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  • Agrinio Auto Gas - Bouloubassis - Agrinio Car Repair Shop - Agrinio Car Service

    Agrinio auto gas Boulumbasis undertakes to pick up your vehicle and deliver it to you after any repair. With well-trained personnel and continuous monitoring of technological developments in all areas of the car, it can cover all your car's needs, such as: installation of ICOM JTG 5th generation GFI and GFI 4th ​​generation, electrical and mechanical problems. Also service, A / C service, diagnostic machines covering all brands of cars (European and Japanese). Agrinio autogas, having its exclusive supplier of LPG (www.ygraeriokinisi.gr), is fully responsive to continuous technological developments by attending training seminars of the leading IT companies in the LPG sector, ICON and OMVL. The use of LPG in your vehicle is absolutely safe and legal (Ministry of the Interior Decree 18586619 2032000). LPG is not classified as hazardous combustible materials. The crashtest has proven to be safer than gasoline and oil. - The feed system is closed and does not pass through the passenger compartment. - Protected by safety valves (excessive flow, maximum level, leakage and pressure increase). - In a possible leak, LPG diffuses into the environment, unlike liquid fuels. - Tanks resist greater distortion than a vehicle receives in the most powerful collision.

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    Glinou 15 - Agrinio
  • Bosch Car Service Larissa Thessaly - LPG Larissa - Car Repair Larissa - Car Electrical Repair Larissa Thessaly

    The company Bosch Car Service Siotoulis I. - Boudinas N. OE in Larissa has been active in the field of car repair shops for over 25 years, while specializing in LPG, providing its customers with high quality products and services. Always focusing on the excellent service of each customer, we have equipped our workshop with state-of-the-art machinery and in conjunction with our well-trained staff, we guarantee you our work and our spare parts to feel safe for every kilometer you travel with your car. At our workshop you can be sure that any problem that occurs in your car, we have learned to deal with it immediately, efficiently and at the lowest cost. In our facilities you will find the best LPG systems (Lovato & Tartarini), while we have genuine Bosch spare parts and batteries for every type of car. In addition, in us you will find tires and shock absorbers of excellent quality, while we undertake the alignment, the balancing, the control for KTEO and the service for all types of cars! Contact Bosch Car Service Siotoulis I. - Boudinas N. OE in Larissa for anything you need on the phones you will find on our website or come and meet us up close. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the result! LPG - workshop - electrician, Larissa - Thessaly. Representative bosch, Larissa - Thessaly. service of all types of cars, Larissa - Thessaly. Tires, shock absorbers, Larissa - Thessaly. Batteries, Larissa - Thessaly. Electronic control, Larissa - Thessaly. KTEO inspection, Larissa - Thessaly. machinery and spare parts lonsered, husgvarna, efco, oleo-mac, partner, stihl, echo, campagnola, subaru, honda, γεννητριες, zenoah komatsu.

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    Karamanli & Amfikleias Avenue 1 - Larisa
    6948374435, 6948374434

    IONIAN GAS directly distributes gas to your homes, factories, industries, etc. Our company stands out for its persistence in fuel quality by satisfying even the most demanding customers. At our service station you can get bottled LPG for all vehicles of the highest quality and at the lowest market prices, while also distributing bulk LPG.   Ensure excellent quality for every use by trusting IONIAN GAS and its on-site staff. You will find us at Aitoliko Etoloakarnania.

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  • Lagos Autogas LPG Peania Attica - Car Repair - Car Gas Installation - Car Service - KTEO Inspection - Car Damages Paiania Attica

    I am Lagos Panagiotis, owner of the Lagos LPG workshop Since 1981, together with my father Dimitris Lagos, who was born in Greece with BP !, for this reason our workshop is located inside the BP service station, we work two Italian LPG appliances for installations from the beginning, one is the well-known and well-publicized Lovato and one Digitronic another one of the leading companies for LPG in Italy and that.   For a four-cylinder car with the last euro paid.   That is, the declaration of the license in relation to KTEO is at 850 euros depending on the cylinders and the horses are configured and the price, nine out of ten four-cylinder cars the price that comes out is the above paragraph, and regarding the service of the devices, we can we install these two companies from the beginning of the installation of LPG on cars, but in terms of service of cars that have LPG of other companies We undertake all the LPG appliances to make them work properly due to the huge experience we have on the object, to we do service, plus what we provide and what the KTEO needs in order for a LPG car to pass the control of the KTEO, we work as best as possible as a spare part on cars that have LPG, with a 1 year warranty as well as mechanical work on cars that have LPG mainly with one of the best and most well-known companies with liq improvers and oils ui moly this report for the change of oils and some other products, from the 40 that is liquefied gas in Italy in IX and is locked the price of the share of gas to be half forever and this was seen with the changes of Prices that we are giving now, Come to an environment that has to do with the people themselves who have the general workshop which as a main specialty has LPG but also for full service of cars mainly those that have LPG on But not that others will chase them Just those that have LPG on them have priority. Perfect and completely new prices to help people sleep economically ecologically and with a longer engine life due to no fuel residues and without being able to distort the fuel. All this in the European Union in all countries are subsidized to understand plus that they do not pay traffic taxes at some point they will be forced and here we do all this, below you will see some photos from the store for some of the work of the above companies I mentioned .

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    Markopoulou Avenue 17 - Peania
  • LPG - Heat Pumps - Air Conditioning | Sitia Crete - Mechanical - Electrical Engineer Giannis Avronidakis

    GIANNIS AVRONIDAKIS | MECHANICAL - ELECTRICAL ENGINEER LPG - Heat Pumps - Air Cinditioning | Heraklion - Sitia Crete   Giannis Avronidakis is a Mechanical - Electrical Engineer based in Sitia, Crete. With over 35 years of experience and specialized in the field of LPG, it offers high quality services serving our region and anywhere in Crete.   At the same time he deals with cooling and heating undertaking studies - constructions and installations of air conditioning and heat pumps, working with the most reliable companies in the field.   As an acclaimed electrician-engineer, Giannis Avronidakis deals with the issuance of licenses for industries, businesses, as well as audits and fire safety studies, as well as any other issues of electrical or mechanical nature.   Contact with us For further information and details about our services.    

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    1st km Sitia - Ierapetra - Sitia
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    GIANNOUDI - Rethymno
  • LPG Inofyta Viotia - KSKATTOS - Car Electrical Service - Car Parts & Accessories - Kattos Konstantinos

    Welcome to the certified LPG and CNG store KSKATTOS in Oinofyta, Boeotia. Our company is a modern car electrician headed by the experienced car electrician and LPG - CNG gas fuel technician Katto Konstantinos. Our object of specialization is the installation of LPG and natural gas systems and the corresponding service in any car brand. Take advantage of the benefits of car gas tank replacement by receiving certification of good operation from our company and maximum safety. Contact us or visit our store to explain everything about LPG and to be informed about our offers.

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    Ring Road - inofyta

    Our company is one of the most specialized in the automotive industry for the conversion - a change in gasoline engine combustion gas (LPG) as well as the conversion - a change in diesel engine combustion and hydrogen. In particular we will inform you about: 1) The company Papaioannou - A. TSARDAKAS Co. is a company which holds all legally required licenses. a) Specific Fuel Gas Technicians b) Special Licensed Area Installation and Application of Hydrogen and LPG systems. 2) Possibility of signing all documents for the legalization of LPG systems in KTEO Service and the Ministry of Transport for new registration of vehicles. 3) Know-how for optimal placement of the most best performance for economy, safety and engine performance. 4) Work with all major brands Italy - Netherlands - Germany - USA to supply the best and most appropriate system for each engine type, ie, for engines with carburetors with single injection, multiple injection and for engines with direct injection . Our long presence in the area of ​​repair and maintenance services since 1980, and the excellent relationship with our customers our consumers, our permanently puts the responsibility for selecting the best products and the excellent job fitting them, ensuring that way for our customers real security for themselves and their vehicles and for maximum economy. OUR TRUST, because we are experts OUR TRUST, because we are legally OUR TRUST, why are economic OUR TRUST, because we can tell you right See for yourself that we are what you need to run economically and safe the use of professional car and your car petrol or diesel. What is LPG; Liquid Petroleum Gas LPG? The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a derivative of crude oil and has the basic ingredients of propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H8). The use of LPG for vehicular traffic in Greece started in the late 60's with professional drivers, while in December 1999 with relevant legislation (N.2773/1999A286) was released on all vehicles throughout the Greek territory . Why choose LPG? The cost per liter is extremely low. Increases the life of the engine of my vehicle, as is clean burning with no rest. I recoup the placement of the device in less than 1 year. I help reduce air pollution, since it is an ecological fuel. Makes all vehicles? Implementation takes place in all gasoline vehicles catalytic technology. What do you need my vehicle? To feed my vehicle with gas, need a second power supply system with a specific set of accessories. Your car will work with 2 fuels, thus doubling its economy. What is hydrogen? (H2O) Hydrogen is an alternative form of energy which can now be applied to any engine (petrol or diesel) with no modifications. Produced by the system using electrolysis of water entering the motor vehicle, achieving a reduction of fuel consumption. Hydrogen has the highest energy content per unit weight of any known fuel, and 3 times that of conventional gasoline. Make 'clean' combustion and therefore does not contribute to environmental contamination. What works? The production of hydrogen is the generator of the system where the produced gas is added to the fuel system of the vehicle improves the combustion of fossil fuel by increasing engine performance. So the car traveled more miles with the same amount of fuel having increased horsepower and reduced emissions. The car engine has efficiency of about 25% and 75% of the energy produced by the air / fuel mixture is lost in the form of heat and exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust and create pollution. Adding hydrogen to the air / fuel mixture increases the engine performance. The reason for this is because hydrogen is more explosive than gasoline and added the explosion caused the combustion chamber is more efficient. The advantages of placing a hydrogen system in the car are: - Increase the efficiency of the engine - Reduce fuel consumption up to 40% - Reduce the temperature of the engine - Reduced emissions - More clean engine and remove residual carbon - Increase the lifespan of the engine. Athens Avenue 82 (facilities) Phone 2421062498 Fax. 2421065554

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    LEOFOROS ATHINON 102 - Volos
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    - Larisa
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    - Oreokastro
    6947318922, 6972142065
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    - Athens
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    - Kaminia
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    - Thessaloniki

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    693732440, 693732441
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    - Thessaloniki
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    - Kallithea