, which may be up to two weeks are required to prepare a Karagouniko suit, the traditional costume of Karagounis villages of the plain. "A Karagouniko outfit can start today, but completed after 15 days, ten hours of work every day," explains ANA-MPA Royal Asimakopoulou, which maintains laboratory traditional costumes in the village Faneromeni in the prefecture of Trikala, where we met .   The female costume, as he told us, is the most difficult, as it consists of several pieces and has more embroidery. It is clearly most abundant male, which may be "out", and ten days, as only vests have embroidery. "The female costume can deal, embroidering 3-4 hours, and then exhausted both physically and spiritually, because it is a complex creation," says Mrs. Asimakopoulou. Therefore, he says, should be changed to make the shirt and alternatively go the other pieces of the suit. It is the most difficult mission, because it has too much embroidery with cord, as some costumes from Epirus (eg that of Zagori).   For Mrs. Asimakopoulou which worked from an early age with a tailor, acquiring even a diploma, in total up the Karagouniko is the "king" of traditional uniforms. From an early age, Ms. Asimakopoulou find interesting tradition and was a member of the dance sections of the Folklore Society Karditsa "The Karagouna". Today, has completed twenty years in this job and, as he says, the big "weapon" is the love for this job. The experiences they turned the taste of the wealth of Greek folklore traditional Karagounis endymasion- which latrepse- and costumes from other areas. In 1990, he married the well enthusiast Greek tradition Anthony Papamihail from Phaneromeni Trikala. Indeed, she was married to the Karagouniko bridal attire and her husband faithful traditional copy with standard clothing of hero 1821 General I. Makrigianni.   Over 15 years, Ms. Asimakopoulou edits the cloakroom of the distinguished fidelity of the dances, and traditional costumes, Folklore Association of Trikala "The Reaper". In addition to seminars and workshops, which she has attended on the subject of traditional embroidery, studied for a respectable time, alongside the most distinguished and experienced ellinorafti of Thessaly, the Kingdom Arabatzi (only current nationwide in manufacturing Karagounis costumes, experienced 80 more years). In 2009, Ms. Asimakopoulou seized the opportunity and gave "flesh and bones" in love for the local folk art of embroidery. Conceived the idea to operate a traditional ergastiriston already almost organized space, where engaged anyway many hours daily and has created the current traditional laboratory at Phaneromeni Trikala.   It is a laboratory fully equipped, in a comfortable place, in a natural environment that complies with all the requirements of the species. There, Mrs. Asimakopoulou creates and produces folk art. Manufactures replicas of costumes from all over Greece and abroad, repairs and maintains, with respect, authentic traditional costumes and costumes family heirlooms. Manufactures also costumes in all sizes, for all ranges of ages, with particular expertise in local Karagouniko, but in Vlach costumes everywhere. Undertakes equipment of changing traditional clubs and has great lines for rental.   Regarding the cost of a good Karagouniko suit it as he explains, can be up to 1200 euros, with individuals who are considered "devotee" to show the most interest. Also, there are some who have their mother one or two pieces and want to fill in, like others who want to preserve the uniform that they hold and which we have inherited from relatives.   The hardest part of Karagouniko mission is Sagias, the vest, the golden coat, and shirt, while the other is more matter than sewing embroidery. The high cost of this delicate mission is the main reason, which according to Mr. Anthony Papamihail, husband of Mrs. Asimakopoulou, which are difficult to collect rent Karagouniko uniforms. Correct or not, the Karagouniko uniforms are an important part of Greek tradition and, as emphasized by Mr. Asimakopoulou children should mainly help to know their roots and through the Greek traditional costumes.

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    FANEROMENI - Trikala
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