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  • Andreas Moschopoulos - Surgeon Dental Ampelokipi - Aesthetic Dentistry Ampelokipoi - Periodontology - Implantology

    Elevation of sinus - Increase in Height and Width of Residual Acrolofia. Surgeon Dentist Ampelokipi, scientific associate of the University of Athens. The doctor accepts after appointment.

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    18. Kifisias avenue - Ampelokipoi
  • Dentist Tripolis - Papageorgiou Nikolaos - Surgeons Dentists Tripoli - Orthodontics - Prosthetics - Implants - Aesthetic Dentistry - Dental Center

    The surgeon dentist in Tripolis, Papageorgiou Nikos, fully covers the wide range of dental care that can be sought, starting from prevention and ending with complete healing and prosthetic restoration. It provides you with high-quality dental services, consistent with a consistent approach, and with the development of a particular interpersonal relation between you. Therefore, it provides you with oral treatment to ensure excellent oral health and the creation of a glamorous smile. The surgeon dentist in Tripolis, Papageorgiou Nikos, is constantly informed about the latest developments in dental science with conferences and specialized seminars (either in Greece or abroad). Dental surgery Seals - Dizziness - Implants Periodontics - Endodontics - Dental Laser Cosmetic Dentistry Bleaching - Cleaning - Prosthetics Bleaching Bleaching is a completely conservative (non-invasive) procedure, almost painless, without any effect on the "enamel" of the teeth, which yields amazing results depending on the patient's needs! Resin seals Synthetic resin is a polymeric material that can stick to the dental tissue and replace a missing part of the tooth. Resin seals are of very high aesthetic value, as they do not stand out from the natural tooth. Resin faces Resin facades are one of the techniques of aesthetic dentistry which is usually simple, fast, non-invasive and economical. The material used to make the faces is similar to that of "white cemented" and is called composite resin. Of course, the technique of handling the resin in forming the facings - stratification technique - differs from that of sealing. Porcelain facades The porcelain faces are thin porcelain "flakes" in the desired shape and color that are adhered to the outer surface of the teeth. Inserts - Surfaced seals Embedded and embedded seals are either porcelain or acrylic resin of high aesthetics and durability. Practically and simplistically, they are "seals" but they are made after detailed cavity printing. Implants Implants ("planted" teeth) are now routine treatment, providing a permanent solution to those who want to always have strong teeth. We have the potential to restore gaps in missing mouths from one tooth to everything. Indicative problems that Aesthetic Dentistry can correct:     Yellow or "stained teeth". White tooth color can be lost for various reasons such as smoking, namely food, beverages and medicines.     Missing teeth The absence of teeth in a person does not dramatically affect only the person's appearance, but creates the tendency for the remaining teeth to move from their position.     Blanks between the teeth The tongue between the teeth is a frequent phenomenon that in some cases adversely affects the appearance of the individual.     Uncommon teeth. Inequal teeth are the problem that many patients face when some of their teeth have a different height to affect their appearance.     Orthodontic problems One of the most common problems most patients face is crooked teeth. In addition to the classical method, aesthetic dentistry can offer alternative options for restoring the problem.     Broken / Cracked teeth Even a minimal cracking or tooth break at the front of the teeth can make the smile less attractive.     Metallic black seals Natural white tooth fillings are best suited to classical black seals that are not the nicest sight in terms of the appearance of your smile.     Hypertrophic or Uncommon gums Some patients experience excessive growth of the gum tissue covering a large part of the teeth. The result is when we smile that a larger gum surface appears, making the teeth appear smaller. Yours sincerely: Surgeon Dentist - Papageorgiou Nikos.

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    16, Grigoriou E' (4th Floor) - Tripoli

    DIMAKOPOULOU CHRISTINA PROFILE Dentist Dental Surgeon Implantologist Cosmetic Dentistry PRESENTATION     The dental surgeon Christina Dimakopoulou graduated with honors from the school of Dentistry  of the University of Thessaloniki where she entered 7th in success order winning a scholarship offered by the State Scholarship Foundation. She has participated in numerous conferences and seminars on implants and cosmetic dentistry. She is a member of the Greek Society of Periodontology and graduate of the German Society of Implantology. Completing her research on implants she has attended a number of conferences and operations by distinguished Implantologists - Oral surgeons with professors Neukamm, Khoury, Bergmann and Watzek being few of them. In recent years she has turned her interest in cosmetic dentistry also aiming to the elimination of facial wrinkles by means of Hyaluronic Acid. She is also a fellow candidate and professor of the School of Doctorate "Enzo Ferrari" in Modena University and Reggio Emilia.   Also she has translated and edited the Greek version of the book: "OT Equator Biologic Abutment. A new concept in removable and fixed prosthodontics", written by S.Bortolini, A.Natali, M.Franchi University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Italy.       Our goal is to offer a high quality of life and confidence with beatiful, happy and smiling faces.     Ζografou 35, Zografou,  Athens Τ: 210 7771148 M: 6972 729623Fax: 210 7771148

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  • Giatsi Ioanna - Dentist Surgeon Kamatero - Periodontitis Treatment - Aesthetic Dental Kamatero - Implants

    Giatsi Ioanna, Surgeon Dentist. Periodontitis Treatment, Aesthetic Dentistry, Implants. We cooperate with a special maxillofacial surgeon and an endodentologist.

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    Thessalonikis - Dimokratias square (above KEP) - Kamandero
  • Hasouri Avide - Surgeon Dentist Pagrati - Periodontics Pagrati Athens - Dentists Pagrati Athens

    The dental office of Hassouri Avide Dentist is located in Pagrati, in a pleasant and functional area. The aim of the physician is to provide specialized medical services of the highest quality and of the highest standards.

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    Arrivou 18-20 - Pagrati
  • Ioannis Tabakis - Dentist Surgeon Peristeri - Periodontics - Implants - Aesthetic Dental - Preventive Medical

    Dentist Tampakis Ioannis undertakes dental services, aesthetic dentistry (teeth whitening, porcelain & resins, dental seals), general dentistry, preventive dentistry (teeth cleaning, dental surgery, dental surgery), oral surgery (removable dentures, masts, hoops, bridges, implants), pediatric dentist etc. The dentist Tampakis Ioannis is located in Peristeri and serves the areas of Peristeri, Aigaleo, Ilion etc.

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    Chrisostomou Smirnis 5 - Peristeri
  • Kalou Maria - Dental Art - Dental Unit New Heraklion - Surgeon Dental MDDR MSc MJDF RCS England - Member of the Royal College of Dentists in England

    The Dental-Art dental unit is an innovative and friendly choice for your dental needs. Using the latest technology in our equipment, we can also provide all dental services to ensure your professional tooth care. From simple control and cleaning to more aesthetic restorations, dental implants, orthodontics, pedodontics, surgical incidents, laser treatments, we can meet all your needs. Visits are done in a very comfortable and relaxed space, creating a friendly atmosphere for every patient. As professionals, our priorities are our patients and we are always ready and willing to help. Target Maintaining high expectations for professional excellence at affordable prices in a comfortable and friendly environment is our main goal, to which we are fully committed. We are proud to offer an original dental experience (beyond the usual), with professionalism, reliability and comfort, focused on your personal needs and expectations. As we know how important the smile is for self-confidence and the overall health of our patients, our focus is not just on your dental needs, but also on your oral health, which affects the overall health of your body. Dental-Art dental unit is one of the most unique choices in Athens. In addition to general dental services, we also offer specialized treatments without having to move to different doctors within the city. You can simply plan what you need in our area, which is easily accessible in one of Athens' most central and convenient locations, as it is very close to all major road junctions either by car or by car. Flexible schedule Longevity work, as well as the busy schedule of everyday life, often prevents many people from being able to integrate their dental care into their program. For this reason, our dental unit remains open morning and afternoon serving all patients by appointment. Affordable prices and flexibility in payment methods As all your dental needs can be accommodated in our area without having to refer you to other surgeries, the total cost of treatment is reduced. There are also many ways of paying by cash, using cards or interest-free installments. Why choose us Professional care in a particularly warm and friendly environment Modern space, state-of-the-art equipment, modern machinery Provide all services to the dentist Dedicated scientific team in offering excellent dental care Emphasis on sterilization and cleanliness Digital Radiological Control almost irradiated Modern ways to minimize pain Laser technology Minimal invasive dentistry Free first visit Free screening and preventive treatment for people with disabilities Affordable prices and flexibility in payment methods

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    353, Irakliou avenue - Neo Iraklio
  • Makantani Evdokia - Surgeon Dentist Center Athens - Aesthetic Dentistry Athens - Periodontology

    Ms. Evdokia Makantani is a dental surgeon, a graduate of the University of Athens. In the clinic there are all aesthetic restorations of teeth, dentistry for children and teenagers. Bleaching, tooth cleaning and generally what people need for painless and quality dental care.

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    6, Kapodistriou str - Athens
  • Nikolaos Vernikos | Dental Surgeons Dentist - Naxos

      Medical Nikolaos Vernikos | Dentist - Dental Surgeons Naxos The dental office of "Nikolaos Vernikos", which is based in the Square Protodikiou in Naxos, is a modern, functional and pleasant venue that focuses on the patient and secures his health, provides you with the most painless and medically documented solution to the problem you are concerned with .   The clinic started its operation in Naxos in 2006 and is equipped with every modern dental instrument to better cope with the incidents, and we never stop renewing our know-how and equipment.   With attention to detail and with the help of modern logistic infrastructure, we create together the ideal smile, taking into account your own needs, adjusting the prices to them.   The hygiene of both dental tools and the actual space is an important factor in the quality of the services provided.         Our philosophy is patient confidence in our person, trust, obtained with detailed information about treatment options, understanding of individual needs and expectations, excellent, painless, and high quality dental services with modern scientific evidence Technological methods and instruments tailored to each individual patient. Contact us to make an appointment. We are always at your disposal to offer you the perfect result. Nikolaos Vernikos | Dental surgeon Square Protodikiou, Naxos Tel: 2285022259 Mob: 6938184937

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    Square Protodikiou - Naksos
  • Psarra Irini - Surgeon Dentist Kyparissia Messinia - Dental Laser Messinia

      Psarra G. Irini DDS Surgeon Dentist Kyparissia Postgraduate Aesthetic Dentistry UCL | Face Cosmetics, Medical Aesthetics KT Training London   Mrs. Psarra is a dental surgeon, a graduate of the Athens Dental School, a postgraduate aesthetic dentist UCL. Her clinic is located in Kyparissia, on El. Venizelou 46. The dentist offers high-quality dental services to children and adults as well as facials in a comfortable and inviting place. Keeping up to date with new scientific techniques and professionalism is a guarantee for the complete and successful treatment of even the most difficult cases of every patient. Mrs. Psarra's office has the latest generation of medical equipment for the best provision of dental services, quickly and painlessly. Working Hours Monday: 09:30 - 14:30 και 18:00 - 21:00 (after appointment) Τuesday: 09:30 - 17:30 (after appointment) Wednesday: 09:30 - 14:30 και 18:00 - 21:00 (after appointment) Thursday: 09:30 - 17:30 (after appointment) Friday: 09:30 - 17:30 (after appointment) Weekends closed       46 ELEFTHERIOU VENIZELOU STR - Kyparissia 2761300785, 6940115966                                  

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    46, Eleftheriou Venizelou str - Kiparissia
  • Tabourakis Antonios - Surgeon Dentist Gyzi Athens - Aesthetic Dental Gyzi - Dental Prosthetics Gyzi Athens

    The Dentist Dr. Antonis Tabourakis pioneered applying the latest developments in the field of cosmetic dentistry. We have created a highly aesthetic space, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Keeping in mind the particular psychology of the patients, we have ensured that this space will provide the patients with peace of mind both during waiting and during work. The office is located in the center of Athens. Access to it is easy using either public transport (Buses, Underground), taxis, or your own vehicle for which we have free PARKING.

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    Kalvou 85 - Gyzi
  • Tsiapoula Vana - Prostheologist Dentist Mavili Square Athens - Dentists Mavili Square Athens Glyfada

    Office 1: D. Soutsou 15, Mavili square, Athens, 210 6462650 Office 2: Kiprou 70, Esperidon square, Glyfada, 210 8946737   Vana Tsiapoula completed her studies at the Dentistry School of the University of Athens and then worked in her own. Vana Tsiapoula studied at the University of Athens Dentistry and then worked at her own clinic in Karditsa - where she came from - where she saw 4,000 patients as general / surgeon dentist over 2 years. She was later accepted as the 1st Greek dentist for the specialty of Adjunct - Implantologist at the Dentistry School of the TUFTS University of Boston, USA, one of the leading dental schools in the world. For the successful completion of the very difficult program of Prosthetics at TUFTS University, he was honored with the Golden Bullet Award. After acquiring the specialty he taught for 1 year in postgraduate students at the same University. She returned to Greece in 1997 and opened her own dental clinic at 105 Vas. Sofias Avenue in Athens. Since 2002 she has been working with the dental center of the National Bank of Greece (TYPET) as a specialized prosthetician dentist. In the summer of 2006, she moved to her state-of-the-art new dental clinic, which she bought and completely renovated in Mavili Square.

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    Dimitriou Soutsou 15 - Platia Mavili - Athens
    6944141467, 6972004456
  • Tsonopoulou Eleni - Dental Surgeon Loutraki

    Surgeon Dentist Loutraki.

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    Kapodistriou 11 - Loutraki