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  • anticaAntika - Cafe - Bar Dimitsana - Roomts to Rent - Dimitsana Tripoli Arkadia

      ANTIKA All-day lounge coffee/bar Welcome to the personal website of ANTIKA coffee in the beautiful DIMITSA.   Dimitsana is a beautiful stone-built settlement with remarkable mansions, most of which are restored today. The settlement is a typical example of Gortynia architecture and is characterized as a traditional one.         In the center of Dimitsana lies "ANTIKA" coffee. With a special decoration that is made up of antique old motorcycles as the owner of the shop, Mr KOSTENIS KOSTAS is a fan of old motorcycles, which he repairs himself. In an atmospheric environment with the main theme of antique decoration of old motorcycles you will drink your coffee and enjoy your snack or sweet from morning until 9 pm under the sound lounge music. After 9 you will drink your drink by listening to Greek greek music and songs.   Visit us in beautiful Dimitsana and enjoy a well-made Italian espresso and a wide selection of drinks and cocktails. All-day lounge vintage coffee/bar   Dimitsana, Tripoli 22007 /Arkadia Cell: 6974043498      

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    Dimitsana - Tripoli

    The small port of Methana, with its majestic surroundings, invites you to explore it, as you stroll along the beach, on your way to enjoy a cup of coffee. The sea view guides you to the end of the port where the sweet smell of chocolate and fresh coffee invite you to the last table by the shore. The menu, full of sweets and salty dishes, distracts you from the view of sparkling blue waters. Mr. Vangelis is always eager to assist you and to recommend various dishes, emphasizing his waffles and crepes, and at the same time offering a welcome refreshment. The view of the Argosaronikos gulf combined with a warm waffle give you a feeling of wellbeing. Meanwhile, the grand Hydrotherapeutic building gazes at the isle of Poros and invites you to visit it. Mr. Vangelis Betsis has been running this unique cafe with tender loving care for over 10 years. He has kept it up to date and at the same time not lost touch with the local, traditional norms.

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    AKTI SARONIKOU - Methana

    "Psili Ammos" in Fourni Korseon of IKARIA is a coffee bar, beautifully decorated, in which you can spend dreamy evenings full of entertainment and events.   PSILI AMMOS Beach-bar promises you unforgettable and enjoyable summer moments. The young audience and the fun mood guarantee the most enjoyable vacation. It is the best destination to entertain you as late at parties organized and starting from early afternoon until late at night. If you want to kick back with a drink or coffee or the WATER FUN FOUND IN OUR AREA, We are beachfront, with spectacular views to the sea, we offer you an unforgettable experience, from noon until late in the morning .... Psili Ammos is one of the hundreds of golden beaches Fourni Ikaria !!! Those who want to make real vacation with adventures and mystery, let us make a raid on the sand and not only this!!!   Here are all the summer beach party, the island revelry evenings sipping cocktails, for those who want to spend real vacation !!!   The beauty of the Furnace is evident in every corner, with low houses and picturesque figures of grandmothers, which photograph the curious tourists. The white is mixed with the green of the trees, which cast a shadow on stone alley which connects the port to the central square. In the square you can enjoy your coffee, talk to the locals is one of the kindest islanders have known, admire the tree planted by the students of Furnace with students of Turkey Selçuk, go through the blue and white church and from there to climb the stairs and wander around all over the village, with open doors and smells that gushed.

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    PSILI AMMOS - Fourni

    In Spilia Fokidos you will find the Bella Vista. A beautiful space, overlooking the Corinthian and the island of Trizonia, the waves that will keep him all day: in the morning for the first coffee of the day at noon after a bath for a refreshing accompaniment ouzo tasty appetizers and delicious cooked in the afternoon with icy cold beer awaiting the majestic sunset and evening, at a leisurely pace, escorted drink. Among the important trump the existence playground, to employ the Toddler! The space is available for all social events.

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    SPILIA - Fokida
  • blueboat

      BLUE BOAT | PYTHAGORIO SAMOS Cafe - Bar - Cocktails - Special Events   Blue Boat is located near the port of Pythagorion in Samos where you can enjoy coffee, drinks, drinks and cocktails from early morning until late at night.   Our experienced staff is always willing to serve you with a smile. Our modern space features comfortable seating for unique moments by the sea. Fine blends, fresh juices, cool drinks and unique cocktails are at your fingertips for winter and summer thirst.   The Blue Boat café-bar is the ideal destination for any time of the day. There are also football and other sports for our fans on the island!     Contact with us for further information or visit us at the beach of Pythagorion We will be happy to serve you!  

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    blueboat - Samos
  • Café - Music Bar BEBOP, Parikia - Paros

    Your exciting experience talked island of Paros complements the new shop "Bebop" in Parikia Beach. The breathtaking views combined with fragrant coffee, a huge selection of cocktails, and the various flavors you can taste in our menu, will create for you the perfect relaxing atmosphere. Your fun will complement jazz sounds, and you will not miss and live music! Overlooking the blue waters of Paros sunset that takes you, and a good company, the Bebop could be the ideal shop for unforgettable moments!                              Parikia, Paros Phone: 2284028075 Mobile: 6937134547  

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    Parikia - Paros
  • Cafe Babel - Metaxa Station

    From the oldest café, drinks, food and more… places in Antiparos. 24 years of local tradition, and Pavlos and his wife Eleni, the second generation of the family Keep and improving always the quality. In Babel you will find the best  quality and low prices in everything your taste wish.

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    Main street of Antiparos - Antiparos
  • Cafe Bar Pagrati Attica - Poquito Cafe Bar Pagrati Attica - Pagrati Cafe Attica

    Poquito Cafe Bar Coffee Bar Pagrati Attica The Poquito Café coffee bar in Pagrati is in its 19 years of operation, having a special place in the hearts of customers who visit it every day. The predominantly Pagrati riverbank has developed into a warm and atmospheric place, where you can enjoy your coffee, beer, drink when the lights dim. A timeless hangout with spectators of all ages, which will win you over from the first moment with its pop and rock sounds, its relaxed environment and the live events that are often organized. In our coffee bar you can enjoy all kinds of coffee, drinks, cocktails, drinks as well as various side dishes. Visit our coffee bar in Pagrati bringing your good mood! Cafe Bar Pagrati Attica, Poquito Cafe Bar Pagrati Attica, Cafeteria Pagrati Attica, Entertainment Pagrati Attica

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    Ymittou 93 - Pagrati
  • Cafe bar Square - Kyparissia Cafe Bar

    Kyparissia Square has the hottest & brand new hangout. We have everything you will need to spend all your time beautifully. Start the morning with a delicious coffee of your choice, accompanied by a rich breakfast. If you wake up again later, come for a brunch and you won't regret it. Our menu has plenty, from sweets and ice creams to fast snacks that will keep you up to date. End your day with refreshing cocktails and drinks of all kinds. Square Cafe Bar, your new favorite treat!

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    3, Alexander Kalatzakou Str. - Kiparissia
  • Coffee Bars Kythnos - Cafe Bar - Greek Nights Kythnos - Djs - Cocktails Events Chora Kythnos - Stou ... Bouranta

    You will enjoy your coffee or your drink, Stou Bouranta Stou...Bouranta you will relax together with beautiful melodies every night! You will be spoiled by dj's nights We are organizing Cocktail Parties Stou Bouranta Greek Music Evenings! Stou ... Bouranta!

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    Chora - Kythnos
  • Coffee Time - Cafeteria Thiva - Cheesepies Thiva - Drinks Thiva

    Coffee Time Cafeteria Thiva   Friendly place, at 25 Potini Street in Thiva, Coffee Time offers the best coffee in the city and much more! The space is modern, with fast staff, always at your disposal.   You can choose from a wide variety of excellent quality illy coffees (try the excellent 100% Arabica), cappuccino, freddo, espresso, greek, french, etc. to get your day start dynamically! Combine your coffee or chocolate with caramel syrup, noisette grillee, strawberry, chocolate, for even stronger flavor and aroma.   The store features spacious parking and free WiFi.   At Coffee Time you will also find:   Handmade pies Sandwiches Cookies Donuts Hand made crisps in various flavors     Delivery: Every day 06.30-21.30   25, Potnion str, Thiva 2262103062, 6984284539 coffeetimethiva@hotmail.com    

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    25, Potnion str - Thiva
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    D. AND M. PAPADOPOULOU 2 - Giannitsa
  • Enjoy Cafe - Cafe - Coffee Bar - Livadia - Drinks - Sandwiches

    Enjoy is the new proposal for coffee, snacks and drinks in Livadia. A comfortable, beautiful and welcoming space created with great care for all of you and aspiring to become your favorite habit. Early in the morning, Enjoy's team is ready to serve you coffee, tasty puff pastry or prepare hearty sandwiches.

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    55, Dimarchou Ioannou Perganta Str. - Livadia
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    CHORA - Alonnissos

    Restaurant, coffee bar, coctail bar, beach bar, in Fiscardo. Welcome to one of the most beautiful areas of Kefalonia, the famous Fiskardo. In a unique position of gorgeous beach is the restaurant - coffee bar Irida. Our restaurant is one of the most famous in Kefalonia and prefer to exit both local residents and visitors to the island. Besides the great variety of fresh fish and seafood, you will have the opportunity to experience and wide variety of traditional fish of the island. Kefalonian favorite recipes that boast the flavor and authenticity. All our dishes are prepared with care and fresh local ingredients, meticulously observing cleanliness. In the restaurant Irida we have Greek wines that perfectly complement the exceptional dining experience. Fiskardo is one of the most beautiful parts of Kefalonia and is considered a paradise. We expect to treat you this summer. Sincerely, MK Germeni Irida pottery workshop and painting. The laboratory Irida is located on the way to Fiskardo village Germenata. Our ceramics, a wide range of decorative and utilitarian objects, as raw material have a red or white clay and are painted by hand. For the utilitarian objects (plates, mugs, glasses) is used non-toxic glazes and earthenware while all baked in laboratory in a special furnace at temperatures up to 800oC 1000oC in order to acquire brilliant colors and durability in use. The jewels of gold, silver and semiprecious stones in unique designs are handmade and manufactured in laboratories with personal care and quality ingredients. In the laboratory ceramics and jewelery Iris each object is unique and inspiring natural beauty and colors of the island. Visit us to see up close the creation of our objects and keep alive the memory of your holiday forever.

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    In Kavatza cafe snack bar fun begins from the morning. Here you can enjoy your coffee and evening drinks, next to huge pool while before you will get the most amazing views, breathtaking ...

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    APOLLONIA - Sifnos
  • La Luz Cafe Bar - Snack Food Κoropi - Bar Koropi

    La Luz Cafe Bar Cafe Bar Koropi La Luz Cafe Bar is located in Koropi and offers every visitor the perfect place to hang out. It is open daily from 09.00 am to 02.00 in the evening.   Start your day with coffee, drinks, snacks, sweets such as waffles, souffle, chocolates, listening to mainstream music and surfing with La Luz's free Wi Fi.   In the evening the volume goes up and you can enjoy cool coctails such as Mohito, Cosmopolitan, Daquiry, Mai-Tai, Sex on the Beach, Alexander, beer with variety, burgers, fresh salads.   Fridays and Saturdays are held various events, such as karaoke, Greek evenings, parties. For soccer and basketball fans, Nova TV is provided so you can enjoy live matches.   In summer, La Luz's lovely yard is open and awaits you to enjoy your drink with your friends.   We are waiting for you!      

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    176, Vasileos Konstantinou str - Koropi
  • MAM Cafe Bar - Cafeteria - Food - Drinks - Cocktails - Lefkandi Beach - Vasiliko - Chalkida

      MAM Cafe - Bar - Restaurant   Vasiliko | Lefkandi Beach | Chalkida     Just a moment to visit to fall in love with it! It is located just a few kilometers away from Chalkida, at Vasilikos beach, in Lefkandi.   Summer at MAM... Early in the morning, you enjoy your coffee with a nice, hearty breakfast and... after digesting, take a dip in the beautiful sea nearby. If you want to feel a bit more like a... tourist, set on the sun loungers leaving the tranquility of the view to travel you. As long as it's evening, the cafe gets a different look with a more atmospheric feeling. Nice choices in music (if you are lucky you may also attent a live), refreshing drinks, super coctails and of course the sweet, summer breeze to embrace you. If your appetite keeps catching, ask to serve you a hearty mamburger! It will amaze you, like the rest of MAM's menu!   Winter at MAM... Very careful interior decoration and a special alternative style. Hot chocolate, soft music, friendly atmosphere and while watching the wilderness of the sea, you feel so lucky you are in such a cozy place... In the evenings you can sit down in the couches or the bar by tasting something from its rich wine cellar. Ask for his menu. Every time they have something new to suggest.       

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    Poseidonos & Efkalyptou, Lefkanti beach, Vasiliko - Chalkida
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    AGIA PELAGIA - Kithira
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