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    The Adonis Studios are located in Ikaria, in Faro, next to the airport and 100 meters from the sea. The Lighthouse is a beautiful resort of Ikaria and the largest beach of the island, accessible for children. The studios are 8 and renovated, a family environment and welcoming, open all year. It is fully equipped with kitchen, refrigerator, household goods, tv, a / c, private bathroom, laundry, while the exterior of the rooms, there is also parking for your car. Join us to spend unforgettable holidays because Ikaria and the Lighthouse is a destination perfect for relaxation. Here you will enjoy the pristine waters of Ikaria ... Make your reservations on time and come to see you to spend with us the most economical holiday. Happy holidays!


    FAROS - Ikaria
  • Agios Kirikos Restaurant Ikaria - Meltemi - Grill Agios Kirikos Ikaria

    In the beautiful Ikaria and more specifically in the coastal area of ​​Agios Kirikos, in a beautiful and green landscape by the sea, you will find our restaurant "Meltemi", which is a family business where for several years now becomes a daily meeting point for everyone. the gourmets of the island, locals and visitors. In a beautiful and welcoming place, we are waiting for you with your family or friends to offer you a beautiful tasty trip, in a unique atmosphere. In summer you can enjoy your food in the yard, in a beautiful environment under the shade of the trees, while in winter in the interior of our restaurant which is beautifully and warmly decorated From early noon, all year round, in our restaurant you can enjoy unique dishes based on Greek and Ikarian cuisine. Our love and passion for cooking is the cause of creating a series of delicious pleasures such as unique home cooked food, meat, seafood, fresh fish, grilled meats, a variety of appetizers and many more delicious pleasures that will fascinate you and will hold on. With love and passion we create daily unique traditional and quality flavors that can surely satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our recipes are based on pure traditional ingredients such as olive oil and the local products that we carefully buy.

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    Therma - Ikaria
  • Agricultural Supplies Samos - Agrosamos - Irrigation - Agricultural Machinery - Trees - Seeds - Flowers - Agricultural Products Samos

    Agrosamos Agricultural Supplies Samos In our company "Agrosamos" which is located in Samos, you can find every day a wide variety of agricultural supplies at extremely competitive prices. In us you will find: irrigation products, agricultural machinery, trees, seeds, flowers and a wide variety of agricultural items. Knowing the needs of the professional farmer, but also of all of you who are involved in the cultivation of the land and flowers as an amateur, we offer you the best products that can definitely meet your needs. Visit our company in Samos and do not hesitate to contact us for any relevant questions.


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    Pythagoras - Samos

    Traditional Cafe - Tavern Appetizers and delicious dishes prepared with care from the Cretan Royal .. barely a highly traditional area! Travel in a dream journey of flavors with dishes all cooked with fresh ingredients. Come enjoy our local delicacies. We handle all your social events upon request. In summer the courtyard can accommodate up to 300 people.   During winter, the hall serves up to 70 people.   with respect   VASSILIKI Logara

    Category: TAVERNS

    AMBELOS - Samos

    ERGOVSKYKTIKI KANDILIS ANDREAS, based in Plapouta and Rodopoleos, in Elliniko and Samos in Marathokampos, has been active for many years with know-how and professionalism in the field of cooling, air conditioning, industrial cooling and electrical installations and electrical installations. Our highly specialized staff provides direct service from where we are requested in Attica, Samos and all over Greece. We meet all the needs of our customers because our workshop has technological equipment, the most sophisticated and recent. We take care of all the spaces whether domestic or professional, with credibility at the pre-determined delivery time of the project. The services we provide are: All types of air conditioners, service, maintenance Central air conditioning, domestic Agios Dimitrios Argyroupoli Samos Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic Refrigerators for household, professional, refrigeration Installation, repairs, repairs, damage Agios Dimitrios Argyroupoli Samos Refrigeration Booths Agios Dimitrios Argyroupoli Samos Ventilation Agios Dimitrios Argyroupoli Samos Ilioupoli Coolers Agios Dimitrios Argyroupoli Samos Ice Makers Agios Dimitrios Argyroupoli Samos Ilioupoli We also undertake all kinds of electrical works, electrical works in Samos. Lighting Studies Agios Dimitrios Argyroupoli Samos Ilioupoli Certificates PPC Agios Dimitrios Argyroupoli Samos Ilioupoli Fireworks, paintings Security system placements Door phones, door phones Smart Homes Agios Dimitrios Argyroupoli Samos Ilioupoli Grounding ground Structured wiring Automation We provide immediate maintenance, repairs, 24 hours. Our goal is quality, consistency at the most reasonable prices. We are certified installers, cooling electricians in Samos and Attica. There is a Branch in Marathokambos Bay, Samos.


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    Plapouta and Rodopoli - Samos
  • Anthis Studios | Samos Apartments for Rent

    Anthis Studios Samos Apartments for Rent Our "Anthis Studios" apartments, located in Samos and more specifically in the Pythagorio area, are a family business that aims to offer you unique and tranquil holidays in our beautiful island. They are the ideal choice for your summer holidays in Samos where they can offer you every modern luxury in order to ensure you a comfortable and beautiful stay during your holidays.   At our swimming pool you can enjoy your bath and sunbathing while enjoying a coffee, a refreshing drink or a snack from our bar that runs from early in the morning until late afternoon. Most of the vegetables and fruits we use come from our garden so we always offer you the best.   In our apartment facilities you will find a car park where you can leave your car as well as a ping pong table.   We give special attention to the personal care of our clients and we contribute in every way so that your stay in our space will remain unforgettable. The excellent service, the excellent hospitality and the economical prices make our "Anthis Studios" apartments an attractive destination for your holidays in Samos.           Our apartments are quietly located and are about 2 km from the port of Pythagorion, where you will find taverns, restaurants and bars to enjoy the local delicacies and beautiful evening moments, as well as 1.5 km from Potokaki Beach With the crystal clear waters where you can enjoy your swim. Near the rented apartments you will find a super market, a gas station and a car rental agency.   Our polite and cheerful staff are at your disposal for any information you need about Samos, the beautiful beaches and countless sights.   We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in our rented apartments with unlimited joy and making sure your stay is a unique experience for you.  


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    Pythagorion - Samos

    Does the edge of nowhere exists? It is one question my son asked me, in the age of five. Until i go to the Coffee Bar "Araxe" on the slope Ikaria, i did not know the answer. Yet entering the shop facing the smile of Poppi and by proceeding and on the balcony of the Aegean, i understood that it not only exists but I was already there. I had seen documentaries, I had read on the internet that Ikarians are among the most long-lived beings on Earth. When I sat on the porch and saw throughout the Aegean I thought, how can someone die who drinks coffee here.. Yes, the Highlanders should hang out here. I could tell you too many things: for the incredible music that plays on the quality of the drinks on the happenings and Live organized. But I do not want to bore you with them, anyway you can find them and elsewhere. But this view that simulates you to the God, I guarantee you will not find it anywhere. I wish prosperity and happiness in the Poppy Cafe - Bar Arax and those who drink coffee there. A frequent passer ...

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  • ASPA Bakery - Samos Bakery - Samos Pastry - Bread - Nuts - Crackers - Buns - Cakes - Pastes - Cheese - Catering - Shop Catering

    ASPA Pastry Shop Bakery Samos - Confectionery Samos In Samos you will find the Aspa Bakery and Confectionery, from which you can get fresh bread of your choice every day as well as the dessert for which you have a spring appetite. With love, passion and using the best ingredients, we create and offer you all kinds of bread, rusks, buns, crackers, buns, pastes, cheese pies and many delicacies that you should definitely try. We also undertake the catering of events such as baptisms, weddings and any event you wish. We create cakes simple and imaginative cakes with sugar paste. Visit the Aspa Bakery in Samos and be sure that you will be satisfied with the taste and quality of our creations.

    Category: BAKERY

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    Chora - Samos

    From 2003 built in the sea (just 2 meters from the sea ) , the apartments of Mrs. Magda , give many years relaxing and enjoyable moments to all visitors .   The rooms are located 14 km from Samos and 15 km from Karlovasi.   Within a fully equipped all amenities apartment ( we have 17 beds ) , with its own separate kitchen with all the good , two-door refrigerator , kitchen with electric oven , household items , the visitor really feel that is his home.   The view of the sea, pouring in front balconies , steals your heart. You can see in the distance to your right , the capital of Samos island ( just 14 km distance) , while in the distance in front of you your eyes facing up Turkey.   There is a regular daily bus service , the bus stop is right outside the apartments.   Open from April to October .   Sincerely MAGDA FRANTZESKA


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    AVLAKIA - Samos

    "Psili Ammos" in Fourni Korseon of IKARIA is a coffee bar, beautifully decorated, in which you can spend dreamy evenings full of entertainment and events.   PSILI AMMOS Beach-bar promises you unforgettable and enjoyable summer moments. The young audience and the fun mood guarantee the most enjoyable vacation. It is the best destination to entertain you as late at parties organized and starting from early afternoon until late at night. If you want to kick back with a drink or coffee or the WATER FUN FOUND IN OUR AREA, We are beachfront, with spectacular views to the sea, we offer you an unforgettable experience, from noon until late in the morning .... Psili Ammos is one of the hundreds of golden beaches Fourni Ikaria !!! Those who want to make real vacation with adventures and mystery, let us make a raid on the sand and not only this!!!   Here are all the summer beach party, the island revelry evenings sipping cocktails, for those who want to spend real vacation !!!   The beauty of the Furnace is evident in every corner, with low houses and picturesque figures of grandmothers, which photograph the curious tourists. The white is mixed with the green of the trees, which cast a shadow on stone alley which connects the port to the central square. In the square you can enjoy your coffee, talk to the locals is one of the kindest islanders have known, admire the tree planted by the students of Furnace with students of Turkey Selçuk, go through the blue and white church and from there to climb the stairs and wander around all over the village, with open doors and smells that gushed.

    Category: CAFÉ – BAR

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    PSILI AMMOS - Fourni
  • Beekeeping Products Samos - MAVROUDIS MINAS - Antheon Honey - Pine Honey - Flamouri Honey - Chestnut Honey - Royal Jelly - Pollen - Propolis - Honeycombs - Samos

    Our company MAVROUDIS MINAS based in Samos deals with the beekeeping sector with a passion for small yellow insects.   With love and passion we offer you all types of beekeeping products of the highest quality   Greek honey is unique and belongs to the foods that should not be missing from our diet.   We share with you the wonderful taste and nutritional value of honey and these products.   We have hives, which I move to different areas of our island, where our bees collect nectar from flowers, trees and aromatic plants.


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    Fourni Korseon - Fourni
  • Biomed IKE Microbiological Laboratory Vathi Samos - Karlovassi - Samos Town - Marathokampos - Microbiological & Biochemical Examination - Samos Diagnostic Laboratory

    Vathy Lab: Kanari 23, Samos Samos | PC: 83100 Tel: 22730-21170 Karlovassi Laboratory: 15 Gorgiras, Karlovassi Samos PC: 83200 Tel: 22730-78400 email: karlovasi@biomedsamos.gr Country Lab: Samos Chora Area, PC: 81303 | Tel: 22730-91947 email: xora@biomedsamos.gr Blood Donations: Tel: 22730-81481 Mob: 6945005050


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    23, Kanari Str, Vathi - Samos
  • blueboat

      BLUE BOAT | PYTHAGORIO SAMOS Cafe - Bar - Cocktails - Special Events   Blue Boat is located near the port of Pythagorion in Samos where you can enjoy coffee, drinks, drinks and cocktails from early morning until late at night.   Our experienced staff is always willing to serve you with a smile. Our modern space features comfortable seating for unique moments by the sea. Fine blends, fresh juices, cool drinks and unique cocktails are at your fingertips for winter and summer thirst.   The Blue Boat café-bar is the ideal destination for any time of the day. There are also football and other sports for our fans on the island!     Contact with us for further information or visit us at the beach of Pythagorion We will be happy to serve you!  

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    blueboat - Samos

    The company Smart Top Service operates dynamically improvements, service and sales of vehicle spare parts SMART, Group VAG (Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda) and MERCEDES, offering excellent service while affordability. The head office is in Karlovasi Samos. Providing comprehensive range of spare parts, deep subject knowledge and reliable services meet your every need and desire has to do with your car. Explore the world of Smart Top Service and exploit the opportunities offered through the website.

    Category: CAR SERVICE

  • Carpentry Samos - Woodwork - Wooden Frames - Wooden Doors - Wardrobes - Kitchen Renovations - Special Carpentry - Hotel Equipment - Hotel Furniture Samos

    WOODWORKING WOODWORK SAMOS WOODWORK - KITCHEN, BATHROOM FURNITURE SPECIAL WOODEN CONSTRUCTIONS WOODEN DOORS - WOODEN FRAMES - GERMAN TYPE FRAMES WOODWORK RENOVATIONS OF HOUSES-SHOPS - HOTELS HOTEL FURNITURE- HOTEL EQUIPMENTΣ    XYLODOMI, was founded 40 years ago and continues dynamically in the field until today. It is based in MARATHOKAMPOS-SAMOS and is active in the field of furniture manufacturing and everything related to wood, with great success. The warmth of the wood is unrepeatable. Each piece tells a story. The roses, the color, the water and the smell are fascinating. However, its useful value and its daily simplicity are what make the wood take off in the house. With our many years of experience, with the passion and love for our work, we offer the best for you who have supported and trusted us for so many years. We undertake the general carpentry renovation of houses, shops, hotels, achieving the desired result. The Xylodomi Furniture Factory invests in innovation, creativity and Greek exports. We design and manufacture furniture with classic or modern lines, using the best materials and the most modern machines on the market. You are in good hands. Five reasons to trust us. 30 years of experience The best result Reliability Specialized staff We are the only ones in the whole North Aegean with ISO Our goal is to meet your wishes with a beautiful result. WE SERVE .. ONLY - THE WHOLE LAW AND NATIONWIDE BY CONSULTATION. Friendly, Despotakis Nikos

    Category: WOODWORKING

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    Marathokampos - Samos

    POSEIDONIO   One of the nicest parts of Samos. Located in the Southeast part of the island, between the straits of Mycale with perfect combination of mountain and sea in a beautiful natural bay, with the result that almost never affected by bad weather. With crystal clear waters, clean and beautiful beach, is one of the best options for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. It has two restaurants, two bars, a pool bar and a mini market, is not eleven kilometers from the town of Samos.   Therein lies the KASSANDRA having 30 meters from the sea. We have double, triple and quadruple rooms fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning and comfortable spaces for their character. There s also great yard with outdoor BBQ available for friendly gatherings and individual clients.   The KASSANDRA STUDIOS open from May - October.   All rooms are fully equipped with a / c, tv, fridge, kitchen appliances to prepare your meals, internet, wifi free for our customers and in rooms separate bathroom and balcony to enjoy the view.   We offer excellent service, absolute cleanliness, friendly and family environment. We would be glad to welcome you at KASSANDRA. With affordable prices, similar to the days of your stay. Prices negotiable.


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    POSIDONIO - Samos
  • Ceramics Roofs Samos - Lymperis Andreas - Repair Ceramics Maintenance Samos Fourni - General Construction Works Samos - Construction Contractions Samos - Repair of Roofs Samos - Pergoles - Ikatonikourion Kioskimosia Furnishings Samos Fourni - General Renovation

    LYMPERIS ANDREAS KERAMOSKEPES SAMOS IKARIA FOURNOI KERAMOSKEPIS REPLACEMENTS SAMOS IKARIA OVENS SKEPES SAMOS IKARIA FOURNOI HOUSEHOLD BUILDING STAGES SAMOS IKARIA OVENS PERGOLAS SAMOS IKARIA OVENS KIOSKIA SOFITES SAMOS IKARIA FOURNOI WOODEN KERAMOSKEPES SAMOS IKARIA OVENS CERAMIC REPAIRS SAMOS IKARIA OVENS KERAMOSKEP SERVICES SAMOS IKARIA OVENS KERAMOSKEPIS CONSTRUCTION SAMOS IKARIA OVENS KERAMOSKEP RESURRECTIONS SAMOS FOURNOI GENERAL FINANCIAL WORKS SAMOS FOURNOI FAMILY WORKSHOPS SAMOS FOURNOI GENERAL RENOVATIONS OF RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS SAMOS FOURNOI ANNOUNCEMENT WORKSHOP SAMOS FOURNOI With many years of experience, LYMPERIS ANDREAS, based in Ano Vathi in Potamaki, Samos, is active in the field of general construction and renovation, specializing in the construction, maintenance and repair of tiled roofs, professional woodwork and successful roofing. Our specialized staff consisting of experienced builders (roofers, builders) serves directly from wherever we are asked on the whole island of Samos but also in the wider area of ​​Fourni, and Ikaria Our constructions are of high quality and durable over time. Covers of church houses without problems for a lifetime. We offer economical solutions, we study the construction and we take care to design the roof according to your needs and desires. I take full responsibility for the renovation of residential buildings as a whole, we work with all the workshops and I deliver the construction to you ready-made. Our workshop with many years of experience and know-how works according to the strictest specifications, always guided by the needs and requirements of the customer and the construction features of the building, we carefully study and design the roof - attic, always offering the better possible solutions to your needs. We have complete equipment (Scaffolding) and the materials we use are the best on the market having as first thought the best quality materials and work always in combination with reasonable prices. Our services All kinds of construction work and construction contracts Manufacture of any type of tiled roof (Single, Double Four) elegant and quality with tiles according to your wishes (Byzantine, asphalt, Roman) Making a pergola in designs and colors of your desires with aesthetic perfection We maintain the tiled roofs - we restore and repair every roof either in a professional space or in a private one. Attic attic, kiosk porches Construction of windows on the roofs of houses. Construction of wooden floors (wooden floors) Wooden ceilings Building with bricks Tile mounting Internal and external oil painting All these years that we belong to the field, the multitude of renovations and contracts that we have completed are a guarantee for the quality work that we offer and for our name. Our goal is the correct, immediate, economical and efficient service of each of our customers, so that even after the end of the work we are always by your side. Call us and we will respond immediately without stress if you find the right workshop for your tiled roof or the renovation of your own space, to be sure of the result. Sincerely LYMPERIS ANDREAS The general renovation and tiling contractor in Samos

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    Ano Vathi, Potamaki - Samos
  • Chatzinikolaou Takis, Bella Vista | Ouzeri, Cafe, Bar, Soureika Samos

    Welcome to the Bella Vista Tavern in Pefkos Skouraiikon Samos. We offer you coffee and refreshments to start your day, and later you will find fine dining to accompany your tsipouro, beer or any beverage you wish with a spectacular view and just steps away from the sea. Enjoy fresh fish and seafood, caught by us and cooked in the traditional Greek way. We are waiting for you! E-mail: thanosxatzin@gmail.com / takisbv@yahoo.gr


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    Soureika Samos - Samos
    6936760833, 6974069713

    The company operates EMMANUEL SKOPELITIS in the car for 20 years by focusing on the philosophy of providing complete automotive service and maintaining lifetime relationships and trust with customers. Is the official distributor ALFA ROMEO FIAT and Samos Our facilities include: - Report new cars - Authorised workshop - Sale of spare parts - Car Body Work - Dyeing car - Sale of used car - Breakdown - Insurance Agency Thus we provide our customers with a wide range of services to meet their needs. The trust in us over the years our customers and honor the full, prompt us to continually improve our services by ensuring not disappoint their expectations

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    NEAPOLI - Samos
  • Earthmoving Equipment Samos - SOURRIS STAMATIOS - Dumpster Rentals Samos - Dump Hoppers Samos - Earthmoving Works Samos - Earthmoving Contractor Samos - Construction Works Samos

    SURRIS TAKIS   Everything about earthworks and bin rentals in Samos and Fournos with reliability and consistency!!!!!   The contractor SOURRIS TAKIS, based in Karlovasi, Samos, has been active for many years in the field of earthworks, construction works and also in the rental of bins for construction works. We are always at your disposal to undertake all kinds of earthworks projects with the main purpose of providing you with the best possible service, as well as the immediate and qualitative completion of your needs. We undertake private and public projects in any area of ​​the island you wish, in Ikaria, in Fournos in Agathonisi, and in Patmos.   We have many years of experience and a modern privately owned fleet and specialized earthmoving machinery that can be used in the most difficult and special earthmoving jobs. We address building contractors, technical companies, communities.   Our specialized staff and our experienced operators are able to cope with any earthmoving project that will be assigned to us and completed, with responsibility, respect for the environment and quality of work.   Earthmoving machinery equipment:   Rotary excavator Crawler loaders Chargers JCB BOB CAT   Grader Hydraulic hammers Dump trucks Mini machines for limited spaces Concrete cutters Air compressors and many other earthmoving machines for limited and inaccessible spaces.   The services we provide: Earthmoving contracts of all kinds throughout the island of Samos in Fournos. In Ikaria, Agathonisi, and Patmos. Excavations Demolitions of all kinds Rock breaking rocks Leveling Road works Road openings Asphalt works Cleaning plots, cleaning fields. Excavations Configurations of outdoor spaces Dewooding of masonry and concrete Irrigation works opening ditches, wells Foundation excavations Sewage networks Transport of aggregates sand, gravel with our own trucks to your site Boots Rock breaking Opening of cesspools Pick-up and transport of rubbish Transport of horticultural soil (Manure) Embankments BUCKET RENTALS and installation of waste collectors (funnels) we have 7 cubic and 3 cubic hoppers for construction work Garbage collection BUILDING Our workshop covers every need of our customers, individuals and professionals, for technical projects of small or large size, in houses, apartments, apartment buildings, hotel units and for any building Beta - ready-mixed concrete Construction of building frames Bet Construction concreting (ironing) Construction of Wooden Type, (Moulds) Reinforcements of buildings with carbon fibers Configuration and placement of Iron Reinforcement We undertake construction of concrete molds, construction of frames in buildings, private houses, multi-storey constructions, with high architectural requirements, addition of floors, swimming pools, entrance gates, walls and in general concrete works of all kinds. Plastering – with plasters of all types. Traditional Plaster, Ready-made Plasters Acrylic Topcoat Plasters, Repair Plasters Colored Plasters   All these years that we have been in the field, the earthworks and construction contracts that we have completed in Samos are a guarantee for the quality of our services, the consistency in the predetermined time and the most reasonable market prices that we provide.   Your satisfaction is our priority.   Our advantages are our professionalism and many years of experience in the market.   With thorough training, we take care of the fastest and most effective solutions for you at the best prices! We are dedicated to the continuous improvement and upgrading of our services.   Every customer is valuable to us. Your every review whether positive or negative helps us to become better.   Do not hesitate to contact us for anything you want.   Friendly   TAKIS SOURRIS   The earthmoving and building works contractor in Samos   Contact hours daily from 8 am to 9 pm     Earthmoving machinery Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathonisi - Patmos Earthworks Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathonisi - Patmos Earthworks Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathonisi - Patmos Earthmoving contractor Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathonisi - Patmos Earthworks Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathonisi - Patmos Construction works Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathonisi - Patmos Beta Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathonisi - Patmos Concrete constructions Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathonisi - Patmos Wooden formwork constructions Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathonisi - Patmos Moldings - Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathonisi - Patmos Construction of building frames Samos - Samos - Fourni - Ikaria - Agathoni    

    Category: EARTHWORKS

    Karlovasi - Samos
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