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    The Greek Company of Mastology having 32 years of experience, founded the Greek School of Mastology under the auspices of the International Society of Mastology and achieved a scientific step of great offer to young doctors who want to engage in prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, offering a better level of care. The number of Members who attended the classes in the 1st year of studies 2009-2010 vindicated our venture. We utilized this first year to improve the organization and operation of the school and continue our effort. On Friday and Saturday 11th to 12th February, 60 young doctors gathered in the second course of the school, the AIGLI Zappeion, to have access to basic knowledge from eminent Greek scientists and also everything new related to this difficult specialty concerning all women, since the frequency of breast cancer is increasing. Completion of the course will be made after another 4 courses periods until November 2011, followed by a written examination test and successful applicants shall be awarded transcript. Mr. ASIMAKOPOULOS - CV Studies • Degree in Medicine, University of Athens. • Specialty in General Surgery at the General Hospital Tzaneio Piraeus. • Phd Athens University Medical School. Career • Retraining in Milan Italy's Institute for the Study and Treatment of Cancer under the supervision of professors U. VERONESI and B. SALVADORI in Breast Surgery and english research protocols. • Instructor (Presidential Decree 407) of the the lesson of Surgical Oncology at Democritus University of Thrace at the rank of Assistant Professor. • General Secretary and subsequently Director of the Athens office of the European School of Oncology (ESO) for Greece, the Balkans and the Middle East (62 training seminars in 16 years of the faculty in the region and 90 volumes of literature). • Fellow of the European Institute of Oncology, Breast Surgery. • Lecturer and then Associate Director of Breast Clinic at 6th IKA Hospital • Director at Oncology Hospital in 6th IKA "George Genimatas" • Director of Metropolitan Hospital, breast clinic. Mr. Barbounis - CV Dr. Vasileios Barbounis, was born and raised in Piraeus. He graduated from ‘Ionidio’ School and continued his studies at the Medical School of Athens University. After fulfilling his military service he was trained in Internal Medicine at the Athens Naval Hospital and the General Hospital. Subsequently, he served as curator at the Hospital of Kalamata and from 1982 he started working at Pathological Oncology Clinic DTHIP "Metaxa" as curator. In 1985, he was appointed to the newly created National Health System as a curator in the Α΄ Pathological Oncology Clinic of the same hospital. He continued his studies in London at Hammersmith Hospital and St. Bartholomews with monoclonal antibodies and treatment of lymphoma and Hodgkin's disease as a main research objective. He also dealt with autologous bone marrow transplantation for the treatment of lymphomas and leukemia. In 1990, he was appointed to the B’ Pathological Clinic and Unit of Bone Marrow Transplant at "Agios Savvas" hospital, while at the same year he was acclaimed as Doctor of the University of Athens. Since 1998, he holds the title of Deputy Director in the same hospital. In 2000, he was awarded the title of specialty in Pathological oncology. In May of 2009, he was appointed as Director of the Oncology Unit of the Hippocratic General Hospital where he works till today. The main object of his work is the treatment of lymphomas and solid tumors and bone marrow transplants. His doctoral thesis is on the Hodgkin's disease. He is the author of four books on oncology and many chapters in books at the same subject. He holds a degree in European oncology and is a member of several international scientific societies, European and American. He has published many papers in mostly foreign and Greek medical journals and has organized many medical conferences and scientific meetings. He has significant research experience in international multicenter clinical studies participated as principal investigator or co-investigator. He has served as Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Scientific Council of Agios Savvas hospital and Member of the Editorial Board of the journal "Oncology Update" and “Mastology”. He served for several years as a Rapporteur on Selection Boards Doctors NHS for Tier Clerks A and B. He has achieved a substantial teaching work. He is also one if the initiators, creators and organizers of the Centre for psychological support of patients with breast cancer and their families " Elli Lambeti ". In recent years, he is the publisher of scientific journals ‘Step Clinical Oncology’ and the continuity of the Forum of Clinical Oncology of the ‘Oncology Physicians Greece’ company. Dr. Barbounis was for many years a general secretary of the Mastology Greek Company and has important social work with lectures and other public information events for breast cancer. His work has been honored by the Greek association ‘Suzan Komen Foundation’ and the ‘Athens Academy’ with honors and has received an award from the national transplant organization. He is married to the doctor N. Tsimikli and they have a daughter.

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    17 ASKLIPIOU STR - Athens
  • Perfect Parent - Skype Counseling - Problematic Behaviors - Parenting, Child & Adolescent Counseling - Anxiety - Psychological Support - Palides Charalambos

    We are a team of specialist professionals consisting of psychologists and mental health counselors, with experience and expertise in the management and treatment of emotional problems and maladaptive behaviors of children and adolescents, aiming at more effective communication and personal development for themselves and their family members. their. One of the main advantages of Perfectparent is that the parent has the opportunity at any time from the comfort of their own home, without having to book an appointment at a specific time and day that he or she can receive, having his personal consultant with him, answering consistently the most important questions that concern him. You will no longer feel that you are alone in the unsolved and threatening situations that you experience in your daily life. You now have a companion beside you, a qualified companion! We have found from our experience that many parents go to our private office beyond the need for some personal searching and self-actualization, desperately seeking advice and techniques that will help them cope with daily difficulties with their children and improve their relationship. with them. Given this reality, the idea of ​​Perfectparent was born, combining this growing need for parents to be more effective with their children and the ability to provide support in a more direct and constructive way in their own space and time. So, we've created three different financial proposals depending on your needs, regarding subscriptions for using a day, a week or a month of online support. The financial benefit that comes from using our services is important if one takes into account e.g. that in acquiring a week or a month subscription, the parent can communicate with the specialist every day, and if one chooses to visit a specialist in his or her private office, meetings are limited to once a week. Live Sessions Consulting and providing professional mental services in our offices. If the web session does not cover you, we offer traditional live therapy on site. Business orientation Career guidance during the critical decisions of adolescence is often the most important counseling in a young person's life. Give this opportunity to your child. Effective parent Effective parent education aims to equip parents with the skills they need to nurture their children in a way that promotes responsibility, cooperation and respect Care index In the context of preventing and informing parents about the promotion of mental health during infancy, it is necessary to use a valuable diagnostic tool called CARE-INDEX.

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    13, Ymitou Str. - Voula
  • Physiotherapist Attiki - Mathiopoulos Antonios - Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation - Athletic Injuries - Physician of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation - Athens - Physiotherapist Ano Patisia - Athens

    MATHIOPOULOS ANTONIS BRIEF CV I was born in Tripoli, Arcadia, to parents who were teachers. I am an excellent graduate of the Barbarian Model School and a graduate of the University of Athens Medical School very well. I was a Rural Practitioner at Naxos Health Center. I specialized in Pathology at Kifissia General Prefectural Oncology Hospital, Saint Anargyri, in Neurology at KAT Hospital, in Orthopedics at the 1st Spine and Scoliosis Clinic of KAT Hospital and in the Physical Therapy Dept. Kontoulakos first and then Mr. Nikolaos Groumas.        After completing my qualification and earning the title of Medical Specialty in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, I worked at the Rehabilitation-Recovery and Day Care Center as a Scientific Director for two years at the Inpatient and Inpatient Rehabilitation Center. > as Curator of the Third Clinic for two years, at the Spastic Care Rehabilitation Center for children with cerebral palsy as a responsible Physiotherapist for an academic year as Scientific Director Scientific physiotherapy for three years. I maintain a Private Practice in the area of ​​Ano Patisia since 2007. I am a member of the Greek, European, Mediterranean and World Society for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the Hellenic Institute of Osteoporosis (ELIOS), the Hellenic Society for the Study of Metabolism .), Of the Sports Society of Northern Greece, member of the International Society of Musculoskeletal Interactions (ISMNI), author of numerous scientific papers and articles, co-author of numerous Scientific Conferences. I speak excellent English.

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    386 Patision & 111 Agias Lauras Str (Opposite ISAP Ano Patisia) - Ano Patisia

    www.iatriki-frontida.com.gr The private Polyclinic provides comprehensive health services. The modern medical equipment and our undoubted ability of the staff guarantee you.

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    64, DEKELIAS STR. - Nea Chalkidona
  • 1st Hospital IKA (PAPADIMITRIOU)

    1st IKA Hospital (Papadimitriou) - Melissia Experienced staff Μodern machines Address: end of Zaimi Str.

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    END ZAIMI - Melissia

    251 AVIATION GENERAL HOSPITAL Health care and hospitalization for the personnel of the Air Force, active and retired, and their families. Services provision for the staff of the Fire Brigade and their families. Research programs initiatives about health issues. Provision of educational programs. Telephone number: 2107463399

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    Kanellopoulou Panagioti Avenue - Athens

    3rd IKA Hospital Athens Clinic of the Greek National Health System - Health Services Address: 4 KAPODISTRIOU STR, 10682 Phone number: 2103842191

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  • KAPODISTRIOU 4 - Athens
  • 401 General Military Hospital of Athens

    The '401 GENERAL MILITARY HOSPITAL OF ATHENS' is the largest hospital in the army. The active Army personnel along with the members of their families are entitled to hospitalization. The personnel of the security forces and civilian personnel of Y.ETH.A can also be hospitalized. It also accepts emergencies from KAB Ministry of Health and Welfare. The hospital also undertakes educational activity.

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    KANELLOPOYLOY 6 - Athens
  • 417 Hospitals Army Pension Fund (N.I.M.T.S.)

    417 Hospitals Army Pension Fund (N.I.M.T.S.) provides nursing care services to shareholders of Army Pension Fund and the officers and Warrant Officers of land army and Greek Police. It additionally provides services to retired Air Force members and their families. It also undertakes the training of personnel and research initiatives in the health sector.

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    MONIS PETRAKI 10 - Athens
  • 4ΜΕD

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    FREIDERIKOU TSENTNER 43 - Ampelokipoi

    6th IKA Hospital Athens GENNIMATAS G. Medical services in Athens. Health emergencies in Athens. Address: 37 ALEXANDRA AVENUE

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    AVE. ALEXANDRAS 37 - Athens

    6th IKA HOSPITAL ATHENS ONCOLOGY GENNIMATAS G. Addressing health issues related to cancer. Address: 4 ASOPIOU STR

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    4 ASOPIOU STR - Athens
  • ASOPIOU 4 - Athens
  • KAFTANTZOGLOU 8 - Athens

    The 7th IKA HOSPITAL ATHENS (CLINIC ASKLIPIOS) operates since 1978. With continuous upgrades, the Hospital offers significant high-level services. It has experienced staff that you can trust for medical services and surgeries. Clinics: - Pathological - Cardiology - Nephrological - Surgery.

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    KAFTANTZOGLOU 8 - Athens


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    53 AGIOU LOUKA STR - Athens
  • - Mosxato
  • Agia Eleni - Spiliopouleio Nomarch. Pathol. Hospital - Αthens Ampelokipi

    The pathological hospital 'AGIA ELENI' responds directly to your needs and provides high-quality medical services. This is an important hospital in Ampelokipi, Athens, with many years of activity, almost 100 years. Opening hours 9:00 -14:00 except weekends.

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    21 Dim. Soutsou STR - Ampelokipoi
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