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    George Boulieris has extensive experience, education, skills and a personalized approach to pediatric problems, studied at Essen, Germany Podologie - Medizinische Fusspflege specializing in: Diabetic feet PROBLEM Nails WUNDMANAGEMENT Nail diseases FOOTWEAR INDUSTRIAL CORRECTION OF CLAIMS IN CHILDREN AND ADULTS PODO-ORTHESIOLOGY REMOVING GOOD ALL FORMS PLATOGRAPHY WARM TREATMENT Orthodontics REFLEXOLOGY Manufacture of orthodontic soles with JURTIN SPIRAL DYNAMIC technique. Specialization in children and adults. STATE of Greek club-foot-related podiatrist STATE German Association Podotherapefton ZFD SPECIALIZED university clinic DORTMUND - NORD, diabetic AMBULANC, State School EMVIOMICHANIKIS Orthopedic AND CONSTRUCTION OF DORTMUND WITH 25 years experience. Applies high quality techniques with E-CLEANER & SPECIAL CLEANER Maintains a private practice and accepts appointments. Your specialist pediatrician - pediatrician deals with: - High risk diabetic and hemodialysis patients - Nail diseases (all forms). Correction of nail clenching in children, adults and diabetics. He applies the technique of 3TO orthodontics with special plates. - Aesthetic rehabilitation of problematic hardened nails. Removal of Callus - Keratum Nails - Warts - Cure - Keratosis, e.g. various hardening of the metatarsals. Heel-stretcher softening. - Biomechanical support for children and adults - Pediatrics - Gait kinetic analysis - Plasma chart - Predictive testing for gait and in children and adults - Manufacture of special soles against: mucous membrane, flatulence, tropism, pelvic vein, pterygium - Plantar fasciitis - Control - Measurement of inadequacy - Special footwear and soles for diabetic feet - Special footwear and soles for people with rheumatoid arthritis. SPECIALISTS IN GERMANY FGN Scientific Associate "ATTIKON" Klinicum Dortmundnord (diabetic ambulance) Wundmanagement - W.K.M. D - Nettental Bioengineering - Gebion. D - Munster Podo - orthesiologie. D - Warendorf Orthopedic Soles - Bufa - Ut. D - Dortmud Jurtin Medical - Feldkirchen - Austria Orthodontics Trainer - 3 T.U. D - Regensburg Preventive Checks: Predisposition to diabetic foot - polyneuropathy Predisposition to halibut (haluxvalgus, haluxrigidus, haluxerectus) Musculoskeletal predisposition for biomechanical lesions

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    Miltiadou 13-15 - Peristeri
  • Foot Care Serres - GOLD - Nail Treatment - Diabetic Foot - Athletic Foot Treatment - Nail Psoriasis - Sole Psoriasis - Nail Dystrophies - Orthonychia - Onychoplasty - Ant - Serres

    Our company VLACHBEI CHRYSA based in Serres together with the knowledge and experience from years in the industry offers treatment and foot care services. Thanks to many years of experience, we offer confidence as well as fast results from our treatments. Come to our site to visit and diagnose the problem thanks to which quickly and effectively thanks to the treatment we will suggest, all problems disappear immediately. Our feet need care like any other part of our body for this and we are here to help and guide you in this treatment.

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    Redestou 5, Serres - Serres
  • Foot Therapy Studio Therapeutic Pedicure Podiatrist Pediatrician Onyx penetration Diabetic foot

    The foot therapy studio GIALIZIS STAVROS based in Kolonaki in Attica together with the knowledge and experience from years in the industry we offer treatment and foot care services   With the specialized knowledge, the use of modern machines, the strict hygiene and above all our love for our profession, we have created a beautiful and pleasant space in which we can offer relief and solutions to the problems of your lower extremities.   The advancement of technology, and the continuous scientific training following the developments in the field of podiatry, makes it easier for us to successfully deal with high-risk patients such as diabetics and hemophiliacs.   Through modern therapeutic methods, our many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the subject, we identify the real cause of the problems of your lower limbs (annoying calluses, deformed nails), with the aim of the correct treatment and the immediate solution of your painful problem.   When we diagnose foot pathologies that need medical attention, we refer you to the relevant medical specialty (diabetologists, dermatologists, orthopedists, angiologists).

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    Solonos 45, Kolonaki - Athens

    GOLD FEET | IOANNIS MEKRAS Podiatry & Degenerative Diseases - Larissa     Ioannis C. Mekras MSc, PGDip, BSc Podiatrist Health Advisor   University Degrees: MSc Physical Activity & Health PGDip Physical Activity & Health BSc (Hons) Podiatry BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science & Clinical Research ​ Universities: Cardiff (UWIC), Cardiff, UK Liverpool (LJMU), Liverpool, England, UK      

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    2, OSSIS & PAPAFLESSA - Larisa
  • Head To Foot Therapy - Kapsali Eleni - Korydallos Podiatry - Alternative Therapies Nikaia - Acupuncture Egaleo - Podiatrist Egaleo

    The Podiatry and Alternative therapies we offer aim at the treatment of almost all diseases, without drugs and the release of stress as it directly affects the nervous system, thus helping the tissues to regenerate as much as possible, thus leading the body to healing. Our center offers a set of treatments based on the holistic approach and the restoration of the body to homeostasis. Podiatry, Peltography, Reflexology, Cranial Therapy, Acupuncture, Volcanic Stone Massage, Shiatsu, Suction Cups, Gua Sha, Moxatherapy. One of the treatments we offer is podiatry. It is performed under strict hygiene rules and by specialized staff in the care of the limbs to restore the natural health of your feet.

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    Caucasus 64 - Koridalos
  • Podo Life - Tzanaki Ioanna Podologist - Podology Center - Kallithea Attica

    Tzanaki Ioanna is a podiatrist and maintains a podiatry center in Kallithea. At the same time, he is an external collaborator of the Diabetic Foot department of the General Hospital "Laiko".   He is a graduate of Podology and Technical Aesthetics of Podiatry of IEK Glyfada and the DATA TYPE Educational Group Lifelong Learning Center 2.   She received a scholarship to attend a postgraduate program on her subject, through ERASMUS +, at L'Acropolis, Ascoli Piceno in Italy.   At its podiatry center it undertakes cases that are found in the whole range of podiatry and more specifically footprint, orthopedic soles or shoes, diabetic foot, construction of silicone pads, orthonychia, onychomycosis, crustacean onychomycosis, onychocytosis, nail biting, Ms. Tzanaki has participated in a non-profit campaign entitled "With a Guide to Diabetes" and attends seminars on diabetes.   She has written articles for the Palmos newspaper as well as the Kallithea Press, while her interview has been published in Ciao magazine.   Finally, he is a member of the Society for the Study of Diabetic Foot Diseases, as well as of the Hellenic Association of Podiatrists and Podiatrists.  

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    Eleftheriou Venizelou 152 - Kallithea
  • Podologist Sykies Thessaloniki - STERGIAKOGLOU ELECTRA - Onyx Infiltration - Ants - Callus Cleaning - Onychomycosis - Orthonychia - Diabetic Foot - Sykies Thessaloniki

    The podiatry center of STERGIAKOGLOU ELECTRA offers specialized services for lower extremity health. The trained and certified podiatrist diagnoses the condition following the appropriate treatment to relieve the lower limb from the problem. With many years of experience and modern methods we deal with all diseases of the feet and hands. The tools used are disinfected and sterilized according to hygiene rules. Every day we successfully deal with cases of calluses, sclerosis, ants, nail biting, nail biting and nail biting.  

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    Mykinon 14 & Epidaurus, Sykies - Thessaloniki
  • Podology Clinic Thessaloniki - Elena Tatsi - Onychomycosis - Onyx Infiltration - Plantar Warts - Foot Diseases

    The Podology Clinic headed by Elena Tatsi in Thessaloniki offers specialized lower extremity health services in a fully equipped and modern environment. The qualified professional podiatrists of our center will diagnose your condition, and then will follow the appropriate treatment to treat it, ensuring immediate relief of your problem. With our many years of experience and the modern methods we use (spray wheel, laser soft, cutters and chisels made of medical steel, etc.) we can and do treat all diseases of the feet, nails and soles, painlessly and without resorting to surgical methods . Thus, every day we deal with absolute success in difficult cases of calluses, sclerosis, onychomycosis, diabetic foot and other diseases.

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    Vosporou 31 - Thessaloniki