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  • Auto Marmarinos - Car Care Zografou - Car Wraps - Car Wash Zografou Attiki

    The AUTO MARMARINOS company with years of experience in the automotive industry now also carries and cares for your car. Our state-of-the-art machines provide excellent results where our goal is to provide you with service and satisfaction. We offer a wide range of services: Car Wash Inside - Out Lamp fog restoration Color Reset (Polishing - Wax) Auto parts      The best advertising and satisfaction for AUTO MARMARINOS over the years in the garage and the car careers are our fully satisfied customers !!! We can guarantee the quality and the result of our services.


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    108 Papagou Str. - Zografou
  • Barista Store - Coffee Tools & Equipment Lamia - Coffee - Tea - Chocolates - Coffee Press - Milk jugs - Scales - Zografou Attiki

    Barista Store Coffee Painter Tools & Equipment Attiki Our company, since 2000, specializes in the trade of coffee & other coffee products based in Thebes, Vagia and the New branch in the area of ​​Zografou Attiki, 24 Dimitriou Bey and Georgiou Papandreou. In our store, in Lamia you can find high quality products related to the preparation of coffee, drinks and beverages as well as many barista accessories. BaristaStore.gr is addressed to the professional but also to the home user. We work with leading manufacturers keeping the bar high, constantly updating the range of our products and services. We have an excellently trained technical department that undertakes to make your coffee machine like new, whether it is professional or domestic. We undertake inspection of good operation, thorough cleaning, general service and repair throughout Lamia and the area of ​​Zografou Attica.


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    Dimitriou Bey 24 and Georgiou Papandreou - Zografou

    Transport, removals, cranes, storage products, wrapping, in Zografou, Attica and Greece

    Category: TRANSPORT

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    ETHNARXI MAKARIOU 133 - Zografou
  • Dermatologist Zografou Athens - Aphrodisiologist Zografou Athens - Tsenebi Eftichia - Botox Athens Lefkada - Aesthetic Dermatology - Dermatology

    2nd clinic Lefkada, Koutroubi 1 and Iroon Polytechniou, 31100, tel. 2645100950 Laser Hair Removal Applications, Spots, Pots, Reformation ...! The systems are approved for permanent results in epilation, regeneration, skin firming by the Food and Drug Administration of America (F.D.A.) Aesthetic Dermatology Botox, Implants ...! The science of dermatology has given us many opportunities to improve the appearance and elimination of aging sites!


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    40, Stratarchou A. Papagou avenue - Zografou

    DIMAKOPOULOU CHRISTINA PROFILE Dentist Dental Surgeon Implantologist Cosmetic Dentistry PRESENTATION     The dental surgeon Christina Dimakopoulou graduated with honors from the school of Dentistry  of the University of Thessaloniki where she entered 7th in success order winning a scholarship offered by the State Scholarship Foundation. She has participated in numerous conferences and seminars on implants and cosmetic dentistry. She is a member of the Greek Society of Periodontology and graduate of the German Society of Implantology. Completing her research on implants she has attended a number of conferences and operations by distinguished Implantologists - Oral surgeons with professors Neukamm, Khoury, Bergmann and Watzek being few of them. In recent years she has turned her interest in cosmetic dentistry also aiming to the elimination of facial wrinkles by means of Hyaluronic Acid. She is also a fellow candidate and professor of the School of Doctorate "Enzo Ferrari" in Modena University and Reggio Emilia.   Also she has translated and edited the Greek version of the book: "OT Equator Biologic Abutment. A new concept in removable and fixed prosthodontics", written by S.Bortolini, A.Natali, M.Franchi University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Italy.       Our goal is to offer a high quality of life and confidence with beatiful, happy and smiling faces.     Ζografou 35, Zografou,  Athens Τ: 210 7771148 M: 6972 729623Fax: 210 7771148

    Category: DENTAL SURGEON

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  • Driving School | Koukaras Street Safe | Zografou - Athens

    Welcome to the Driving School  KOUKARAS STREET SAFE. Our school has been operating since 2013 and was founded by Mr. Koukara Panagiotis. It is located in ZOGRAFOU - ATTICA. Since our establishment, we have been aiming to improve the traffic of the Greek driver and any other road user. This is why education is geared to the candidate's psychology, but also to the actual prevailing conditions and not how to get the diploma alone. The purpose of the faculty is to provide good training for the subsequent safe movement of these. The theoretical lessons, generally the educational program we apply, are designed to offer all the knowledge and the appropriate mentality.   YOU ARE WAITING YOU AND YOU WARRANT YOUR SUCCESS.   SERVICE, PAINTING - ILISIA - PANKRATI AND WHERE OTHERS OUR IS REQUESTED.   Friendly, Koukaras Panagiotis    Ethnikis Antistaseos 8 | Zografou Telephone: 2107795565 Mobile: 6978232511    


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    Ethnikis Antistaseos 8 - Zografou

    I undertake tasks in: - Damages - Electrical Studies - plans - Electrical installations - Maintenance - Renovations - Alarms - Doors


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    55, ZOGRAFOU STR. - Zografou

    With 35 years of experience in body shop and car painting, with over 2800 satisfied customers, we are able to complete from the simplest to the most complex case. We have a recently renovated body shop (2018), which allows us to complete the repair of your car in record time, at much more advantageous prices than the competition. We restore the appearance and driving behavior of the car to its factory condition. We also undertake all the procedures for your insurance compensation.   Car Brands & Models that we repair We undertake all brands and models of cars: Alfa Romeo, Toyota, BMW, Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Subaru, Volkswagen, Volvo etc.   Car painting - Car painting The painting of the car is done under the supervision of the responsible Panagiotis Kontiras (certified painter from SIKKENS HELLAS) and the excellent quality materials we use ensure up to 50% lower cost than the competition in even less time. More detail: • The workshop has a car paint oven with anti-pollution unit. • The paint is applied to the spare parts before they are mounted to paint the hidden surfaces inside the car. • Our workshop has been renovated in 2018 with tools that reduce repair time so we are able to make more competitive offers • We apply the innovative method of water-soluble paints so that we can repair the repair point locally, saving valuable time and reducing costs. • The water-soluble paints we use when painting the car are completely environmentally friendly.   Body parts up to 50% cheaper, excellent quality!   Hail is an unpredictable natural disaster which unfortunately, causes a lot of damage to cars such as dents, potholes, scratches and minor bumps. At AutoMarmarinos we undertake the repair of the damages caused by the hail, without any financial burden for you, as long as you have in your contract the coverage of the natural phenomena.   Our experienced technicians undertake the repair of cars hit by hail with the most modern methods. In case your insurance does not cover you, let us do it for you financial offer with a discount of up to 40%   CAR WASH SHINE WAXING SPECIAL LIGHTING CLEANING   We fully understand how necessary your car is for your daily commute. So we make sure to complete the required work on it quickly and consistently. For the time that your car must remain in our workshops we make every effort so that we can give you another car ABSOLUTELY FREE.   So we provide you with one of our cars if yours needs to be left for repair for more than 24 hours.   What is biological car cleaning? Biological cleaning of the car is the cleaning of the interior of a car by suction of liquids and solids from the surfaces and simultaneous use of special devices and cleaning (biodegradable) substances, approved by the EOF.   Why is biological cleaning of the car necessary?   Bacteria penetrate the fibers of the fabric and require thorough care to remove them from the inside. The meaning of biological cleaning in the car is to fight these germs and bacteria in depth. Removes mites. What does biological purification include? Pollution of the entire space & fabric surfaces with a vacuum cleaner Wash-rinse all upholstery on seats and doors Removal of stains and unpleasant odors Cleaning seat belts, floor & mats, trunk, dashboard & columns Airway disinfection & deodorization Deodorize the entire space Dashboard and plastic parts treatment (on doors, console, etc.) Polishing-waxing by appointment (with extra charge) Disinfection of all areas with steam cleaner (extra charge) Moisturizing skin surfaces with English care products (extra)     Having vast experience in the processes of insurance coverage, indemnities and car repairs, we are able to know the ideal package of insurance services that will safeguard your interests in the most economical and safest way. Thus, in cooperation with the leading insurance companies, we provide services with full insurance coverage. This way, we can offer you insurance contracts on cheaper terms. In addition, in case of repair and compensation by the insurance company, we undertake the execution of all necessary actions without your slightest involvement and your charge. This way we offer you complete services while at the same time you get rid of difficult and time consuming procedures.    


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    Stratarchou Papagou 96 - Zografou
  • Idg Zografou Construction Company Athens Attica - Facade Repair of Zografou Buildings Athens Attiki - Architectural Studies - Building Supervision - Zografou Topographic Athens Attica

    Having, over the years, built more than fifty apartment buildings and a sufficient number of detached houses and business premises, having selected excellent partners and specialized workshops and following the modern developments, we can offer our customers excellent service in both design and construction sector. Following the changing needs, for years we have been dealing with the renovations of homes and businesses as well as the changes of their use. We have undertaken a large number of renovations with positive results, because our priorities are the perfect quality of construction in combination with economical solutions, adapted to modern times. By diligently studying the evolution of case law in the construction sector, we have enriched our services and added energy inspectors to our potential, proposing and implementing changes to existing buildings for their energy upgrade and undertaking their inclusion in the "I save at home" program. . In addition, we proceed to settle arbitrarily based on the existing law. Finally, our company builds and sells modern apartments and holiday homes and rents properties that belong to its property.


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    Sevastias 24 - Zografou
  • Lambridis Philippos - Monuments Constructions Zografou Piraeus - Marble Works Zografou

    The company "MARMARA LAMPRIDIS", based in Zografou, Attica, where it houses its facilities until today, was founded in 1960 and has as main object the trade of marbles and natural rocks of unique quality and variety. Maintaining its long-standing family tradition in the field of natural rocks continues its dynamic course in the future. Our state-of-the-art equipment and state-of-the-art machinery and the well-trained design department, combined with years of experience and consistency, guarantee quality construction, meeting the highest demands. By choosing to marble any construction you automatically choose another visual aesthetics. Marble is also recommended for the construction of monuments of all types, since it gives prestige and a sense of formality. Our company offers ideal solutions for modern interior and exterior design and decoration such as:

    Category: MARBLE – GRANITE

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    99, Koussidi str - Zografou
  • os Athens Zografou - Ferrous Constructions - Staircases Stairs Doors Railings

      METAL CONSTRUCTIONS TOMARAS EUAGGELOS | ZOGRAFOY - ATHENS Our company METALLIC CONSTRUCTIONS - TOMARAS EVANGELOS is located in Athens, in the area of ​​Zografou. Our company is active in the metal construction sector offering complete solutions. We manufacture all kind of metal compositions of exceptional quality and durability. Our specialized staff serves consistently and professionally for private or business premises. Combining our many years of experience and know-how, we guarantee the quality of our constructions at the most reasonable prices.     We undertake: Metal Roofs Metal Ladders Rails Fencing Yard Doors Windows Metal Doors Roofs Pergoles Security Doors Garage Doors   Manager: Tomaras Euaggelos 3rd ORINIS TAKSIARXIAS 30 - 34, Zografou 15772 / Athens Phone: 2107782841 Cell: 6972860792 WORK HOURS: Monday - Friday 7:00 - 20:00  

    Category: METALWORKING

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    3rd Orinis Taskiarxias 30 - 34 - Zografou
  • Pagkrati Painting Services Athens - Moving at Low Prices - Pain Painting Services Ilisia Kaisarian Cholargos Ymittos Pagkrati Agia Paraskevi Maroussi Thebes - Lakiotis Trans

    Transports. Painter. BRANCH: THBA LAKIOTIS TRANS is the shipping company that undertakes to safely and successfully meet the needs of every individual but also an entrepreneur, in the field of TRANSPORT, TRANSPORT AND WAREHOUSE. Our company offers a wide range of services and in line with our experienced and reputable human resources, we guarantee the correct and successful transfer to your new location. We have been active in the shipping business for many years, so we have now proven to our customers that shipping can be done safely, quickly and at VERY CHEAP PRICES. We carry transfers throughout Greece, to and from the islands and the province. LAKIOTIS TRANS owns modern trucks of all types with hydraulic doors and LIFTING MACHINES. With the right lifting equipment, we lift and lower objects and appliances to the floors, giving you easier and faster access to any space you may need. Our goal is to safely move your belongings to your new space, with CONSISTENCY, SECURITY and PROTECTION of your property. In particular we undertake the PACKAGING of all the appliances or items of your business, the Dismantling and Assembling of items and furniture with all the responsibility. INVITE US FOR A FREE STUDY AND COSTAGE IN YOUR SPACE !!! AFFORDABLE RATES - FREE ASSEMBLY DISASSEMBLY OBJECTS - FREE VISIT AND COST IN YOUR AREA - HIGH QUALITY SERVICES - COMPETITIVE PRICES -permanent EXPERIENCED STAFF - TRANSPORT - MOVING - ANYPSOSEIS - DISTRIBUTION - WAREHOUSING THIVA - ATHENS - Ioannina - Patra - CHALKIDA - Lamia - Volos - LARISSA - THESSALONIKI-KAVALA ALEXANDROUPOLI - ALL AND ISLANDS

    Category: TRANSPORT

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    Papagou Avenue 113 - Zografou
  • Palla Andiol - Zografou Ceramics - Painting of Zografou Attica - Wooden Roofs - Pergoles Cholargos - Sofites - Verandes - Wooden Stairs Cholargos - Ironworks Holargos

    The company KERAMOSKOPES PALLAS is a company with years of experience and with great success in the field of tile roofing and construction and installation of gutters. It is located in CHOLARGOS, ATTIKI. Our company, with its many years of experience in the field of tile roofing, is distinguished for its impeccable design, high quality materials and special construction technology. We manufacture tile roofs, pergolas, attics, roofs, hagiatias, roof windows, special constructions as well as interior and exterior configurations. Our constructions combine with every architectural style and provide complete coverage of modern housing standards as well as high aesthetic requirements. Our specialized and experienced human staff in the field of construction and the stringent standards of durability and safety of building materials make us one of the best in the field of construction with a successful course. GUTTERS We also undertake the installation of gutters. Because the requirements in the gutter area are increasing, our company offers products of excellent quality and durability, providing a solution to any problem. Our materials are: High quality aluminum in various colors Copper, a unique material With years of experience and responsibility, we combine excellent work with aesthetics. Thank you very much for the trust and support you have shown us over the years and you are helping us grow our company more and more. STUDY, CONSTRUCTION, PLACEMENT, CONSISTENCY, SPECIAL PRICES. OUR OBJECTIVE is the consistency and respect of the customer, the quality and aesthetics in every construction, as well as the constant search for innovative trends through special wood constructions. WE SERVE CHOLARGOS, AGIA PARASKEVI, PAPAGOU, PSYCHIKO, CHALANDRI, ATHENS, ALL ATTIKI AND WHO OUR OTHER IS REQUESTED. Yours sincerely, Palla Andiol

    Category: ROOFINGS

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    Maikina 71 - Zografou

    Our business has forty years history . Founded by my father , Philip Nicholas Pappas , 1968. From very young I learned the secrets of near work and I loved it .   Today the company has switched exclusively my responsibility . I stayed faithful to the principles I was taught by my father : for the love of work , professionalism , sincerity , honesty , reasonable prices .   Enlarged range of classical and modern techniques and products plaster decoration (interior & exterior ) , drywall applications and all types of cement , clerical staff fully trained , excellent cooperation with architects , engineers , interior designers , manufacturers , corporations, individuals , vendors , continuous training and study of new styles and products , we are available to our clients in order to fully meet their needs and dreams .   PHILOSOPHY   The company plaster decoration " PHILIPPOS NICHOLAS PAPPAS " grounded in love for the art of plaster and love for the customer.   Full range of branded products and techniques stucco constantly updated .   We undertake all kinds of plaster decorations (indoor and outdoor) , applications drywall and cement , roofs , ceilings , plaster , cement , partitions , insulation , fireplaces , arches , moldings, lighting, staircases . Renovations companies , shops , buildings , houses and any other premises , professional or not.   With impeccably trained staff , organization and maintenance schedules , we cover the whole Greece and Cyprus .   Recently, major projects: METROPOLITAN COLLEGE OF ATHENS ' edge' - ATHENS , COLLEGE ACNE - PIRAEUS, SHOPPING «BERTO LUCCI», KATASTIMATA «PINK WOMAN», SHOPS ' DODONI " LUXURY HOMES .   PRODUCT LIST   • Gypsum • Cement Insulation • Indoor & Outdoor Facades • Investments • Partitions • Ceilings - Suspended • Mineral Fibers • Lightings - Domes • Shelves • Ladders • Fireplaces • Frames • Rosettes • Angles & Messara • Pads , Mouldings , Scotland • Capitals - Stands - Columns • Brackets • Windows, arches, columns , Lockers • Shelves • Decorative Aquariums • Pediments • Handrails • Bollards • Statues & Busts  


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    Plumbing, heating, drainage, heating, repairs, maintenance, Zografou, Attiki. Do you need plumber for your plumbing installations in your home or your workplace ? Looking for someone special to take the work of water supply or sanitation work in your space ?   Are you interested in installing plumbing and do not know who to turn to ? Found your beloved , undertake work thermohydraulic plant painters and throughout Attica .   Response Rates for all.   No hidden charges nothing . say that this pay .   Changes tap any type of bathroom sink in the bathroom and kitchen .   Washing radiator inside and out, oil burner maintenance , renovations bathroom and kitchen humidities from broken sewage pipe that is broken .   Boiler gas and oil .   Request a quotation   You can try us . We can make everything.



    Qualified carservice, spare parts trade, trade in used cars SMART, Zografou, Athens. We have a fully equipped and specialized proprietary smart garage where we cover everything from electronic-mechanical-electrical parts of your car like .. (service, oil change, spark plug change, filter change, brake change, replacing the zero-loss record decks, engine change car batteries, electric windows, starters, alternators and more ..) We also have a huge range of spare parts which is a direct replacement .. And finally we have used SMART and at prices you will not believe! PERSON IN CHARGE OF SMART: BAKALEXIS KON / NOS. You can find us also at www.car.gr / dr-smart At your disposal for any problem ...

    Category: CAR SERVICE

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    9, ULOF PALME STR - Zografou
  • Spyropoulos Spyros | Hydraulic Painter Attica

    Spyropoulos Vassilios Hydrotechnical House Service has been close to you since 1985 and is a family business that evolves according to the needs of the time and the consumers !!!! Now Hydrotechnics has moved to a younger member of this family in Spyropoulos Spyros. And the small shop became bigger to contain all the passion and love for our work. Now in our store at 146 Papadiamantopoulou Street, Zografou you will find tiles and sanitary ware as well as plumbing! Our experienced staff undertakes everything from small damages to total renovations, we are next to your needs with the most affordable prices! Our evolution is due to your support and this is our motivation! IN OUR STORE YOU WILL FIND:     Tiles - Sanitary ware - Bathroom furniture     Solar - Water heaters - Electric boilers     Plumbing     Automatic watering - Rubber     Water filters - Filtering channels     Radiator     Batteries (bathroom-sink-sink) Sewerage blockages in the center of Athens, Goudi. We serve all of Attica.

    Category: HYDRAULIC

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    Papadiamantopoulou 146 - Zografou
  • Stavrou Konstantinos - Renovations Zografou Athens - Buildings - Plastering - Electrical - Plumbing - Drywall - Tiles - Marble - Mosaic - Floors - Paints - Insulation - Zografou Athens

    Stavrou Konstantinos Zografou Renovations Athens - Buildings - Plastering - Electrical - Plumbing - Drywall - Tiles - Marble - Mosaic - Floors - Paints - Insulation - Zografou Athens   The renovation contractor STAVROU KONSTANTINOS, based in the area of ​​Zografou, Attica, has been active for many years until today with a successful and upward trend, in general in the renovations in every private and professional space. (houses, shops, apartments, apartment buildings, hotels). Together with our experienced staff, we study and plan the renovation of your space. We offer you complete solutions, in order to provide you with a unique and economical result, depending on your needs and desires The materials and tools we use are branded with quality and the latest technology so that there are no future problems and defects. If you want a really special job in the Renovation of your home, with economical packages, attention to detail and absolute cleanliness, then you can only trust our team. The number of building renovations that we have completed all these years that we are active in the field is a guarantee for our work.    


    Argyrokastro 3 - Zografou
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