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    Our company called De - Crysti and situated on 263, Kifisias Avenue. In our store you will find medical anatomical sampo our import orthopedics and disposable medical supplies. Delivery to your place. We trade a full range of medical and orthopedic goods that meet the requirements of the EU. Our goal is to continuously improve products and services fully meet the requirements. Our honor to serve you.


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    263, KIFISSIAS AV. - Kifisia
  • Meditechnic - Maintenance of Radiological Systems Imathia - Ultrasonic Commerce - XRay - Optical Equipment Repairs - Radiological Machinery

    Meditechnic Radiological Systems Imathia   Meditechnic, deals with the trade, service and maintenance of X-Rays systems, mammogram machines and ultra-sound systems throughout Greece.   OUR GOAL IS THE BEST SERVICE OF OUR CUSTOMERS The excellent cooperation with all our customers, who have been trusting us over the years, makes us a top choice in the field of radiological systems, and we are constantly looking to provide the best possible service for their ultimate satisfaction.   Contact us to give you the solution you need. ΑGATHIA - Imathia | 6985996674, meditechnic@gmail.com  


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    Agathia - Imathia
  • Ortoskill | Orthopedic Products Aspropyrgos

    ORTOSKILL company was founded by Georgios Fokionos Papoutsis, who was a first year student in 1975 while working in large companies in the industry. He has many years of experience in the manufacture of orthopedic-prosthetic orthopedic and restorative articles, long specialization in foreign companies along with specialized scientific staff of the company in pediatric physiotherapists, physiotherapists, orthopedic and orthopedic technicians services and types. The modern premises of the factory (factory) together with the advanced mechanical equipment make the company unique in the Greek area, having the ability to manufacture most kinds of primary (from amorphous materials to integrated modern scientific constructions). The know-how and engineering equipment are in short supply compared to large overseas units, but in most cases they go beyond the complete ability to meet the special needs of specialized handicrafts.


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    Konstantinos Karamanlis Blv. 36, Western Regional - Aspropirgos
  • Physiomart Kaminaris - All About Sports Medicine - Fitness Equipment Nea Ionia - Fitness Equipment Nea Ionia Athens - Physiotherapy - Sports Nea Ionia

    Our company Physiomart-Kaminaris started and goes on the idea that your drug is exercise is your medicine either at prehab or rehab level. It specializes in sports medicine, exercise equipment, Pilates, physiotherapeutic items etc. You will find everything from fitness tires, balls and mattresses to sophisticated physiotherapy equipment. We represent big names in the field such as TheraBand, Exxentric, Cramer sports med, Tratac (foam rollers), Blackroll, Bosu, TRX, Hyperice - Hypervolt, Nubis with innovative physiotherapy beds etc. meet you closely. Our History Physiomart-Kaminaris was founded in 1997 by George Kaminaris. At that time we were a small warehouse in Piraeus with micro - physical therapy, exercise and rehabilitation equipment from the American company Theraband. Today, and with a new management team, we have the privilege of serving thousands of clients, with innovative and proven research products and services, in the health, physiotherapy and fitness industries. We import and distribute the best companies in the field of sports medicine in the Greek market. Our Mission Our mission is to provide a better standard of living for patients and non-patients through our education, products and services. Our motto is "exercise is your medicine". Our Vision We encourage physiotherapists and primary care physicians and other health care providers to include physical exercise in the design of treatment plans. In addition, we encourage both the healthy and the sick population to exercise in both prehab and rehab. Our culture The customer's joy comes first Smile and make sure you have a good time! Enjoy life and work Always ask "Why"! Try to understand the reason It offered solutions, not problems Caused the Status Quo Be curious Be open and communicate with transparency We are a family (don't forget) Pursue knowledge and development on a personal and professional level Take risks even if you make mistakes Gym Tires NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA FOOT STEEL NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA FOAM ROLLER - PERITONIA NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA Gym mattresses NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA GYMES BALLS - PILATES BALLS NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA PHYSICAL THERAPY MACHINES NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA Acupuncture needles NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA PHYSICAL THERAPEUTICS NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA TESTING PAPER NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA BELT TRX NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA Massage creams NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA Orthopedics NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA Gymnastics NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA Ice cubes NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA KINESIO TAPES - ATHLETIC FILMS NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA PILATES RING - PILATES RING NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA BOSU NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA ULTRASOUND GEL NEA IONIA ATHENS ATTICA


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    48, Rodon Str. - Nea Ionia

    Orthopedics trade, Thessaloniki. Orthopedics Thessaloniki. Electric trolley, Thessaloniki. Electric wheelchair. Electric trolley, Thessaloniki. Wheelchair, Wheelchair. Wheelchair, Thessaloniki. Electric stand. Electric Stand, Thessaloniki. Stand, cushion, Thessaloniki. Electric crane, Patient crane, Thessaloniki. Patient bed, hospital bed, Thessaloniki. Electric bed, electric scooter, Thessaloniki. Footwear, anatomical shoes, Thessaloniki. Orthostatisi is a family-run company in rehabilitation aids as it has been operating in the area since 1993, founded by the Municipality of Efthimios and continues to this day by the Municipalities of Dimitrios and Constantine. At Orthostatisi we collaborate and import products from the largest companies in the field, from Asia, USA, Italy, France, Germany. We keep up to date on all technological developments through seminars of the companies we represent and through the largest exhibitions held worldwide. In Orthostatisi you will find: wheelchairs (selected electric and manual), adults and children, upholsterers, scooters, cushions, patient lift cranes, various patient transport aids, bath amenities, passive bicycles and general-purpose bicycles. At Orthostatisi aiming to provide quality products and services to our clients, we are certified by IM8 / 1348/2004. Our slogan: "move differently" move in style and comfort. Orthostatisi provides service and spare parts (tires, sabers, batteries, etc.) for a wheelchair you purchased from us, as well as a range of accessories you can find out about. We also provide spare parts for other companies. Insurance Funds We provide our clients with all possible assistance - information for completing the process of buying or replacing your car. Our goal is to get rid of the hassle of bureaucratic insurance funds. Demonstrations We provide a demonstration of the products of your choice by appointment at our premises or at your own premises free of charge. Design of spaces Our company is able to give the appropriate advice on the design and design of your interior for better functionality.


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    Abelokipon 2 - Stauroupoli

    Targeting the application of science Ms of new technology in the service of our fellow human beings created in Ioannina in 1982 the laboratory where we can offer customized solutions to people whose lives are deprived temporarily a member of their body and with our help you again become active and autonomous. With our excellent training in Greece and abroad (OTTO BOCK Germany) and the modern equipment we are able to study - plan to construct and implement any device that a person needs . It will also educate people in the proper use of the device and will inform you regularly about everything new about the restoration. Our sales staff have a full range of products such as manual wheelchairs and electronic scooters , belts of various diseases , varicose veins and phlebitis products , base and rehabilitation , sports medicine , orthopedic shoes and insoles, types of mastectomy , Slimming, sores and hygiene patients ( Air pads underpads etc. ) types of hospital equipment and more. Kostas Karvounis thanks you for visiting his website and prompts you whatever your problem to contact them. Life is yours! services Through a detailed scientific study but suggest better and advantageous solution to aid the client needs us . Aiming and driven friendly and serious antimetotisi our client have been established since 1982 as one of the best companies in the space. Strive through our continuously updated to give a clear picture to our customer for new products which are available in Greek and in the global market. We also give all relevant information about the benefits of the funds. We offer to our customers who will visit from afar , with every purchase from our company of Euro 1000 free accommodation at a nearby hotel for the days that will last for the construction of the device . Service in the area provide free regular testing to tailor-made products . We give a written guarantee for our products , which are accompanied with the international quality certification CE.


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    34, 28 OCTOVRIOU STR - Ioannina