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  • Epipleon | Interior & Exterior Furniture Mykonos

    Epipleon Interior & Exterior Furniture Mykonos Our store "Epipleon", which is based in Tourlos of Mykonos, is active with love and love in the furniture area, offering you years of furniture of unique aesthetics and quality.   Here you will find everything you need to furnish your home or business. Beautiful interior and exterior furniture, quality and functional, made with high quality materials.   Choose from a wide range of furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom, children's room, office, auxiliary furniture and outdoor furniture, always at the most competitive prices.   Our market and product developments are always up to date to always meet the needs of our customers. Supply of excellent quality / price furniture is possible thanks to our many years of experience in the field, as well as to a long established network of partners.   Our competitive prices give every customer the opportunity to find and acquire the furniture he desires without incurring a heavy burden on his budget.   Visit our stores and our experienced staff will help you choose from a wide range of furniture and designs the furniture that suits perfectly in your space.   Our main goal is to provide the best service to the customer, and our specially trained personnel take care of it on a daily basis. Epipleon | Interior & Exterior Furniture Mykonos Tourlos, Mykonos Τel. 2289023435, 2280022949

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    Tourlos - Mykonos
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    - Larisa
    2410 622711
  • Attica Athens Furniture - Kids Furniture - Seating and Dinning - Processing And Timber Trade - Furniture Making Athens Attica - Ganas LTD

    "When authentic and quality meet in your place ... ... then you've made the perfect choice !!!"   The I.B. GANAS, was founded in 1972 and has been a leading player in the field of woodworking - investment and furniture for 40 years with great consistency and respect for quality! We are located in our privately owned modern facilities of 1,500 m² of industrial space and 350 m² of exhibition space, in Malakasas - Oropou Avenue. Where you will meet all our products in handmade and special constructions, as well as items from well-known Italian houses that we represent:   KITCHEN FURNITURE - BEDROOM CABINETS - INTERIOR DOORS, UPPER - GERMAN AND TRADITIONAL TYPE FITTINGS, THERMOCHEMONOMICS, HIGH STANDARDS, WOOD, PVC AND ALUMINUM - FLOORS - ROOFS - PERGOLES AND SPECIAL CONSTRUCTIONS       Always with materials from a network of CERTIFIED ENTERPRISES, through which we guarantee quality, aesthetics, security and timelessness. Our products have been equipping all these years with houses, businesses, shops, public buildings, hospitals, schools with great success all over Greece.   ...where authentic meets quality and harmonizes aesthetics, functionality and durability in time!   We begin with study and design always in relation to the space, aesthetics and capabilities of our customer and we are in fact creating the most difficult and demanding construction. We consider our obligation to be close to you for any operation, repair and maintenance in our constructions and not only...

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    Years of experience, responsibility and professionalism distinguish business Christoforides. With experienced and specialized personnel, we serve nationwide from where we are asked to offer our services directly, consistently and at the most affordable prices.    We can manufacture: kitchen furniture, children's furniture, bathroom furniture, interior doors, armored doors, closets, special constructions and all kinds of carpentry and wood paneling, always with high aesthetics and quality of work.    Thanks for your confidence in us.

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    31, CHRISTOFORIDOU STR - Ioannina

      Chair Manufacture | DAOUTIS FURNITURE | Naousa Imathia   Our company has been active in the field of wooden handmade furniture since 1949. Having the knowledge that the two previous generations have passed and keeping the quality of Greek furniture high, we have left our mark in the field of professional equipment. The first generation of the factory was housed in a small building in the city, when in 1953 it added the Viennese seats in its constructions. Since 1990, our second generation has the pleasure and honor to transfer to our modern 1500 square meter facility. It is worth mentioning that this new building was proclaimed "Naoussa's gem" along with ten others. In the same space our third generation is activated, after decades of development and modernization. Always looking for the best Greek timber for our work, we set the bar high to meet the customer's expectations. Thus, we highlight the value of the wooden construction and the reasons why wood should be in the customer's preferences. All of this, combined with our advantageous prices, contributes to our wide-ranging clientele that extends throughout Greece.     Contact us for further information about our products. We serve Veria and Naoussa, all the prefecture of Imathia and all over Greece.  

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    9th km Naousa - Veria - Naousa

    The company Tzoumanis Bros. Co. founded in 1984 for the construction of furniture.  Over the years many types of specialized furniture.    Since 1995 until now gradually stabilized in the mass production of modern furniture house, business premises and furniture for hotel equipment, shipped wholesale throughout Greece and abroad.    Knowledge Technical School Furniture 'EFKLIDIS' and decoration 'DIMITRELI' complete experience of 24 years on the subject of furniture ......    Libraries ....., showcases, furniture TV, Consoles, Bedroom Furniture, Dining Set, Compositions, drawers - bedside table, corner tables, coffee tables, tables.    FURNITURE FOR ARCHITECTS ..........  The architect is the scientist engineer who specializes in space planning, interior and exterior. The architect proposes solutions that combine functionality, economy, technology, aesthetics, and the environment, and meeting the needs of man.    As a scientist who specializes in schediamo can design customized solutions, including furniture, tailored to customer needs.    The company Tzoumanis Bros. Co. has developed an internal segment is addressed to architects.    Production possibilities are virtually limitless, and combined with the experience of designers and technicians, we can realize the most demanding and groundbreaking projects.    * Analysis of the project in accordance with the requirements of Designing and construction advice to optimize the result.    * Timely budget for construction, based on the cost to those involved in the project.    Special financial arrangements according to the amount of work.    * Delivery of the project always agreeable time.      - FURNITURE HOTEL EQUIPMENT. SPECIAL MANUFACTURES FURNITURE FOR HOTELS.      The company Tzoumanis Bros. Co. knowing the important role that the decoration on site, for you carefully study the overall picture of each room and offer the ideal solution for your hotel equipment.    The wide variety available in modern and classic furniture, and special constructions we make furniture to equip your hotel (rooms and common areas) will refresh your space and meet the needs for both affordable and functional solutions.    Our goal is to deliver a fully integrated space with style and functionality.    FURNITURE    Our company has Greek furniture manufacturing and is able to accept special orders for furniture manufacturing, based on your own personal taste and style.  Epiploste whole house. Bedroom, Living Room, Composition, Coffee table, Dining Sets.    You can visit our factory and place to see it from the beginning to the end of construction and the creation of your furniture.      REPRESENTATIVE - ATZENTIS FURNITURE    If you're already a professional dealer or manager in Europe in the field of selling furniture, and have your own group sellers, we would be interested to work with you.    Contact us to discuss and come up close with a new highly profitable cooperation.

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    Our company works with great success in the world of furniture. It boasts extensive experience in the repair and manufacture of furniture, consistency to the customer, good quality products and services we offer and the reasonable prices. We build custom furniture, upholstery repairs, maintenance and renovations of old furniture. Specialization, reliability and security. We serve Kallithea, Moschato, Paleo Faliro, New Smirni, Piraeus, Kolonaki, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Glyfada, Zografou, Halandri, Cholargos.

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    32, METAMORFOSEOS STR - Kallithea

    In Kalamaria Thessaloniki, for 7 years, you will find a small and wonderful world in which there is mostly the white item, full of the English and French colonial styles like country style. In our area you will find a huge variety of furniture with great style fixtures for all tastes and various household products tailored to suit all tastes. Furthermore you can find fine pieces of gifts, in open and cheerful colors. All our products have both the English and the French element. We expect to see and choose from our great collection.

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    METAMORFOSEOS 33 - KALAMARIA - Thessaloniki
  • Furniture Furnishing Heraklion Crete - Furniture Restoration Heraklion - Furniture Dyes Heraklion - Disinfectants Heraklion

      Τrochalakis Grigoris Furniture Dyeings Iraklio Crete The company TROCHALAKIS is located in Iraklio Crete, in the area of ​​Stiakou Metochi, Finikia and has been successfully active in the furniture dyeing and furniture restoration industry for individuals and businesses for many years. Our long experience in furniture dyeing, our experienced and well-trained staff and our high-tech equipment have brought us to a leading furniture dyeing workshop in Crete. We achieve an excellent result in the restoration and maintenance of your furniture as well as the disinfecting of these at the most competitive market prices. Contact us here and we will be at your disposal for any information, questions or advice about restoring your furniture.     We ensure unparalleled quality and aesthetics on the surfaces of all furniture! We provide: excellent work quality high quality materials reasonable prices receipt and home delivery free of charge         STIAKOU METOCHI, FINIKIA - Iraklio 6955172747, 6972248574 | giannistrochalakis@gmail.com  

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  • Furniture Furniture Upholstery Triantafyllidis Michalis

    The furniture company Triantaphyllidis Michalis has years in the furniture sector in the city of Thessaloniki Mavromichal 27 and Macedonia 124. Our company is a leader in the trade and change of furniture upholstery. Our furniture is typically very good quality that is getting better as we constantly update ourselves on new materials and designs. We have excellent cooperation with the best suppliers of furnitures and furniture. We use high quality fabrics for the transformations and changes we undertake with modern and classic designs for all tastes. Our store has a complete and extensive collection that meets all the requirements of our customers. Both in quality and at prices we have a prominent position in the furniture market. In our home you will find that looking for your home or business space at very competitive prices. Even if you do not want to buy something new our fully-qualified staff will give you a solution by processing and changing wallpaper in your old furniture. Changing wallpaper can give new life to your old furniture as much as a new design as a change to a worn material. Here you will find finesse and functionality in an economical solution. The company provides biological cleaning in mattresses and living room. Contact us or visit us ...

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    Mavromichalis 27 and Macedonia 124 - Thessaloniki

    -Επιπλα Γραφειου -Επιπλα μπανιου -Κουζινες Πτολεμαιδα -Διακοσμηση χωρου -Κουφωματα -Πορτες Θωρακισμενες -Πατωματα -Ειδη σκιασης -Επισκευες επιπλων Πτολεμαιδα -Υφασματα επιπλων -Ταπετσαριες Πτολεμαιδα

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    - Kozani
  • Furniture Petros Katerini Pierias - Furniture - Upholstery - Special Furniture - Carved - Tornado Handmade Furniture - Carpentry

    Our History   The PETROS FURNITURE company, based in Katerini, Pieria, has been active in the woodworking business for many years now. With a lot of love and love for the job, we undertake every kind of carpentry work and special construction in the hand-carved furniture, as well as in the turnarounds. Our company has years of experience in the design and manufacture of handmade furniture and continues to create unique pieces at the best market prices. Handcrafted carved furniture made of solid wood, carved patterns for antiques, classic, neoclassical and modern. All our designs are processed by hand, and in the lathe, with emphasis on detail, quality and elegance. Furniture with handmade furnishings gives authenticity and timeless value to space.   We undertake:   KITCHEN FURNITURE. Classic and Modern. You will be surprised by the solutions, ideas and modern applications we have for you in the kitchen sector. WARDROBES. Wardrobes Sliding and Opening. All our own construction, according to your measures and needs. Dozens of alternatives, in colors, designs and interior configuration of your wardrobe. SALONS. Timeless plans. CHAIRS. SOFAS & ARMCHAIRS - BRIEFERS. BEDROOMS. Bed linen (headboard) we have a variety of designs and original ideas, beds with storage spaces. MICROELECTRONICS - SPECIAL CONSTRUCTIONS. OFFICE FURNITURE - PROFESSIONAL PLACES. LIVING ROOM - DINING TABLES. DISPLAYS - BOUFFIDES. In this business we study, design and implement the project. We manufacture furniture for all areas of the home. We make furniture made on top of Torno with particular detail and carved patterns. Our specialized staff provides prompt service with consistency and reliability at the pre-determined time from which we are requested. We also renovate private and business spaces (Hotels - Shops - Restaurants). Our goal is the high aesthetics and the perfect finish, the quality of the work. Contact us to benefit, quality, consistency at the most reasonable prices and with immediate service. Thank you for your confidence that this is a guarantee for our work. Handmade carved furniture, carpentry, bed linings, furniture restorations, cloth brushes in:   Katerini Pieria. Veria. Thessaloniki. Larisa. Edessa. Yours sincerely, FURNITURE PETROS.

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    25th Martiou Str. (4th Overpass) - Katerini

    The DUEeMMe is a representation and distribution company in Greece Italian kitchen furniture, wardrobe, bedroom, bathroom furniture, children's room interior doors. We provide top quality, perfect functionality, creative imagination, impeccable style and design. The wide range of products caters to all tastes, touches the imagination and creates separate personal spaces. Our products are made from selected wood quality and resistance and non-carcinogenic materials in construction and processing make us distinct in our field. To you're confident in your choice, but we on the quality and design we offer, we are at your disposal to bring you our experience and our knowledge. Simply let us know your needs and the size of your space, and the model that you like and customize configured in your computer I want. So you have the final picture of the model, as we see it in reality in your home. Why do not we leave nothing to chance. All these are provided to you at no extra charge and putting the model of your choice become qualified by our technician. The DUEeMMe offers you everything you want in ... desirable prices. Moreover, payment facilities are in this way so they meet your needs.

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    117, DEKELIAS STR. - Axarne

    The company "Furniture Maraslis" active since 1967 in the furniture with the main objective of maintaining the highest quality combined with incomparably low prices. The company's objective is to offer you beautiful and functional solutions for the harmonious design of your home through professional studies. You just have to visit us at one of our stores, where one of our professional staff is ready-to serve you promptly and friendly giving you unique suggestions furniture.    Exhibition space: 12th km Alexandroupolis - Feron / 25510-61481    Exhibition space Orestiados (intermediate THOURIA - winter) / 25520-31498

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    12th KLM ALEXANDROUPOLI FERON - Alexandroupoli

    Furniture, kitchen furniture, wardrobes , Xanthi . Our love for good and quality furniture combined with elegance and our pioneering spirit is a tradition for us. With a passion for design and manufacture of handmade traditional furniture in solid wood unique quality and aesthetics. Kitchen furniture of high aesthetics in modern and classic designs . Great variety of types and colors of wood , paints, lacquers , in shop windows , in special cabinets and kitchen countertops. With our main policy maximum satisfaction of our customers only the best you can expect from our company. People with love for furniture , combine deep knowledge of wood , experience , talent , creativity and inventiveness to create furniture and creations that highlight the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Our company has a modern factory and technology. All furniture manufactured in our business, where long-term expertise in the design and production to ensure the best possible outcome based on the quality , taste and of course affordable prices. In our area you will find kitchen furniture , classic and modern. Sliding Wardrobes , comfortable and functional . We're eager for the excellent service. Thank you for your preference.

    Category: FURNITURE

    SELERO - Ksanthi

    The family business " CHARALAMPOPOULOS JOHN" activates since 1975 in the manufacture of furniture and lounges . With love and passion for the subject of our work , we construct lounges , dining rooms, compositions , buffets and bedrooms on the design and the dimensions you desire. Our aim is to create for you the perfect piece of furniture that not only meets the functional needs of your space and your personal taste .   Continuous quality control of materials used and the method of construction of our furniture , you are guaranteed an excellent quality and functional outcome with great durability.   Our company is located near your undertaking repairs and lounges .   We serve all of the Western suburbs ( Kapandriti , Barnabas Ag.Stefanos Kryoneri , Spring , Dew , Stop , Ekali N.Erythrea , Kifissia , Varibobi THrakomakedones , Axarnai , Lykovryssi , Metamorphosis , P. Chalcedon N.Filedelfeia , St. Anargyroi , Dove , Aegaleo , Haidari , Petersburg , Ilion , Peristeri , Ano Liosia , Zefyri , Race - Chassia etc. ) , Athens , Blister , nbspPatisia , Abelokipoi , GALATSI , Kifissia , Halandri , Maroussi , Metamorphosis , Athens , Muscat , Faliro , New Smyrna , Koukaki Thisio , Petralona Kessariani , Zografou , Neos Kosmos, Papagos , Ilion , Petersburg , Dove , Kifissia , Ekali New Eritrea Philothei , Xolargos , Ilioupoli Argiroupolis , Alimos , Agios Dimitrios , Kalamaki , Voula , Vouliagmeni , Vari , nbspDrapetsona , Keratsini , chimneys , Perama.alla and the rest of Attica .   Also Achaia , Corinth , Laconia Ilia , Messinia , Arcadia , Argolis, Zakynthos , Kefalonia , Lefkada , Paxos , Corfu , Kythira , Chania , Lasithi , Heraklion , Rethymnon.

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    GOUNARI 70 AND MAKRIGIANNI 16 - Kamandero
  • Giannikis Sotirios - Xylotechniki Trikala - Furniture Industry Ichalia Trikala - Kitchen Cabinets Ochalia Trikala - Interior Doors Trikala

    The furniture industry "Xylotechniki" is committed to the quality and reliability of its products. We manufacture a wide range of products including chairs, tables and bedrooms. We design, design and produce structures for business and private spaces. Our years of experience along with our equipment ensure quality and speed in the implementation of the customer's more complex target. Our goal will always be quality and consistency. We are waiting for you to give ideas and solutions.

    Category: FURNITURE

    Ichalia - Trikala
    6936805931, 6937903422
  • Goutzilikas Evangelos - Woodwork Makrochori Veroia Imathia - Kitchen Furniture - Door & Window Frames - Children's Rooms

    The company Goutzilikas is a company with tradition and long-lasting presence in the local market aiming at the excellent construction of all carpentry works and all the workshops. For three generations we continue with the same passion and love and more experience in the art of wood, creating the conditions for giving our customers the most economical and functional solutions. We undertake with our specialized personnel all the woodworking.   Kitchen furniture, stylish, functional, modern, classic. Door frames in the interior, simply and externally, doors, armored with materials that withstand time and humidity, built-in wardrobes, sliding, opening, in the dimensions required and that you want wood. Kids rooms in designs and colors that you bring, bathroom furniture, living room furniture, bedrooms in a wide range of designs. We provide our services both in private and business areas that need renovation throughout Greece.

    Category: FURNITURE

    1st Klm Makrochoriou - Lykogiannis, Makrochori - Veria
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