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  • We are ready to listen to your every wish and to realize.We all types of events (weddings, baptisms, REVEGION, receptions, party, and of course all kinds of music you dream the most beautiful moments of your life! Our prices are! MARRIAGE OF 200 EURO! BAPTISM OF 150 EURO! From 120 EURO PARTY AND IF YOU WANT LIGHTS EFFECTS PLUS 20 EUROS! And of course not bound by the hour! We like the fun and dancing never-ending!

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    - Peristeri
  • Anamnesis • Ioanna Apergi • Event Organization • Wedding • Christening • Children's parties • Engagement parties • Adult birthday parties • Reception parties • Chania Crete

      Anamnesis Event Organization • Wedding • Christening • Children's parties • Engagement parties • Adult birthday parties • Reception parties   Our company Anamnesis is a dynamic and innovative event management company. With a long experience in the field, our company creates unique and unforgettable events, fulfilling the needs and expectations of its customers. Anamnesis offers a wide range of services, including wedding receptions, christenings, children's parties, business meetings, and many other events. From planning and organizing the event to providing all the necessary services, our business is dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for its clients. The company seeks to create unique events that reflect the personality and preferences of its customers. With the use of the most modern technology and the latest trends in the field.      

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    Center - Chania

    Our company combines all necessary conditions and services for organizing a memorable event. We undertake the design, construction and coverage of outdoor space of your choice, manufacture and installation of wooden floor or dance track, the terrain, closing the pool, as well as special steel, aluminum, wood and stainless steel constructions In collaboration with the best in their companies, we also provide audio coverage, soundtrack and lighting events and catering equipment rental. - Cover outdoor spaces - Refrigeration Equipment - Metal structures of all types.

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    FILADELFEIAS 109 - Axarne
    6932307522, 6930119153
  • Bonus Event Catering - events organization Karditsa Trikala Thessalia Larisa Volos - wedding - baptism - event equipment rental

    Covering and organizing social events, rental of event equipment, production of a ready-made cooked menu, heavy-duty aluminum tent for all social events. We respond to any social event, weddings, baptisms, engagements, parties, dancing, etc. We are keen to guide you to the places we offer you for your events. A wide variety of products and services and a remarkable team of partners guarantee the best result of your top and major social and professional events. Contact us to plan your next event together!

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    Agios Theodoros - Karditsa
  • Conference Events Koropi Attica- MAVRIS MANOLIS KTIMA ARTEMIS - Bridal Suite - Church - Banquet Hall - Swimming Pool - Outdoor - Decorations - Koropi Attica

    The Goddess Artemis had as her universal feature her dominion in nature and harmony. A harmony and contact with nature for every social occasion such as Wedding, Baptism, Receptions. The Artemis estate is a place of high architecture and decoration in Koropi, in the land of the Mediterranean and the slopes of Mount Hymettus, so that the view of the olive grove that surrounds it travels the senses and leave indelible memories to the organizers and their guests. Its high architectural church and its large bridal suites are just some of its irresistible facilities. With a luxurious, single room with a capacity of 500 people, it is available both for the organization of the event during the winter months, and to be the alternative-equally impressive- proposal in case of bad weather during the summer months, at no extra charge for the organizer, while large importance has been given to the auxiliary spaces, since it has a parking lot of 300 places. The large marble dance floor is embraced symmetrically by the food rotundas while the sound installation of the space ensures a perfect result. Artemis as an immovable goddess, could not but motivate us so that by these standards, the experienced staff of the estate to serve the guests from the first minute of their arrival at the site. A luxury affordable, with a taste of Greek hospitality and imagination.

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    Koropi - Attica
  • Event On | Catering & Event Organization Athens

                Event Organization & Catering Athens           At our company "Event On" which is located in Athens, we believe that every moment is unique and deserves to be celebrated in the best way. Whether it is a small party or a big event, we are here to make your every important moment memorable and enjoyable. With 19 years of experience in the field of catering and event organization and having carried out a large number of events throughout Athens, our company can offer you comprehensive and quality services for any event you wish to hold throughout Attica .                       CONSISTENTLY & professionally         we can undertake all kinds of events, offering personalized solutions that can exceed the expectations of even the most demanding client. From children's parties to luxurious wedding events and business conferences, be sure that together we can find the ideal solutions.           We have excellent menus, with the best suggestions of traditional Greek cuisine as well as international cuisine, always based on the purest and freshest ingredients. With a variety of culinary options that express creativity and taste harmony, we can ensure the satisfaction of even the most demanding palate.                             Complete event management Our company can also take over the full management of every detail of your event and also recommend the ideal venues for your event in Athens and throughout Attica.                       We are always by your side!           Our experienced and specialized staff is at your disposal and always ready to listen to your needs, suggest the ideal solutions and plan together an event that will leave an impression on the memory of your guests.                 Our goal is to relieve you of the stress of organizing so that you and your guests can enjoy every moment dedicated to fun and communication.                       Contact us today to discuss your needs and create together the perfect event that will be unforgettable for you and your guests. We directly serve Athens and all of Attica.                    

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    September 3rd - Athens
  • I Do Eventplanning - Event Planning - Event Decoration - Wedding - Baptism - Invitations - Chios

      I Do Eventplanning Event Planning - Event Decoration - Wedding - Christening - Invitations - Chios   At "I Do Event Planning" we understand how important wedding and christening moments are in your life. The success and magic of these moments is at the core of our mission. Based on the beautiful island of Chios, we are here to shape your memories with love, care and creativity. At I Do Event Planning, we don't just offer event planning services. We offer a journey towards the realization of your dreams. Committed to your complete satisfaction, we create carefully tailored wedding and christening packages that include everything you desire, from decor and music to food and fun details. In addition, we have wedding product packages and Godfather/Godmother packages for christenings, which include unique gifts and items to make your event even more special. From handmade invitations to sophisticated decor details, we are here to meet your every need. Our many years of experience in organizing events, combined with our own printing workshop, guarantee not only amazing aesthetic design but also affordability. At I Do Event Planning, we leave nothing to chance, and our mission is to make your event an unforgettable experience. Choose I Do Event Planning to give your important moment the attention it deserves and leave the organization in the hands of a reliable and creative group of professionals. We are here for you and your unique story.    

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    Kalampóka 10 - Chios
  • Kavlentakis Konstantinos - Studio K - Musical Events Heraklion - Sound Coverage Crete - Concert Conferences Crete Panhellenic

    The company "Studio K. Kavlentakis", based in Heraklion, Crete, has been operating with great success since 1989 in the installation section all over Greece (Crete, Zakynthos, Santorini, Thessaloniki, Athens, Mykonos etc). Then with the organization of musical events, providing high quality services and specifications, with pioneering and innovative ideas. In the course of time we have enriched our services by offering complete services in organizing musical events to fully meet your needs for sound, lighting, image, special effects, space configuration and support for any live performance of small or large requirements. We take the music, complete sound installation, sound and lighting coverage of events, installation of audio-visual media and sets, always offering high levels of quality and fidelity. We have gathered the best and most comprehensive technical equipment of leading companies - NEXO, ELECTROVOICE, JBL, YAMAHA, CAMCO, SOUNDCRAFT, SENNHEISER, SHURE, AVIOM, BSS, CORDIAL, NEUTRIK, GRANDMA, ROBE, BARCO, CHRISTIE, MILOS etc. - that meets all the technical specifications for events in Greece but also in the World market and as a result it is the best guarantee to cover every need! We are experienced professionals who ensure the success of many events, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers ... Giorgos Dalaras, Eleonora Zouganeli, Melina Aslanidou, Giorgos Mazonakis, Chania Rock Festival, Sfylak Conference, Club Magic Life, Candia Maris Imperial, Out of Blue Capsis Elite, Foundation for Research and Technology (IT. E.) Heraklion, Ayios Nikolaos Hospital. ... are some collaborations we have made in the past, but also our permanent customers. Konstantinos Kavlentakis and his team, made up of excellent professionals, are at your disposal to fulfill any of your demands in the area of ​​sound, picture and lighting. Concerts, conferences, corporate events, weddings, christenings, professional events, exhibitions, product presentations, advertising campaigns ... .. Contact us at 2810-325757 to discuss your audiovisual equipment requirements at unbeatable price

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    160, Monis Prevelis str - HERAKLION
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    4th Km LASIRA - KARDITSA - Larisa
  • Life like Honey - Event Planning - Wedding - Christening - Event Decoration - Complete Christening Packages - Favors - Invitations - Serres

      Life like Honey Organization of Events - Wedding - Christening - Decoration of Events - Serres   Welcome to the company "Life like Honey", your destination for organizing events in Serres and the surrounding area. With Tani Maria as store manager and with 15 years of business activity in the field of organizing wedding and christening events, we provide you with a guaranteed result that is intertwined with professionalism, quality, elegance and detail. At "Life Like Honey" we fully understand the importance that the special moments of your life have for you and we pay great attention to every detail. No matter what kind of event you are planning, whether it is a wedding or a christening, we are here to guide and realize your idea with uniqueness and finesse. At "Life like Honey" we offer you a wide range of services to meet your every need. From decorating weddings and christenings with inspired creations to producing invitations and favours, we are here to ensure that every detail is perfectly coordinated and reflects your personal style. Also, at "Life like Honey" we are always up to date on new trends and the latest fashions. In collaboration with Greek exclusively cooperating companies, we present you with all the new trends of this season so that you can choose the ones that suit you best. We work with reliable suppliers who can fulfill your every need with high quality and aesthetics. If you dream of a unique wedding or christening event that will leave you with unforgettable memories, contact us to book your appointment. Let us guide you every step of the way and make your dreams come true. We are here to help you create an event that reflects your personality and make your experience unique and unforgettable. "Life like Honey" - The special moments of your life, taking care of every detail.   "Life like Honey" business is by appointment only!           

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    Geor. Papandreou 26 - Serres town
  • Martidi Ktima - Event Space - Wedding Receptions - Christenings - Professional Events - Fashion Shows - Vari Attiki

    In a green landscape of 10 acres, 3 kilometers from any residential area, 'Ktima Martidis' is a unique and elegant space that will be engraved in your memory from the first visit, designed with inspiration and a lot of love, it is the ideal choice for receptions that win impressions ! The team of the estate, having as its basic principles and guiding principle excellent service, courtesy and high-quality provision of services and products, is able to cover and serve all your wishes either in the outdoor area which has one of the largest dance floors or in the luxurious and highly aesthetic hall. The picturesque stone church of Agios Nikolaos is available for the celebration of the mystery you wish in a fairytale setting of unparalleled beauty.

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    End of the street, Nymphon - Vari
  • Multi-Space Social Events Krini Achaia - Panorama Krini - Wedding Organization - Baptism Organization - Restaurant - Event Hall

    Panorama Krini in Achaia welcomes you to a comfortable and modern space for social events, specially designed for the organization of a wedding or christening. Design our indoor or outdoor space as you have dreamed, with a breathtaking view, having the ability to accommodate a large number of people. Panorama Krini is the ideal solution for organizing your own special day with catering and restaurant services throughout the year. Contact us about the availability of dates and the options in the menu and the configuration of the space.

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    Politechniou 180, Krini - Achaia
  • Papatzelis - Table and Chairs Rentals Larissa Thessalia - Events Equipments - Panhellenic Service

    The company PAPATZELIS is based in LARISA and is active in the field of renting tables and benches with great success. We rent tables and chairs for all events, meetings, meeting the needs of clubs and agencies, speeches, meetings and events. We are supplying you with the high-quality upholstery, but also at affordable prices. WITH THE RELIABILITY WHICH OUR COMPANY WARRANTES DIRECT DELIVERY IN YOUR COUNTRY FOR YOUR EXHIBITION SUCCESS, DIALOGUE US Yours sincerely, Papatzelis Dimitrios

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    Kileler Larissis - Larisa
  • Ps Audio | Sound & Lighting Event Coverage Syros Cyclades

      PS AUDIO Sound and Lighting Coverage of Events Syros Cyclades Our company "Ps Audio" which is located in the Cyclades and more specifically in Syros, is active for more than 20 years with the sound and lighting coverage of events in Syros, in all Cyclades and throughout Greece. Having a specialized workshop as well as the latest technology equipment, we can create the right acoustics and lighting in the space of each event, covering every musical preference for Greek and foreign songs. We operate in Syros, in the Cyclades but also throughout Greece by arrangement, undertaking the supervision of sound and lighting at weddings, baptisms, concerts in nightclubs, in open spaces etc.         Our long experience in the field of events and the thousands of events we have completed, can ensure the success of any event you wish to hold. Our experienced staff is always at your disposal and will take care to meet your most demanding wishes.   Another part of our company is the rental and sale of professional sound and lighting equipment, which can cover every need of professional and private space, as well as their installation. Also, in us you can find a wide variety of consumables at competitive prices.   The philosophy of our company is the direct communication with the customer. That's why we always make sure to meet with customers and together decide on the music and sound coverage they want at their own event.           CONTACT US to discuss your needs and to suggest you the ideal solution for the event you wish to hold in Syros, in all the Cyclades and throughout Greece.  

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    Apollo 27 - Paros

    If you want the imagination, flair and fresh ideas to characterize the most intimate moments, there is only one solution: ... like a fairy tale. The "fairytale" re-created suggest ways to stand out and amaze your guests with the organization, originality and fun environment that created exclusively for you.

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    SKRA 38 - Drama
    6944620981, 6947828640
  • The Bootleggers Cocktail Truck - Parties - Events - Bachelor - Promotion - Weddings - Festivals - Santorini

            The Bootleggers Cocktail Truck: A journey into fun and authenticity The ultimate fun vehicle In the heart of enchanting Santorini, The Bootleggers Cocktail Truck promises you a unique entertainment experience. Whether you are planning a party, a VIP event, a wedding, or a promotional event, our specially designed vehicle will bring joy and fun to your venue, creating an atmosphere that will be unforgettable. The story behind the name The name The Bootleggers Cocktail Truck draws inspiration from the Prohibition era in the United States in the 1920s. During this time, those who illegally transported alcohol were called "Bootleggers". Their alcohol was destined for secret, illegal bars called "Speakeasies". To enter these bars, customers had to know the password. These hidden bars offered drinks such as Whiskey, Gin, Cognac, but also various cocktails, often in elaborate vessels. Service areas The Bootleggers Cocktail Truck serves all the islands of the Cyclades, bringing fun and authenticity to Mykonos, Ios, Naxos, Paros and many more islands. We are ready to travel wherever you are, offering you a unique entertainment experience.                               A journey through flavors and music Our Booze Truck brings that Speakeasies vibe to your venue. With carefully selected cocktails and a range of the highest quality drinks, we offer you the opportunity to experience the prohibition in a modern and unique way. From transparent Whiskey to classic Gin and Cognac, our selections will satisfy even the most demanding drink lovers. With our unique vehicle, we ensure that every event will be special and tailored to your needs. Our expert staff is ready to help you choose the perfect cocktails and the right music, creating the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests.                           We are here to bring enjoyment and fun to every corner of Santorini. Trust The Bootleggers Cocktail Truck for your next event and let us take you back in time to the era of secret bars and sheer indulgence. We invite you to discover the tastes and sounds that will make your event unique.                   6984288316                  

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    Thira - Sandorini
  • Wedding Planning Chios - COMME IL FAUT - Baptism Planning Chios - Wedding Supplies Chios - Baptism Supplies Chios - Baby Supplies Chios - Wedding Decorations Chios - Baptism Decorations Chios

    Dear valued customers, Are you planning a wedding or christening ceremony and looking for the perfect decorations to make your special day even more memorable? Look no further than our professional and creative decoration services!   At COMME IL FAUT, we specialize in providing stunning and unique decoration solutions for weddings and christenings of all sizes and styles. From elegant and traditional to modern and trendy, our team of experienced decorators will work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life.   We offer a wide range of decoration options, including floral arrangements, table settings, lighting, draping, and much more. Whether you want a simple and classic look or something bold and unique, we have the expertise and resources to make it happen.   At COMME IL FAUT, we understand that every wedding and christening is unique, which is why we take the time to listen to your ideas and preferences. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your decorations are personalized to your taste and style, making your special day truly unforgettable.   Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our wedding and christening decoration services. Let us help you create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.    

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    Rodokanaki 29 - Chios
  • Category: EVENT PLANNING

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    - Ksanthi
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