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  • Apergis Dimitrios Civil Engineer - Architect - Corfu Energy Inspector

    The Technical Construction Company of DIMITRIS S. APERGIS, “A.C.E.nS.” & Partners Construction, has been active in the business and private construction sector since 2003. The experience gained through its continued presence in the field of design, development and real estate development brings it among the dynamic technical companies in its field. The company follows and applies the highest quality criteria in its projects. Keeping up with all the latest developments in the design and construction of buildings, with the aim of absorbing know-how and increasing the capacity to apply new technologies, it studies and implements buildings that meet all specifications and meet the requirements of modern construction. Focusing on safety, focusing on the quality of construction and respect for the human factor and its personalized needs, it creates residential complexes and professional buildings, with particular attention to the functionality of the premises and the high aesthetics of the end result. STUDIES:     Building permits     Static, architectural, fire safety     Store operating licenses     Real Estate Appraisal & Development     Real Estate Experts     Energy & Technology     Environmental, traffic     Topographic / cadastral survey   email: info@civilengineersgreece.com, info@acens.gr


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    Agion Pateron 23 - Corfu
  • Arvanitis Nikolaos Ch. - Energy Inspector Ilioupoli Athens - Surveys of Electromechanical Works Ilioupoli

    ARVANITIS NIKOLAOS Technical Office (Engineering Arvanitis) was founded in 2006 with the aim of providing technical advice on electromechanical projects to companies and individuals. Having completed my studies as an Engineer and Aeronautical Engineer at the University of Patras, continuing my Master's Degree in Technical Project Management at the University of Patras. but also with seminars on: Elevator Testing and Certification by TUV HELLAS S.A. Study of Natural Gas Installations by IEKM TEE Energy Inspection of Buildings by KEK Municipality of Athens Energy Inspection of Boilers and Heating Facilities by KEK Municipality of Athens I am able to provide my services responsibly and reliably to: Construction management Occupational Health and Safety (Safety Technician) Occupational Risk Assessment Studies Energy Inspections and Publication Manage Home Savings Program Throughout his career I have worked with various companies and individuals successfully completing various projects. Indicatively I have worked with the following companies: PAPPAS ELEVATORS S.A. (Elevator Technical Society, Technical Project Management) ETEL SA (Technical Company for Inspections and Certifications, Elevators and Lifting Machines Inspection and Certification) ERGOPRAXIS A.T.E. (Technical and Construction Company, Energy Studies) MANOLAS - CYPRUS AND ASSOCIATES (Technical and Construction Company, Energy Studies) KEK CONSUL A.E. (Vocational Training Center, Technician Training in PLC Automation) BROS I. DENAXA LTD (Super Market, Security Technician) MARKOZANNES EFTYCHIOS & CO EE (Vocational Training Center, Training of Employers as Security Technicians) PLANACO A.B.E.E (Shipbuilding Company, Technical Project Management) EUROCORP SECURITIES SA (Brokerage Company, Security Technician) IVF SERUM (Medical Assisted Breeding Unit, Occupational Risk Assessment Study) IVF GENNIMA (Medical Assisted Breeding Unit, Occupational Risk Assessment Study) TESCOM HELLAS A.B.E.E. (UPS Trading, Security Technician) E. VAMVAKOUSIS SA (Hotel Levante, Occupational Risk Assessment Study) SANTORINI SECRET SMPC Hotel Enterprises, Occupational Risk Assessment Study)


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    Afksentiou Grigoriou 7 - Ilioupoli

    Design, supervision, construction, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. The technical office functions the last 16 years taking into consideration the most optimal result of each work that it undertakes. With complete awareness of high requirements each building or technical work, in combination with the completed economic analysis and the full implementation of rules of science and art of engineer it presents continuously excellently and guaranteed results. The office undertakes the development of all nature of study from the topographic up to the publication of completed authorisation of work, also supervision of manufacture with severity and consequence attending are observed the building regulations, becomes right application of materials and simultaneously does not become wastefulness of time and money.


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    KIFISIAS 64 - KALAMARIA - Thessaloniki

    Auditor - civil Diplarou CONSTANTINA in Argiroupolis. We serve the entire Attica, green card, savings at home, assessments, permits, design, supervision, repairs, renovations, arbitrarily, money, settlements in Attica. Serve, Argiroupolis, Alimos, Agios Dimitrios, Glyfada, Elliniko, Kalamaki, Attica, South Suburbs, Voula, Moschato, Ilioupoli, Paleo Faliro, Dafni, Varkiza, Imittos, Byron


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    67, KIPROU STR - Athens
  • Energy Inspector Chalandri Attica - TROUFAKOS GIORGOS - Electrical Engineer Chalandri Attica - Automation Chalandri Attica - PPC Plans Chalandri Attica - Security Technician Chalandri Attica

    Maximize energy efficiency and minimize your carbon footprint with the help of our trusted energy inspector services. At TROUFAKOS GIORGOS, we specialize in providing comprehensive energy assessments and solutions that save you money and contribute to a greener future. As energy costs continue to rise, it's essential to ensure that your home or business is operating at its peak efficiency. Our team of experienced energy inspectors is here to analyze your property's energy usage and identify areas for improvement. Through advanced diagnostic tools and in-depth evaluations, we provide tailored recommendations to optimize your energy consumption. Our energy inspectors are trained professionals who possess a deep understanding of energy systems and sustainability practices. They will thoroughly assess your property, examining insulation, HVAC systems, lighting, appliances, and more to identify potential energy leaks and inefficiencies. By pinpointing areas of improvement, we can help you significantly reduce your energy bills and increase overall energy efficiency. We take pride in offering comprehensive energy solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team will provide you with a detailed report highlighting the energy-saving opportunities available to you. From simple changes like upgrading to energy-efficient lighting to more complex measures like installing solar panels or upgrading insulation, we guide you through the process, providing expert advice and support. Not only will our energy inspection services help you save money on utility bills, but they will also contribute to a greener planet. By reducing energy waste, you're actively reducing your carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment. You'll be taking a crucial step towards sustainability and demonstrating your commitment to a cleaner, more energy-efficient future. With our professional energy inspection services, you can make informed decisions about energy upgrades and investments. We'll help you prioritize the most cost-effective solutions, ensuring maximum returns on your energy efficiency investments. Our team can also assist you in accessing available rebates, incentives, and financing options to further support your energy-saving endeavors. Don't let energy inefficiencies drain your resources and harm the environment. Contact TROUFAKOS GIORGOS today to schedule an energy inspection and start your journey towards a more energy-efficient future. Together, let's pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow while enjoying the immediate benefits of lower energy costs and increased comfort.


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    Sokion 24 - Nea Smyrni
  • Zoumbourlis Evangelos - Energy Inspector Athens

    Our company started in 1995 to be active in the field of heating and air conditioning. From then until today, we remain faithful to our basic principles related to the non-negotiable quality of our products, respect and service to our customers, and mutual trust. In this way, we are able to: to offer complete services always guided by the interest of our customers, to offer unique high quality products and to cultivate life relationships with our customers, giving special value to each of our collaborations. Our experience and consistency have made us a reliable partner of major brand names in the field of heating and air conditioning such as Daikin, Buderus, Calpak etc.   At the same time, we are active in the field of Natural Gas, providing comprehensive services, undertaking from your initial application and study, to its final installation and maintenance. Our primary goal is the correct and detailed information for you, for all the services and products we provide, and then, through a range of quality and complete solutions, the selection of the most suitable for you aesthetically and economically. Since 2011 we are also official representatives of BLUE DEALER. Since 2012, having an Energy Inspector license, we provide Building Performance Certificates for building upgrades. Contact us at 2102615999 and 6942468639 or visit us at 75 Polyteknon Street in Ilion, and we are at your disposal to provide you immediately with an offer for the installation you desire.   Energy Inspector, Peristeri, Egaleo, Ilion. Natural gas, Peristeri, Egaleo, Ilion. Heat pump, Peristeri, Egaleo, Ilion.


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    Polyteknon 75, Ilion Athens - Ilion