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      Faster than in any other case, get your online store, make your products known online, create a business profile in the electronic market, give your business the boost it needs! Your online shop, open 24/7, is your physical shop extension on the web!

    Category: E-SHOP

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    KORAI 31 - Mosxato
  • Aluminium And Iron Constructions Moschato Attiki - Karampelas Elias

    The company 'Karampelas Frames' was founded in 1995, and every year he won the trust of customers. The creator and initiator of Elias Karampelas company has many years of experience, keeps alive the love for the aluminum and constantly presents new recommendations derived mainly from the constant information about everything on aluminum.    The 'Karampelas Frames' specialize in the manufacture and installation of aluminum frames. Windows, doors, security doors, security doors, roller shutters, aluminum railings, doors and all kinds of aluminum systems. Undertakes all types of repairs and odd jobs.    Our long association with the company Aloumil as exclusive agent provides confidence for excellent quality, safety, aesthetics and guaranteed results. The expertise and long experience in both the construction workers and the administrative sector of the business 'Karampelas Frames', guarantee security, safety and reliability, the construction of frames.   The company operates in a fully equipped facility manufacturing makes the result a synonym of quality and ensures excellent functionality and appearance of structures.    Objectives of business is excellent customer service, guaranteed construction and quality work at the lowest market rates, and consistency in delivery time.    Contact us to inquire about the very large offerings. We will be happy to serve you and you can choose the optimal manufacturing solution for your space.


    173, Kapodistriou str - Mosxato

    Asteras Dodecanese | Transports - Move Outs - Refrigeration Transfers to Kalymnos   The transport company ASTERAS DODECANESE is based in Moschato, Attica and is has been active in the transport sector to the island of Kalymnos in the Dodecanese, since 1981. With years of experience in this field, as well as a modern fleet of vehicles for refrigerated, food, kargo, furniture, freight transfers we are able to provide services to Kalymnos with consistency and safety. We carry out any kind of transfer regardless of its requirements, having as a priority the best service to the customer. The load is consistently reaching its destination in perfect condition. Our prices are affordable and adapted to the requirements of the modern era.     Trust ASTERAS DODECANESE for responsible, safe and economic transportation in Kalymnos. Contact us for further information.      


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    Pireos 86 - Mosxato
  • Building Construction Moschato Attikis - SAMLIDIS ANDREAS - Demolition - Demolition - Dismantling - Renovation - Construction - Insulation - Bathroom Renovation - Painting - Tiles - Gunite - Carbon Fabrics - Carbon Coal

    SAMLIDIS ANDREAS Construction Works Moschato Attica Our company "SAMLIDIS ANDREAS" which is located in Moschato, Attica, has been active for several years with construction work, offering quality services at affordable prices. Having experienced and specialized workshops, we undertake demolition, demolition, dismantling, renovations, restorations, construction of buildings, insulation, painting, tiles and any work you wish for your home or business. Call us and we will come to your place, to listen to your needs and together to discuss the ideal solutions for your space. We serve Moschato and all of Attica.


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    Makrigianni 67 - Mosxato
  • Car Body Shop Moschato Athens - MAKRIS KE YII OE - Car Paints Moschato Athens - Car Service - Car Parts - Purchases Used Car Sales Moschato Athens

    MAKRIS AND SONS OE Car Dyehouse Moschato Athens Our paint shop - body shop "MAKRIS AND SONS OE" which is located in Moschato, Attica, has been near you for several years and undertakes the repair of all types of cars. Having a modern car repair shop, as well as specialized staff, we can undertake the service, repair and painting of cars, directly and economically. Visit our dye shop in Moschato, Attica and be sure to receive high quality services.


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    Chandris 6 - Mosxato

    30 years ago, in 1980 Kyriakos Kakalikidis founded the company TAXI GAS. With hard work and great attitude he pioneered and opened one of the first gas stations in Greece and Attica in a central location on the corner of Themis - Davaki and S. Polycrates in the vegetable market of Redi. The first year the station serves with consistency and dedication all LPG cars, taxis and commercial vehicles. In September 1997 the TAXI GAS make a new start in cooperation with major oil companies begin to market all fuel while LPG. An area of ​​privately owned facilities, with many great facilities and experienced staff works 24 hours a day for better customer service. TAXI GAS has a fully equipped shop where you can find oils, lubricants and car accessories at very affordable prices. Since 2009 the company has taken his sons Kyriacou Kakalikidi Claus and Dimitris who cooperate with the most experienced professionals to install gas appliances to specialized service and continued active business.

    Category: GAS STATIONS


    Clark trade, clark repair, repairs of hoists, Moschato. Long-term experience, guaranteed work. Low prices.

    Category: CRANES – CLARK

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    Condyle 8B - Mosxato
    6938033166 , 6977843456

    The dental laboratory AK. LABOR '' in Moschato, Attica, the dental technician Kanellopoulos Athanasios, specializes in artificial dentures for at least 30 years now. Our many years of experience, our high-quality services, our CE-certified and EU-approved materials as well as our modern equipment enable us to aim for the right and effective cooperation with you and guarantee the best results in our work . Our aim is to constantly update and train us through seminars. SERVICES: Restorations: all-ceramic, metal-ceramic, zirconium, porcelain, light-melt, meryland Implants: screwed, weldable Advanced restorations: telescopic, metal skeletons, Meryland Dentures: total, partial, nested, embossed, hybrid, heat-shrink-proof, acrylic Castles: mobile trunks & immobile trunks Narthexes: burgundy - surgical - bleaching We are always next to you, with quality dental engineering to suit your needs. Yours sincerely: Kanellopoulos Athanasios


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    Stratigou Makrigianni 57 & Stratigou Ioannou (2nd Floor) - Mosxato
  • EUROAMBULANCE | Ambulance Services and Air Transportation - 24 Hour Hospitalization Moschato Attica

      EUROAMBULANCE is active in the field of health (patient transport by land, air and water, home care, X-rays, diagnostic tests, medical care and coverage of all kinds of events). It offers 24-hour coverage 365 days a year (with experienced and scientifically trained staff). It has ambulances (simple and mobile units) fully equipped and provides optional medical support for each specialty depending on the need of the incident. At EuroAmbulance we know that in order to ensure high quality services, in a sensitive sector such as the health sector we must invest and provide our patients with the best possible means of transporting them. So we have state-of-the-art private ambulances, well equipped for any kind of emergency, or not. Also for every event that needs medical assistance, fully equipped Mobile Ambulance Units are provided.   We have ensured that all our ambulances fully meet all the safety and suitability requirements of the National Emergency Center, as well as all the necessary provisions of the Ministry of Health and Transport. All our vehicles are inspected and maintained daily, while at the end of the deliveries they are cleaned. and disinfected to comply with all standards of cleanliness and hygiene of ambulances.     We are by your side with safety, consistency, immediacy and respect.


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    Konstantinoupoleos 15 - Mosxato
    6982002500, 6987558800

    Grocery Store - Mini Market FRUIT MARKET MOSCHATO   FRUIT MARKET MOSCHATO is based on 10, Stratigou Makriyanni street, making it a modern grocery store that also sells everyday food and traditional products. With years of experience and love for our object, we have daily fruits and vegetables from the best Greek producers so as to reach fresh and nutritious your table.   Our staff is always willing to serve you with a smile and help with everything you need. We cater businesses and dining with consistency and professionalism. We also provide home delivery services, free of charge, upon request.   In our store you will also find fresh and packaged food, cold cuts, cheeses, wine, as well as, traditional products such as donkey milk and handmade soaps.           Please contact us for more information and orders. We are always at your disposal!  


    10A, MAKRYGIANNI STR - Mosxato
  • GP - Moschato Furniture - Furniture Factory - Kitchens Moschato - Bedrooms Athens

    Our company was founded in 1980 and is based in Moschato and deals with the manufacture, design and installation of furniture. Undertakes and creates complete proposals not only for residential but also for commercial spaces (such as cafes, offices, shops, etc.) All the furniture is Greek and is made entirely by us in our crafts in Moschato. The best raw materials and our excellent customer service through the creation of the right proposals, at the best possible prices, is the reason why our company is the first in your preferences. Our long experience gives us the ability to offer complete solutions and solutions for any space, as well as direct construction, delivery and placement. Our aim is always to offer the best quality of services and products in terms of quality, uniqueness, ergonomics and high aesthetics, both in modern and classic designs. From the original design to the completion and placement of the furniture, our team with care and consistency takes care of everything for you. We are waiting for you in our craft, where we can discuss your needs and offer you the best and the most complete solutions and create exactly what you want, made exclusively for your own space. Call us at 6974 603 974 or visit us at our premises, 24, Kambouri, Moschato. It will be our pleasure to meet us! From the Directorate, Spyros Giannaras

    Category: FURNITURE

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    24, Emmanouil Kabouri str - Mosxato
  • Grocery Moschato Attica - Fresh n Delicious - Cold Cuts Moschato Attica - Drinking Products Moschato Attica - Fruit & Vegetables Store Moschato Attica - Home Delivery Moschato Attica

    Fresh n Delicious Moschato Attica Grocery Store In our fruit and vegetable shop "Fresh n Delicious" which is located in Moschato, Attica, you will find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of excellent quality and unique taste. All our fruits and vegetables are meticulously selected and of high standards. The legumes and rice you will find in us are from this year's harvest. Also, in our shop you will find all the strange kinds of imported fruits, as well as, many cheeses, cold cuts and wine cellars. The purpose of the business is to operate with respect and responsibility towards the customers in order to offer them products of excellent quality at attractive prices. Certified with modern practices, always having in mind the absolute satisfaction of the customer, are the elements that characterize us. Visit our fruit and vegetable shop at 90 Chrysostomou Smyrni and Solomou streets in Moschato, Attica. Ability to deliver at home. Grocery Moschato Attica, Delicatessen Moschato Attica, Gift cellar Moschato Attica, Greengrocer Moschato Attica, Home Delivery Moschato Attica, Fruits Moschato Attica, Vegetables Moschato Attica, Legumes Moschato Attica, Rice Moschato Attica Products Shop Moschato Attica, Delicatessen Moschato Attica Cheese Moschato Attica,


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    Chrysostomou Smyrnis 90 and Solomou - Mosxato
  • Hatzinikolaidi Farm Ltd. - Traditional Butcher - Butcher Moschato - Meat & Poultry Trade - Meat Products Moschato

    Branch: Metamorfoseos 109, Moschato 18345, Tel: 2109421047 The story begins in 1934. Then Thrasyvoulos Hatzinikolaidis, grandfather of the current owner of the Farm, comes from Smyrna in Central Asia to Moschato and establishes the first butcher shop on Omirou & Lindou Street. In 1949, when the current Makrygianni Avenue was built, it was installed at the current address. The two brothers Georgios and Giannis stand next to him and bring meat from the best areas of Greece: Trikala, Karditsa, Tinos. In 1958 they expand their business with another store in Athens. The love for the profession makes the Thrasyvoulos son of Giannis to engage in this profession. Apart from the experiences he gets from his father, he tries to train more by going to seminars inside and outside Greece. Obtains certification from Limoges, France for cutting, specialization and health control of meat. In addition, he selects the best meats by going alone to the slaughterhouses of Tyrnavos of Ellasona, Amfikleia. At the same time he renovates and establishes the Hatzinikolaidi Farm, a standard butcher shop with great specialization. In 1998 he gets a manufacturing license according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. HACCP 2000 system so that consumers can feel completely safe with the meat and preparations they get for their family. For him and the Hatzinikolaidis family, the primary goal was and is to get to the table of every Greek family meat and preparations of quality, traditional and above all absolutely safe. To finally get away from the packaged with preservatives as well as the meats of dubious quality and freshness.

    Category: BUTCHERS

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    Stratigou Makrygianni 96 - Mosxato
  • Iron Constructions Moschato Athens - LADAS CHRISTOS - Tile Roofs Moschato Athens - Iron Railings - Garage Doors - Canopies - Pergolas - Iron Constructions of All Types - Sideras Moschato Center Athens Attica

    LADAS CHRISTOS Iron constructions of all types in Moschato and all over Athens !!!! The company LADAS CHRISTOS in Moschato and Lagonisi in Attica, with the second store on Galazias Aktis Street, has been active for many years with success and upward trend until today in the field of iron constructions of all types. We are blacksmiths and we know the art of iron well. With long-term experience and know-how in iron constructions, LADAS CHRISTOS company is able to offer, through a wide range of options, complete solutions that perfectly meet the specific requirements of your space in technical, functional and aesthetic level. We undertake the design, construction, installation, maintenance and repairs of all steel structures, so that they fit perfectly in your space, ensuring excellent functionality. The construction materials are of excellent quality, while the construction and installation work by our trained workshop, offers iron creations of high aesthetics. We serve from where we are requested in Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, in the Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagonia, Lagonia, Lagonia, Lagonia, in all the Mediterranean and consequently throughout Attica. In particular, in our ironworks we undertake: Iron constructions of all kinds, designed exclusively to equip, decorate or renovate your own professional or personal space. Traditional and modern balcony railings Balcony dividers Fencing railings Stair railings Iron stairs of all types, straight round interior, exterior, escape-danger, engine rooms, pumping stations Iron lofts Workbenches Garage doors (sliding or opening) with mechanisms Entrance doors Gate doors with elaborate designs sliding, opening single or double leaves, with the possibility of installing an automatic mechanism in a traditional or modern line for homes, as well as doors of construction sites, crafts, shops, plots of land. Window fuses Shelters - Pergolas Sheds Tiled roofs with panels Tile panel roofs are not visually different from tiled roofs with the classic ceramic tile. Tile panels are available in various variations of quality, color and shape. The biggest benefit of tile panels is the thermal insulation elements, distinguished for their resistance to weather conditions and shocks. Special constructions with iron All these years that we belong to the area, we have built and completed many renovations of ironworks that are a guarantee for the work we provide and for our name. Our goal is to provide immediate service with quality work always at the most reasonable market prices. Trust our experience and be sure of the result. Friendly LADAS CHRISTOS The blacksmith in Moschato and Lagonisi !!!! Contact hours daily from 8 am to 10 pm   Ironworks Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, North Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagonisi, Paonia, Kalivia, Kalivia Sideras Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, in the Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagonisi, Kaliada, Kaivia, Saryonia, Kalivia, Sonia Ironworks Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, in the Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagonisi, Paidani, Kalivia, Iron Constructions Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, in the Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagonisi, Paonia, Kalivia, Kalivia, Iron railings Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, in the Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagoniti, Lagoniti, Kalonis, Kalonis, Kalonia Tile roofing panels Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, in the Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagoniti, Lagoniti, Kalonis, Kalonis, Kalonis, Kalonia Repairs of tiled panels Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, in the Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagonia, Lagonia, Kalonia, Lagonia, Lagonia, Kalonia Attica Garage Doors Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagonisi, Paidagni, Kalivia, Iron doors Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagoniti, Lagoniti, Kalonis, Kalonis, Kalonia Iron lofts Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, in the Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagoniti, Lagonisi, Kaliavia, Kalivia, Iron sheds. Iron Pergolas Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Daphne, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Penteli, Lagonia, Lagoniti, Kalonis, Kalonita Iron gate gates Moschato, Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Dafni, Neos Kosmos, Center Athens, in the Northern Suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Chalandri, Chaidari, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagoni, Penti, Kalili Attica  

    Category: IRON PRODUCTS

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    Lambrou Katsoni 103 - Mosxato
  • Kanellos Nikolaos Technical Plumbing - Moschato Attikis - Natural Gas Moschato Attikis - Heating Moschato Attikis - Fire Protection Moschato Attikis

    Our technical office "Kanellos Nikolaos" in Moschato Attica, offers services related to plumbing, heating, gas and fire fighting services in homes and businesses in Moschato and throughout Attica. If you are looking for a plumber in and out of Attica with 40 years of experience in the field, plumber Kanellos Nikolaos has the solution. We undertake damage, connections and plumbing installations. For any problems with your plumbing, heating, gas, solar water heaters, renovating your plumbing, repairing it, expanding it, as well as putting your sanitary ware and any kind of work in your place, we are close to you and professionalism. High quality work, new technology and proper service make us worthy of your trust. Contact us for a detailed and responsible assessment of your needs.


    Stratigou Makrigianni 89 - Mosxato

    Our office Le Courtier (Member of Association of Realtors) based in Muscat, Chrysostomou Smyrnis 123. With years of experience in management and promotion of real estate, has now established itself in real estate. Our associates are active mainly in southern, northern and eastern suburbs of Athens and Piraeus. We try to build a strong relationship with our customers so we can be able to offer the complete service package on the market! Trust us for reliable and rapid mediation, negotiation and secure contact us: -PURCHASES, SALES, RENTAL HOUSING, COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS, LAND ALLOWANCE -ISSUE -MORTGAGE -LEGAL AND NOTARY SERVICES ASSESSMENTS -PROPERTY -PROPERTY INSURANCE -RENOVATIONS Thank you in advance.

    Category: REAL ESTATE

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    Repair and replacement of home appliances in Moschato. Do you have any LG home appliances that are damaged? You have found your master! Our long experience, responsibility and consistency of our techniques guarantee you efficient and reliable repair of your device. Our company has been an authorized service since 2002 and deals exclusively with LG appliances: Refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, electric cookers. You will also find spare parts and supplies (such as water filters) for any LG product. We are at your disposal for any technical information or questions about your device.


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    105, Thermopiles Str. - Mosxato

    Machining Engineering    Construction gear    Works in lathe, milling

    Category: MACHINING

  • Moschato Attica Driving School - Car Diplomas - Motorcycle Diplomas - Diploma Renewal - Heavy Duty Vehicle Diplomas Moschato Attica

    ZYGOS  Driving School Moschato Attica ZYGOS driving school, which is located in Moschato, Attica, has been with you for several years, having as its main characteristic the mood and the appetite in order to transmit to its students perfect knowledge, both in theoretical and practical level. Undertakes A, B, C category diplomas, car diplomas, motorcycle diplomas, heavy vehicle diplomas, diploma renewals, KTEO in your space, retraining, losses, transfers, diploma revisions, diploma damages, LPG, LPG, etc. We stand out for the best service at the most affordable prices. At our driving school in Moschato you will definitely be happy. Visit our driving school in Moschato or contact us for any relevant questions.


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    Argostoliou 90 - Mosxato
  • Moschato Car Body Shop - Local Moschato Painting - Moschato Car Paint Shop - Siolas George

    Auto Expert offers comprehensive solutions to repair any damage to your car. With state-of-the-art equipment and specialized technical staff, it provides consistently guaranteed and high-quality refinishing work at affordable prices. Consistency in delivery times is something that characterizes us. Auto Expert is a family-run business that has been evolving for 35 years, upgrading its equipment (dyeing oven - caliber - state - of - the - art electronics etc.) and acquiring more know - how. In the context of total customer satisfaction we offer solutions for all types of damage (carpentry - painting, engineering, electrical) and we also undertake the processing of insurance companies' procedures with a single warranty.     Paint-colored     Local paints     Scratches     Dents     Unblock lanterns     Wax, waxing


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    Mr. George - Mosxato
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