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    When everything is calm, the first wood placed in the oven ... the recipes for ten unique types of bread out of the drawer. ... when the blend is prepared, fermented, weighed and hand-shaped loaves into well-formed and filling frantzolakia. The stove bread slowly and swell, all art is here fournizetai ginomeno the bread and baked. Smells fill the stove, yard, neighborhood! The bread is ready xefournizontai the loaves of bread and one after another, corn, whole grains, Multigrain, wheat, daisy, luxury, traditional Metsovitikos. ... and Crafts in baker creates petromylos the bread and the mountain! ... The baskets are filled with dozens of breads and other delicacies of the oven! The sun rises! ... the Lady Leni traditionally waits for you to try: crispy, fluffy, delicious pies Skopelitian, bright handmade sweets, Rozedes, porters, noodles, wheat, moschomyristo traditional bread - rodopsimeno a wood-fired oven! All made with traditional recipes, quality ingredients and great taste ...

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