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  • Car Service - Service Peugeot Citroen Chalkida - Euboea - Genuine Spare Parts - Gas LPG - Car Control KTEO - Car Body Chalkida - Car Paint Chalkida - Prammatias Ioannis

    The car service ''SERVICE PRAMATIAS'' in Skoufa - Drosia Chalkida, is a specialized service - service PEGEUOT & CITROEN, fully equipped and state of the art. Our extensive experience guarantees the correct operation of your car. At our specialized Peugeot - Citroen ''PRAMATIAS SERVICE'' we provide you with the best quality of work at the best prices. - Integrated car service - Service at the most affordable prices. - Car paint, using certified, high quality products - Improvements - Electronic control - Convert your car to LPG with very modern methods. We undertake everything from: service (oil change, spark plugs, filters, brakes) disc - plate - bearing change shock absorber replacement brakes Timing belts lamp set - batteries reset car engine damage car engine replacement electronic diagnosis service a / c exhausts KTEO control & exhaust control card LPG gas movement - installation of LPG systems We have genuine and branded spare parts. Citroen, Peugeot car and commercial vehicle repair. All at very good prices, with highly trained staff and very willing to serve you promptly, in the best possible and most economical way ... Caravan & boat parking In our boat parking (a safe and easily accessible place to safeguard your boat), you can leave your boat for as long as you wish, without the stress of having your boat in good hands ... At the same time, our parking , also used for guarding caravans. Sincerely, Yiannis Prammatias.

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    Skoufa, Drosia - Chalkida

    Our company operates in the improvement and service your car but also in grooming him with great success since 2007 .   The main factors that contributed to the growth of our business and gave a leading role in the market , it is our experience , the skilled and fully qualified staff , the most advanced equipment and our innovative applications and our proposals .   The rich in quality and quantity of our clientele guarantees the reliability and solvency us , as well as the quality and effectiveness of our products .   Following the pace of development , we open the doors of communication and information to the market via the internet hoping to give a comprehensive overview of our corporate identity.

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    6936869525, 6945690033

    EVERYONE'S CAR TYPE SYSTEM Service - Genuine Spare Parts - Car Body Repair - Specialized workshop. Service: AUDI VOLKSWAGEN SEAT SKODA Service There are a number of tasks available to take care of your car. Depending on the type of car, equipment, total kilometers and time, as well as The necessary servicing and replacement of consumable spare parts is also differentiated by the necessary servicing and replacement parts. The parts we recommend and use are genuine from VAG and MOBIL lubricants. This does not prevent the use of brands after the purchase of spare parts that may arise from our customers' requirement. We can essentially classify the Service into three main categories: A. Longlife Service B. Inspection service r. Lubricant Service In Long Life service the Service intervals are variable and are determined according to the personal driving style and operating conditions of the car. It should not exceed 24 months. The Audit Service has fixed Service intervals of 15,000 km or 12 months. The lubrication service is compulsory for diesel engines every 7,500 km, that is between two inspection services and optional for gasoline engines. DTM for the ultimate in reliability has established itself in the implementation of all categories. Their service is subject to checks and work without varying costs. Control of front and rear lighting, interior lighting (ceilings, passenger glove, etc.) Check front and rear wipers, wiper washer fluid, sprayer adjustment. Visual inspection of engine, engine components for leakage and damage. AC Belt, Alternator and Power Steering Control. Visual Inspection of Engine Circuit Pipelines for Corrosion and Wear and Coolant. Automatic update of all electronic systems and reset Service indicator. Lubrication of hinges and door locks, bonnet. sliding roof. Brake fluid level control, front and rear disc brake thickness and friction materials. Visual inspection of brake system tubing. Visual inspection of vehicle protection under its yard. Checking tires and adjusting their pressure Testing of joints and elastic joints of front and lock cover for wear and tear. Tightening screws front and rear. Control of semiconductor shielding bushings and differentiation systems. Testing of the exhaust and its hinged fasteners. Brain Programming The development of engine management software requires a thorough knowledge of the technology of injection, overload and control systems. DTM closely monitors the evolution of engine management systems, devoting a great deal of time to developing and researching BOSCH, MARELLI injection systems. SIEMENS etc. and their application to VAG models. Our experience in engine optimization and our excellent scientific knowledge give us the capability along with the help of the most advanced electronic computer reprogramming device that create reliable management software programs that increase engine power and power solely for a car only. of the VW-AUDI team. All of our software programs keep the engine running smoothly, maximize efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Available for all VAG models with engine engines, TURBO engines, and TURBODIESEL engines. Detailed information on increasing horsepower and temperature can be found on the TUNING page. The design and development of software is based primarily on calculations derived from specific applications designed by us. When the design is completed by this first phase, the new software is tested in real-life operating conditions for corrections, optimizations, and certification of good operation. Finally in the dynamometer we refine our software to maximize engine performance. Compared to the competitiveness that single-edge software can offer without margin adjustment, DTM can design software by adapting fault codes to specific and specific enhancements such as using dual-turbochargers, different camshaft profiles, sensors. different sensor maps and custom settings for each case. One new innovation is to launch launch control.

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    Antigen 21 - Chalkida
  • General Repair Shop Afrati Chalkida - Zevgolatis Dimitris - LPG Chalkida - Service All Types of Cars Chalkida - Car Parts Chalkida

    Zevgolatis Dimitris General Car Workshop Afrati Chalkida The general car repair shop "Zevgolatis Dimitris" which is located in Chalkida and more specifically in the area of ​​Afrati, undertakes the service in all types of gasoline and diesel cars directly and mainly economically. At the modern car repair shop in Chalkida, we undertake the service - repair of air condition, exhaust gas control, KTEO, electrical control, installation and service of LPG and any other work you wish for your vehicle. We also have branded Italian systems with a 2-year warranty, lubricants and car parts at competitive prices. For your best service, we provide you with a vehicle until your own car is repaired. Visit our workshop in Afrati, Chalkida and be sure that you will receive high quality services. Service All Types of Gasoline & Diesel Cars Afrati Chalkida, Service & Maintenance Air Condition Afrati Chalkida, Exhaust Gas Control Afrati Chalkida, KTEO Afrati Chalkida, Electrical Inspection Afrati Chalkida, Installation & Service Gas Lubricants and customer service vehicle Afrati Chalkida, Car Lubricants Afrati Chalkida, Car Parts Afrati Chalkida

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    Afrati - Chalkida
    6947676965, 6936127470
  • Speed Service - Workshop - Car and Motorcycle Service Chalkida Artaki Evia - General Service - Injection Repairs - Airbag Brake Repairs

    We welcome you to the garage "SPEED SERVICE - AUTOGAS ELECTRONICS". ELECTROLOGY Brain Self-Diagnosis, Injection Service, Batteries-Alternators, Attacks on any type of Electrical Problem. Alarms - Sound Systems, Xenon lights, Parking sensors, Air conditioning-FREON WORKSHOP General Service, Oil Change, Exhaust Gas Testing and Measurement. Suspensions, Brakes, KTEO Preparation Autogas LPG LPG Installation and Service Electronics Airbag Brake Repairs, dial, immobiliser. Finding RADIO CDs. Repairs of fuse boxes. All work is accompanied by a warranty at competitive prices Do not hesitate to call us or come to our room to discuss the problem if your car is and you are sure that our experienced and trained staff will do the best and the most economical for you. Yours sincerely, Bakitzis Lefteris

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    Georgiou Papandreou and Platanon str - Chalkida
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    - Chalkida