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  • ATHANASIOS KOUTOULAS Car & Motorcycle Driving Diploma - Diploma Renewal - Driving School Melissia Attica

    Talking about driving schools and diplomas is easy, but the choice is a complex and important decision. With 25 years of experience, we prepare the complete training of a candidate driver and amateur and professional. Many candidates believe that theoretical courses are not needed. They think that they will read the book, pass the exam with the questions and all is well. They consider that only practical lessons are useful and they focus on them as well. But this is not true. They may mean that this was the case 30 years ago, when we learned five things from our father and then went out to practice. But the traffic and the conditions in general, have nothing to do with then. In Germany in recent years, more and more, the weight of education is given to the theoretical part of driving. It is not strange that our students attend the theoretical lessons meticulously because they understand how much they help them in consolidating the correct and safe driving. On the other hand, without the theoretical training, a large part of the practical lessons should be dedicated to explaining many things, of course hastily and in a hurry because time is pressing. The correct and methodical teaching in the room, with the aids used by the instructor, such as pictures, videos, notes, utilities, in no case can be replaced with two rough conversations in the car. I believe that the benefit that the candidate has from the theory that has been taught correctly, methodically, in an informed and organized school, is great. A supply for the first years on the road, maybe for more. Koutoulas driving school is located in Melissia and serves all the Northern Suburbs and areas such as Melissia, Vrilissia, Kifissia, Maroussi, Chalandri, Nea Penteli, Penteli etc. Diplomas Amateur diplomas AM, A1, A2, A, B Car engine diplomas Professional diplomas C, D, E Diploma renewal Special taxi card Procedures: Execution of driving licenses Execution of car licenses KTEO processing Kteo - taxi transfers Taxi versions Documents Insurances Car insurance Taxi insurance Motorcycle insurance Truck insurance Driving lessons Taxi Truck Motorcycle Bus


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    Pentelis Avenue 3 - Melissia
  • Driving School | Koukaras Street Safe | Zografou - Athens

    Welcome to the Driving School  KOUKARAS STREET SAFE. Our school has been operating since 2013 and was founded by Mr. Koukara Panagiotis. It is located in ZOGRAFOU - ATTICA. Since our establishment, we have been aiming to improve the traffic of the Greek driver and any other road user. This is why education is geared to the candidate's psychology, but also to the actual prevailing conditions and not how to get the diploma alone. The purpose of the faculty is to provide good training for the subsequent safe movement of these. The theoretical lessons, generally the educational program we apply, are designed to offer all the knowledge and the appropriate mentality.   YOU ARE WAITING YOU AND YOU WARRANT YOUR SUCCESS.   SERVICE, PAINTING - ILISIA - PANKRATI AND WHERE OTHERS OUR IS REQUESTED.   Friendly, Koukaras Panagiotis    Ethnikis Antistaseos 8 | Zografou Telephone: 2107795565 Mobile: 6978232511    


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    Ethnikis Antistaseos 8 - Zografou
  • Kato Patisia Driving School Athens - DRIVEINTO - Kato Patisia Driving Diplomas Athens - Kato Patisia Truck Motorcycles Athens - Professional Diplomas Kato Patisia Athens

    DRIVEINTO Kato Patisia Driving School Athens Our driving school "DRIVEINTO" in Athens and more specifically in Kato Patisia has been with you for more than 32 years. Our experience will ensure your success in obtaining driving licenses in each category. With a fully equipped theoretical classroom, as well as a practical learning system, adapted to the requirements of each candidate, the course becomes enjoyable and effective. Diplomas of all categories Car & motorcycle license Professional C '- D' - E ' Special taxi card Diploma renewal Diploma translation KTEO vehicle operations Now and pick up from home, subway, work. The aim of the school is to participate in the creation of a safe driving environment on the part of the driver. To achieve this goal, a necessary condition is the two-way relationship and communication between student and educator, a relationship of mutual understanding and trust that with the power of will leads to proper learning. We are waiting for you...


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    Skiathos 53 - Kato Patisia
  • KONSTANTOPOULOS GEORGE Car Certificate - Moto Diploma - Kolonos Driving School Athens

    The driving school of George Konstantopoulos, based in Kolonos, provides high quality services in combination with the most competitive prices on the market, active in the field since 2008. Experience and perfect specialization in the subject are some of the characteristics that make the driving school of George Konstantopoulos, to be ranked among the top in the field.   The services we provide are the following: Professional diplomas Motorcycle diplomas Car insurance   Our experienced instructors are always by your side to teach you and advise you about the ... secrets of driving in a professional and responsible way, while within our school there are standard centers of theoretical training and seminars of P.E. using modern learning tools. We offer our students a complete package of courses and internships, so that your success, both in theory and in practice, is considered almost certain. The practical courses for diplomas category A, B, C, D, E are carried out in our constantly renewed and properly maintained vehicles, in order to ensure the correct learning of driving and your safety.   In short, in the monitoring school of George Konstantolos we have: Issuance of a formal application - AD supply diploma Issuance of direct inter-dual information BD Evolution approach / diploma in category Γ΄ and Ε΄ Extension of valid application / diploma in category DG Extension of anti-diploma access to category D Breath extension / fold in category Δ΄ και Ε΄ Renewal Dance of a specialized character About TAXI Renewal of special creation of each TAXI Conversion of proceedings from the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa and South Korea into forthcoming Greek Publication of copies in Greek or use of the EU. math, wear, theft or chains (required claims: stamp fee 9.02 €, fee 30 € for damage printing, 2 color formalities, photocopy differences or differences differences and passport for foreign, romantic use-work, work, work, school validated printing) Antique older established living rooms with different types Conversion of applicable distance from different EU members in future Greek non-medical, intuitive and technical use Conversion of a technician of dichroic dye into Greek (duplicate information required A, B or B + E or subcategory A1 or B1) Procedures for careful assumptions that exist in the application after use Postgraduate driver training Published by P.E.I. (Certificate of Professional Competence) Transfers-KTEO-Issuance of cleaning licenses, plates, time laundering licenses Insurance of all types Test Drive On line for each student   Trust the driving school of George Konstantopoulos to obtain your diploma or insure your vehicle and it is certain that you will be added to the long list of our successful candidates!   We will be very happy to meet you!     CENTRAL Megalou Alexandrou 106, 123 51 Agia Varvara MINISTRY OF ATHENS Plato 81-83, 104 41 Athens - Kolonos IN PERISTERI John Kennedy 145, 121 36 Pigeon


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    Platonos 81-83 - Kolonos
  • Moschato Attica Driving School - Car Diplomas - Motorcycle Diplomas - Diploma Renewal - Heavy Duty Vehicle Diplomas Moschato Attica

    ZYGOS  Driving School Moschato Attica ZYGOS driving school, which is located in Moschato, Attica, has been with you for several years, having as its main characteristic the mood and the appetite in order to transmit to its students perfect knowledge, both in theoretical and practical level. Undertakes A, B, C category diplomas, car diplomas, motorcycle diplomas, heavy vehicle diplomas, diploma renewals, KTEO in your space, retraining, losses, transfers, diploma revisions, diploma damages, LPG, LPG, etc. We stand out for the best service at the most affordable prices. At our driving school in Moschato you will definitely be happy. Visit our driving school in Moschato or contact us for any relevant questions.


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    Argostoliou 90 - Mosxato
  • Nea Ionia Attica Driving School - Nikiforos - Vehicle Diplomas Nea Ionia Attica - Vehicle Transfers Nea Ionia Attica - Diplomas of All Categories Nea Ionia Attica

    Nikiforos Driving School Nea Ionia Attica The driving school "Nikiforos" in Nea Ionia, Attica, is active in issuing car, motorcycle, truck and bus licenses with the aim of creating new conscientious drivers. Our experienced instructors are by your side to train you in the best possible way but also to support you throughout your driving lessons and exams in all categories of driving licenses. Success in our driving school is a given, after all, our many years of presence in the field of driving schools is our strongest argument. Visit our driving school in Nea Ionia, Attica or contact us.


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    El. Venizelou 76 - Nea Ionia
  • Theoretical Training Center - Driving School Argyroupoli Attica - Driving Courses Argyroupoli Attica - Vehicle Diplomas - Professional Diplomas Argyroupoli Attica

    CHARALAMPOPOULOS GIORGOS Theoretical Training Center Argyroupoli Attica The driving school in Argyroupoli, George Charalambopoulos, has been operating since 2002. Guided by respect for the customer, we have as a springboard the non-negotiable quality that characterizes the services, always at the best market prices. Our goal is to make honest collaborations by building strong foundations of trust with our customers, teaching them how to drive safely and prudently. The correct road behavior and the observance of the traffic rules by the drivers, are basic preconditions for the safe movement but also for the avoidance of the traffic accidents. This is the cornerstone of learning the right way to start a new driver, and the non-negotiable tactic of learning to drive any type of vehicle on a daily basis.


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    Anexartisias 97, Panagitsa - Argiroupoli
    6976808375, 6956234424
  • Vassilakopoulos Dimitrios - Driving School - Driving Licenses - Diploma Extensions & Revisions - Ampelokipi Attica

    Driving Schools VASILAKOPOULOS AMPELOKIPI-ANO PATISIA DVASILAKOPOULOS SHOOL CAR DRIVER'S DIPLOMA, MOTORCYCLE - AMAZING DIPLOMAS DIPLOMA EXTENSIONS, DIPLOMATIC RENEWALS, TRANSFERS, SPECIAL CARD TAX VINEYARDS, PATISIA Digital Tachograph Card AMPELOKIPOI, GYZI, ATHENS CENTER, PATISIA, PHILADELPHIA, GALATSI   OUR SCHOOLS central DUCIS PLACENTIA 29-31 VINEYARDS 2106996196 6972272436   BRANCH ACHARNON 350 UP PATISIA 2114119696 6972272436 VASILAKOPOULOS DIMITRIOS SCHOOL OF DRIVERS, completes many years of operation based in AMPELOKIPOUS and in ANO PATISIA serving all the surrounding areas. With our many years of experience in education and driving, we guarantee the best result, SUCCESS. We have a fully refurbished fleet, as well as equipment needed to train students in theoretical and practical courses. In our school you will find experienced and well-trained instructors who will lead you to success. Our goal and goal is to create responsible and prudent guides.   SERVICES Driving school Driving license Professional diplomas Taxi licenses Diploma renewals Transfers Driving schools - driving licenses Motorbike diploma   Thanks to all of us who have chosen us all these years to take their first driving steps safely.   VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION   WE ARE SERVING… ATHENS CENTER, VINEYARDS, GYZZY, PSYCHIC, PATIAS, PHILADELPHIA, MILK, ALL AREAS AND WHERE EVERYTHING.   Yours sincerely. Vassilakopoulos Dimitrios


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    Doukisis Plakentias 29-31 - Ampelokipoi
  • Youdrive Athens Painter Driving School - Motorbike Driving Licenses - Driving Licenses - Reprint Extensions Diploma Reviews - Taxi Card Special

    PAINTING GAGGEOUS TEACHERS CAR DRIVER'S DIPLOMA, MOTORCYCLE - AMAZING DIPLOMAS DIPLOMA EXTENSIONS, DIPLOMATIC RENEWALS, TRANSFERS, SPECIAL PAINTING TAXI CARD Digital Tachograph Card PAINTING GUIDE SCHOOL, ILISA, GOUDI, PANKRATI, AMPELOKIPI                               GAGKOSSIS PANAGIOTIS Driving School is located at 14 Dimokratias str., ZOGRAFOS, ATHENS With our many years of experience in education and driving, we guarantee the best result, SUCCESS. We offer day-to-day training for candidates with difficult working hours. In our school you will find experienced and well-trained instructors who will lead you to success. I create responsible guides in combination with organized and successful training, Our principle is to be properly trained to drive safely SERVICES     Driving school     Driving License     Professional diplomas     Taxi licenses     Diploma renewals     Transfers     Driving schools - driving licenses     Motorbike diploma     Completions     Theoretical courses Thanks to all of us who have chosen us all these years to take their first driving steps safely. To book an appointment or ask us what you want, call us. WE SERVICE… PAINTING, ILIAS, GUD, PACRATI, VINEYARDS, ALL AREAS AROUND AND WHERE WE ARE REQUESTED. Friendly, Gaggosis Panagiotis


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    14, Dimokratias Str. - Zografou

    - Agia Paraskeyi

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    - Gyzi

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    - Petralona

    DRIVING SCHOOL - VLACHOU BROS Driving School in Peristeri. Ensure that you will successfully pass the driving license exams. Our school has experienced trainers to help you get the best possible result. Handling, transfers, licenses.


    20 25TH MARCH STR - Peristeri

    The DRIVING SCHOOLS TARLAS founded in early 2000 by George N. Tarla, Trainer candidate drivers and motorcycle ... The way schools began, on the acquisition, of impressive. The number of trainees is growing and that is the direct identification of candidates for drivers and also a vindication for the passion and love we have for this profession. The well-understood madness we have for this job we could only have partners, men and women who have the same philosophy with us. So always work with trainers who have got rich and knowledge in the subject. The aim of us all is to get the awareness of proper k responsible guide to all learners amateur or professional drivers. Beginning and means of achieving this goal was the amfidrastiki relationship and student-instructor contact. You and we, we, together in a relationship learning, understanding and confidence. The ceiling on the top and we walked up together to overcome it. New School in Muscat The course of Schools Tarlas continues and a new school was established in Muscat. The school is located in Street 19 Makriyannis and included a hall of learning for young drivers with all the tools and technology required for the proper training you. phone: 2109412970,6932772228


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    ANDROMAXIS 132 - Kallithea
  • - Pagrati
  • - Perissos
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    - Kamandero
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