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    The company was founded in 2006 by Mr. Deglas Vassilios in Kalamata Messinia, works in the field of industrial floors. With the expertise and experience we have, we give solution to that concern our clients in relation to creation. We have specialized machinery equipment, which in cooperation with experienced personnel and competitive prices are what make us first in our kind and always competitive. Integral stamped floors, in different designs and colors. Compose aesthetic creations, inspired by nature. Our seal, always carries his name embossed impress us in all our projects, stating our quality and reliability. Our purpose The purpose and aim is Emboss be a model and reference in the field of industrial floors. SERVE KALAMATA - MESSINIA - LACONIA - ARCADIA - ARGOLIDA- ILIA - ATTICA - KORINTHIA Over Peloponnese With respect, Delgas Vassilios              

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    15, EMMANUEL VEKOU STR. - Kalamata
  • Dimas Flooring Heraclion Crete - Tile Roofing - Wooden Flooring - Wooden Stairs - Outdoor Flooring - Pool Flooring - DECK Flooring - Laminate - Vinyl

    DIMA FLOORS HERAKLION - CRETE CARPENTRY WORKS - FLOORS HERAKLION CERAMOSKEPS - WOODEN STEPS SPECIAL FLOOR CONSTRUCTIONS - FLOOR RESTORATIONS WOOD FLOORS - LAMINATE FLOORS MASSIF, SEMISIF FLOORS - ADHESIVE FLOORS - FLOOR FLOORS OUTDOOR DECK - LAMINATE FLOORING, Vinyl SWIMMING POOL FLOORS HERAKLION - CRETE - NATIONAL   DIMAS FLOORS company was founded in 2002. It is headquartered in ARCHANES - HERAKLIO - CRETE and is active in the field of construction and maintenance of wooden floors, with great success. The warmth of the wood is unique. Each piece tells a story. Its pinks, color, water and smell fascinate. But its utility and everyday simplicity are what take the wood home. With our many years of experience, with love and love for our work, we offer best for you for so many years supporting and trusting us. We undertake the construction and renovation of wooden floors of houses, shops, hotels, achieving the desired result. SERVICES Wooden floors HERAKLION Parquet flooring Special floor constructions  Floor renovations Parquet Floors LAMINATE FLOORS Solid, semi-finished floors DECK-Vinyl floors Tiled floors Outdoor DECK Tiled roofs Wooden stairs Our goal is to meet your wishes with a beautiful result. WE OFFER QUALITY WORK THE BEST MATERIALS IMMEDIATE SERVICE REASONABLE PRICES SERVICE..HERAKLION - ALL AROUND AREAS - ALL CRETE AND WHICH OUR OTHER REQUESTS. Friendly, Dimas Basil

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    Archanes, Settlement of Patsidon - Iraklio

    Our business is in Athens since 1983 and active in the home sector, providing products and services of high quality! Our goal is to find your needs and fill them with the best possible way! We undertake placements - Repairing wood floors (polishing, grinding), ceramic tile, linoleum, tile laminate (locking floor), wall coverings, blinds, carpets. Also in our store you will find a variety of projects in conjunction with the fashion trends in carpets, rugs, linoleum, linens, wallpaper, blinds - rolling screen. Data Search: laying floors, Repairs floors, polishing floors, scrubbing floors, laminate, Laminate, Tiles, tiling, Patomatzis, Installation Upholstery, Wood Flooring, Carpet Installation

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    Wooden flooring, parquet flooring, semi-solid , solid , laminate.   Welcome to our website .   The company MICHALOPOULI founded 40 years ago and is active in the art of wood . The expertise and extensive experience gained distinguish our business , high aesthetics and elegance , as makes us responsible to our customers , so that their service to be prompt , from where we are asked , nationwide . We undertake all carpentry, kitchen cabinets , windows , interior , exterior with wood that we are asked . Wardrobe sliding , hinged , in that exypireteisthe dimensions , flooring , parquet , laminate, hardwood floors , solid , semi-solid , pergolas , gazebos. A second activity we are prefabricated homes .   In our area you will also find wood construction and building materials . The aim of our company is to provide the best possible quality at the most affordable and competitive prices . We serve Evros, Kavala, Serres, Xanthi, Komotini, Rodopi, Drama, Kilkis, Pella, Florina, Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Kozani, Kastoria, Pieria, Imathia. Accountability and professionalism .   Thanks for the many years of trusting in us !   Sincerely , Bros Michalopoulos

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    AGIA VARVARA - Veria
  • Oikonomou - Installation of Ioannina Wooden Floors - Installation of Ioannina Wallpapers - Ioannina Wall Wallpapers - Ioannina Wooden Floors - Ioannina Wooden Floors

    Economou Installation of Ioannina Wooden Floors - Installation of Ioannina Wallpapers Our company "Oikonomou" which is located in Ioannina, is active with the installation of wooden floors and the installation of wallpapers in homes and business premises in Ioannina. Thanks to its long-term course and its ongoing updates on the field of decoration, it can suggest and implement unique and elegant projects that can satisfy even the most demanding customer. In addition to installing wooden floors, it also undertakes their repair and maintenance so that you can enjoy your wooden floor for years. All these years that he is active in the installation of wooden floors and the installation of upholstery, he has completed a large number of projects in Ioannina. Contact us to discuss your needs and suggest the ideal solution for your space. We serve Ioannina immediately. Installation of Wooden Floors Ioannina, Installation of Ioannina Wallpapers, Ioannina Wall Wallpapers, Ioannina Wooden Floors, Ioannina Wooden Floors, Ioannina Wood Floor Repair, Ioannina Wooden Floor Maintenance,

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    27, Arxiepiskopou Makariou - Ioannina

    Welcome to ecofloor. Our company is active in the handling and marketing of wooden flooring, laminate flooring, flooring of special requirements such as for outdoor and athletic spaces. It also imports and distributes carpet-carpets, suitable for domestic and professional use, and synthetic lawns in various forms. Our company, having the experience and knowledge, can take over and deliver immediately to the supervisor, whatever its task is assigned. Taking care of the right customer service and support and after the work. A lively example of all of these is delivery of works across the country and our satisfied customers over the years. We are able to sample your space from us, so in order to make the best possible offer when placing or choosing the right material we should have a specific view of the conditions of the place so that we can satisfy you to the maximum. We deliver works throughout Greece. Eco floor products: - Synthetic grass lawn - Synthetic exterior space deck - Composite deck for fencing - Wooden exterior deck - Wooden indoor flooring - Laminate floors - Commercial, shipping companies, offices - Boats & Boats - Ecclesiastical carpets - Outdoor safety, playground, playgrounds - pvc flooring - Sports flooring, gymnasiums, stadiums. I have been assisting with mounting for the above products Uses of our products: - Ecclesiastic carpets in 4 x 2 meters wide woven, woven, heavy duty. In monochrome knitting or designs. Church rugs in all dimensions, with measurement and fitting to your feet. - Synthetic lawn for gardens and swimming pools. Plastic lawns for verandas, cafes, schools and gymnasiums. Composite lawn mower for playgrounds and playgrounds. Placing the synthetic lawn on any substrate (soil, concrete, wood), suitable for indoor and outdoor use, without affecting the water scents, odorless, antiallergic, with high resistance to sunlight, in a variety of qualities from our company. Key benefits of synthetic turf, water economy, housekeeping for home pets, ready for use all the year with a very natural and impressive result in top quality. - Synthetic outdoor deck for cafes, verandas, swimming pools, terraces and elevated outdoor floors. Synthetic deck for vertical fencing and vertical wall and partition walling. Placing the composite deck back onto any solid substrate (soil, concrete), after the proper infrastructure and scraper has been created. Placing with hidden clips and terminals of the same material and color. It is very important that the correct positioning and observance of this specification is made according to the circumstance. Ideal for placing perimeter in pools and on any elevated floor. The main advantages of synthetic deck are zero maintenance in relation to natural wood, suitable for outdoor use with heavy use, very high resistance to cold, water, sunshine and minimal displacements-expansions to weather changes. Available in a variety of colors, stripes or not, it is non-slip, does not come out crust for the bare foot, it does not raise a particular temperature. It is available in dimensions, thickness of 2.2 - 2.5 cm, width 14 - 15 cm and length 300 - 400 cm. - Laminate floors for any professional and household use, from the best factory in the area, with proposals to choose from according to the requirements of your space. - Safety floors for playgrounds and playgrounds. Safety floors for playgrounds and schools. Safety floors for gymnasiums and sports grounds. Safety mats for slabs and molds. Recycled rubber safety mats, suitable for outdoor use, certified, suitable for drops from height (proportional to thickness), water permeability. Laying of safety flooring on any fixed substrate (earth, concrete), with or without sticks, with fireproofing or delimiting the perimeter. In various thicknesses, in tiles of dimensions 50 x 50 cm, in a variety of colors.

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    Valaoritou 5 - Pireas
  • PARKETOTECHNIKI Wooden Flooring Kallithea Attica

    Our company "PARQUETOTECHNIKI" based in Attica and more specifically in Kallithea, has been active for many years in the field of wood flooring, always offering unique and unique results, always at competitive prices. With experienced and specialized staff, as well as state-of-the-art equipment, we can guarantee you an excellent result for your home, office, hotel and any business that will make it warm and special. The wide variety of designs, materials and high know-how combined with the careful installation and repair process make our business a guarantee for hardwood floors. Contact us so we can come to your place to discuss your needs and suggest the best solution for your flooring. We directly serve the following areas: Kallithea, Elliniko, Dafni, Agios Dimitrios, Paleo Faliro, Piraeus, East Attica, West Attica, North Attica and all of Greece upon request.

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    Lysicrates 147 - Kallithea
  • Sofoulis Timotheos | Industrial Floors, Epoxy Floors, Ceramic Coatings

    Euroreline! The right choice on the floors! When your floor is tired and damaged it even poses a risk ... When the conditions of production of an industrial site deteriorate ... Then it's time to repair your floor or - why not - make a new one ... Then it's time to show you the solutions we have for any particular space! Euroreline has been specializing in resin, industrial flooring and special waterproofing since 2001. Authentic German materials, know-how and specialized equipment have been the hallmarks of the company since its inception. Applications of resin and industrial flooring are carried out in highly demanding installations, in professional food and drug production facilities and in residential areas. Waterproofing, on the other hand, can be used as heat insulation in the outer shell of houses for energy saving purposes, but also as thermal insulation and waterproofing or special waterproofing on building roofs, floors or basement walls and pools. REVOLUTIONARY HEAT PROTECTION SYSTEM With its unique combination of ceramics, SUPER THERM has proven to be the most effective and long lasting ceramic insulation available on the market today. SUPER THERM is a water-based insulating coating specially designed to prevent heat-loads, moisture and air penetration on virtually any surface type.

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    Trianti 15 - Patras

    KARAPANAGIOTOU PANAGIOTIS - FLOORS Many years ago, the knowledge and technique on the processing and manufacturing of the floor was limited, so the choices for someone who wanted something different and attentive were limited. Now times have changed for the better. The evolution and innovation have brought us forward in technology and techniques that allow us to construct an efficient and aesthetically correct floor, indoor or outdoor. Our company, having long march in the floor area, and continuously updating and upgrading of its techniques, provides a full range of services and projects tailored to consumer needs. Our technical staff, will provide a solution to your needs for a functional and aesthetically beautiful floor, at home or in the workplace, always respecting the timetable we have set you. Our services include:  Stamped floors  Decorative floors  Industrial floors  Pebble floors  Stadiums We provice in Katerini, Pieria and are able to accept inquires from a wider region such as Volos, Larisa, Thessaloniki. Our longstanding presence in the market field, our professionalism, integrity and quality of service paired with our unbeatable prices have established our company, gaining our consumer's trust. Our specialized stuff can assist you nationwide. For more information please click here

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    42, PYTHAGORA STR - Katerini
  • Vougioukas Konstantinos - Wooden Floors Kato Toumpa Thessaloniki - Parquet - Wooden Parquet Floors - Installation - Wood Floor Maintenance - Repairs - Laminate - Dec Floors - Home Renovations Thessaloniki

    VOUGIOUKAS WOODEN DAPEDA-PARKETA KATO TOUBA-THESSALONIKI WOODEN PARKETS - STORES UNDER TUMBA-PYLAIA-PANORAMA-AMPELOKIPI-EVOSMOS-THESSALONIKI DECK PATOMATA- PATOMATE DEK-XYLINA DAPEDA-EPENDYSSI RESIDENTIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS LAMINATE STANDARD PATOMATA - PATOMATE MEETINGS - REPRODUCTIONS KATO TOUBA-PYLAIA-PANORAMA-AMPELOKIPI = EVOSMOS-THESSALONIKI   VOUGIOUKAS was founded in 1978 and continues to this day dynamically in the field. The company is based in KATO TOUMPA - THESSALONIKI. You are active in the field of wood construction - wooden floors - parquet, with great success. We design with you and make wooden creations in classic and modern designs, in order to satisfy not only your simple but even your most demanding desires. SOLUTIONS TO YOUR MEASURES… ..With THE WOOD ZESTASIA. Our company in combination with the experience, our ingenuity and consistency, ensures you constructions perfectly adapted to your space, your individual aesthetics and your special needs. SERVICES Wooden floors Kato Toumpa-PYLAIA-PANORAMA-EVOSMOS-THESSALONIKI Wooden floors KATO TOUMPA-PYLAIA-PANORAMA-EVOSMOS-THESSALONIKI Parquet KATO TOUBA-PYLAIA-PANORAMA-EVOSMOS-THESSALONIKI Parquet DOWN TOBACCO-PYLAIA-PANORAMA-EVOSMOS-THESSALONIKI Wood floor maintenance Wood floor repairs LAMINATE flooring Deck floors DECK Wooden floors, upholstery Special structures Home renovations Carpenter With respect to your needs, our company undertakes the complete or partial construction and renovation of private and professional spaces throughout our prefecture. The excellent quality of materials, the construction and the absolute consistency in the delivery time, expresses us and is an additional guarantee for us. Our PURPOSE and OBJECTIVE is for VOUGIOUKAS PARKETA to become a model and reference point throughout our region. WE SERVE. Yours sincerely, Vougioukas Konstantinos

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    Amphipolis 6 - Touba
  • - Athens
  • The company "ART CONDOS" started as a family business in 1967 in Athens. Specializing in placements and repairs wood, floors, stairs, ceilings, plasterboard and partition. Synonym of the company is the guaranteed result and the exact time of delivery of the work. The company CONSTRUCTION CONDOS experience with the installation, repair and maintenance flooring in over 7000 homes can guarantee you that you will be completely satisfied with any work you choose.

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    - Patissia

    Mpelos company is active since 1992 in the wood industry. Our staff is skilled and responsible and can deal with any problem, providing the right solution even in the most complex structures. Modern processing machinery and wood quality control, with the finest floor mounting machines. Our company undertakes wooden floors and stairs of interior and exterior spaces - Installation and maintenance

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    27 ARGIROKASTROU STR - Kamandero