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  • Agios Stefanos Hair Care - Spyridoulas Home Of Beauty - Kifissia Makeup - Extension Eyelashes - Hair Removal Eastern Attica - Manicure Pedicure Agios Stefanos

    Welcome to our new "Spyridoulas Home of Beauty" page. Our store is located in Agios Stefanos, we serve by appointment all East Attica, Kifissia, Drosia, Ekali, Nea Erythrea, Kryoneri, Stamata etc. In just one and a half years we have been able to be close to you, serving you in the best possible way, achieving the desired result that is no other than care. Every woman deserves to take care of herself as external beauty also influences our inner self. With us you will enjoy our services in a pleasant organized space, always using the best materials at the most affordable prices on the market. A meeting with us will make you understand the importance of beauty !!!! We offer all over Eastern Attica, Agios Stefanos, Kifissia, Drosia, Ekali, Nea Erythrea, Kryoneri, Stamata etc. Saint Stephen's Edge Care manicure Saint Stephen pedicure Saint Stefanos makeup Saint Stefanos hair removal Agios Stefanos eyelash extension Agios Stefanos peripoihsh acron agios stefanos, kifisia manicure agios stefanos, kifisia pedicure agios stefanos, kifisia makigiaz agios stefanos apotrixosi agios stefanos extension blefaridas agios stefnos Go through our store to solve any queries and advise you on what suits you! Nearby Agios Stefanos, Kifissia, Drosia, Ekali, Nea Erythrea, Kryoneri, Stamata, eastern Attica.

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    2, Gr. Lambraki - Ag. Stethanos
  • Alina Koupidou - Center of Aesthetic Medicine - Aesthetic Treatment - Anesthesiologist Veria - Imathia

    We use state-of-the-art systems in the field of cosmetic medicine. Our expertise was acquired by the most experienced doctors in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Always motivated by the best results, we use all new methods. We guarantee the best results by building trust relationships with the customer Our office provides guaranteed results with the use of the latest in Soft Surgery. We provide unique services in a perfect and specially designed environment With personal and dedicated monitoring we make sure you get the results you want Special and systematic involvement in Aesthetic Medicine, with deepening and study in the subject.

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    27, Alexander The Great Str. - Veria
  • Beauty & Style | Aesthetics Center Salamina - Cryolipolysis - Microplus - Cryo Cool Med - Hair Removal - Oxygen Therapy Salamina Attica

    Beauty & Style Salamina Aesthetics Center     A modern beauty salon with 25 years of experience and the most affordable prices, with the best service you will find in the field of aesthetics for women and men! In a uniquely wonderful environment with a romantic mood, at BEAUTY AND STYLE you are welcomed with the most beautiful smile. So relax and enjoy our services! Leave yourself in the most experienced hands of the city. BEAUTY AND STYLE combines the most advanced technology and specialized knowledge of modern methods of Aesthetics and guarantees the highest efficiency and safety. • Collaborates with dermatology centers and excellently trained doctors. • Always provides you with the most modern equipment on the world market. • It has the most specialized and experienced staff. THE MOST POPULAR FACE & BODY TREATMENTS Cryolipolysis (destruction of fat cells - local thickness After already 8 years of scientific specialization and success on the technology of CRYOLIPOLYSIS, Beauty & Style again pioneer ensured for all of you the most modern and advanced CRYO COOL MED machine (world award-winning) !! Cryo Cool Med is the only cryolipolysis machine available from Thermocontrast. Thermocontrast is a program that through lipomassage and temperature change from 42 στουςC to -5 .C to -9ºC and vice versa, for 50 ′, decongests the fluid in the treated area & achieves the biological destruction of fat cells. The treatment process is completely comfortable, fast, completely painless and no recovery time is required !! microplus + Microplus +, is a high standard machine based on the therapeutic actions of two technologies. • New generation skin scraping with diamond • Sonophoresis (penetration of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, peptides & hyaluronic acid into the skin with the power of ultrasound) Diamond abrasion is a clinically proven method for rejuvenating and smoothing the skin, contributing to the image of a youthful skin. Removes dead cells and hyperkeratosis. The skin is free of pimples (blackheads) and impurities. The skin is shielded with valuable vitamins, hyaluronic acid & strengthened with unique antioxidants! Sonophoresis has been shown to increase skin permeability by up to 800%! Microplus + is a medi-facial & multi-step treatment, which improves the health of the skin and highlights a visible improvement in the texture and image of the skin. Meta Therapy (the alternative face lifting) Dermatude Meta Therapy is a unique treatment for anti-aging, hydration, rejuvenation. It is a safe invasive anti-aging facial treatment, which does not require recovery time. - Improves the oval of the face (Lifting), tightening the skin and restoring elasticity. - Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced - Newer look and freshness in a 100% natural way ALWAYS next to you with the most innovative technologies of medical aesthetics! Sincerely, KARVELA EVGENIA & team!

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    Fidiou 10 - Salamina
  • Beauty 4 All - Aesthetics Center Xylokastro - Body Facial Aesthetics - Manicure - Pedicure - Makeup Bridal - Makeup - Laser - Hair Removal - Solarium

    Welcome to the BEAUTY 4 ALL page. You will find us at Panagi Tsaldari Street in XYLOKASTRO-CORINTHIA. BEAUTIFUL PERSON AND CROSSED HANDS ARE THE POWERFUL WOMAN OF WOMEN'S GIFT. We are close to you, giving you tips for treating your face, body, limbs and giving the result you want, as we also have the experience it needs in such services at the most economical prices. We use state-of-the-art machinery and tools in which everyday hygiene measures are applied. WE PROVIDE BODY Aromatherapy Breast augmentation, breast augmentation Breast reduction Mesotherapy Cellulite treatment Stretch marks Local thickness, relaxation, tightening FACE Deep cleaning Bleaching Acid treatments Photorealysis Therapiesspa Acne Mesotherapy HAIR REMOVAL TREATMENT AGAINST HINDQUARTERS AESTHETICS MANICURE-PENTICURE EXTENSIONS OF LASHES Enjoy the friendly climate and the unique services we offer and show off your beautiful self that is hiding inside of you. WE OFFER WOODCASTRO-KIATO-BELO-VRACHATI-KORINTHO-ALL THE WIND AREAS - AND ALL OF CORINTHIA. Yours sincerely, Koskiniatis Christina

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    50, Panagi Tsaldari str - Xylokastro
  • Beauty Salon Amaliada Ilia - Apostolopoulou Evangelia - Beautician - Hairdresser - Makeup - Alternative Treatments - Massage - Reflexology - Manicure - Pedicure

    The Beauty Salon headed by Apostolopoulou Evangelia, in Amaliada, Ilia, is a beautifully decorated place where you can visit us and relax, to drive away the stress and tension of everyday life. It operates as a hairdresser, faithfully following the latest fashion trends. We provide haircuts, dyes, hairstyles and wedding dresses, evenings, extensions, bridal makeup, permanent makeup, dye, eyelash perm manicure and pedicure. We also provide alternative massage treatments, Thai, Shiatsu, Reiki, cellulite massage, relaxing with essential oils, oriental, tattoo henna, leader tattoo, neck leader and medical method of ear, nose and navel piercing, reflexology, perfume. Come to enjoy and drive away fatigue. To be renewed and to suggest you a new look, to choose the new color collection that suits your personality.

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    Riga Fereou 32 - Amaliada

    MANICURE/PEDICURE  SPA PAROS ACRYLIC NAILS PAROS COSMETICS PAROS PERMANENT EYELINER,LIPS,EYEBROW PAROS. HAIR EXTENSION-EYELASHES EXTENSION by SPECIALISTS PAROS   11 Years of experience, consistency, professionalism, responsible and guaranteed work on beauty services.        

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    Paros Parikia - Palaia Agora - Paros

    OFFER OF THE MONTH!!! Cleaning - facial moisturizing, lasting two hours, ONLY 30 € !!! Relaxing massage 1 hour, 20 € !!!   The workshop aesthetics Mrs Raptopoulou, counts 22 years of experience. This is a space created to offer unique facial and body therapies and monitor ongoing developments in the field of aesthetics.   Our technology offers new methods with immediate and visible results. Through our years of experience and new scientific methods of facial and body aesthetics, design your own program according to your needs at the best prices in years.   Facilities: - Make dinner simple wedding dress - Waxing with hot and cold wax (spatula) - Cleaning - Scrub - Manikour - pedicure, simple - Slimming - Weight Loss Program - Acne Treatment - Hair removal for men  - Waxing for athletes - Lymphatic Massage   Expertise in sports massage and many more amenities that will make your look perfect. Relaxing massage 1 hour, 20 €. Discounts for students and unemployed.   Inside the house are introductory prices.   We serve Kalamaria, Tuba, Charilaou, Evosmos, Triandria, Oraiokastro, Thermi, Kalohori, Abelokipoi, Menemeni, Stavropol, Polihni, Abelokipoi, Kordelio, Epanomi Lagadas, Eukarpia, Halastra, Perea, New Mihaniona Sikies Diavata, Pilea, Kilkis, Serres, Drama, Pieria, Imathia, Larissa.

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    ROSTAN 37 - Thessaloniki
  • Desport Beauty Studio - Aesthetics Center Ampelokipoi Athens - Slimming - Face & Body Treatments Athens

    Desport Beauty Studio is located between the Panormos and Katehakis Metro in Ampelokipi and offers a variety of facial and body treatments. It is a place that marries Fitness and Aesthetics and where with love and professionalism it "beautifies" the friends who visit it! The services are carried out professionally and responsibly, using premium products and are offered at very affordable prices!

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    Korgialeniou 9-11 - Ampelokipoi

    Health and beauty center, center slimming, cellulite treatments, cosmetic facial and body treatments, general treatments. Deep cleansing facial acne treatment - bleaching, freckles, blemishes, toning, treatment around the eyes, neck and décolleté treatment. Specific treatments: Photorejuvenation, lifting, treatments botox, oxygen therapy, herbal peeling, aromatherapy. Waxing, brazilian bikini, manicure, pedicure, bride makeup, spa, body massage, fish spa. For the body: slimming, cellulite, fat, endothermic massage, hand therapy, toning for arms, thermal lipolysis, peelin, body massage, breast lift, tighten abdomen, treatment spa, pulsing vibration platform. Has 2 branches: 1st Wellness Center, Eleftherios Venizelos 22 Kos 2nd Fish Spa, 4 John the Theologian, the old town Kos.

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    2, MEROPIDOS STR. - Kos
  • Infinite Esthetics - Aesthetics & Slimming Center - Chania Crete

            Infinite Esthetics Aesthetics & Slimming Center - Chania Crete   "INFINITE esthetics" is a wonderful space dedicated to aesthetics and slimming, equipped with modern machines and advanced services. Our warm atmosphere and well-trained staff guarantee the best service, achieving the maximum possible results at the most affordable prices. The combination of our highly trained staff and our specialized products create a human-centered approach that aims to satisfy the needs of each of our customers. The pleasant and polite environment, the excellent service and the high quality of our services are our main concern. In addition, we offer an innovative points collection program that provides additional discounts to our active customers. Our goal is continuous upgrading and development, which is why we as a company, as well as our staff, are in constant search of knowledge through trainings and seminars. In this way, we can provide the most innovative and innovative services and products in the field of aesthetics. Our main concern is excellent service and maximum customer satisfaction.                                                     Description of Services-Products: Hair removal with 4th generation 3-diode laser Waxing Facial and body aesthetics Face and body mesotherapy Dermapen Enanoporation Radio frequencies Body sculpting Brow Lift & Tint Threading Eyebrow cleaning & shaping Eyebrow dye Eyelash extensions one by one, Hybrid, Volume effect & Mega Volume Lash lamination & tint Eyebrow tattoo Massage Manicure Pedicure                           "INFINITE esthetics" is the ideal place for those looking for quality beauty and slimming services in a warm and welcoming space. We are here to meet your needs and provide you with the best possible results.                   2821033306                        

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    Kato Daratso - Chania

    The largest multiplex beauty in Chania with the most economical price and the best service that you will encounter in the beauty . Tsontou Varda 21 Chania Pl Courts Tel 2821057629 , 28210-44660 The LASERLIFE SENSES offer you 12 years of experience in the beauty , aesthetic and laser. We cover with : • Medical laser hair removal • Waxing • bioremediation - Cleansing Facial • Oxygonokosmetiki • SPA Body • Weight Loss - Slimming • Care ends - Manicure - Pedicure • Treating Hair Loss • Hair Transplant • Vascular Lesions • Spots • Botox • Plastic surgery In a unique space with beautiful romantic mood , the LASERLIFE SENSES - LASERLIFE CLINICS Chania welcome you to the most beautiful and chamogelo.Chalaroste So enjoy our services ! Indulge in the most experienced hands in the city. The LASERLIFE SENSES offer original solutions renewal because : • combine the most advanced technology and specialized knowledge of cosmetic medicine and ensure the highest efficiency and safety . • Cooperate with dermatological centers and highly qualified doctors. • Keep pace with technological and scientific the most advanced centers in the U.S. and Europe . • Always bring the most modern equipment in the global market. • They have the most qualified and experienced staff

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    Thodtou Barda 21 - Chania
  • One Day Spa Aesthetics Center - Livadia Slimming Center - Livadia Body Face Aesthetics - Livadia Nails - Livadia Mesotherapy - Livadia Reflexology - Livadia Hair Removal

    ONE DAY SPA AESTHETIC LIVADIA CENTER AESTHETIC BODY-AESTHETIC PERSON LIVADIA-VIOTIA WEAKNESS - MASSAGE - SPA THERAPEUTIC SPA CAMPAIGN BLESSING WITH AIR PROBLEMS VIBRATION MANICURE PENTICIOUS LIVADIA ARTIFICIAL NIGHT - PODOLOGY - LIBRARY REPORT MAKEUP - NIGHTMARK AESTHETIC CENTER - MESOTHERAPY - REFEXOLOGY Welcome to the ONE DAY SPA page. You will find us at 3 Daidalou Street, next to the public central library, in Livadia. BEAUTIFUL PERSON AND CONTENTS HANDS IS THE STRONG WEAPON OF WOMEN'S FEMALE. We are close to you, to give you advice on the care of your face, body, limbs and to give the result you want, as we also have the experience needed in such services. We use modern technology machines and tools in which all the necessary hygiene measures are applied daily. WE ARE COMING BODY - Aromatherapy - Breast treatments - Weight loss - Mesotherapy - Cellulite treatment - Stretch marks - Local thickness, relaxation, tightness - Massage - Tanning with an airbrush FACE - Deep cleaning - Bleaching - Acid treatments - Mesotherapy - Anti-aging treatment (lifting) - Photography - Spots - Wrinkles - Spa treatments - Acne HAIR REMOVAL PHOTO EXPERIENCE OF AKRON NIGHT-MANICURE-PENTICIOUR MAKEUP - NIGHTMARK FRYDI SCHEME Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the unique services we offer you and highlight your beautiful self that is hidden inside you. WE SERVE LIBRARY -All THE ROUND AREAS- AND THE WHOLE VIOTIA. Yours sincerely, Tailor Joy

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    3, Dedalou Str. - Livadia
  • Philokallia - Beauty Institute Chaidari Athens - Nelli Mavraki Veltsista Beautician

    The Aesthetics Institute Philocallia, counting thirty-five years of continuous operation, by the experienced aestheticist Mrs. Nelli Mavraki Veltsista has a thorough knowledge of the external imperfections and / or deformities of the human face and body, as well as those of the body.   In our newly built space and in a warm and beautiful environment, in Hadidari Attica, you can relax and relax in our therapeutic treatments. Experience a unique experience of relaxation and rejuvenation, seeing your skin shine from the very first visit.   Our specialized staff will study your needs and recommend the appropriate methods and treatments based on your skin. Contact us to book your own beauty appointment and leave yourself in the experienced hands of the experts. ♦ Face aesthetics Deep cleaning / radio frequency regeneration / shape-cleaning-eyebrow dyes / radical-enzymatic waxing / wax waxing ♦ Body aesthetics Lipolysis / Slimming / Tightening / Waxing / Waxing / IPL Epilation / Electrotherapy ♦ Hair removal in general Radical and Biological / IPL ♦ Cosmetics / Sunscreen / Make-Up ♦ Nail Care Manicure / Semi-permanent / Pedicure-Simple / Gel Physical / Therapeutic  

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    Kerkyras 19 - Chaidari
    6979353104, 6940858920
  • TheaNo - Aesthetics & Slimming Center Athens - Aesthetics - Makeup Attiki - Face & Body Care Athens

    Theano   Center of aesthetics and slimming, center of Athens. Professional make up. Face Care Center, Athens. Body treatment, therapeutic massage, center Athens. Massage relaxing.   Always pioneers in state-of-the-art therapies, we offer you injecting mesotherapy for cellulite and end the CELLULITE!   The TheaNo studio with years of experience in the aesthetics area, aims at the absolute satisfaction of its customers, offering them the perfect service and highlighting the beauty that lies inside them in every case. Combining a high level of service (hygiene and care with modern machines and high-end products), affordable prices and a warm environment, guarantees you the best and safer results.   At the Face & Body Renaissance Center, in addition to aesthetic treatments, relaxation (relaxing massage) and alternative hot stones (chocolate therapy) and many others that aim at your mental and physical peace and relaxation are provided. A place where the harmony of colors, combined with the physical well-being offered, makes the spirit travel to places where serenity prevails!   Indicative services: Reflexology Hot Stones Peat - Reiki Reiki Chocolate massage Facial Treatments - Mesotherapy Deep face cleansing - Photorealysis Hydration and anti-aging Body treatments (cellulite, tightening) Body hair removal (wax, biological, root) Professional make up Make an appointment at TeaNo and enjoy our services.

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    45 Kallidromiou Str (1st Floor) - Athens

    BEAUTY CENTER Heraklion Chania Rethymno Crete - Beautician - photorejuvenation Photoepilation - Manicure Pedicure - Massage - FACIAL TREATMENTS - SLIMMING - Bridal Makeup Lasithi Heraklion Chania Rethymno Crete - TZIRAKI KATERINA Beauty - Health and Beauty - Spa slimming and cellulite treatment. - Facial Aesthetics - deep cleaning - treatment around the eyes. - Firming Facial - body - abdomen. - Special Treatments Photorejuvenation - oxygen therapy - treatment botox - peeling vegetable. - Hair Removal - photo-epilation - bazilian bikini. - Manicure - Pedicure - electrolysis. - Makeup Bride - body massage - Aromatherapy - grooming eyebrows. Through our center ginotnai deals and prices surprise! Visit us to win our offerings and be sure that it will rejuvenate!

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  • Volos Magnesia Aesthetic Center - MD GENESIS - Cryolipolysis - Lifting - Laser Hair Removal - Manicure Pedicure - Facial Aesthetics - Slimming - Firming - Electrotherapy - Volos Magnesia

    In MD  Genessis we believe that every human being is beautiful because each of us is unique.   We provide you with the appropriate personalized methods, applied by specialized professionals, that will highlight your natural beauty, correct any imperfections, support your well-being, boost your self-confidence and raise your psychology.   Our long experience, state-of-the-art equipment, well-trained staff, pleasant space and, above all, your trust and love during all these years, are ranking us among the best.   ELECTROTHERAPY, HYDRATION, CRYOLIPOLYSIS, LASER LIPO, BEAUTY SCULPTURE, FRAX RF, HI FOO

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    Antonopoulou 48, Volos - Magnisia
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    - Kalabaka
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    - Thessaloniki
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    - Patras

    - With the guarantee of our scientific training - With the support of the latest technology - With the most modern health and beauty treatments designed to cover your needs - With the passion and desire to serve beauty. We can make your wishes come true!

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