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  • Accounting - Tax Office Corinth - SPILIOPOULOU VENICE - Tax Returns - Insurance - Payroll - NSRF Programs - Corinth

    Having a long history in the field, our accounting office "SPILIOPOULOU VENETIA" in CORINTH, is always next to every business or freelancer offering a wide range of accounting and tax services always with responsibility, consistency and efficiency. Proper accounting is an important function that deals with the analysis, classification and recording of the financial events of the company and results in the complete and valid provision of information to both the auditing bodies and the financial institutions, as well as to the entrepreneur himself for taking administrative decisions. WE UNDERTAKE The services of our accounting office can cover the whole range of needs of a modern business, small or large, and among others some of them are: Tax Planning Tax statements VAT, FMY, APD, IKA declarations Accounting supervision (with their own staff or with our concession) Watching / Updating Books (Haplographic, Diplographic) Full coverage of Payroll / Labor issues Undertaking (in collaboration with external partners) of NSRF subsidy issues Our services are based on the regular personal contact of our office, with the entrepreneur. Daily support is the basis for quickly solving problems that arise from the daily operation of each business.

    Category: ACCOUNTANTS

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    Periandrou 14 - Κόρινθος
  • Angelopoulos Georgios - Mechanical Engineer - Heating - Photovoltaics - Insulation - Energy Certificates - Renovations - Kiato Corinth

      Angelopoulos George Mechanical Engineer Heating - Photovoltaics - Insulation - Energy Certificates - Renovations - Kiato Corinth Mechanical Engineer Angelopoulos George has been in the field of energy for over 15 years. In December 2011 we opened in Kiato, Corinth and with great success we have completed a variety of projects in the area. All work is carried out under the supervision of an engineer throughout the project. We base the correct study so that your money is immediately amortized from the resulting savings. Written offers are given with a schedule, so that the customer knows the final cost of the works as well as the date of their completion, before the approval of the offer.                 With a culture of quality work at the best price, we continue to offer the consumer services and products that concern: -Renovations and repairs of buildings of all specialties. -Insulation, thermal insulation, waterproofing and thermal facade. - Economical heating. Study for the most advantageous heating solution. -Solar heaters of high efficiency and technology. - Electrical works - Issuance of PPC certificates                   Call us now for a free autopsy-update-study at your place  


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    Venizelou Eleftheriou 89, Kiato - Κόρινθος
  • ARISTON GLASS | Valalis Akis - Jamia Alexisfera - Glass & Glass Constructions Corinth

    ARISTON GLASS is a Greek export processing and manufacturing company of double and triple glazing systems, with great specialization in the latest generation energy safety glass panels and the minimal window systems of the best companies in the world (Keller, Alumil, Orama). Its executives are well trained, constantly trained and the company's philosophy is to provide services to its customers - partners and not to sell products. Find in our company complete solutions and products for every space and need. Unique quality and construction glass that ensures energy savings and safety! Our company, ARISTON GLASS, deals with the marketing and production of glass and glass and is headquartered in the industrial area of ​​Loutraki. The main areas of activity of our company are the production and marketing of energy windows, bulletproof glass and shop equipment. We undertake glass orders for showcases, glass doors, glass shutters, stairs and parapets. All our products have the appropriate CE certifications, which are provided together with the sheets of their technical characteristics and specifications. It is worth mentioning that all ARISTON GLASS raw materials come from European companies and are approved through quality control procedures. Our company's policy focuses on the needs of customers and the quality of products available through our brand name in the market. We are constantly looking for new advanced technologies that allow us to stand out from respective glass manufacturing and trading companies. Our clientele concerns not only the city of Loutraki but also the whole of Greece. All these years of operation of the company, we build relationships of trust with all of you who have trusted and trust our brand. Whatever the need, you can contact the specialized staff of Ariston Glass and get the most advantageous answers. We adapt to your conditions and we fully respect the uniqueness of each space. All these principles that are an axiom for us, have made ARISTON GLASS in Loutraki a safe and first name in preferences. Contact our phones for anything you need.

    Category: GLASS – CRYSTALS

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    I.A. Loutrakiou - Κόρινθος
  • Aslanis - Garden Center Isthmus Corinth - Garden - Architecture - Construction Garden - Gardening Tasks - rock gardens - Plants Flowers

    FOOTWEAR - GARDEN CONSTRUCTIONS - INSTITUTION - CORINTH FAMILY OF ASLEN For many years, INTHMO - CORINTHIA has been home to the Aslanis nursery and is active in the field of nurseries, construction and garden maintenance. It was founded by Aslani Evripidi with love in nature and flowers. Multi-year experience, know-how, reliability, consistency and affordability are a guide to improving our plant production and increasing the variety of items we provide in order to achieve the best result for your service. The love for the kind and the restless spirit for new creations, offers the best in the study and construction of gardens and terraces.             SERVICES · NITROS - KORINTHIA NURSERY · Flowers - plants ISTHMOS - CORINTHIA · Garden construction ISTHMOS - CORINTHIA · Garden Conservancy ISTHMOS - CORINTHIA · Garden architecture · Vrachokipoi - fountains · Installation of automatic watering · Lawns · Garden cleaning · Pruning - planting · Ground preparation · Soil configuration etc OUR GOAL Our purpose is always to serve customers directly, to create and maintain gardens that make others, but also ourselves happy. We create gardens according to your tastes and we maintain the gardens according to their needs. WE PROVIDE TIPS THANK YOU FOR YOUR MULTIPLE PREFERENCE E-MAIL: euripidis.asl@gmail.com Friendly, Aslanis Euripides Aslanis Konstantinos Aslanis Themistocles

    Category: PLANTATIONS

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    79 Klm Athens - Korinthos - Κόρινθος
  • Awnings, Shading Systems - Corinth - Koskinas Panagiotis

    Welcome to the website of our company, "Koskinas" based in Corinth. Our many years of experience have made us competitive in the field of shading systems due to consistency, professionalism and affordable prices of our products and services. Join us to give you the perfect solution for those who want to get beautiful and high quality awnings, as well as shading systems, awnings, pergolas, special constructions, roll curtains, fabrics, jellies, bars, special constructions and automation. We manufacture and install awnings, as well as all those shading systems that suit your private or professional space. We have: Awnings awnings, arm awnings, automatic awnings, awnings with digital printing, cassettes, capotins, cassette tape. On the pergolas we have the following types: Pergola open, pergola with knitted sails. Contact us as we can handle even the most demanding constructions

    Category: TENTS – BLINDS

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    Ethnikis Aneksartisias 75 - Κόρινθος

    BARTZI CORINTHIOS BROTHERS is a family run business with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. For three generations our mill continues to provide its services throughout the prefecture of Corinth. The BARTZIS AFON family is also a producer of virgin olive oil. Technology and years of experience, allow us excellent results, quality olive oil. Wholesale and retail olive oil is sold throughout the Peloponnese. Corinth Mill Corinth olive oil Trade in olive oil Corinth Organic olive oil Corinth

    Category: OLIVE PRESSES

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    Zevgolatio - Κόρινθος
  • Bitzios Cafe - Cafe Corinth - Cafe Bar Corinth

    Bitzios Cafe Cafe - Bar Corinth In our cafe-bar "Bitzios Cafe" in Corinth, from early in the morning you can enjoy the best coffee in town and accompany it with an excellent snack of your choice. In us you will find all kinds of coffees, juices, soft drinks, drinks, sweets, pastries, crepes, sandwiches and many more snacks that will surely leave you with the best impressions. Visit our cafe in Corinth and our kind staff will serve you in the best way.

    Category: CAFÉ

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    Agiow Vasilios - Κόρινθος
    6945020176, 6944171718
  • Bonatsou Nicoletta - Accounting Office Corinth - Corinth Tax Office

    The Accounting & Tax Office Teta Bonatsou & Associates, based in Corinth, has been providing you with integrated business development services for 25 years. Mrs. Bonatsou holds an A 'Class of Accountant-Taxation License and has studied at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The Office of Teta Bonatsou & Associates provides tax and accounting services for businesses and individuals in Corinthia and throughout Greece.

    Category: ACCOUNTANTS

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    Apostolou Pavlou 26 - Κόρινθος

      BUILDING CONTRACTOR - CONSTRACTION WORKS PLEPARAKU GRAMOZ (SPIROS) | CORINTH   The company PLEPARAKU GRAMOZ (SPIROS), with years of experience, responsibility and professionalism, is active in the field of construction works, construction works and general renovations of houses and buildings.   We are construction contractors in Corinth and our main concern is the quality of work and the immediate service of our customers. Our crew consists of experienced builders, builders, plasterers, tattoos, who come to your place and offer the most affordable solutions.   We renovate, private and professional spaces (homes, buildings, shops, hotels). We are dealing with the building of stone houses. We consistently undertake the construction of your building from start to finish, ensuring it is ready for delivery at a predetermined time.     We work with all our crews and deliver the "turnkey" building at the pre-determined time. Contact us for a guaranteed result at the most reasonable prices and we will respond immediately!   We serve the entire prefecture of Corinth, but also in the wider region of the Peloponnese, such as Nafplio, Argos, Patras, Pyrgos, Kalamata, Tripoli and elsewhere.    


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    Carpentry, kitchen furniture, wardrobes, doors, roofs, stairs, railings.    The experience, expertise and consistency, certify our excellent quality of work.   

    Category: WOODWORKING

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    Cleaning and storage-carpeting carpets - rugs - quilts blankets. Dry cleaning sensitive handmade carpets. Repair of handmade carpets. Change in carpet fringes - hemming. Salon spot cleaning - carpet. Perfection cleaning services with the latest technology and ecological detergents. Always the best prices. Pick up - free home delivery.


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    21, DAMASKINOU STR - Κόρινθος
  • Construction Works Korinthos - Repairs - Tiles Placements Korinthos

      Zani Dritan Constructions Korinthos   Our company is located in Corinth and has been dealing with the subject of general construction work for many years, with responsibility and professionalism. We have created a great number of projects in Corinth and wherever we are asked, with great success. We undertake:   General construction work Thermal insulation Thermobases Plasterings Stone coverings Placing tiles Placements of marbles Our highly qualified staff can guarantee the completion of your work at the agreed time, from the simplest to the more complex, at the best market prices, ensuring a perfect result. ​​​​Do not hesitate to contact us and check out our offers.       31 PIGASSOU STR, Korinthos | 6947845208  


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    31, Pigasou str - Κόρινθος
  • Corinth Butcher - PANAGIOTIS PATSIOS - Meat Trade Goura Corinth - Traditional Butcher Corinth - Meat Products Corinth

    PANAGIOTIS PATSIOS Traditional Butcher Corinth In Corinth and more specifically in Goura Corinth, you will find our butcher shop "PANAGIOTIS PATSIOS" from which you can get meat and meat products of excellent quality and unique taste every day. With love and a lot of passion, every day in our butcher shop in Corinth, we offer you the best meats and the most immediate and kind service. Visit our butcher shop in Corinth and our kind staff will help you choose the ideal meat for your table.

    Category: BUTCHERS

    Goura - Κόρινθος

    Guided by our experience, we undertake construction and project houses, shops, business premises and the total or partial refurbishing them. Integral elements of our work is the result, good prices, fast delivery and accountability. The rich clientele vouches for our reliability and our solvency. Our main concern is to have a good technical and aesthetic result. We undertake: - Constructions - Coatings - Tiles - Painting - Electrical works - Rent-scaffold


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    34, PYTHAGORA STR - Κόρινθος
  • Diamantopoulos Earthworks Agioi Theodoroi Corinth - Public Private Earthworks - Excavation - Canal Digging - Water Supply - Drainage - Irrigation - Demolition - Asphalt Paving

    DIAMANTOPOULOS CHOMATURGICAL WORKS AGIO THEODORI-CORINTHIA DISTRIBUTION PROJECTS - EXCAVATIONS - EXTRACTS - CONFIGURATION OF SPACES TECHNICAL DISTRIBUTION PROJECTS - PUBLIC - PRIVATE DISTRIBUTION PROJECTS WATER - SEWERAGE - IRRIGATION CANAL OPENINGS, ROAD-EXCLUSIONS SAINT THEODOROY - LOUTRAKI - KINETA - CORINTHIA   DIAMANTOPOULOS CHOMATOURGIKA is headquartered in AGIOUS THEODOROUS - CORINTHIA and has been active in the field of earthworks since 1990. Earthmoving We handle the earthworks and our modern machinery gives us the opportunity for small and big projects, with guaranteed result in the predetermined time and at the most competitive prices. With our experienced staff we focus on meeting every need of our clients. Our goal is customer service, immediate and correct completion of the project, always respecting the environment. We also undertake water supply, sewerage and irrigation facilities. SERVICES Earthmoving Excavations Earthworks Engineering earthworks Water - Drainage - Irrigation Demolitions Rocks Configurations of spaces Cleaning of plots and fields Earrings etc. Contact us and you are sure to appreciate our quality and professionalism.                     GUARANTEED QUALITY - SPECIALIZATION AND EXPERIENCE - LOW PRICES WE SERVICE SAINT THEODOROUS - ALL AROUND AREAS - BATHROOM-KINETA AND WHO OTHERS ARE REQUESTED. Yours sincerely, Diamantopoulos Ioannis

    Category: EARTHWORKS

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    Agioi Theodoroi - Κόρινθος

    The Doukas fireplaces business began in 1984 with the construction and installation of fire-brick fireplaces. Now adapted to the new era's dynamic search for alternative forms of heating, it has devices that meet strict environmental standards. Our company has a variety of energy sources (air - heaters) as well as inserts (cartridges) for the upgrading of the old fireplace and for an initial construction. Also wood stoves and pellet stoves. At the end of our work we want our customers to stay not only satisfied but "excited". Our business philosophy is long-term stability, reliability and honest cooperation with customers. Friendly, Duke Constantine


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    100, Patron Str. - Κόρινθος

    EARTHMOVING WORKS CORINTH THEODOSIOS STRIMENOPOULOS   The company STRIMENOPOULOS  EARTHMOVING WORKS was founded in 1965 by Strimmenopoulos Georgios and today is under the direction of Strimmenopoulos Theodosios. We are the second generation active in the field of earthworks. We undertake both individual and public works with consistency and dedication to the customer. Through the experience we have gained and the fullness of our earthmoving machines, we are able to guarantee our impeccable services with the right equipment to meet all the needs of our customers in every project that we are entrusted with. Our services cover the entire range of earthworks. Our company offers its services all over Greece.   Contact us for immediate responses to the most affordable market prices.    

    Category: EARTHWORKS

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    15, Posidonias Street - Κόρινθος
  • Earthworks Couplet - Chomaterg - Couplet Earth Corinth - Chomaterg - Demolition - Excavations - Landscaping - Rocks - Land Cleaning - Theodoropoulos Kostas

    Earthworks Zevgolatio, Corinth, Corinth, Argolis, Achaia, Ilia Water transportation, Tank filling, Tanker irrigation   The company '' CHOMATERG '' is based in Zevgolatio Korinthia, is active in the field of earthworks, with great success and serves all the beautiful prefectures. With our family run space, our proprietary, specialized machinery and trucks we have and our experienced staff, we focus on meeting every need of our customers, solving any problem with quality and responsible work. We undertake earthworks and with our modern machinery, we undertake small and large private projects, with guaranteed results in a predetermined time and at the most competitive prices. We provide all kinds of services of earthworks, excavations, excavations, demolitions, excavations, transportation of horticultural lands and more. We also undertake water transportation, tank filling, tanker irrigation. Services: Excavations Excavations Demolitions Rocks Sewer networks Irrigation projects Streams & Flow Configurations Rehabilitation - Soil Improvements Rail Transport Transport of vegetable soil Rocks Land Cleaning Road digging Road construction works Snowfall Asphalt works Our goal is to serve the customer, the immediate and proper completion of the project, always respecting the environment. Contact us and you are sure to be completely satisfied with our quality work and professionalism. Sincerely, Theodoropoulos Kostas.

    Category: EARTHWORKS

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    Zevgolatio - Κόρινθος
  • Earthworks Zevgolatio Korinthias - AFOI LOUTA OE - Excavations - Demolition - Earthworks Zevgolatio Korinthias

    LOUTA BROS OE Earthworks Zevgolatio Korinthias Our company "AFOI LOUTA OE" which is located in Zevgolatio, Corinth, is active in earthworks and all these years has completed a large number of earthworks in Zevgolatio and throughout Corinth. With a modern fleet of vehicles, we can undertake and carry out earthworks of all types such as demolition, landscaping, excavations and any earthworks you wish to carry out. We are always at your disposal to listen to your needs and to suggest you the ideal solution for any earthworks you wish to carry out. We serve Zevgolatio and the whole prefecture of Corinth directly.

    Category: EARTHWORKS

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    Zevgolatio - Κόρινθος
    6909592117, 6944221083, 6944779578

    EFSTATHIOU DIMITRIOS - TZIMIS is based in KORINTHO - KORINTHIA and is active in the field of cranes - lifting. Our many years of experience, advanced training and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee our customers high quality and safety. We undertake loading, transportation and installation of goods, machinery, heavy objects, building materials etc. Our equipment is in excellent condition, with regular checks. We also have specialized staff that guarantee the high level of service we provide. SERVICES CORINTHOS - CORINTHIA Cranes Elevations CORINTHOS - CORINTHIA Crane trucks Trucks with parrot Transportation of goods by crane Cartoon Lifting machine Clark Transport of vessels Crane transport Cutting - pruning of trees etc. Our top priority is very good prices and the safety of your goods. Each transfer is planned and coordinated according to the needs of each client. SERVING CORINTH AND ALL CORINTH Yours sincerely, Efstathiou Dimitrios

    Category: CRANES – CLARK

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    Aristotle 61 - Κόρινθος
    6947602530, 6973302217
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