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    Category: PASTA

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    Thrakis 12 - Ilioupoli

    In the modern world of drafting ,painting & crafts, with the increased needs of quality & service the e-shop sxediazo.gr deletes a new reality. With our long experience, the team of sxediazo.gr increasing activities and services aimed at integrated , faster customer service . Teachers , students , school designers , architects embrace confidence in sxediazo.gr , that promotes their work and their goals The Greek products prominently in our selection and ensuring low the better value & price . Welcome to sxediazo.gr & we are at your disposal for any questions or clarification.

    Category: TRADE

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      Faster than in any other case, get your online store, make your products known online, create a business profile in the electronic market, give your business the boost it needs! Your online shop, open 24/7, is your physical shop extension on the web!

    Category: E-SHOP

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    KORAI 31 - Mosxato

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    - Goudi
  • We are ready to listen to your every wish and to realize.We all types of events (weddings, baptisms, REVEGION, receptions, party, and of course all kinds of music you dream the most beautiful moments of your life! Our prices are! MARRIAGE OF 200 EURO! BAPTISM OF 150 EURO! From 120 EURO PARTY AND IF YOU WANT LIGHTS EFFECTS PLUS 20 EUROS! And of course not bound by the hour! We like the fun and dancing never-ending!

    Category: EVENT PLANNING

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    - Peristeri
  • Category: TRANSPORT

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    - Athens
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    - Gerakas
  • Category: TOURISM

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    - Peristeri
    (+30) 2105753661
    (+30) 6977485447
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    2018-04-19 - Kifisia

    Our company operates in the parking lot and garage, with great success. The main factors that contributed to the growth of our business and gave a leading role in the market are the long experience , the skilled and fully qualified staff , the most advanced equipment , reliable partnerships and innovative applications and proposals. The rich in quality and quantity clientele vouches for the credibility and reliability , as well as the quality and efficiency of its services . Following their development rate , we open the gates of communication and information to the market via the internet prosdokontasna give a comprehensive presentation of our corporate identity. Branch : KONTONI 27 and MOSCHONISION , Agios Ioannis Rentis ( Piraeus 63 REVERSE super market Metro).

    Category: GAS STATIONS

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    KODONI 27 - Agios Ioannis Rentis
  • 24 Hours HomeService - Danezis Michalis & Ioannis - Sewer Blocks - Neos Kosmos - Athens - Pagrati - Center Athens Attica

    DANEZIS MICHAEL HOME SERVICE 24 HOURS SEWERAGE DISINFECTATIONS WORLD PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA N SMYRNI MOSCHATO GLYFADA FALIRO PIRAEUS SEWERAGE DISINFECTION WORLD PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA N SMYRNI MOSCHATO GLYFADA FALIRO PIRAEUS REPAIRS DRAINAGE CONSTRUCTIONS WORLD PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA MOSCHATO GLYFADA FALIRO PIRAEUS WATER SUPPLIES WORLD PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA N SMYRNI MOSCHATO GLYFADA FALIRO PIRAEUS MAINTENANCE OF SEWERAGE WORLD PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA N SMYRNI GLYFADA MOSCHATO FALIRO PIREA MOTORCYCLES SIPONIA KITCHEN KOSMOS PAGRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS CENTER ATHENS KALLITHEA GLYFADA N SMYRNI MOSCHATO FALIRO PIRAEUS HYDRAULIC PLACEMENTS KALORIFER KOSMOS PANKRATI TAVROS AG DIMITRIOS KENTRO ATHENS KALLITHEA GLYFADA N SMYRNI MOSCHATO FALIRO PIREAS   The company HOE SERVICE 24 of MICHAEL DANEZI has been active for over 40 years in SEWERAGE DISINFECTION and DISINFECTION. It is one of the few that guarantees immediate and safe service 24 hours a day in N Kosmos, Pagrati, Ag, Dimitrios, Glyfada , Moschato, Tavrotit Kallithea, the Municipality of Athens, Faliro, Piraeus, N of Smyrna, all over Attica. Our experienced staff in combination with the most modern machinery, push-electric, is our essential ingredient for the best result. We undertake every kind of sewer obstruction in wells, kitchens, siphons, internal drainage networks.   It is done by us to control your drains with a camera for a sure diagnosis of the problem, we also undertake pumping of clean and dirty water into underground boiler rooms and wooden floors, as well as any problems in your plumbing and radiators, repairing and building sewers is another service that we take for you. I assume maintenance and monthly maintenance in all sewage Fumigation and Microbiology Fumigation of old houses, underground, apartment buildings and business premises sanitary interest for neutralization of all pathogenic micro-organisms With great experience, qualified staff, and reasonable prices, we are ready to meet your every need 365 days a year 24 hours a day. And at all Holidays do not hesitate to call us Thank you for your multi-year collaboration with us Yours sincerely DANESE MICHAEL HOMESERVICE 24

    Category: APOFRAKSEIS

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    32 Kriton Str. - Neos Kosmos
  • 3DIMAS LIFT - Elevator Installation Ilion Athens Attica - Elevator Maintenance Ilion Athens Attica - Elevator Repair Ilion Athens Attica

    The company - technical office of elevators 3DimasLift has been active in the field of elevators since 1999. Our main activity is the seamless, reliable and above all affordable maintenance of your elevator. We undertake maintenance, repairs and installations of elevators (mechanical and plumbing) as well as renovations of elevators, meeting the strictest safety criteria.


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    Valaoritou 15 - Ilion
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    ARGIROUPOLEOS 35 - Argiroupoli
  • A. Boutas - M. Skafidas OE - Fuel Station Kallithea - Car Wash Kallithea - Car Lubricants Kallithea

    Open 24 hours a day. We own unleaded, diesel and super. Washing and free oil change. Possibility of distribution of heating oil through a partner. Having a long-standing presence in the field as well as specialization in the object, we guarantee complete, high quality services at the best prices.

    Category: GAS STATIONS

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    349, Eleftheriou Venizelou str - Kallithea
  • Above All Motor Color - Motorcycle Wear Neos Kosmos Athens Attica

       ABOVE ALL MOTOR COLOR  INSTALLATION - REPAIR - REPAINT Our company specializes in the installation of refinishing - repair of plastic (fairing) and metal (reservoirs) of motorcycles. Specialization is achieved through our many years of experience and modern technological support. We always guarantee excellent results and we give the right solutions for your troubles regarding the appearance of your bike.                    Come to our facilities to discuss and choose the best solution for your motorcycle,   combined with the unbeatable prices we offer. THEODOROU GEOMETROU 45, Neos Kosmos 11743 / Athens Phone: 2109238275 Cell: 6946085077    


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    Theodorou Geometrou 45 - Neos Kosmos
  • Abra Katabra - Lykovryssi Playground - Children Parties - Children Events Lykovryssi

    The ABRA KATABRA playground - cafe is located in Lykovrisi, 37, Polemison Street, and it is a place that offers fun to our little friends and relaxation for their escorts. At the ABRA KATABRA playground, you will find air-conditioned, bright, clean and perfectly secure rooms. With the protection and guidance of our responsible staff, children are engaged in toys that develop their imagination, detonate and have amazing fun for as long as you like. As for companions, they can relax and enjoy their coffee or drink at our indoor or outdoor café. Our impeccable organization, our comfortable environment and our affordable prices make Abra Katampra stand out in the organization of children's parties. Organize your party in time and let us all the details that make the difference. The price of the party starts from 150 € for Monday to Thursday and 200 € for Friday, while on Saturday and Sunday 250 €. For the organization of events and any queries you can call: 2102854044 - 6974756348, or you can visit us to get to know each other and guide you to our places.

    Category: PLAYROOMS

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    37, Paleon Polemiston str - Likovrysi
    6973245310, 6980476450, 6974756348
  • Abraham Abramidis - Insurance Company Nea Ionia

    Abraham Abramides' insurance office in Nea Ionia has been providing insurance of all kinds for many years, always keeping the client's needs in mind. The times we are going through make the need for insurance more intense than ever. Nothing is certain and self-evident and we all need safety valves to safeguard our constitutional rights. Get life, business, home and car insurance, get rid of stress and feel safe every day. Learn about the economical and competitive insurance packages you can find at Abraham Abramides' office and secure everything effortlessly acquired for you and the people you love. Insurance in Western societies is considered a fundamental good of survival and without it there is a meteoric feeling of instability. The purpose of the business is for the customer to be the center of any movement. The professionals with whom the insurance agency works are the person trackers they are called upon to insure. They are next to him, not only during the deal, but also thereafter, with phone support available at all times. The best advertising, after all, is through a clientele, which is highly recommended to you in its social environment, and this has been fully achieved in this case. Give yourself confidence and confidence, always knowing that there is a pillow for every fall. How many times do we hear about thefts and other unpleasant situations anymore? Securing your property resolves issues that may arise unexpectedly. We are with you around the clock, wherever you are, due to the extensive cooperation we have developed for you. You can repay your insurance in a variety of negotiable ways. We always and immediately inform you of what is happening. Nothing is incognito, without our full consent first. Feel free to reach out to us and ask us what concerns you. Telephone communication permanently available at 210 2720083 - 84 and 6977471370, 6932224412. 53 Iphigenias Street, Nea Ionia, Athens.


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    Ifigenias 53 - Nea Ionia

    Presents, accessories, bracelets, earrings, bags. 1st branch: 62, Protesilaou, Ilion 2102629770 2nd branch: Efterpis sq 3, Maroussi 2108062439 3rd branch: 17, Dilou str, Peristeri 2105770212

    Category: JEWELRY – WATCHES

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    62, PROTESILAOU STR - Ilion
  • Accountant Athens Attica - Accounting Office Athens Attica - KONSTANTOPOULOS PANAGIOTIS & SIA EE - Tax Technician - Bookkeeping - Declarations E1 E9 - Business Computerization - Starting and Termination of Business - Changes - VAT Declarations - IKA Attica

    The accounting office PANAGIOTIS KONSTANTOPOULOS KE SIA EE, is located in Agios Dimitrios, at 30-32 Argostoliou Street. We undertake: Bookkeeping Statements E1, E9 Business computerization Start-ups - end of businesses Changes VAT declarations, IKA Labor Accounting monitoring of companies Our goal is immediate, valid and confidential service.

    Category: ACCOUNTANTS

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    Argostoli 30-32 - Agios Dimitrios
  • Accounting - Tax - Consulting IKE - GSTAXIS - Accounting Office Chalandri - Tax Office Chalandri Attica - Accounting Services Chalandri Attica

        GSTAXIS Accounting - Tax - Consulting IKE Chalandri Attica With OVER 20 YEARS of experience and presence in the field of accounting, tax, auditing & consulting services our accounting office addressed to almost the whole of Attica with responsibility - consistency - reliability staffed with specialized and qualified staff and associates who are all graduates A .Ε.Ι. and TEI and gaining experience as employees in accounting - tax offices as well as in multinationals and companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange in positions of responsibility is ready to provide you with all kinds of accounting - tax - auditing - consulting services at low cost. Visit our accounting office in Chalandri, Attica or contact us for any accounting or tax issue that concerns you.

    Category: ACCOUNTANTS

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    Asia Minor 70 & Rizareio - Chalandri
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