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  • Air Conditioning Neo Psychiko Attiki - KONSTANTINOS CHRISTODOULOU - Air Conditioning Repair Service Neo Psychiko Attiki - Air Conditioning Service Neo Psychiko Attiki - Cooling - Solar Systems - Solar Water Heaters Neo Psychiko

    KONSTANTINOS CHRISTODOULOU Solar Systems & Air Conditioning Neo Psychiko Attiki Our company "KONSTANTINOS CHRISTODOULOU" which is located in Attica and more specifically in Neo Psychiko, is active in the field of air conditioning, cooling and solar systems. Thanks to our long course in air conditioning, we can undertake the installation, service, repair and maintenance of home and professional air conditioners in Neos Psychikos and throughout Attica. We can also recommend the best solar systems and solar water heaters as well as undertake installation and repair work. Our goal is to offer you immediate and impeccable service from where you call us in Neo Psychiko and from all over Attica. Air Conditioning Neo Psychiko Attiki, Air Conditioning Repair Neo Psychiko Attiki, Air Conditioning Service Neo Psychiko Attiki, Refrigeration Neo Psychiko Attiki, Solar Systems Neo Psychiko Attiki, Solar Water Heaters Neo Psychiko


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    Michalis Moraitis 66 - Neo Psixiko
  • Dentist Surgeon Neo Psychiko Attica - GANA DIMITRA - Implants - Periodontics - Porcelain Faces - Pediatric Dentistry - Whitening Neo Psychiko Attica

    GHANA DIMITRA Dental Surgeon Neo Psychiko Attica Your smile says more about you than any other feature. My name is Dimitra Ghana and I warmly welcome you to the website of my dental clinic. My dental clinic is located in Neo Psychiko, Attica. With the rich knowledge and experience I have, I undertake any complex or routine incident. I undertake implants, periodontology, prosthetics, corrective, aesthetic dentistry, whitening, orthodontics, pediatric preventive dentistry, while I am always at your disposal for useful tips.

    Category: DENTAL SURGEON

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    Adrianiou 3 - Neo Psixiko
  • From A To Z | Kindergarten Neo Psychiko, Zografou, Gizi, Center, Holargos, Nea Filothei

    The kindergarten "From A to Z" is a small, warm family space, exuding warmth and love! For the first and foremost years of our children's lives, we have been inspired and made a safe and friendly environment that, together with proper education, contribute to socialization, physical and mental development, as well as to their mental and aesthetic cultivation. We are in Athens, in Ampelokipoi, in a very central location, and we are happy to get to know you and to convey our philosophy to you and your children. Our goal is to create a good and fruitful collaboration, always for the benefit of our young students.   The philosophy of our school is to unite knowledge and mind with heart and love. Through the group's day-to-day activities, in our small community called school, children are taught values ​​such as patience & perseverance, learning to lose, winning and even claiming. They learn to respect, to disagree, to cooperate, to take each other's place. They learn to be self-serving, to feel that they can do it, to ask for help. They learn to recognize, express and manage their emotions. The kindergarten from a to oh is waiting for you to create happy memories together.


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    34, G Mpousiou Str. - Neo Psixiko

    UNIQUE OFFERS Apartment Building Cleaning: from 5 € per apartment per month *. Initial cleaning of empty apartments: from 2 € sq.m. * For blocks of flats up to 10 apartments the offer is valid once a week. For apartment blocks with a larger number of apartments the offer is valid twice a week. Prices do NOT include VAT 23%. Areas we serve: Galatsi, Nea Ionia, Heraklion, Metamorfosi, Nea Philadelphia, Maroussi, Pefki, Lykovrisi, Kifissia, Nea Erythrea, Drosia, Psychiko, Chalandri, Cholargia, Agia Paraskevi, Vrilissia, Vrilissia. DETAILS FOR EVALUATION FREE MONTHLY LANDSCAPE CLEANING PROGRAM - Stairway: * Sweep, Mop, Stair Glasses, Switches: EVERY TIME * BATHROOM * Rail: 2 - Entrance: * Entrance windows, Entrance (door): EVERY TIME - Elevator: * Mirror, floor (mop & drying), cabin, doors in & out: EVERY TIME - Floating: * Wiping: EVERY TIME * Washing: EVERY MONTH - Sidewalk: * Wiping: EVERY TIME * Washing: EVERY MONTH - Garage: * Wiping: 2 TIMES OF THE MONTH


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    28nd OCTOVRIOU 66 - Neo Psixiko

    1954 - 2014 Sixty years beekeeper with tremendous experience, with honesty, with confidence in my fellow man. Always with the pure gifts of nature from the Honey Bee - Royal Jelly - Pollen - Propolis. Because these have duration of their components. Those who knew not fled from me the utmost confidence they showed in me and I thank them.   Шестьдесят лет пчеловод с огромным опытом, с честностью, с уверенностью в моей ближнему. Всегда с чистыми дарами природы от Honey Bee - Маточное молочко - Пыльца - Прополис. Потому что они имеют продолжительность их компонентов. Те, кто знал не бегут от меня абсолютно уверен они показали во мне, и я благодарю их.


    33A, XANTHOU STR - Neo Psixiko
  • Ouranitsas Iakovos Aluminum Aluminum Constructions Europa - N Psychiko Chalandri Cholargos - Iron Works Marousi - Filothei - Galatsi - Vrilissia - Aluminum Frames - Railings - Garage Doors - Metal Constructions

    OURANITSAS IAKOVOS ALUMINUM EUROPE IN PSYCHIKO ATHENS ALUMINUM N PSYCHIKO MAROUSI FILOTHEI CHOLARGOS HALANDRI NORTHERN SUBURBS ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTIONS N PSYCHIKO MAROUSI FILOTHEI CHOLARGOS HALANDRI GALATSI NORTHERN SUBURBS ALUMINUM WINDOW DOORS PSYCHIKO MAROUSI FILOTHEI CHOLARGOS CHALANDRI GALATSI NORTHERN SUBURBS SILVER CONSTRUCTION N PSYCHIKO MAROUSI FILOTHEI CHOLARGOS CHALANDRI GALATSI NORTHERN SUBURBS METAL CONSTRUCTIONS N PSYCHIKO MAROUSI FILOTHEI CHOLARGOS HALANDRI GALATSI NORTHERN SUBURBS ALUMINUM CAVE N PSYCHIKO MAROUSI FILOTHEI CHOLARGOS HALANDRI GALATSI NORTHERN SUBURBS DOOR WINDOW DOORS PSYCHIKO MAROUSI FILOTHEI CHOLARGOS HALANDRI GALATSI NORTHERN SUBURBS SAFETY RACKS N PSICHIKO MAROUSI FILOTHEI CHOLARGOS HALANDRI GALATSI NORTHERN SUBURBS WOODEN DOORS DOUBLE MAROUSI FILOTHEI CHOLARGOS CHALANDRI GALATSI NORTHERN SUBURBS ALUMINUM - STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS - EUROPA NEW PSYCHIKO ATTICA The company OURANITSAS IAKOVOS was founded in 1983 in N. Psychiko and is active in the field of aluminum constructions and iron constructions, metal constructions, aiming at the correct and immediate service of each client. Through our many years of experience, the right know-how and the latest technological equipment, our experienced team is able to execute your demands at economical prices, and to serve directly from wherever we are requested in the northern suburbs of N. Psychiko to Maroussi, Filothei, Galatsi, Cholargos, Halandri Vrilissia. We offer a solution in your space either private or professional. We use long life materials Proper study of your work is a prerequisite for good cooperation and our staff takes care of the beginning so that the customer is aware of the final cost of the construction, the time of delivery of the project and of course the necessary warranty certificates accompany the products produced. Our services: We undertake all kinds of Aluminum constructions of iron and metal constructions ALUMINUM FURNITURE: We are certified aluminum manufacturers and we work with EUROPA Opening Slowly Automation, service, replacement of old ones with new ones. Repairs - maintenance of frames DOORS: Doors aluminum windows DOORS LOCATED OUTDOOR Buildings that are distinguished for the highest quality standards of safety and perfect functionality thanks to the materials used Mosquito nets Roller screens The screens are the ideal way to enjoy quiet and undisturbed hot nights, in a properly ventilated area, perfectly protected from annoying insects. Their installation and operation is very simple and their design allows them to be placed in any kind of new or old aluminum, wooden or plastic Traditional Aluminum Railings INOX General ironworks Ironworks Balcony railing safety railing ROLLING ROLLS for windows ROLLS for balcony doors, residential and retail Choose with your shutters, rolls for their modern aesthetics, excellent functionality, versatility and functionality. Fence rails Stairs Patio doors Sheds. Sheds Bears Special structures Garage doors with automation PergolasWe make the pergolas we manufacture, have a wide variety of colors and designs so that we can meet even the highest demands. The construction materials are of excellent quality, while the work of construction and installation by our trained crew offers creations that are not similar We are next to you after the delivery of the works. We guarantee the construction and quality of Europa products by providing complete solutions and solutions for your own professional or personal space. Please contact us for further clarification and we will respond immediately Yours sincerely OURANITSAS IAKOVOS


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    57, Dimokratias Str. - Neo Psixiko
  • Petraki Anna - Psychologist Neo Psychiko Athens - Family Psychotherapist Neo Psychiko Athens - Panic Attacks Neo Psychiko Athens - Specialty in Sexual Health

    Psychologist - Family psychotherapist - Panic attacks I'm Anna Petraki, a psychologist, a psychotherapist - a family therapist. I specialize in sexual health issues. I have studied Psychology at the University of Athens with retraining in systemic therapy and I am licensed to practice. I have worked as a psychologist-therapist in both private mental health units and public health institutions. I work effectively, individually and in groups, and have extensive experience with adolescents and adults, who are experiencing panic attacks, phobias, anxiety that can be somatized, sexual problems, relationship problems, obesity, mourning. I understand that people are often initially hesitant and wondering if they can be helped by a psychologist and how ... What I can attest to from my experience with the people I have worked with is that when one starts to see how it works, how he relates, how he communicates, what roles he soon begins to realize what is happening, to have a clearer look at his life, to live without the burden on his chest, to begin to be conscious and aware of why all this "suffering" is happening to him . And the change is not far off, a functional daily life that does not worry you but you truly enjoy it and experience it creatively without stress, without panic attacks and without fears waiting for you ... Everyone has the right to travel with hope, optimism and plenty of light .....


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    Avenue Dimiokratias 23 - Neo Psixiko
  • Psychologist Psychiko Attiki - CHRISTINA KARABOULA - Psychotherapist - Family Therapist - Phobia Anxiety Management - Neo Psychiko Attica

    Psychologist, psychotherapist, family therapist, certified in Family Psychotherapy, from the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations. Education: B.A. in Psychology,  Deree College.  Postgraduate degrees UCL / Institute of Education: Diploma in Education and M.A. in Psychology of Education.  Four year training in Family Psychotherapy at the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations. Professional course: KETHEA (Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals) in the Education section, Kyanous Stavros (Private Clinic) and Ionios School (Private School) as an Advisor to the Nursery Department. From 2013 until today, private office providing psychotherapy to adults (Greek and English speakers), couples and families, in individual or group sessions. Long collaboration with the Municipality of Filothei-Psychiko, providing counselling sessions. Psycho-education Seminars for Elementary and Nursery School teachers at Ionios Private School. One day seminars at the Private School Parents Association, regarding Exam Anxiety and Coping Mechanisms for children and parents.  Member of SEPS (Association of Greek Psychologists) and of HELASYTH (Hellenic Association for Systemic Therapy).   Sessions at the office or via Skype.  


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    2, Georgiou Seferi str - Neo Psixiko
  • Sex Shop Ola4U - Sex Shop Athens - Sex Toys - Fetish BDSM - Sexy Underwear - Erotic Toys - Sex Shop - OLA4U

    In the sex shop OLA4U you can find anything you are looking for sex and sex toys, erotic items, sexy lingerie, dildos & dongs, sex toys, wedges, strap-on, fetish - BDSM, polyphony, massage and wellness! Big questions on erotic items with new items showing updates and everything in search of the market! Visit our website and we are looking for more available :: https://ola4u.gr   sex shop αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- sexshop αθηνα αττικης - δονητες αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- sex toys αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- ερωτικα βοηθηματα αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- ερωτικα αντικειμενα αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- ομοιωματα πεους αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- δαχτυλιδια πεους αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- αυνανιστηρια αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- αξεσουαρ φετιχ αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- λιπαντικα αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- προφυλακτικα αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- ελαια κερια μασαζ αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- γυναικεια εσωρουχα αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης- αντρικα εσωρουχα αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης -σεξυ στολες αθηνα, αττικη, νομος αττικης, sex shop πανελλαδικα, sexshop πανελλαδικα, ερωτικα βοηθηματα πανελλαδικα, ερωτικα αντικειμενα πανελλαδικα

    Category: SEX SHOPS

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    Grigoriou Xenopoulou 3 - Neo Psixiko
  • Tae Kwon Do Neo Psychiko Fitness Club - Hapkido - Zumba Neo Psychiko

    The Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido New Mental Fitness Club has been providing high quality athletes for over 30 years. It teaches children of all ages the art of Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido while learning the basic principles of sports such as respect, discipline and ethics. The teachers of our club are recognized and acclaimed athletes nationwide and internationally and with many successes and awards. Call the school secretariat to find out about the departments, the program & any other information you would like.

    Category: MARTIAL ARTS

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    261, Mesogeion Str - Neo Psixiko
  • Category: SERVICES

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    - Neo Psixiko
  • Category: SEASONAL

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    - Neo Psixiko

    Orthopedic Surgeon Doctor of Orthopedics - University of Athens Chief Clinical Director-Orthopedic Department Karpenissi General Hospital « Ancient Résident des Hôpitaux de Paris ( A-Paré )


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    ANTERSEN 1 - Neo Psixiko
    6932665965, 6950563656
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    TZAVELLA 4 - Neo Psixiko

    SUMMARY   Highly experienced dental practitioner in reconstructive and restorative dentistry, with a gentle and approachable personality that puts even the most nervous of patients at ease, and attention oriented to both person and detail. With a reputation for quality and expertise, recognized by his peers around the country and consults for a number of dental companies.   AREAS OF EXPERTISE   •Oral Surgery •Implantology •Dental Esthetics •Ceramic Restoration •Prosthetics   EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS 2003-2005 DGI German Association of Oral Implantology   Theoretical and Practical Training in Implantology   1988-1995 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)   Bachelor in Dentistry (DDS)   The courses provided the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to practice dentistry. As graduate dentist possessed competences on: ØBiomedical foundation knowledge, which are necessary for practicing contemporary dentistry. ØPreventive strategy, where the primary goal is not to treat injury or disease but also prevent them, and preserve any therapeutic effect. ØSocial sensitivity, which ensures that the dentist is both a professional and a servant of health. ØSeeking lifelong learning, for continuously updating and improving skills throughout their professional life.     1985-1988 Classical Lyceum of Poros, Poros Isl. (Greece)   High School Diploma   CONFERENCES AND OTHER COURSES   Jun. 2011 Advanced Seminar in Implant Dentistry, School of Graduate Dentistry, Rambam Health Care Campus, Faculty of Medicine – Technion I.I.T., Haifa – Israel Feb. 2011 Marketing in dentistry, part of Master in Implantology Postgraduate Program, City University of Seattle, Athens – Greece Mar. 2010 Immediate restoration of the edentulous patient with the SKY fast & fixed therapy concept and 3D implant planning with SKYplanX, BREDENT Medical, Landsberg/Sendem/Ulm - Germany Mar. 2009 Implantology Clinical Surgery, Hellenic Association of Continuing Dental Education in co-operation with the New York University College of Dentistry, Athens – Greece Sept. 2008 Implantology and Esthetic Dentistry, Global Institute for Dental Education, Athens – Greece Sept. 2007 1st International Conference of Implantology and Esthetic Dentistry, Dental Tribune International, Athens – Greece Jun. 2007 A live demonstration of a sinus lift procedure, and augmentation of block bone, The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv – Israel Nov. 2006 26th Hellenic Dental Conference, Hellenic Dental Association, Athens – Greece Jun. 2006 Mediterranean Dental Implant Congress 2006, Corfu – Greece Dec. 2005 2005 International Symposium for Prosthetics, Greek-German Dental Association, Athens – Greece Nov. 2005 19th Hellenic Conference, Hellenic Association for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Athens – Greece Feb. 2005 2nd International Conference of Esthetic Dentistry, Hellenic Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Athens – Greece Oct. 2004 Dental Esthetics, Society of Hellenic Dentistry, Athens – Greece Jun. 2004 The Esthetic Challenge – prerequisities for an optimal perio-implant-prosthetic rehabilitation, Mediterranean Dental Implant Congress 2004, Corfu – Greece Jun. 2004 Mediterranean Dental Implant Congress 2004, Corfu – Greece Apr. 2004 Hospitation on treatment planning, exposing (2nd step), filling of frames, recall, explanation, implantation (1st step), impression taking, incorporation and grafting techniques, DGI German Association of Oral Implantology, Seefeld – Germany Nov. 2003 2003 International Symposium for Prosthetics, Greek-German Dental Association, Athens – Greece Nov. 2002 16th Hellenic Conference, Hellenic Association for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Athens – Greece     WORK EXPERIENCE   2004 - today Dental Clinic – owner, N. Psichiko (Athens – Greece), (http://www.dentalcosmetic.gr/) 2006-2008 Visiting dentist for implants and oral surgery, Netherlands 1997-2004 Dental practice – owner, Kolonaki (Athens – Greece) 1995-1997 Dentist, Hellenic Navy, Salamina Hospital (Greece) 1990-1995 Undergraduate practice, Dental School of Athens, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)     PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION   Member of the BIG-register (official register of health care professionals, on behalf of the Ministry of Health) of Netherlands, since 2006   Member of the Hellenic Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, since 2005   Member of the DGI German Association of Oral Implantology, since 2004   Member of the Dental Association of Athens, since 1995     INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES   Swimming, diving, fishing and photography. SKILLS   Computing   MS Windows OS   MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)   Digital X-Ray Imaging Software   Dental Practice Management Software       Languages   Greek (Native language)   English (Second language)       Other   European driving license, categories A and B   Greek powerboat operator license


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    10, ADRIANOU STR. - Neo Psixiko

    GENIKH LTD HOTEL EQUIPMENT, HOTEL EQUIPMENT GENIKH LTD Equipment for Hotels Hospitals Restaurants and catering.   Products :   Decorative items blankets Kouvr - Li and covers curtains shower curtains Pillows and headrests Carpeting - Treadmills quilts towels Sheets and pillowcases Tablecloths Fabrics - Leather - Furniture Covers carpets


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    Limberopoulou 43 - Neo Psixiko

    HONORARY CONSULATE OF THE GRAND DUCHY OF LUXEMBOURG IN GREECE Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00 EST   Mme Artemis Papatheodorou  

    Category: ASSOCIATIONS

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    Tzavela 42C - Neo Psixiko
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    FRAGOPOULOU 45 - Neo Psixiko
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    KAMPOUROGLOU 36 - Neo Psixiko
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