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    Our company is managed from the very first year of operation to win recognition and trust of customers, and our partners, thanks to the sincere, responsiveness and quality of our products. From the earliest days of our operating standards we set in our construction, we spent endless time in the study of their skills, and in the selection of the best components on the market. We dared to invest heavily in equipment and gave the education of our staff and investing in people. Okay production technologies using computers and specialized software applications managing to ensuring the quality of the result. The modern technical equipment, continuous update on developments in the aluminum and foremost universal pastime and endless appetite for smooth and clear cooperation brought to the forefront for better and ferengyoteres proposals - construction and after sales service. Since our foundation we have worked and continue with the biggest aluminum extrusion industry in Greece, EUROPA profil Aluminium SA in materials and technognosias. The anelipis information and consistently in line with our construction standards EUROPA profil Aluminium SA resulted in our certification by the company, since only the second year since our establishment. Our partnership with big companies, the European class leader in the field of components, gave the final impetus to quality, aesthetics, the functionality and security of our constructions. Our company is based in Kalymnos Dodecanese since 2003, when it was founded. Responsibly undertake projects, constructions and installations in the islands of the Aegean attending depending on the customer needs to supply or to transport and install themselves any aluminum system is working fine. PRODUCTS Aluminium Products:     * Opening Systems     * Folding Systems     * Sliding Systems     * Sliding Systems     * Curtain     * Rolling Shutter Systems     * Internal Partitions     * Insect Screen Systems     * Patios - Windows Ceiling     * Shades  Aluminum components:     * For Opening Systems     * For Folding Systems     * For Sliding Systems     * For Sliding Systems     * For Facades     * For roller system     * For Internal Partitions     * For Insect Screen Systems     * For Patios - Windows Ceiling     * In Shades


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    POTAMI, KALYMNOS - Kalimnos