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  • Afros Rent a Boat - Boat rental Porto Heli - High Speed School

      Afros Rent a boat Rentals High Speed Porto Heli Our company "Afros Rent a boat" which is based in Porto Heli in Argolis, founded in 2004 and has since been active with great success in the fast rental industry.   In a region where the winds are limited to moderate and seldom possible to Spetses three nautical miles and a coastline of San Emiliano until Korakia paradise, we can guarantee that we will be the first point of your vacation.   If you are looking for an easy means to reach the hidden beaches of Porto Heli, Spetses and the surrounding areas which are not accessible otherwise, one can rent a speedboat from our company at an affordable price.   With the comfort and flexibility they offer you our rent speedboats of business, live the ultimate experience of relaxation and relaxation you deserve for the period of your holiday.   The navigation of fiberglass boats up to 30HP in Greece can be done WITHOUT LICENSE. For larger power outputs are NECESSARY EXISTENCE DIPLOMA.      Rent Boat   High Speed School Before granting board performed the necessary training - your acquaintance with the boat.   Our aim over the years to offer remarkable boats for rent at reasonable prices.   Since 2009 we train candidates speed craft operators for their involvement in examinations at the local port authorities to obtain the analogue license. For more information contact us. Porto Heli / Argolida Tel: 6944512932 E-mail: afrosboat@gmail.com  

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    Porto Heli - Porto Heli
  • Boat Parking - Boat Repairs & Maintenance - Megara Attica - Diplaras Bros

    Boat Parking Yacht Repair - Construction - Parking | Pachi Megara   A few words about us Pachi Boat Parking, located for 25 years just outside the picturesque Pachi harbor in Megara, is right in front of the most popular and easy-to-use slide in West Attica. The area is a starting point for many nearby tourist and fishing destinations throughout the year due to the serene waters of the Saronic Gulf. Over the years, Yacht Parking has managed to keep one of the lowest prices on the market while providing high quality services in areas such as boat maintenance and maintenance. Our clients are able to receive financial offers that are tailored to both the season and the specific requirements of the clients themselves.    

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    Palaiokastro, Varea - Megara
  • Boat Parking - Guarded Boat Parking Skopelos - Boat Service Skopelos - Dimitrios Kosmas

    BOAT PARKING - DIMITRIOS KOSMAS - SKOPELOS - NORTHERN SPORADES   DIMITRIOS KOSMAS' boat parking is located on the island of Skopelos just ... .. m from the sea. In an area of... we undertake the full care and maintenance of your boat for as long as you wish. Our goal is to provide you with the right and immediate service, relieving you of the stress of finding a safe storage place, while also providing you with a complete package of care and maintenance services for your convenience. Our boat parking has been providing high quality services for many years at the most affordable market prices.   We will be happy to contact us for more information and offer packages.      

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    Skopelos - Skopelos
  • Boat Parking Ano Glyfada Attica - MATIANIS PANAGIOTIS - Boat Parking Ano Glyfada Attica - Boat Storage Ano Glyfada Attica - Boat Launch Ano Glyfada Attica - Boat Lifting Ano Glyfada Attica - Boat Repairs Ano Glyfada Attica

    "Open storage area for boats and cars.   Long term parking. We provide water and electricity, the area is fenced, there is protection 24 hours a day with two CAMERAS that detect anything that moves, with night vision, and with two long beam floodlights. Open Parking Space per year which includes parking, guarding and 1 wash during arrival at the Parking. Drag and lift, the price of which depends on which glide area we will use. Repair and Maintenance SERVICES. We will be happy to cooperate. ​​​​​​​

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    Agios Nektariou 109 Glyfada - Attica
  • Boat Parking Astakos Etoloakarnania - IONIO YACHT SERVICES I.K.E

    Our company IONIO YACHT SERVICE is located in Astakos, Etoloakarnania, the connecting link of the country with the Ionian islands. The first island you encounter when leaving the port of lobster is Kastos at 12 nautical miles. Kefalonia and Ithaca are only 24 and 22 nautical miles away, respectively, while there are daily ferry services to and from Kefalonia and Ithaca. (Small map showing ferry connectivity). Astakos also has a small port with a safe anchorage even for boats 80 feet, with water and electricity supplies, while within walking distance, taking two steps from your boat, you can enjoy good food, fresh fish, coffee and drinks. or even a dip in the sea. Refueling your boat can be done on foot. Do not even bother to take out your split bike! Shop for everything you need for your trip, fresh meat, fish and grocery and head to the Ionian Sea. Astakos is a traditional Greek seaside village, worth visiting, but also to spend the night in one of its hotels, as it can enjoy authentic holidays, away from the crowd. It is 300 km from Athens and 78 km from Aktio Airport, which connects several European cities during the summer months. The two main ports that connect Greece with Europe, via Italy, are 107 km (Patras port) and 167 km. (Port of Igoumenitsa). We have a modern security system of new generation, with closed circuit television that allows full 24-hour surveillance of the space. The parking lot is illuminated throughout the night. Also provided laundry and refueling, water, electricity and air supply, and in addition, on request, shelter is provided to protect the boat from the weather. Machine service, polishing, replacement of reef paints (molds), polyester and epoxy repairs, anti-osmotic, paints and any other specialized repair or construction are provided upon request. We work with specialized workshops outside the area. In us you will find essential shipping and specialized spare parts for your boat .. The sea (slide) is located at 100 meters. Lifting / launching is done with or without your own trailer. We have modern and safe trailers suitable for boats up to 50 feet and weighing up to 25 tons.

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    Astakos - Aitoloakarnania
  • Boat Parking Milos Cyclades - XYDOUS NIKOLAOS - Yacht Repairs Milos - Engine Repairs Milos - Diagnostic Check Milos - Boat Spare Parts Milos - Electrical Systems Repairs Milos - Milos Cyclades

    The company XIDOUS NIKOLAOS is based in Milos.   Through many years of experience, the company is able to give you sound technical support advice, as well as the best solutions for any problem that may arise regarding your boat, always with reliability and safety in mind.   Our main concern is the repair, maintenance and improvement of your boat with the aim of your own safety.   We understand the needs and desires of our customers, giving them the right advice for the perfect operation of their boat/vehicle.   We use the latest generation materials and machines and make sure that we are constantly informed about the latest developments in our subject.   Our experienced and highly trained staff are always at your disposal to serve you in the best possible way.

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    Milos - Milos
  • Boat Parking Naxos Cyclades - ODYSSEUS MARINE AND ENGINEERING - Marine Engines Naxos Cyclades - Boats Naxos Cyclades - Boat Storage Naxos Cyclades

    Our company in Naxos deals with the trade and service of boat engines. Our company has been active in the marine sector for 19 years, since November 1994, our experience in the field of marine engines and pleasure boats, which is constantly evolving, and our customer service, have ranked us at the top of your preferences. This helps us to constantly evolve and become better at serving you. In our area we undertake repairs and maintenance of marine engines and boats. Trade in marine engines, spare parts and accessories and marine goods. Iron constructions, engineering and metal constructions.

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    Galanado - Naksos
  • Boat Rarking - Diving - Maltese Nektarios - Repairs - Maintenance - Ship Trailers - Nationwide Service - Aegina

    The company MALTEZOS NECTARIOS with the distinctive title MALTEZOS BROS is engaged in the field of underwater work with diving operations of all kinds. Our many years of experience and our well-trained staff through continuous and uninterrupted training accomplish any private or public diving work assigned to us.   We undertake diving projects throughout Greece upon request.   MALTEZOS BROS holds a certified diving license and the staff who work there are certified diver licenses for diving. All diving activities are carried out on the basis of GENERAL PORT REGULATION No. 10 and international diving regulations.   With the seriousness and responsibility required to deal with the liquid element, the company has managed to consolidate and grow in the diving field. Contact us for any underwater work you want to arrange! Certified Diving Equipment, Certified Diving Tanks, Certified Air Filling Air Compressors, Hydraulic Tools, Hand Tools, Submarine Welding Machines, Lift Bags, Diving Vessel, High-Speed ​​Carrier, Underwater CCTV, Underwater CCTV , anti-pollution barrier.

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    Kavouropetra - Aigina
  • DIAVLOS | Boat Parking Lagonisi Attiki

          DIAVLOS Boat Parking Lagonisi Attiki   The boat parking "DIAVLOS" which is located in Attica and more specifically in Lagonisi, was created in order to meet your needs for the proper and safe storage and land parking of your boat, for the period of time you wish. With love for boats and knowledge of the subject, we have created a modern boat parking that aspires to cover to the fullest, not only the parking needs but also the maintenance and repair needs of your boat.                           Modern Facilities It is a large area of 5 acres, guarded 24 hours a day by a security guard and equipped with cameras and a security alarm, in order to ensure the absolute safety of your boat. So, at our boat parking in Lagonisi, you can bring and park your boat for as long as you wish and be worry-free that your boat is in good hands. At the same time, you can access your boat whenever you want to perform work on, in or out of it. In addition to the boat parking service, our experienced and specialized staff can undertake the towing, transport and launching of boats, directly serving Lagonisi and all of Attica.                     Wanting to fully cover your needs, our boat park can undertake boat rebuilds, maintenance, painting, repair, waxing and polishing of your boat, and can also help you sell it if you wish.   Our goal is on the one hand to offer quality services and on the other hand our constant modernization, in order to be able to cover any future need of yours and ensure your impeccable service.                 TEL: 6948599688  Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about the availability of a place for your boat and to make your reservation.                   MORE

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    Agia Triados, Kalivia Thorikou - Lagonisi
  • Papakonstantinou Konstantinos - Boat Parking - Car Parking - Motorhome Parking - Elefsina

      Papakonstantinou Konstantinos Boat Parking - Car Parking - Motorhome Parking - Elefsina   The business of Mr. Papakonstantinou Konstantinou is a successful parking business that operates in the area of Elefsina. With three central locations in the city, Mr. Papakonstantinou offers parking services for various types of vehicles, meeting the needs of his customers. Episminagou Nezi 1: This car park is located opposite the famous slide, and is the ideal choice for visitors to the area who want to enjoy the entertainment and activities that the area has to offer. Kanellopoulou Avenue 8: This parking lot is centrally located and offers easy access to shops, restaurants and services in the area. 13 Kanellopoulou Avenue: This car park serves residents and visitors to the area and offers safe and convenient parking for caravans. Mr Papakonstantinou's business offers high quality parking services for cars, boats and caravans. With friendly staff and secure parking areas, customers can rest assured that their vehicles will be looked after with care. Mr. Papaconstantinou has demonstrated a commitment to providing high quality services and creating a friendly and helpful atmosphere for his clients. With his experience in the field of parking and his commitment to satisfying the needs of customers, his business has established itself as a reliable provider of parking services in the Elefsina area. If you are in the Elefsina area and need safe and convenient parking for your car, boat or caravan, Mr. Papakonstantinou's business is the ideal choice. With years of experience and caring for the needs of its customers, this business offers the best parking services in the area.    

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    Episminagou Nikos Nezis 1 (opposite the slide) - Eleusina

    At PARKING boats "SG" you will find a new, modern, safe and easily accessible space for keeping your boat. At the same time, our parking is also suitable for the storage of trucks and caravans. Our own PARKING offers: 24-hour security and service, safety for your boat using electronic monitoring means, barrier, water and power sockets, tank for washing, ship-to-ship, tools, internal and external ship repairs and truck, toilet and shower. So you can be sure that your ship or truck or stroller is in good hands. Our area in combination with the facilities we offer is in a suitable location so that all the people from Megara, Nea Peramos, Neraki, Athens, Attica, Aspropyrgos, Elefsina, Kineta, Agioi Theodoroi, Loutraki, Alepochori, Villias, Anavyssos, Chalkis, Glyfada, Porto Rafti, Porto Germeno, Alimos, Nea Makri, Salamina, Lavrio, Lagonissi, Astakos, Aegina, Marathon, Corinth who want to visit our places for recreation, fishing, security or relaxation.

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    38th km PEOAK (MEGARA) - Megara
    6932690418, 6932415085

    In a new, modern, secure and easily accessible storage space created our facilities For the parking space and maintenance of boats, caravan and engines you'll find us at the airport road just near the intersection of N.Rysiou in a point that is close to all your destinations. We provide Valet Service Exchange Sales Installation navigational aids and accessories.

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    17th Km THESSALONIKI - MICHANIONA - Thessaloniki