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  • Category: CAR SERVICE

    - Volos

    The company was founded in 1986 by starting the operation of a specialized repair shop car AUDI - SEAT - VW - SKODA in an area of ​​120m and 2 jobs. In the years that followed the upward course of the company enabled the founder of the main Apostle Tsardaki, to further develop. Result of this development was to start the formal partnership with SEAT TEXNOCAR SA (year 1999), both for marketing and for the maintenance of a franchise dealer. This resulted in a rapid increase in the turnover. This means a permanent and high quality technical training through seminars on a monthly basis, with the latest electronic equipment, with special tools, with increased activity, ie, a new section of electrical work, body shop, paint shop, engine upgrade section and also section tires suspension and alignment. With expansion of the 800 m as well as 9 jobs. However, with unflagging zeal for progress, listening to the needs of customers the company A. TSARDAKAS Ltd. expands its partnerships with other companies (AUDI - SEAT - VW - SKODA - OPEL - FORD, etc.), the maintenance thereof, and marketing of original and first placement parts for engine, transmission, steering, suspension and the plate. Collaborations with major brands of spare parts (BOSCH - BILSTEIN - KAYABA - SACHS - TOYO - CONTINENTAL - YOKOHAMA - UNIROYAL etc). The company A. TSARDAKAS Ltd. spearheading p s n a t evolution and trying with everything i n m a better service for customers acquired the right to convert gasoline engines to burn liquefied petroleum gas LPG with all the legal authorizations, both in technical and human resources and facilities, creating new section LPG. For these reasons, we recommend: OUR TRUST, because we have morals and therefore OUR TRUST, because we have excellent technical skills and extensive experience OUR TRUST, because cheap is just right and not the random Check with us because we are experts but also accessible and COMPARE OUR, because we are always top COMPARE OUR, because we always give you the right.

    Category: CAR SERVICE

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    ABOUT US - Volos
  • Adam Sofia - Interior and Exterior Decorator Volos

    ‘We design your interior & exterior with every detail so that it becomes modern, functional & at the same time elegant’ With many years of experience in the field of decoration, I deal with the functional and aesthetic design of private & professional spaces so that as many needs of modern man as possible are covered. The object of work includes the design and supervision of the interior and exterior decoration of private homes, offices, businesses, hotels and entertainment centers. Taking advantage of the possibilities offered by modern technology, I achieve the best possible result, no matter how special the space I undertake, while at the same time discussing with the client the preferences as well as the financial context in which he wants to move. Then I study the plan and submit a complete proposal and if it is agreed between us I proceed to the implementation and implementation of the project by checking the workshops and always having time planning. The result is certain and always justifies me since for many years my ad is my own work that many times became pages of magazines and more.   During the design we place special emphasis on the role of detail, the selected materials & the carefully adjusted lighting. Each project is treated as unique. With an open mind and a deep understanding of the design process and entrepreneurship, we look forward to creating bold and original ideas with you.


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    Dimarchou Georgiadou - Spyridi 157A - Volos

    AL.WINDOOR Company has a long successful presence in the aluminium and ironwork constructions. It has fully trained staff and top quality raw materials. The modern facilities of the company guarantee high quality products of European technology. We undertake all types of aluminium windows,doors,shutters, irowork, railings security,split,pergolas,fences. Also doorsand internal doors, reinforced and fireproof doors.We import cuisines from Italy at fantastic designs,colors and unsurpassed quality. We undertake the service to all products with significant experience and absolute consistency. " AL.WINDOOR" Company consistent and well organized is always there ready to solve any problem of yours.


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    6971831138, 6988347674
  • Alfa Ville - Rent a Yacht Volos

      Alphaville Rent a yacht volos Our "Alphaville" business, based in Volos, has been operating in the field of pleasure boat rental for several years, offering unique holiday moments.   If you are a lover of the sea and the adventure and want to make your holidays unique, we are delighted to invite you to enjoy a fantastic excursion with our boat, with our security priority.   Take your family or your friends and come to experience the beauty of Pelion, Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, home to the monk seal Monachus-Monachus and fill up unique memories.   Our luxurious boat "Alphaville" (Beneteau Oceanis 400) combines exceptional comforts, excellent cruising and impeccably preserved and can meet your every need. Our specialized staff and our captains will offer you exceptional service and warm Greek hospitality.     Our boat is available for rent on short trips, weekly cruises or as many days as you wish throughout the Aegean Sea. For you who have a diploma, you are given the opportunity to rent our boat without a captain. It is a prerequisite, however, to have 2 people diploma. Alphaville | Rent a Yacht Open sails with us and take a bow for an unforgettable summer experience in the Aegean.

    Category: BOAT RENTING

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    50, KORAI STR. - Volos
    6994721655, 6979987339

    Homeware, mattress manufacturer, commercial layers, in Volos Magnesia. For many years in our industry comrany layers. With our experience we face each customer with respect and responsibility. In our every person will find layers of liking the possible specificity eg elderly, people with disabilities, people with arthritic problems and general orthopedic problems etc. The big variety and quality materials make our products to excel and stand out. we take care of after a long day you can enjoy a restful night's sleep on a comfortable mattress ... what better? We accept orders for business premises eg hotels, clinics, camps, etc.


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    XANTHOU 12, NEAPOLI - Volos
  • Apostolos Paipais SA - Insurance Office Volos - Insurers Volos

    Insurance office Volos. Cooperates with the insurance company Atlantic Union.


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    Lori 1 - Volos
  • AQUA LIFE GREEN | Georgiadis Chrysostomos - Water Processor - Water Filters Volos

    AQUA LIFE GREEN, based in Volos, has been specializing in the trade of filters and water treatment systems for years.   AQUA LIFE GREEN is constantly expanding the range of products at its disposal with a focus on clean drinking water, with filters to & filter accessories for the individual and the professional, giving a definitive solution to any water problem if it is encountered. We are with our customers for any question, information or technical issue regarding the product they are interested in.


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    Ogl Karolou 1 - Volos
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    - Volos

    Our company specializes in the field of auto spare parts since 1998. Plus, after constantly evolving and expanding our range of spare parts in more and more car brands , we cover most situations and undertake research for finding specialized items. In light of the excellent service and friendly environment for the customer seeking continuous improvement. We're at your side for any clarification with assistant us extensive experience and technological training. Our setup was placed at two points , as a central store into which the reception of customers and a store within walking distance which houses much of our merchandise . We are open to new suggestions for improvement relying on the patience and tenacity . Also , we are available most of the day and we will not hesitate to solve with any questions and suggest solutions to problems of your vehicle. With a large number of partners at our side , a few things can make it difficult . We offer a wide variety of all kinds of spare parts, all types, all makes of cars: MECHANICAL COMPONENTS ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS refinishing EXHAUST STEERING AIRBAGS (AIRBAG) ALLOY WHEELS

    Category: TRADE

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    4, KORONIOU STR. & YDRAS - Volos
  • Autoinn Parking Volos - Volos Vehicle Parking - Volos Car Parking - Volos Motorcycle Parking - Volos Parking

    Autoinn Parking Volos Volos Vehicle Parking - Parking in Volos   The vehicle parking lot "Autoinn Parking" which is located in Volos has been close to you for several years, offering you quality and economical parking and car care services at affordable prices. It is a covered and guarded parking lot in the center of Volos, where you can trust your car or motorcycle for as long as you wish and take care of its safety. Whether you want to park your vehicle for a few hours or several days, Autoinn Parking pagking in Volos is the perfect choice. Aiming at the impeccable and economical service of each customer, the parking of vehicles in Volos, we have created economical parking programs monthly and daily. Finally, in our vehicle parking in Volos, our customers can enjoy professional washing of cars and motorcycles by hand, upon receipt and delivery of their vehicle at our parking lot from a contracted car wash.   They are looking for us: Autoinn Parking Volos, Volos Vehicle Parking, Volos Car Parking, Volos Motorcycle Parking, Volos Parking, Car Wash in Volos Hand, Motorcycle Washing in Volos, Car Care    

    Category: PARKING

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    El. Venizelou 53 - Volos

    11 YEARS WARRANTY ON QUALITY, QUANTITY & SERVICE! 11 YEARS NEAR YOU !!! THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING! From Thessaloniki: Turn to exit "Velestino-Volos". Continue to Volos. We are the 3rd gas station in your right hand. From Athens: Turn to the 2nd exit that says "Velestino-Volos". We are the 3rd gas station in your right hand. From Volos / Sporades: Exit Larissis Street to Larissa / Thessaloniki / Athens and turn left after the industrial area 600 meters to the left.

    Category: GAS STATIONS

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    7th km Volos - Larisa - Volos

    Tavern, restaurant, tavern Avra in Kala Nera Pelion, Paris George.    Only 18km from Volos and just above the sea, is located in Kala Nera  The aura ..    The restaurant "Aura" you can enjoy your meal with delicious flavors of traditional Greek cuisine and fresh local fish and other seafood, always overlooking the sea. The evening served pizza in a traditional wood oven with delicious flavors.

    Category: TAVERNS

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    PLATI - Volos
  • Bailiff Volos Styliani Lekou - Chatzivagiannis - Skiathos - Skopelos - Alonnisos

    The Bailiff Styliani Lekou-Hatzivayannis maintains a modern office in the center of Volos, where it has been handling all kinds of court cases for many years.   The office has a branch in Skiathos, at the end of Papadiamantis Street, providing service in Skopelos and Alonissos.   The role of the Bailiff is to handle, investigate, process and legally resolve the affairs of his clients. He acts on behalf of his client and assumes the service of all types of documents and extrajudicial documents to his client's adversaries, even performing enforceable enforcement orders.

    Category: BAILIFF

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    Konstanta 128 - Volos
  • Bailiff Volos Thessaly - BALLOUS ATHANASIOS - Service of Judicial Documents Volos Thessaly - Execution of Court Decisions - Seizures - Auctions Volos Thessaly

    BALLOUS ATHANASIOS Judicial Bailiff Volos Thessaly The bailiff "BALLOUS ATHANASIOS" maintains his office in Volos for several years, providing immediate and correct service. Consistently and professionally undertakes: Service of Judicial Documents Execution of Judicial Decisions Seizures Auctions etc. Contact us for any questions related to our services or to discuss the problem that concerns you.

    Category: BAILIFF

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    Antonopoulou 121 - Volos
  • Body Shop Volos Magnesia - PAPADOPOULOS GIANNIS - Body Shop - Oven Paints - Calibra - Motorcycle Painting - Damage Estimates - Motorcycle Repair Volos Magnesia

    Motorcycle paint shop, local car paints, oven paints, body shop, in Volos, Magnesia. One of the best body shops - body shops for both cars and motorcycles is located in the heart of the prefecture of Magnesia, in Volos. The company is run by an extremely experienced professional, is characterized by perfect organization and has modern machines that achieve excellent aesthetic and functional results. The body shop - body shop of Mr. Papadopoulos, undertakes the painting and repair for vehicles of every make and type and delivers your vehicle as. New.


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    5th km of National Road Volos - Larissa, Melissatika - Volos
    6999460949, 6937721425
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