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  • Il Capitano Coffee House, Coffee, Snacks, Pastry Palamas Karditsa

    Start your day with a coffee from Il Capitano Coffee House and accompany it with various snacks, cheeses or croissants. Keep up the good mood all day with Energy Drinks and Soft Drinks and end your beautiful day with a good company and a beer. Elsewhere, at your favorite hangout in Palama Karditsa. Enjoy your coffee and snack in the office or at home, with our delivery service from 07.00 to 20.00 on phones: 698718978 and 2444022286   Coffee, Snacks, Pastries, Croissants, Energy Drinks, Soft Drinks, Beers Palamas Karditsa

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    Androutsou 21 & Karaiskaki, Palamas Karditsa - Karditsa
  • 4 Play Cafe - Cafe & Board Games - Bar - Chalandri

    Welcome to the page of 4 PLAY CAFE! At our place in Chalandri you can enjoy your favorite coffee or drink and combine it with a board game. With hundreds of different game titles, 4 PLAY CAFE satisfies every taste - every age, while its cuisine offers a wide variety of snacks, juices, sweets. And to be sure which games you choose, ask us to help you decide and explain the rules of each game. In addition, you can organize your child's birthday party, happenings and events in a totally playful way. Combine your favorite board game with great drinks and delicious treats.

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    Aristofanous 34 - Chalandri

    Does the edge of nowhere exists? It is one question my son asked me, in the age of five. Until i go to the Coffee Bar "Araxe" on the slope Ikaria, i did not know the answer. Yet entering the shop facing the smile of Poppi and by proceeding and on the balcony of the Aegean, i understood that it not only exists but I was already there. I had seen documentaries, I had read on the internet that Ikarians are among the most long-lived beings on Earth. When I sat on the porch and saw throughout the Aegean I thought, how can someone die who drinks coffee here.. Yes, the Highlanders should hang out here. I could tell you too many things: for the incredible music that plays on the quality of the drinks on the happenings and Live organized. But I do not want to bore you with them, anyway you can find them and elsewhere. But this view that simulates you to the God, I guarantee you will not find it anywhere. I wish prosperity and happiness in the Poppy Cafe - Bar Arax and those who drink coffee there. A frequent passer ...

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  • Cafeteria Aegina Restaurant - Pitsis Coffee And Food

    Our cafe is located in the center of Aegina and is included in the top destinations of the island for your coffee, juices and food in the hand such as burgers, hot dogs, crepes and more. We Make Daily Delivery!

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    2, Aiantos Str. - Aigina

    Products Espresso Coffee '' Mokarico'' - Representative for Northern Greece . George Dimopoulos - purchase orders Phone : 6945334977 Passion for coffee since 1908 A story of a century , where tradition and quality remain unchanged their values ​​over time. Since its creation in Corso Tintori in Florence , by Kommentatore Barbieri, through brothers and Igino Corrado Paladini, who led successfully until 1984 and from then until now , under the guidance of his nephew Marco Paladini, the company retains all secrets for editing and mixing coffee . It is a company made ​​up of people with innate passion for coffee , quality and success . A contemporary and pioneering spirit , full of traditions and values ​​that were established in time. A dynamic business that extends to a successful future and with particular attention to the needs of its customers . A stable and well structured reality devotes interest and action in a continuous search of quality and complete satisfaction that chooses Caffe Mokarico. Philosophy Whoever chooses the Company Café Mokarico selects the quality of the real Italian Espresso. Detailed checks roasting through electronic monitoring of temperatures and air cooling ensure an excellent quality product that will be packed in special packages have appropriate valves to prevent the entry of external atmospheric agents . The value of quality Mokarico, continues to supply the outlets , accurately and courteously. Service after the sale , with any type of support , maintenance and technical assistance . The Mokarico is a founding member and actively participates in the National Institute of Italian Espresso ( I.N.E.I ) , through which achieved certification for professional use blends of coffee espresso, the signal ITALIAN ESPRESSO and the capability to authenticate stores which is able to ensure compliance with the high standards of quality of dispensed coffee . The Mokarico is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 ( Environmental ) and SA 8000, Ethics ( Social Ethics ) . The first and only coffee company in the world that can have this triple certification ! The World Cafe Mokarico United States , Canada , Russia , Greece , Denmark , Germany , France , Netherlands , Estonia , Finland , Czech Republic , Poland , Romania , Bulgaria . The quality standard coffee Mokarico has transcended the borders of Italy , successfully conquering the taste of fans of Italian Espresso. And this is just the beginning . The effective organizational structure and capacity of a full understanding of market needs , form the basis of continued investment in innovative machinery , staff training and research of absolute quality , aimed at consolidating a national level and a strong international growth . Thanks to the latter , coffee Mokarico placed into new and different markets , recording the last years a significant increase in turnover .

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    2, KESARIAS STR. - Drama

    Rooms to let, cafeteria, printing - copies the Sindos, Thessaloniki.

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    ANDREA PAPANDREOU - Thessaloniki
  • Dolce Gelato - Cafe Snack Bar Agii Apostoli Kalamos

    Coffee and delicious ice creams at our cafeteria in Kalamos. With coffee tables on the sand you will enjoy your coffee and beverages from morning and relax in front of the sea. In our refrigerators you will find a great variety of ice cream soups in dozens of flavors such as banana, chocolate cake, lilac pasu, biscuit and accompany your desserts or crepes.

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    Agii Apostoli - Kalamos
  • Eolia - Cafeteria Tinos - Snack Bar Tinos - Internet Cafe Tinos

    Ιn the small port at the end of the Chora beach,  Aiolia waiting from early morning until late at night. In the all day cafe, the day starts with good coffee and homemade sweets and jams and ends with drink beside the sea. Quiet and relaxing next to boats and fishing boats.   If your breeze up an appetite, the menu includes snacks of sandwiches, Arabic bread, clubs and burgers. Local raki or ouzo accompanied with varieties of meats and delicacies to Tinian products (pickled artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, biscuits, etc.). Enjoy the views Syros.   If that email to be sent to detach or if you just want to surf the Internet, computers in the store loft and give your WiFi solution. If you do not want to miss the derby, the "radius" is set up early across the projection screen. For you that football is not your favorite game, you select one of the table.   Period: all year round from 07:00 until late. Available in the winter and for children's parties. Cafe Bar, Tinos. Snack, Tinos. Varieties, Tinos. Cold food, Tinos. Fresh juices, Tinos. Ouzo, Tinos. Internet cafe, Tinos. Breakfast, Tinos.  

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    4, Akti Drossou - Τinos

    Lately it's gaining the trust of the Thessalonians and visitors, the majestic Fragma of Thermi, which combines the fluid element with the green of entertainment and many activities for children ... It is a small miracle in Thessaloniki. Arriving there trademark Fragma is an artificial lake where shelter fish and rare birds, and there is a wooden cafeteria-like mountain retreat. Where everyone can enjoy a coffee or a drink at any time of the day wishes and the evening providing a wide variety of beverages, soft drinks, ice cream, pastries, waffles and dishes to accompany the wine, drink or ouzo. It can not be imagined on what miracle is if he does a walk right of the imaginary pond thirty acres located on the fringes through the waters. The greatest part is covered by trees, where visitors can walk, relax and entertain. The space available for events and tours schools in consultation with relevant in the following phones. Theodoros Theodoridis: 6945 754 423 Kougioumtzidi Constantine: 6972 312 198

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    THERMI - Thessaloniki

    www.sevengates.com.gr Leros café Café bar Snack bar Snack Restaurant Island Dodecanese Aegean Greece Leros Méditerranéan sea Food Snacks Finger food Wedding Catering Season Sea View Café Cocktail Desserts Facebook People Night life Club 7 Gates Café Bar is located on the biggest port-bay in Mediterranean Sea, in Leros island called Lakki. Enjoy the hospitality of 7Gates Café and the breathtaking view of the crystal blue sea. Taste a wonderful main course, a special dessert or an extraordinary cocktail of your personal choice. 7Gates also has the ability to be available for private events.

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    6978498582, 6980449598
  • Meteora Coffee - Coffee Pot - Sport Coffee - Delivery Coffee - Snack Bar - Take Away Coffee Mateora - Coffee Bar - Breakfast - Waffles - Ice Cream - Drink Kalambaka

    Corn cafe, meteora kalabaka cafe bar, meteora snack bar, sport cafe, delivery cafe kalampaka We welcome you to the new page of "Coffee Brick" in Kalambaka Trikala, where the Meteors that dominate the region are a breath away. Our newly designed and renovated space is waiting for you to enjoy your coffee peacefully. We also offer the perfect venue for your business appointments and the relaxation you need to enjoy your coffee and talk with your friends. You can accompany your coffee with our delicious snacks. We are open from 6.00 in the morning and we can bring your coffee to your place as we have delivery from 8.00am. as the rhythms of our lives have become very stressful and fast. Of course besides coffee we have a bar for your drink or a coctail for the evening. Relax while drinking your wine or drink with gentle music, And because there are sports and racing fanatics, come and see our favorite players on state-of-the-art screens. We are looking forward to this new store you will be hanging out with !!! Karathanassis Fotis kalampaka cafe, meteora, cafeteria, cafe, sport cafe, cafe delivery, kalampaka snack bar, cafe bar, take awat cafe

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    152, Trikalon Str. - Kalabaka
  • Nautilus - Cafe Myrina Lemnos - Crepe Harbor Myrina Lemnos - Waffles - Pizza - Loukoumades - Ice Cream - Crepes - Coffee

    Cafe bar, snack bar, in Lemnos - Delivery Daily 18:00 - 23:59 Here you can enjoy your coffee from morning until late at night, fresh fruit juices, pastries, ice creams, waffles, cool cocktails, snacks, frozen beers or wine and more. We invite you to the cafe bar "NAFTILOS", to experience moments of relaxation and rest with us making you travel to another era. All you have to do is respond to the invitation - the challenge to experience moments of hospitality and romantic luxury. Sincerely TZELVELIS FOTIS.

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    Myrina - Limnos
  • Piazza Caffe - Coffee Shop Agrinio - Coffee Pack Agrinio Aitoloakarnania

    Coffee Shop & Coffee Shop in Agrinio. Coffee Maker, Coffee Package, Cafeteria.

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    3, Chatzopoulou str - Agrinio
    6947191032, 6942406446
  • Sousami Coffee - Aspropyrgos Cafe - Cafe Delivery Aspropyrgos

    "SOUSAMI" is a coffee shop and not just that. Early in the morning with well-made excellent coffee, but also with sweet and salty flavors!

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    NATO avenue - Aspropirgos
  • Yamas Cafe - Cafe Tavros Attica - Puff pastries - Burgers Tavros Attica - Salads - Desserts Tavros Attica

    Our cafe "Yamas Cafe" located in Tavros, Attica, is close to you every day offering great products in a beautiful and friendly environment. Early in the morning you can visit our cafe in Tavros Attica and enjoy the coffee you desire and accompany it with great puff pastries. As time goes by, the smells of fine burgers will open your appetite. We also have club sandwiches, salads, sweets and many other products to satisfy you. Visit our cafe in Tavros Attica and our experienced staff will serve you promptly and always with kindness. Cafes Tavros Attica, Puff pastries Tavros Attica, Burgers Tavros Attica, Salads Tavros Attica, Sweet Tavros Attica

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    Thrakis 59 - Tavros
  • Το Patari - Coffee - Snack Bar Cookie - Cocktail - Drink Cookie - Cookie Snack - Raki - Beer - Cookie Bar - Evening Entertainment

    '' Patari '' opened its doors to the public in 2012, on Olympiou 13 & Dimitrakopoulou 89, on the beautiful pedestrian street of Koukaki in order to give a different note to the fun of the area. An atmospheric space with a special décor inside and out, in its beautiful courtyard under the trees, combined with good music (Jazz, Funk, Blues, Soul, World music and rock, pop, art Greek music), awaits you to share coffee moments, enjoy hot drinks or raccoons, taste delicious home-made snacks and cold dishes or drink an aperitif while the sun goes down. We are expecting you from 7.00 in the morning serving coffee, snacks, pastries, appetizers for delicious breaks and continue until late at 02.00 with a wide variety of wines, drinks, cocktails, cold dishes (cheeses and sausages) to have a good time with your company ... Very quickly, the top quality of our products, the exquisite coffee, the clean drinks, the high level of service and the excellent prices made us your first choice, until today the perfect destination for coffee or a drink. At '' Patari '' we also perform Live music nights .... Upon request, we undertake various social events, hosting individuals, clubs, sports teams and more. Friendly: Brillis Dimitris.

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    Olympiou 13 & Dimitrakopoulou 89 - Koukaki

    Cafeteria, cafe bar, in Syros. If you want to start your day with joy, you have to enjoy the super cappuccino on the beach in Syros at the Plaza Cafe & Croissant. As for the crepes, you just have to try them! You can enjoy coffee or juice at competitive prices and great crepes and snacks throughout the day. Sweet and savory crepes, pancakes for everyone. If you choose salty, cheese, tomatoes or vegetables, or those with chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, you will have a full meal. Accompany it with a glass of wine or a cold beer. If you want to have a nice evening, you can enjoy your drink at the renewed Plaza Cafe & Croissant, with clear drinks and international as well as modern Greek music. A beautiful place open from morning until late at night. Throughout the day enjoy a coffee or juice with one of the unique sweets. Crepes and snacks are available all day and when the night comes, Plaza Cafe & Croissant creates a unique atmosphere of fun and entertainment.

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