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    BAKOGIANNIS CHRISTOS DENTAL ARTIST OF PIRAEUS DENTAL TECHNICAL LABORATORY KALLIPOLI PIRAEUS DENTAL TECHNICAL WORKS KALLIPOLI PIRAEUS DENTAL CATALOGS OF PIRAEUS The dental laboratory of Bakogiannis Christou, is one of the oldest, for many years, and one of the largest dental laboratories of PIRAEUS KAI is in the city of Piraeus. The site has been equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and meets all the health regulations that apply to all work to restore the oral cavity. We work seamlessly with many dentists to get the desired result. A beautiful smile that will create confidence in every patient. The materials we use are the most up-to-date and the services we offer are: dentures, some total metalloacrylic bridges hoops porcelain orthodontic work. Implants - implantable operations kinetic prosthetic metal-ceramic work all-ceramic work resins, splints Orthodontic machines Dentures (partial, total, vitalium) dental implants, metallo-ceramics, all-ceramics, night splints (bleaching, bruxism) Porcelain faces prosthetic mobile fixed prosthetic zirconium We are sure of the outcome of your patients. Working with every dentist is our privilege, pleasure and honor. Our commitment to the customer, the best possible service. Our goal is to manufacture dental prostheses with the best and most modern materials that take care of our clients' oral health and of course at competitive prices. We serve all areas in PIRAEUS, KALLIPOLI, NIKAIA, KERATSINI, DRAPETSONA, AGIRENTIS


    Hadjikyriakou 103 & Kalymnos Avenue - Pireas

    • Our laboratory dates back to 1983. The acquisition of our many years of experience began at a young age with personal work in the dental laboratories of the time and beyond. At the same time, she attended a three-year study at the OAED School of Athens. But our scientific training did not stop there. Since then and until today, there has been a continuous participation in large-scale practical seminars both in Greece and abroad (Germany) of the big houses (VITA - IVOCLAR - YETI). • Today, our laboratory operates in new privately owned building facilities tailored to the requirements of modern dental prosthesis technology. • The hygiene conditions of our laboratory with regard to the health of our staff are our main concern with the acquisition of ECO - BOX. PROPERTY ADDITIVES • The Microtecnor rectifier is a high-tech device for complete precision. Thanks to its innovative design and 360º rotation it is now excellent and lightweight in one pen. • The great success of the IVOCLAR pressing and firing ovens (Programat EP5000), which is a third generation furnace, provides faster and more aesthetic results for metal ceramic firing and pressing. Ivoclar's Empress E - max alloy ceramic materials allow us to manufacture perfect additives. • Bego's new LaserStar T-plus is a laser beam welder. Laser welding is a powerful form of fusion, high strength, with biocompatible and anti-corrosion effects without the need for foreign alloy (welding). Thus, it strikes an impressive bond between similar and different types of alloys. • NARRATES There are many types of splinters, depending on the peculiarity of the incident: rest, whitening, shifting, stabilization, jaw protection, etc. • COLORING The VITA easyshade compact dental color tracking system for the correct color selection of prosthetic work is our job. DENTALS • IVOCAP dentures offer controlled polymerization under constant pressure to offset the shrinkage of the material. • We are a member of IVOCLAR BPS Dentures. Synthesis of the teeth with the STRATOS 300 articulator as well as the personal arch are the most ideal convergence. • In some dentures, replacement of metal hooks with acetal resin significantly affects the color of the tooth, working with great elastic memory. CAD / CAM SIRONA • Following the dental implant restoration technique, participating in practical and theoretical seminars, thus gaining a similar experience, we obtained the CAD / CAM SIRONA INLAB MC XL. • It is the latest type of worldwide automated dental restoration system (zirconium implants, all-ceramic, aesthetic restorations: facades, inserts, inserts, all-ceramic)


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    1, GORGOPOTAMOU STR. - Agrinio
  • Dental Laboratory Alexandroupoli - Pitakoudis George - Dental Technician - Implants - Orthodontic Equipment Alexandroupoli

        Dental Lab Pitakoudis George - Dental Technician | Alexandroupolis • George Pitakoudis studied dental technician at TEI of Athens and graduated in 1999. • Practiced the profession for 4 years in dental laboratories so as to gain experience. • In 2003 he opened his own dental laboratory in Alexandroupolis. The close personal cooperation with the doctor, the many years of experience and the quality of the materials, guarantee the perfection of the works in aesthetics and functionality. That is why we have created a state-of-the-art dental laboratory, organized and well-equipped, but at the same time covering all your requirements for high quality, elements as necessary for a cooperation as direct and as delicate as ours. The consistency that we have in combination with the high quality materials and services cover the needs of every dentist.     Contact us We are at your disposal for any information. We work with dentists throughout Evros and Thrace.      


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    Troados 1 - Alexandroupoli
  • Dental Laboratory Larissa - Kyriakos Kanellidis - Dental Technician - Implants - Dentures Thessaly

    Kyriakos Kanellidou born in Larissa in 1972. She grew up taking many stimuli for dentistry from his father, who had laboratory Larissa from the 60s. So in 1995 he graduated from dental school with honors Pasteur continuing the tradition. He then attended many seminars pottery and ceramic headquarters of Ivoclar-Vivadent company, milling in Bredent and implants Frialit and IMZ. While making his practice in his father's workshop got licensed dental laboratory after the Ministry of Health exam in 1999 thus starting his own course. Today he continues to maintain his workshop in Larissa always trying to evolve and keep abreast of new techniques epangelmatos.Echontas a fairly high level of equipment, aiming always the best result using the most modern and reliable methods and materials of the largest and most renowned companies in the field. The workshop is always fast service and complete satisfaction for the final outcome. Fixed Prosthodontics: Metalloakrylika metal ceramic-ceramic Zirconia Composite Resins Aesthetic Restorations Implants Removable Prosthodontics: Complete Dentures Partial Dentures splints of all types.


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    October 23 8-14 - Larisa

      The laboratory Dental Laboratory | Mparmpounis Panagiotis - 56 R. Ferreou str, Patras A nice, attractive smile is the most beautiful gem in a person, it is a passport of success and a source of self-confidence. Our experience since 1981, the continuous training and insistence on details ensure high quality services and experience on the "dental chair".   The tradition of so many years focuses on the quality of our materials, innovative solutions and personalized services always consistent and professional. With high demands in terms of aesthetics and functionality and with modern technological equipment, we have managed to create a groundbreaking workshop that is fully responsive to nowadays.     PORSELANE FACADES - IMPLANTS - PROSTHETICS - EXPOSED & LINED TEETH - THERMOPLASTICS For further information about our products and services, please contact us.    


    Riga Fereou 56 - Patras
  • Dental Laboratory Thessaloniki - TSOULELLIS GEORGIOS - Fixed Prosthetics - Mobile Prosthetics - Precision Connectors - Telescopic - Digital Painting Thessaloniki

    The company is active in the field of dentistry in the center of Thessaloniki, specifically in the area of ​​Ag. Dimitriou Soutsou street 3-5. From the first steps of the company we have realized that we can not remain indifferent to the modern challenges of the area. That is why we try to achieve an excellent functional and aesthetic result of a prosthetic restoration in a close collaboration between a dentist and a dental technician. The effort for continuous development in the field of dentistry and my personal need for lifelong learning have made our laboratory always seek proper and responsible services to our partners. With emphasis on the aesthetic functionality of our work as well as on the excellent communication relationship with the dentist - collaborator, we always seek the best result. The laboratory, in addition to simple metal-ceramic and acrylic works, manufactures: whitening - bruxism splints, dentures, milling machines, precision joints. It also offers works of high aesthetics such as facades, inserts, all-ceramic implants. Digital color sampling is also performed in a 3 Deus vita system. Search Details: Vita 3d, Metal-Ceramic, All-Ceramic, Implants


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    Soutsou 3-5, 3rd floor - Thessaloniki

    Dental laboratory in Thessaloniki. Dental Laboratory '88 has been situated in the centre of Thessaloniki for the last 25 years. Our goal is the continuous update and training of our laboratory through seminars. Our long experience, the high-standard services we offer, our materials certified by CE and licensed by the EU and our last generation digital pieces of machinery and equipment can quarantee the best results in our work. We are commited to our customers for the best possible services. Our services: - Fixed Prosthetics - Removable Prosthetics - Dentures - Removable partial dentures - Bleaching trays, mouthguards, nightguards, tray against bruxism - metal acrylic - Isoit - Metal ceramic works - Dental prosthetics over implants - All ceramic works - Dental lumineers - Ceramic inlays-onlays - Zirconium - Dental tattoo crystal Working hours: Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00


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    Agias Sofias 15 - Thessaloniki
  • Dental LaboratoryMiliadis Constantinos - Dentocast - Dental Technician Kavala - Dental Technologist Kavala - Dental Laboratory Kavala

    The dental laboratory “Dentocast” located in Kavala, is active in the field of dentistry offering high quality services. Head of the dental laboratory is the dental technician Miliadis Konstantinos who has been working in the field of dentistry since 1992. In 1999, with the vision to provide the right and immediate service to each client, he set up his own laboratory in Kavala. Laboratory equipment combined with years of experience and continuous training can successfully meet any type of prosthetic rehabilitation. Especially in complex work, there is a great deal of specialization and the restorations offer high precision, aesthetics and functionality.


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    PERDIKA 12B - Kavala
  • Digital Dental Technology Laboratory - Tsikrikas Michael, Dental technician

      artdentalaesthetics Maik Tsikrikas   About Us: The Digital Dental Technology Laboratory A.D.A. "Art Dental Aesthetics" is an innovative laboratory with well-trained personnel and modern facilities, based in Kodrou 23A in Peristeri. Since its first days of operation, A.D.A. Has focused on the development and implementation of advanced digital technologies. With the introduction of CAD-CAM zirconia technology combined with the high-quality quality management system (ISO / CE), we eliminate the chances of defects by delivering high quality results. A.D.A. Orders orders for the entire range of dental work. Our ceramists carry out all kinds of work for you within a reasonable time.   Our Services           


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    Kodrou 23A - Peristeri
  • Karastergios P. Georgios - Dental Laboratory Neo Heraklion - Dental Technician Neo Heraklion Athens

    Due to his many years of experience, Giorgos P. Karastergios Dental Laboratory is responsible and reliably active in the whole range of dental work, covering all medical needs with state-of-the-art equipment. It also provides advanced technology and materials from the best companies at affordable prices on dentures.  


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    99, Plapouta Str. - Neo Iraklio
  • Markoglou Ioannis - IPS LAB - Dental Laboratory Nea Ionia - Dental Technicians Nea Ionia Athens

    Excellent technical training of the staff of I.P.S. Lab, the latest generation of technology equipment, which is constantly updated, in combination with continuous training, responsibility, commitment to constructive communication and immediate service, ensures the best possible end result. CONTINUOUS EDUCATION We are constantly training and evolving to meet the requirements of modern dentistry.   LATEST TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT We are constantly investing in upgrading our equipment to meet the highest demands.   EXCELLENT OUTCOME With our many years of experience and our highly trained craftsmen, we strive for excellence in all our work.


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    Demirdesiou 211 - Nea Ionia
  • Nikolaou Dimitris - Dental Technician Larissa

    DENTAL WORKS LARISSA TRIKALA KARDITSA VOLOS THESSALY The dental laboratory of Mr. Nikolaos Dimitris, based in LARISSA has the knowledge and years of experience for prosthetic restoration and with excellent aesthetic results. Following the development in the field of dentistry and with continuous training in new technologies, our laboratory seeks excellent aesthetic and functional restoration in close cooperation of course with the dentist.   We undertake dental restorations such as: Metal-ceramic All-ceramic Porcelain veneers Implants Complete and some dentures   We are confident in the outcome of your patients. Working with any dentist is considered our privilege, pleasure and honor. Facilities of our laboratory: Dentures (partial, total, vitalium), dental implants, metal-ceramic, all-ceramic, night splints (whitening, bruxism), porcelain veneers, prosthetic mobile, fixed prosthetic, zirconium, metalworking, metalworking Our commitment to the customer, the best possible service, for all of Thessaly. LARISSA TRIKALA KARDITSA VOLOS We work to create high quality dental work. Our goal is to manufacture dental prostheses with the best and most modern materials that take care of the oral health of our customers and of course at competitive prices are implants, kinetic prosthetics, restorations with resins, splints. For any information please contact us by phone, electronically, or visit our site!


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    Al. Panagouli 9, Larissa - Larisa

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